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Headcanon - King Somnus with Princess Aliqua

Probably out scouting the woods and surroundings for perfect hunting spots, where Somnus can teach his daughter how to hunt when time allows him. Of course riding on Somnus’ white Chocobo. Included the scars the use of the Ring leaves on Somnus’ body creeping up to his face.

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For the Solis AU I’ve got some angsty headcanons centered around Pitioss itself.

  • Somun and Ardyn had discovered Pitioss before Ardyn had started going around healing others.
  • They thought the ruins might have clues on the Scourge.
  • They turned back after the first five deaths they experienced collectively. Well Ardyn did.
  • Somnus managed to get through the entire dungeon and even in this life, has nightmares of the darkness and the corpse of an astral he found in the depths.
  • He wept upon seeing the corpse and did not know why, did not know she was family.
  • Demon train nightmares wake him up screaming.
  • The moment a history class even mentions Pitioss, Solis goes completely pale and just…
  • Flashbacks of endless darkness, falling into darkness only to be right back in the beginning of the room, falling into spikes only to be reset to the beginning again, or being crushed by spikes or moving walls.
  • He has to be taken out of the room when it becomes obvious he’s having some kind of panic attack ‘out of nowhere’
  • Solis looks Noctis in the eyes. “Stay out of Pitioss, it’s a tomb of endlessly dying.”
  • Adryn, when Noctis asks about it, also goes pale. “Somnus was never the same after that place. You don’t stay dead in there, you come back no matter how horrible the death you have is. I got out before we went too deep, I couldn’t handle the surface horrors. Somnus, he saw what was in the depths and refused to tell.”
  • This would happen after Ardyn starts forgiving Solis, so he tries to help get his mind off of the trauma he remembers.
  • Regis has no clue why his eldest son is so traumatized by a place he never could have visited.
  • Solis just looks his current father in the eyes and whispers the he did enter that place of hell and saw the horrors within.
  • Cor is the one that tells Regis the rumors of Pitioss, of it being a place where reality isn’t right, where supposedly, if you can enter, you cannot die within the walls.
  • Gilgamesh had told him of that place as a warning after becoming Solis’ sword. Because he feared someone finding an entering that place. He remembers how haunted Somnus was after escaping Pitioss.
  • Regis wants to send his son to a therapist to help with the memories of a horror he believes Solis witnessed when he ran off with Noctis and Prompto.
  • Gen (The clone that latched onto Solis) wants to find a way to help as well. He starts reading as much on psychology as he can.
  • Everyone is pulling out the stops to try and help Solis get over the memories of Pitioss.
  • One night, after Ardyn’s snuck in to check in on his brother, he gets told. “Pitioss is Eos’ tomb… I saw her body down there.”
  • Noctis overheard him and the three just sit together in silence the entire night.
  • Gilgamesh makes sure no one disturbs them until they’re ready to face the world again.
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(I have this image in my head and now must inflict it on others)

Solis: (Walks into the room with a smoothie and a blond identical to Prompto hanging off his back.)

Noctis and Prompto both stare.

Noctis: What do have there Sol?

Solis: A smoothie.

(Clone proceeds to steal smoothie for himself without losing grip on Solis.)

Noctis: I meant the guy that looks like Prompto.

Solis: A clone.

Prompto: A what?!

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Some more information on the Solis AU involving Ardyn.

  • It takes him until the twins are 17 and Solis puts himself in danger to shield his older brother, to shield Ardyn with his own body at the risk of his father’s shield killing him For Ardyn to really start on forgiving and realizing that Solis was serious about atoning for his sins as Somnus.
  • He starts using old nicknames he used when his younger brother was Somnus after that.
  • Until that point, they do start to bond over pranking Gilgamesh in the Tempering Grounds, Nif nobility, the Lucis council, and a few others.
  • Noctis and Prompto get dragged into pranking the council.
  • Ardyn warms up to Noctis in a few months, jokingly calls him ‘littlest brother’ since Solis is the older twin.
  • Solis actually told his brother the truth after his talk with Ardyn, so Noctis and Prompto both know he’s a reincarnation.
  • Noctis did punch him for hurting Ardyn like he did.
  • Solis knows he deserves it.
  • Ardyn 100% snuck past all the trials and planted as many glitter bombs around every place Gilgamesh will be guaranteed to set them off.
  • He also manages to break Gilgamesh out of there just so he can watch the pained look on Solis’ face as Iris has a stare-down with this undead warrior over who is his shield.
  • Gilgamesh is slightly intimidated.
  • He ends up reluctantly asking to be Solis’ sword instead.
  • Solis is just silently sobbing because he knows exactly who is behind this.
  • Cor has to do a double take at seeing Gilgamesh in the citadel trying to act as a sword to the elder prince.
  • He is torn between fighting and informing Regis.
  • He reluctantly tells Regis about this.
  • There is PANIC
  • And they return to see Gilgamesh just staring hard at Solis.
  • “You’re the one that taught the Adagium to make glitter bombs.”
  • “Don’t call him that and yes, also told him where to find you to hit you with them.”
  • Regis actually sobs, his oldest son met the Adagium.
  • Noctis just grins and adds “I helped teach him how to make them.”
  • “Do you randomly set random objects on fire by accident like Somnus did as a teen.”
  • Gilgamesh calling out his King as revenge about all the stupid stuff he did in his past like as a teen.
  • “Noctis warps by accident, his friend Prompto has learned to dive out of the way if anything is thrown after the first time.”
  • Solis is 100% banned from council meetings until he stops accidentally setting things on fire.
  • Several of the more irritating members have been unfortunate victims.
  • After Ardyn starts forgiving Solis he 100% sneaks him into Niflheim and only leaves Noctis a note saying they’re gonna bond over tormenting some Nif nobles.
  • Ardyn 100% introduces Solis as his Little brother Somnus
  • They have fun pulling pranks and causing Chaos.
  • Solis gets his own blond clone by accident. The Defective MT imprinted on him when he saved him.
  • Prompto does not know how to feel about having a twin he didn’t know about.
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(A fun drabble of Solis’ meeting with Ardyn.)

Solis was tailing Ardyn, following him through the back alleys. He’s had to warp out of the sight of a few MTs, not wanting them to alert his brother to his presence before he can talk to him. He followed him for ages until finally the old male stops in a deserted alleyway out of earshot of everyone. “What’s the young chosen king’s twin doing following me?”

The prince takes a deep breath. “I wanted to talk brother… to apologize for being an idiot, for letting jealousy, anger, and greed cloud my judgement…”

He sees Ardyn’s expressions go from shock, to realization, and then rage. “Somnus. You were reborn.”

“I was… and I plan to be the one to die for the sins I committed. Every king that ended up in the ring, I showed the truth to, let them judge me as guilty. I am the most hated among the kings within the Ring, Mors coming up second with turning a child into a weapon of war.” Solis doesn’t look away, even as the tears fall. “I’ll take the chosen king’s place because my sins are my own, I won’t let anyone suffer for what my greed and jealousy caused, not even you.”

“What even is the point of talking to me?” There’s a darkness from the scourge in those hissed words.

“When I was eight, I stole a lifeboat on the way to Tenebrae… and rowed all the way to Angelgard to free you, only to see you gone. I was terrified you did die in there, alone… but there weren’t any bones.”


“Because… I was gonna bring you back, let you experience comfort and happiness until Bahamut tries to force the prophecy.” Solis rubs his eyes, the tears won’t stop. Curse teenage hormones. “Puberty was hell the first time, second time is just as bad.”

“Lighting trees on fire by mistake this time around too?”

“Yes…” He sees it, the slight fondness in Ardyn’s eyes. “Even before I remembered, I was the same idiot little brother you knew back then… before things changed and I started becoming a monster. You never became one, I did.”

The elder of the two takes a deep breath. “I’m currently Chancellor of Niflheim.”

“You’re still family, and I have learned my lesson, family is important. Also Gilgamesh might be stuck in some cave.”

“Oh? You want your shield back?”

“I figured you’d like the chance to get some payback on him in his part in the horrors I put you through.”

“I might be feeling the tiniest bit less hostile for that suggestion.”

“I know how to make glitter bombs.”

“Tell me more, Somnus.”

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More on the Solis AU.

  • Solis spends a year plotting out a way to get to Angelgard to get his brother out of there. He wants to let Ardyn experience modern times and have years of happiness before the time for the prophecy comes.
  • Then the Marilith attack happens and Noctis gets hurt. Solis had been sick and hadn’t been able to go with.
  • Both twins are brought on the trip to Tenebrae. The moment Solis spots Angelgard, it’s night time, so he steals a lifeboat and makes his way to the island, he’s not passing up this opportunity.
  • When he gets there he finds Ardyn is missing. In a panic Solis looks for bones and finds none. Did his older sibling escape?
  • He manages to get far enough away from the island on his lifeboat that his father’s ship is able to find him and pick him up.
  • Noctis and Regis both are crying from relief that Solis is back and safe.
  • Things follow canon from Tenebrae to when the twins are 16.
  • Solis decides he’s running away to find his brother. Noctis isn’t letting him go alone and Prompto decides to go with them too.
  • Prompto is more Noctis’ friend than Solis’, but they do somewhat get along.
  • Solis learns the night they leave, that Prompto knows how to hotwire a car.
  • They stole Titus’ car to get out of the Citadel.
  • Solis drives.
  • They run out of gas a mile out of Hammerhead.
  • Thankfully there’s a haven they’re able to sprint to for safety until the morning.
  • Solis whispers to the daemons outside the haven once the other two sleep, asking them to tell Ardyn to meet him in Lestallum.
  • He has no idea if they will tell his brother his message or not.
  • Solis puts on a hat and walks to Hammerhead alone to get a gas canister and fill it up.
  • He makes it back to the car before sunset and refills the gas tank with what he got. It’ll be enough to get to Hammerhead at least.
  • He’s the one that fills up the car with Noctis lying down in the back seat, fast asleep.
  • Prompto asks where they’re going finally.
  • “Lestallum. There’s someone I’m hoping to find there.”
  • Solis will not give anymore details.
  • They drive until midnight and stop at the gas station you stop at in game to both refuel and rent the caravan for the night.
  • When they get to Lestallum, Solis parks and spots Ardyn. He gives Noctis and Prompto money and asks them to rent a room at the hotel for all three of them.
  • He goes to follow his older brother.
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I ended up writing a tiny drabble for the new idea before my brain decided loud sounds were bad near the end of my shift.


Young Solis tried to keep his giggles down as he snuck into the room the crystal rested in. He was on an important mission! He couldn’t be caught! He was gonna tell the crystal his twin wasn’t allowed to die for the prophecy! He got closer, seeing it glowing brighter as he approached. “Noctis isn’t allowed to die, you can’t let him die.”

There! He gave his order. The crystal dimmed and then grew bright. In that moment, memories slid into place and… oh. This prophecy is his fault. His twin is going to die because he was a jealous idiot in the past, before being born. That hurt, it hurt so much, remembering that this was all his fault. He hurt big brother. He stabbed big brother in the back, and locked him away unfairly. He… he was gonna fix it. “Noctis isn’t allowed to die… but I am.”

Yes, he’ll take his brother’s place, not as ruler, but as sacrifice. It’s only fair that he make up for his mistakes after all. At least this way, he gets a chance to tell Ardyn he’s sorry.

(Yes, I chose Solis because it seemed like a fun parallel to Noctis. And I am bad at coming up with names. He’s like 7 when this happens btw.)

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Sometimes I wish

I could forget

the times when it was just us

and a chess board.


My part of the trade with @gras-art.

I was asked just to draw anything Ardyn, this is what I came up with.
I hope you like it as much as I liked the enemy Prompto drawing 😭😭😭

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Happy New Year to all!!! :D 💖💖💖💖

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Aera Nox Fleuret: The Crystal has deemed Ardyn as the Chosen King of Lucis.



The Crystal: Oh shit, nevermind.

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There’s so much going on, explosions, Noct doing a backflip and Somnus just standing there.

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Merry Christmas to everyone! :D 🎅🎄💫🎁💖💖💖💖

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Happy Holidays 🎄

Happy Holidays from me and the two ancient brothers!
Steam mods used: ‘Ardyn Face (Male,face)’ and ‘Ardyn Hair (Avatar)’ by Shimesaba (しめさば)

🚫 Do not repost.
⬇️4K wallpaper here.

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