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made references for all my babs in a HTTYD server au im part of!
used my sona as the trainer and just edited her to fit the time period.

we were allowed to use mobians so i took the chance.

anyways we have the squad:
Dusty, a Titan Sand wraith, male.
Shredder, a Broad wing Timber jack, male.
Jackie, a Short wing Scuttleclaw, male.
Firelight, a Broad wing Dreadstrider, female.
and Twilight, a Short wing Night Light, female.

not all of them have stories yet but i’ll get there.

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I know no one cares about ocs but like I love my sona Tulu 💙

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whh;a t if w e kk;ijsss ed
nghh,; and h hheld hwands

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also i missed it but i drew this for the aro awareness week thing that happened that one time

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A comic i made and post it on the Doodle warrior Discord and i thought i should post it here as well, hope you guys like it.

(Wanna support me? here’s a link with ways you can do so )

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Nox is definitely one of my favorites, and he’s so fun to draw o(≧▽≦)o 

(Nox’s design belongs to @bonelyheartsclub!) 

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An attempt at a sona was made, lmao

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Yesterday was my first anniversary of being on Instagram and it was also Pokémon’s 25 anniversary!

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tumblr does that whenever i post on mobile bc it hates meeeeeeeee

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Happy Birthday @nekojaf 💖❤️💜💖❤️💜

Hope you have a wonderful day!❤️❤️❤️

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