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#son recs
binging-asian-dramas · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
New Heart. 9
Story: 9
Acting: 10
Chemistry: 10
An oldie but such a goodie. It took me a few episodes to get fully engaged into the storyline, but once I did you get totally sucked in. This is like a tad bit of Dr. Romantic mixed with maybe let’s say Doctor John (another medical kdrama with Ji Sung which I totally recommend too) The whole cast in this is excellent. It has medical, romance, and backstabbing revenge on who can overtop who’s job. Yeah I’ll admit that if I see Ji Sung’s name to a drama I’ll automatically give it a watch, usually by midway I’ve become glued to it. 🤷‍♀️ seriously though if you’re a fan of medical cutthroat dramas this definitely should be on your list.
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irondadfics · 23 hours ago
Hi! I know “Peter is Tony’s biological son but was kidnapped” is a relatively popular trope - I’ve seen it requested here once or twice - and I just found 2 pretty new, in-progress fics that I thought I would recommend here if anyone wants to read them:
“Missing Links” by spagbol99, which can be found here:
“except the notches in the doorframe” by eemolu, which can be found here:
I hope someone else also enjoys these! 😊
Thank you!
Missing Links by spagbol99
The Rogues are back; Tony Stark couldn't even be mad about it - it was his idea after all. He's an Avenger and that means protecting the Earth at any cost - even if he has to deal with a certain star-spangled man and his sullen sidekick. After all, he's been through worse in his life; the loss of his wife and the disappearance of his son 12 years ago. Compared to that, this would be a walk in the park.
Bucky Barnes is back on US soil as a free man. But freedom is more than just physical. On top of that, Steve is desperate for him to be the man he was before. The only problem is; that man is long dead.
Peter Parker has been through the mill but he knows he just had to adapt, roll with the (many) punches and keep going. Spider-man is his safe place now, the one time he could truly feel like himself. Like he is making a difference. He'd make sure no one would suffer like he has, even if he has to track down the perpetrator himself.
except the notches in the doorframe by eemolu
There was a feeling Peter had that always came up when he thought about his father, warmth and the grit of sand under his fingers and a voice full of humor chasing after him. He closed his eyes and tried to bring it up, thinking maybe if he dove deep enough into it he could find something new in the clarity of the night air, but then there was a shout of “hey! Stop!” that had Peter pulling his mask back on and swinging off the rooftop, all thoughts of his parents left behind in the wind.
(tony stark's son is kidnapped at the age of two. he's spent 14 years trying to find him. during those 14 years, peter parker has been living in new york, growing up, building lego sets, acing algebra tests. and recently this whole spiderman thing, which makes everything infinitely more complicated)
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samdyke · a day ago
trusted sam blog. what are some good sam-centric fics? esp like character studies more than ship fics
okay honestly this is where i drop the ball as a sam blog i really dont have many recs for you :/ im too angry to go into the spn ao3 tag so i get all my fics from rec lists which as you can imagine means i read almost exclusively destiel fic even if sam is there too. the only ones i can currently think of are runners high (which is a specific niche of headcanon sam fic that. you might not enjoy) and white and beige, a hallucifer era sam fic
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generatingwings · 5 days ago
On Dreams and Reality update~~~
(Also just realized my title has Yoi vibes. Amazing)
Please read if u like angst, my goal of being an angst write may have been achieved with this series
Full series link:
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metrolondondelta · 8 days ago
JT: Hey, how’s it going?
Malcolm: I just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as I usually sleep in a month.
Malcolm: So I’m a little disoriented.
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metrolondondelta · 8 days ago
Malcolm: I don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are.
Malcolm: ...
Malcolm: Actually, it's going to bug me if I don't.
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hitchell-mope · 8 days ago
Mal: I think we should have codenames for the gala: Mine is "Eagle 1." Jay is "Been there, done that". Ben is "Currently doing that." Lonnie is "It happened once in a dream." Gil is "If I had to pick someone from my cousin’s crew." Evie is "Eagle 2."
Evie: Oh, thank God.
(Later on)
Mal: this is Eagle 1: "Been there, done that" is leaving the stage. "I'd be lying if I said 'I hadn't thought about it'" is in position.
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the-wandering-whumper · 11 days ago
I hope it's okay to ask this but do you know any father/son whump type dynamics? Not like young son but adult like in die hard 4?
Tumblr media
Some that come to mind:
NCIS: Gibbs and Tony Prodigal Son: Malcolm & Martin (though the relationship is very contentious) Smallville: Clark & Jonathon Kent White Collar: Neal & Peter (they're not related but I always got the father/son vibe from them) American Gods: Shadow and Mr. Wednesday Jericho: Jake and his dad I'm told Jupiter's Legacy has some elements of this SPN: The boys and their dad (and we all know how much whump there is)
I hope some of these help!
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cinematicnomad · 12 days ago
Hello! I’ve gone through all your Buddie fic and I am obsessed. I was wondering if you could recommend me your favorites? I’m scared to look into the tag 🙈 Preferably canon or canon divergent, but I wouldn’t turn away an AU if it’s super good.
anonymous asked: what are some of your all time favorite slow burns recs (for buddie)?👀
ooh TWO requests for buddie fic recs at the same time. i love it and i am here for it. (ALSO omg anon, thank you, i am INCREDIBLY flattered whenever anyone actually reads my fics bc i write so few of them. i am crazy flattered)
some of these are v popular fics that i'm sure you've heard of, but i'm gonna rec them anyway:
waves (it comes and goes) by sunspell80/@bibuddie (10/10 | 40k+ | M) buckley parents; past sexual assault (not the parents); pre-relationship; slow burn
evan buckley left his past behind when he left home for good at age 19. but an unexpected phone call on a quiet shift disrupts the life he’s built for himself: forcing him to confront his past in order to build a new future.
note: this fic has an amazing sequel where they actually get together, but you definitely need to read waves first to understand anything. please note that this series deals with a lot of heavy subjects and might be triggering to some people so i encourage you to review the tags and all the author notes to care for yourself as needed. this fic series was published pre-s4 so these are not the canon buckley parents, but i LOVE the depiction of them in this series.
don’t take my sunshine away by sevensoulmates/@sevensoulmates (21/21 | 113k+ | M) angst with a happy ending; canon compliant; emotional/psychological abuse; getting together
eddie is in a coma, and buck blames himself. he should’ve been there to protect eddie. the least he can do now is to be there for christopher, even if buck doesn’t know if he has it in him to be a parent without eddie. buck makes eddie a deal: he’ll fight for christopher in the real world, while eddie fights to wake up.
eddie’s come a long way since those bleak days in el paso, listening to his parents comments about how he’s not fit to be a father. christopher doesn’t deserve to be dragged down by the likes of eddie and shannon. eddie thought after moving to LA, he and chris had escaped that. when he wakes up and finds buck neck-deep in a legal battle with his parents for custody of christopher, eddie must face his own mistakes, and find the confidence to stand up for himself against his absolute worst nightmare.
the space between sleep by tattered_dreams (13/13 | 111k+ | T) post-tsunami; no lawsuit arc; canon divergent; PTSD; trauma; slow burn
as weeks pass after the tsunami, christopher has eddie to help him deal with the scars it left behind. he also has buck. buck's dealing with his own demons, but he has both of them.
eddie's trying to keep them all together and finding out his family might not be as small as he thought.
the 118 have their few cents to add, too, because don't they always.
the evolution of buddie by insanejuliann/@marvelingjules (19/? | 152k+ | M) canon divergent; internalized homophobia; slow burn; getting together; light angst
over time, eddie starts to wonder if everyone might actually be right when they joke about him and buck being more than friends.
a journey of self-discovery, patience, and caring between not just two men, but the friends and family around them.
note: this is a canon divergent fic series that starts immediately after s3's eddie begins. it's currently 19 fics deep and it is MY FAVORITE series in the fandom. it is almost entirely from eddie's POV except for the 19th fic which is currently ongoing as the author adds in other POVs for scenes throughout the series.
leading with the left by letmetellyouaboutmyfeels/@letmetellyouaboutmyfeels (18/18 | 84k+ | M) backstory; AU: backstory; smut; slow burn; stripper!buck
when buck said he was a “bartender” in “south america” what he actually meant was “stripper” in “mexico.”
and when eddie said, “what’s your problem?” what he actually meant was, “is this about the time you gave me a lap dance?”
in other words, there’s a few things the 118 doesn’t know about buck. or eddie. or buck and eddie’s relationship.
note: this fic is basically canon compliant, but it envisions a backstory where buck and eddie crossed paths pre-series.
don't unfold me by iriswests/@evanbucxley (1/1 | 4k+ | T) POV eddie; unrequited love (but not really); light angst; introspection; minor ana/eddie
it feels a bit like skipping church on sunday.
like some gradual inevitability that eddie probably saw coming long before it escalated, but it still comes as a surprise when he wakes up one day and realizes it's been a couple of weeks since he last went to church with his grandmother.
and then he just—never goes back.
it feels like that, only here he's somehow still in the process of digesting the truth, and he still believes he's going to go back, one day. he's just too busy this week. he hasn't slept right. christopher's too tired. some combination of the three.
buck giving his back to eddie to focus solely on taylor kelly feels a little bit like realizing he's skipped out on church for the past couple of weeks, and for a terrifying minute, he wonders if this means he's never going back.
note: this is the first fic in a 3 part series, and lucky you, the entire series has been published!! pt2 is from buck's POV and pt3 is from eddie's again. it's important that you read all three in order!
don’t worry baby (everything will turn out alright) by woodchoc_magnum/ @woodchoc-magnum​ (12/12 | 63k+ | M) canon divergent; angst with a happy ending; slow burn; friends to lovers
buck and eddie are falling in love, and it’s obvious to everyone but them.
note: last i have to rec EVERYTHING that felicity​ has written?? it would be impossible to pick one fic to rec bc i love them all (and i’ve helped edit...oh god, the last 15 or more of them???). i only chose this one to highlight bc it’s the first fic she published and the first one i read in this fandom that made me fall helplessly in love with her writing (also, it’s currently circling the fandom twitter-sphere bc apparently felicity predicted the future once again by having eddie tell buck, in the hospital, that he’s not expendable—wild). all of her fics are lengthy canon compliant or canon divergent slow burns (honestly sometimes i think felicity writes fics just bc she knows i’ll love them...). everything she’s written is amazing but here are some of my personal favorites: you can tell everybody this is your song ‘verse (24/? | 470k+ | M); let me roll it to you (2/2 | 22k+ | M); hearts on fire (10/10; 65k+; M); lead me to your door (2/2 | 21k+ | M); light me and i’ll burn for you (3/3 | 31k+ | M); just to be with you series (2/3 | 86k+ | M); and try to love me if you can (6/6 | 44k+ | M)—i am v clearly a sucker for fics where one or both of them are dating someone else at first and there’s a lot of unspoken pining. 
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metrolondondelta · 12 days ago
Jessica: Not to worry, I have a permit.
Jessica: [hands Gil a piece of paper]
Gil: This just says, "I can do what I want."
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ufomyastery · 20 days ago
New #new #too #rec #ufo #ufos #son #sun #love
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incorrectbatfam · 21 days ago
Hey, I love your blog and check it every day!! :)
Do you happen to have any fanfic recommendations for funny and/or cute jondami fanfics?
No reverse!Robin though please. Thanks!
Dami... an Wayne? by Lizabeth_Shabow
“Dami is so cool,” Jon said, collapsing onto the bench of the lunch table. Mark and Marissa pulled their lunches out of the way just in time for Jon to face plant into the vacated space.
“What’d he do?” Mark asked, chewing on a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Marissa took a particularly vicious bite out of her celery.
“He just is,” Jon sighed, talking to the table. Hannah and Marissa made eye contact over the table. This had been going on for over a month, everything Jon did had something about Dami thrown in. Dami is Muslim, Jon said in history when they were learning about world religions, Dami said that tomatoes are a fruit so you can’t convince me otherwise, he declared in the argument over that topic they’d had about a week ago, Dami said this book was good, but I don’t like it, when they were reading an excerpt in English.
Or, Jon's friends try to figure out who his secret boyfriend is.
Wingman by Kannika
“If anyone’s the worst, it’s Damian,” Conner says.
“Yeah,” Jon agrees. “He is the worst.”
A slight pause.
“Do you want me to throw him in the bay?”
A Movie, a Bear, and a Milkshake by I_can_only_imagine
Jon had planned the entire day ahead of them and Damian was along for the ride. It was a sunny Metropolis day for two best friends to spend together. At least, that's what Damian thought. But the day is looking more and more like a date as they go on...
a little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone by wisdom_walks_alone
“Damian’s saying that his Kryptonian boyfriend is cuter. I’m proving him wrong.”
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metrolondondelta · 22 days ago
Jessica: Here is my wall of inspirational women.
Eve: ...Is that a picture of you?
Jessica: Yes. I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.
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metrolondondelta · 22 days ago
Malcolm: When you're in a situation, you don't have time to think. So I thought to myself, "Don't think, Malcolm. Act."
Dani: So you weren't thinking.
Malcolm: Not at all. I cannot emphasize enough how little I was thinking.
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mezzoklutz · 22 days ago
here’s a though i’ve been pondering over - if the main characters from gg were musicians, what type of musicians do you think they would be? like in terms of what genres they would play in, artists that you think they’d be like, etc.
Wow anon this is exactly my brand i love you for asking this. Buckle up this post shalt be long >:)
(I know many of the cast have had music careers but I’m not really that up on them, this is more my impressions of their characters than them.)
I’ll start with the Humphreys bc they are the ones I’ve thought about the Most.
Like, I see Dan as the folk-punk type, a poet-with-a-guitar type. Frank Turner and Brian Fallon are two of my favorite songwriters, and their writing has a very Dan Humphrey Professional Yearner kind of vibe (And when I’m writing Dan-centric fic which is all my fic tbh I listen to them A Lot). Hozier and Phoebe Bridgers also carry a similar energy, though Hozier is more on the blues/folk side & Bridgers is more indie pop meets country. He’s mostly a guitar guy, but has the skill to branch out into other similar instruments, (he gets a banjo and mandolin just for the challenge). Ivy and I have talked a lot about the idea of pianist!Dan, which I also find v appealing, but I haven’t thought much beyond: Dan playing this Chopin...
Jenny, my best girl, I’ve thought about it and exchanged many a message with @bisexualdanhumphrey about Jen. She has this fascinating, bluesy & raw kind of voice. She’s a vocalist primarily, but can play her way through most chord progressions on a keyboard, she has a ukulele that she loves. Really, she can pick up an instrument for an afternoon and do pretty well, which annoys her brother to no end (“I’ve been playing for 12 years and she figures it out in a day?!”). As for musical acts I think are similar I always come back to Stevie Nicks and Halsey, for the vocals and the vibes. There’s actually an artist I’ve been really into lately called Susan O’Neill (she goes by SON some places) and when I listen to her I think “That’s Jenny’s voice”
Throwing Eric in bc I don’t have much to say about him, but I made him Beth in my Little Women au and I loooooooooved writing baby virtuoso Eric. Eric & Liszt. That is all.
Vanessa is a drummer in my brain. Like a pop-punk drummer. Ivy actually has this fic in which she plays piano in a band which is an idea I also love - like a Carole King/Sara Bareilles kind of vibe. Maybe she joins her sister’s band? Vanessa and Dan on tour with Ruby, picture it…
Blair as a musician I imagine a couple of ways. If we’re going the classical route, I can see her being really into something that requires a lot of technical skill, like the harp. (Slightly related: listen to this performance, the harp is so gorgeous I love it.) Ooh OOH, and from being a harpist she goes to become a conductor. I can SO see Blair Waldorf as an orchestra conductor. If we’re going a more pop route, I think Blair’d be like one of her beloved chanteuses, singing jazz standards and French classics a la Edith Piaf, or like Robyn Adele Anderson, or like Zoey Deschanel in She & Him (an au of Dair as She & Him…?)
Serena is another enigma. The easy answer would be to go with S the pop diva. I’ve said before that Kesha’s whole journey as an artist really resonates with Serena’s character, so I could see that—the character of the “party girl” that evolves into this lovely, zany blend of pop & country & rock & whatever the hell she wants. (Cowboy Blues is literally a SVDW character study. All of High Road is honestly) The other idea I had when I got this ask is Serena the Band Kid. But I see her going for the low brass section, bc the chillest, most easily charismatic people I know have been low brass players. Just, Serena playing trombone and euphonium makes me very happy.
Nate...idk, friend. He doesn’t particularly strike me as the artsy type, like he would play an instrument because his parents made him (reccing yet another Ivy fic because they Get It). I could see him doing something low key, like playing bass maybe in the band I made Dan, Vanessa, and Jenny form above. Bass is also like, the steady supportive thing in an ensemble, which I think suits our Natie. Or, if Nate were a band kid with Serena, I could see him doing something himbo-ish like drumline.
I am first and foremost an opera person, and a fun habit me and my friends have is thinking about “if this were an opera, what voice types would the characters be?” (my college roommate and I spent a whole evening brainstorming Mean Girls the opera once--before the musical was even a thing, so fight me Tina Fey), so I have thought a bit about that too…
Like Nate is def a lyric baritone, because they are the himbos of opera: comedic, handsome, drink the respect women juice-- a la Figaro in Barber or Escamillo in Carmen. Dan is a Puccini spinto tenor (more on the Rondine & Boheme side of the spectrum). Because of the Pining. Blair is a soprano, like a Musetta or Donna Anna or Marschallin or Magda in Rondine: romantic, but can cut a bitch. Serena is a Rossini mezzo, like Rosina or Cenerentola: bubbly, charismatic, kind, loves to pull one over on men. Jenny is a mezzo of the kind I’d like to call Gay, like Komponist or Octavian in Rosenkav - a bit more dramatic and nothing heterosexual about em. Vanessa is also a mezzo (I am one too, okay #lowvoicesupremacy) like, Susan Graham.
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"When the voices circle through my head you better run away, run away, yeah"
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sweetcanyonmoon · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Wishing you Godspeed (Glory)
Chapters: 1/1
Words: 7k
Rating: Mature
In all truth, Louis could never really hate Harry. Not ever, not if he tried. He's done his best to accept that the love he and Harry shared always had an expiration date, even if he never wanted to admit it.
But when Louis gets an unexpected visitor four months after their breakup, he's forced to remember everything he's suppressed for weeks, including the fact that Louis could never really stop loving Harry.
Not ever, not if he tried.
(Inspired by Godspeed, Glory by James Blake.)
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lonely-thursday · a month ago
Reasons my grandpa is Ron Swanson:
A libertarian
A woodworker
Fairly antisocial
Lives basically in the middle of nowhere and that’s how he likes it
Has been divorced (only once though, and his ex-wife isn’t crazy, she’s my grandma)
Named his cat “cat” (in Finnish)
Calls me Buckwheat (which just seems like a nickname Ron Swanson would give someone)
Said the only reason he invited my dad to his second wedding was to be a witness (it was a joke, but was it though)
The main difference is that Ron Swanson would hate my grandpa’s dogs because “any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless”. So I guess he’d also hate my grandpa’s cat who is in fact very useless
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Me trying to lie to myself about what just happened:
Tumblr media
My Brain knowing I have to wait for some answers:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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puppyaddict · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got tagged by @newyawknewyawk !! Lmao @ me exposing myself and also our many similarities HAHA
I'm tagging @dildeaux @idk-ijustlikecats and @thelastthreewords hehe or anyone else who just likes to have some fun on the internet
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