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cinematic-literature · 5 months ago
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Tick, Tick... Boom! (2021) by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Book title
A Choice of Catastrophes (1979) by Isaac Asimov
The Surrealist Revolution in France (1969) by Herbert S. Gershman
Lope De Vega: Five Plays (1961) by Lope Felix De Vega Carpio
Son of a Wanted Man (1984) by Louis L'Amour
Yesterday Is Dead (1976) by Dallas Barnes
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ladybeug · 6 months ago
Everything about gabriel agreste is so funny to me and I can't articulate why
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thecryptidart1st · 7 months ago
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one trailer sparked my longest comic to date (steel wool, please make this a canon scene)
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dinbeskarbaby · 4 months ago
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sol-svnstorm · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
" ranger king🌛🌞 "
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thedeepweb · a month ago
wheres that post about how everything about dio is hilarious. he was trapped in a custom made coffin for 100 years and apparently brought a book and pen with him to write a diary, where he correctly guessed the coordenates in which gravity is lighter, went to visit that place after freed. got 3 women pregnant in the meanwhile. wrote how his children had to be strong, like him, so they should have "evil" (bad) childhoods, like him. guessed correctly again and created 4 insanely powerful stand users. one of them is eternally resentful to life because he couldn't go to disney and developed his stand so everyone in orlando, florida, can be haunted by the dead. the other has the power to literally create and uncreate life, and at 15 not only became *the* mafia boss of italy, but gained the power to put people into ever looping alternative universes, for eternity. the other two can control an ancient flesh eating swarm of creatures and bring every single illustrated character to life, respectively, but theyre not that important.
back to gravity, in his travel to florida he sneaked into a church to avoid sunlight. got caught by a 16 year old altar boy/priest in training. told him he was allergic to sunlight. was so absolutely drunk in his god complex that went "well i dont feel anything strong right now but clearly if you are meeting Me it must be fate so hit me up when you want to become powerful" then leaves while doing the ricardo turn
Tumblr media
and that 16 year old? grew up to be what is considered the most competent villain in all of jojos. which means he guessed correctly, again
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justjensenanddean · 3 days ago
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Soldier Boy and Homelander | The Boys 3x06 “Herogasm”
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petekaos · 5 months ago
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“When Mom scolded you freely, you more frequently called her Mom.” — SHIN KYUNG-SOOK  ‘Please Look After Mom.’ (trans. Chi-Young Kim)
I just wanted to call my mom. BAD BUDDY (2021-2022) dir. Backaof Noppharnach
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min-play · a year ago
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My disaster contributions to the Monkie Kid Crew streams in the past month. Thank you for coming!
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bulkhummus · 7 months ago
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carlos just being hard at work — i listened to a handful of the first few episodes again
instagram // Treat me to a Coffee!
#tap to read the text yall#i never got to really draw a lot of wtnv stuff when it first came out so i wanted to do some drawings from older episodes!#i do think being in Night Vale lets Carlos explore and experiment with how he dresses ✨ night vale being a queer space and all that✨✨✨#love that he just leaned into the weirdness like a true scientist#carlos seeing cecil for the first time : DOM MODE ACTIVATED#i also do think carlos had the hots for cecil day one he just Was just trying to do what he thought woukd be a temporary job (sabbatical)#so he didn’t wanna waste time a. Bc hed have to leave and b. Bc he didn’t have forever to study all the weirdness#But then baby fell in love#Honestly you think carlos would have continued to let cecil chatter on the radio abt him if he DIDNT have a crush back#he was sexually frustrated and it took shrapnel to the chest for him to head on in to bone town#bc he’s a stubborn man dedicated to science but now hes dedicated to cecil too and his son 🥺#i wanted to draw carlos with bandages on his chest so maybe ill do that a bit later !#they were friends for a year and carlos wasn’t leading cecil on he just thoUGHT HE’d LEAVE TOWN and the dow happens to explore that#That feeling of being there but not belonging etc etc u know the deal#im just rehashing old old old content bc im thinking abt them being young lovebirds 😌#anyways#also cecil— whipping out the demonias for a town press conference: it’s not peacocking dana they’re just comfortable#okay in ending this essay in the notes here im sorry if you’ve read this far#But not really#wtnv#welcome to night vale#cecilos#cecil palmer#carlos the scientist#art tag
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cyberfeather · 4 months ago
One way or another, Din finds out Grogu had to choose between the beskar suit and a lightsaber. He notices how his green ears are dropping, along with the sad noises he makes when it’s mentioned. Two minutes later, his son is holding the Darksaber under strict supervision. Somewhere, Bo-Katan and Paz are screaming.
Bo-Katan and Paz: He was raised by the Jedi! You can’t let him wield the Darksaber! He’d have to defeat you first!
Din, deadpan: He beat me at the frog eating contest.
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storge · 3 months ago
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Mob, you’re gonna have to stop with the internal conversations.
  + Extra Bonus
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andy-clutterbuck · a month ago
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chickenoptyrx · 2 days ago
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What do MEAN I can't like.. extrapolate cringy angst from some edgelord quip from the English dub?!??
Its Sad Boy Saturday!
Lol, ok if you only ever watched the tfs version, some of this may not track- will include 3 videos under the cut: 1 of broly sayin his lil edgy bullshit and then a 2nd w context if you never actually watched the movie.. then also the bit immediatly after context clip ends where he fights goku while still under paragus' control. Cause I can :>
Broly bein an edgy bitch to the shamoshins:
C O N T E X T (Japanese dub cause is clearer)
And this fight cause I like it. English cause the musics more HYPE!
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adhdslugcrimes · 25 days ago
Don't keep secrets au
Slade: Nightwing really losing his touch on keeping secrets, now tell me what do I need to do to get him to join me.
Wally: got red hair?
Slade: no.
Wally: freckles?
Slade: no.
Wally: are you a great dad?
Slade:... Questionable.
Wally: shitty parents?
Slade: sorta...
Wally: we ain't got a lot to work with here man.
Slade: I did Batman once, does that helps?
Slade: well?
Wally: you don't want me to answer that.
Slade: so... With all your have said I'm not going to get him to join me willingly.
Wally: or forcibly either.
Slade: he's not going to save you he's off planet.
Wally: yeah, and arsenal is busy with the outlaws stuff but I have others who worry about my safety.
Slade: I know how all the bats fight, and I'm not worried about league members coming after me.
Wally: I know but I wasn't talking about them.
Slade: *snorts* then who?
Wally: Gotham's siren's, and adding the black eye, busted lip, and a tetanus wonderland of a wearhouse you chose to tie me up in, I say you got six broken bones headed your way. Thank god you didn't kill me though.
Slade, worried: and if I did?
Wally: Nightwing and arsenal will have your head. Joker killed second Robin with a crowbar, he killed joker with the same murder weapon and arsenal is not above killing people at times sooo.
Slade, started untie Wally quick: shit shit shit-
Cat woman: ah good, doing the work before the fun starts.
Slade: *high pitched screams*
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obsessedasusual · 2 months ago
Important Jobs - Chibs Telford x Reader
Pairing: Chibs Telford X Reader
Warnings: Mention of guns, blood, pregnancy, swearing.
Summary: After getting pistol whipped, you and Chibs have a discussion about safety.
Note: Listen... it's short, it's sweet, it's what I needed to wind down after work. I love this man.
Tumblr media
“Tara seriously,” you laughed pushing her hand away from where she was holding a cloth to your eyebrow, “I’m fine. It’s just a scratch.”
“Y/N, the bitch hit you with her gun. You’ve got blood everywhere and a fucking egg forming on your forehead. You are not fine,” she gently pulled the cloth away and you saw her cringe when the bleeding continued, hurriedly pressing it right back on your injury causing you to hiss, “Sorry. This shouldn’t need stitches. You sure you don’t feel dizzy? Sick at all?”
You shook your head, abruptly stopping when Tara grabbed your chin and gave a stern look. You loved your friend, you really did. And it was unbelievably handy having a doctor so handy, especially for times like this. But right now, all you wanted to do was crawl your way down to the dorms and pass out wrapped in a comfortable blanket. It had been a big night.
“No, Tarz. No dizziness, no wooziness, no seeing double, no concussion.” You smiled at the wall but quickly dropped it when you heard a new voice enter the room.
“And no fuckin’ common sense either apparently,” Chibs stood with his arms crossed in the doorway, even though you were hidden by Tara’s form you could feel his glare on you, “Doc, do you mind givin’ me and my lovely lady a minute.”
It wasn’t said as a question. Tara caught your eye and asked you a silent question. You lifted the corner of your lip slightly and nodded, lifting your hand to take hold of the cloth on your eyebrow.
Chibs shifted closer, sharing a look with Tara as she left the room.
“You want to explain what happened tonight, my lovely?”
You rolled your eyes, “I’m you would’ve heard by now.”
He sighed deeply, pursing his lips and staring at the wall behind before he made his way over to have a closer look at your injury, “Aye, I heard. What the fuck were you doing wrestling a gun out of that crazy gash’s hands?”
“She was pointing the thing at Tara, Chibs! You should’ve seen her - she would’ve used it. I didn’t think she was gonna fucking pistol whip me.”
He muttered a stop movin’ at your animated explanation, “Ima’s fuckin’ nuts, Y/N. You know that.”
You sighed and nodded lightly. He was right, Ima was nuts. When she’d shown up looking for a night with Jax you knew the evening was going to be anything but boring. You hadn’t expected her to pull a gun on Tara after she’d told her that he wasn’t there and to fuck off. So what if Tara had socked her in the eye first?
Chibs tilted your head up to face him, bending down to give you a light peck, “No more fuckin’ gun fights. That’s my job.”
“How come you get the exciting job.” You joked, gazing up at him. He chuckled and checked the light swelling on your eyebrow.
“Because you, my lovely, have to take it easy while you’re growin’ our babe,” one of his hands drifted down to your noticeable bump, “That’s the most important job.”
You hummed in agreement, “I wish your ‘wee babe’ would hold back on the morning sickness.”
Chibs let out a laugh through his nose and got to his knees in front of you, bringing his forehead to rest on your growing stomach, “I’m sure she’ll make it up to you when she gets here.”
You ran a hand through his greying hair, “She?” You felt him hum against your shirt.
“I know these things. Call it Scottish intuition.”
“I guess wisdom comes with age.” That earned you a pinch on the thigh.
“You’re lucky I love you, you cheeky shite.”
“Could say the same, old man.”
Chibs shook his head and used your thighs to push himself up so he was level with your face, “No more putting yourself in those situations, Y/N. I’m serious.”
You raised a hand to cup his face and brushed your thumb against his cheek, “I know. No more gun fighting. Promise.”
He pressed a firm kiss to your lips, “Good lass.”
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featherfur · 5 months ago
yknow how Jin Ling is supposed to look just like Jiang Cheng, like to the point of being brothers? And Jiang Cheng is supposed to look just like his mother?
Jin Ling hearing from Wei Wuxian about Jiang Cheng's old wispy hair and deciding he wants to know what the fuss is about and (after much deliberation between the juniors) finally gets it just right. Jiang Cheng gives him a raised eyebrow when he gets onto the training field with him, but ignores it because teens are just weird and tells him to pull out his sword.
Then Wei Wuxian comes trotting up the pier in time to see Jiang Cheng in the pale blue his mother always favored and beside him is Jin Ling with his one whisp.
And for a moment it's not Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling.
For a moment it's Madam Yu standing protectively behind her son, a sword in one hand and the whip in the other. Fifteen year old Jiang Cheng is frowning, but when he hears Wei Wuxian's shout he lights up with a smile and turns to his mother. Madam Yu doens't look happy and her eyes narrow on Wei Wuxian even as she gives a stiff nod. If Wei Wuxian turned around then Yanli should be-
"Wei Wuxian, are you just going to stand there all day! Oi, you, stop that noise." Jiang Cheng's voice rings out and the image is gone. There's no grinning Jiang Cheng and instead Jin Ling's head is rolling back as he makes the loudest sigh in the world. Madam Yu isn't standing behind them like she's waiting to fight the world, instead Jiang Cheng's tugging on Jin Ling's pony tail and watching him flail with an angry shout.
"You taught him to be like this, before you came back he had manners." Jiang Cheng snaps and Wei Wuxian's still blinking at the afterimage of his first life. "Well? Get your ass up here and help me fix that. God, it's like you're only in my house for food, earn your keep."
“Who says I’m not?” Wei Wuxian grins and springs up, arm already up to sling around Jiang Cheng’s shoulders.
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clownsuu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
presented without context <3
Tumblr media
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pettyprocrastination · a year ago
old: din djarin is a sexy mysterious college professor who will give his students special assignments for extra credit ;)
goldl: din djarin is an exhausted anthropology professor who’s son sometimes sits in on his lessons when school gets out early, probably collects coins or something, always looks like he’s about to fall asleep but also has terrifyingly fast reflexes to the point where students have a theory that he may have worked for the cia at some point, his background on his computer is a very zoomed in photo of his son’s face 
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tio-trile · 6 months ago
Ahzhsuwjsnsk so my Lyft driver just now
• Said that he’s leaving California to build a wellness center type of place in Northern Arizona from the money he got from a settlement, and it’s very ambitious and the cause is all good and for helping people, except
• He’s going to have a “maid cafe, like they do in Japan”, except it’s not maids, it’s going to be a vampire cafe (I was LOSING IT at this point thank someone for the mask mandate)
• if I ever wanted to leave California, I can go find him, and he’ll build me one of the three types of houses they’ll have on his wellness center of my choosing (I chose the bamboo house). He offered me a card with his contact info. I didn’t know what to expect but it still was not anything I could have anticipated
Tumblr media
#I really REALLY wish his dream and project come true. I would LOVE to visit that vampire cafe#I ALMOST asked about the demonologist/exorcist thing except when I finally mustered enough courage to ask#he was on the topic of throwing people to feed wolves??? and I was like ‘k nvm’#his wellness center is going to have a man made lake and petting zoo and a small airport#Halloween is going to be the biggest event because he loves Halloween#The other two types of houses is going to be hobbit homes (underground) and boat houses#I wholeheartedly wish that he succeeds man this sounds rad as hell XD#I’m going to be thinking about that vampire cafe for the rest of my life#shitpost#Edit: more details before I forget and my flight is late so I’m bored#He hates greedy billionaires. Good for him#he doesn’t want to kill animals hence he’s not building a farm just a petting zoo and maybe some chickens to lay eggs if people want#He doesn’t eat pork and beef...EXCEPT this one burger place in Pasadena that has great Mediterranean food lmao#His son is disabled and partly the reason why he’s doing this. To leave his son with this sustainable running haven#with all the food and shelter anyone could want#He wants to sponsor people from China and North Korea. I said if I go there I can be his chinese translator and he was very happy#No drugs and alcohol allowed on the property. Also everyone has to work together#I think this is where the wolf conversation came from lmao he says if people are lazy or bad he’ll drive them out to feed the wild animals?#Anyways it’s going to be a safe haven/wellness center/tourist attraction/rehab center??#I was complimenting him the entire way he was so happy#Drove a Toyota Corolla. started work at 3:30 AM and has been to the airport 3 times already today#legend
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