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My brain was happy thinking about classic Shadow and Amy friendship until this angsty thought came on and decided to stay Basically Shadow knows Amy has a crush on Sonic but he also has a crush on him and Amy has done so much to try and help him he doesn’t wanna break her heart or be selfish so he helps her with trying to woo him despite his feelings cause he thinks it’s the least he can do for her after helping him with his trauma IT’S DUMB BUT IT WON’T LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE BITCH GET OUT OF MY HEADDDDD 
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candycat29 · a day ago
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Alright gamers, I am officially going on hiatus. I’ll probably be back in the first week of november, so it wont be too long. Hopefully when I come back I’ll have alot of art to share >:)
Have a good Halloween everybody!
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i leave u with a spooky matching vampire bfs icons wip that may or may not get finished
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moonkatte · 4 hours ago
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heya, i'm back
i finally had free time to draw what i want so i did this
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bubunart · a day ago
🍦Day 20: Ice cream🍦
A little late but I'll take more time to draw the alternative universe one!
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w0wiie · a day ago
Day 18: Dressed Up
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Uh oh, not another AU!! LOL!! This be the mafia au for Sonic that I’ve created with a friend of mind. We are still currently working out the kinks
If you want some detail:
There are three major organizations: ARK, Infinite and Solaris
ARK - major members Gerald, Eggman/Ivo, Maria, Shadow, Sonic
Has several casinos laid out in several areas of the world. They move around a LOT of money very easily with this type of business. ARK has very close connections to several people in the government and other powerful and shady people.
Gerald is the current head of the ARK is considering who would best run the ARK when he retires as he is getting older.
Maria is the doctor of the ARK. A very prodigious one.
Eggman/Ivo is very eager to take over the ARK
Shadow and Sonic were abandoned very young, becoming orphans. They are very happy to have been given a home and a good life under the Robotnik’s. What better way to give your thanks by becoming the organization’s best team of assassins. They’re inseparable. They’re perfect and move synchronously with each other.
Infinite - major members Zero, Gadget and the Jackal Squad and Eggman
Gained its power from distributing a very powerful hallucinogens called Phantom Ruby due to its color. As hallucinogens do, they cause their users to experience wild dreams, illusions, delusions. They can experience very high highs and euphoria. It is very addicting bc of the “dreams it can grant”
Zero is the leader of Infinite, though a faux one. The real one is Eggman. He runs it in secret to keep him busy while waiting for his grandfather to give him ARK. Although...something tells me he may have other sinister plans :)
Gadget joined Infinite not of his will. His family owed Infinite for smuggling his family to a better life, and after losing his mother, his father got depressed and addicted to Phantom Ruby, putting the family in further debt. Infinite came to retrieve debt and Gadget offered himself to work under the organization.  
Solaris - major members Mephiles, Silver and Blaze
A small but steadily growing group of misfits that’s gained influence due to forming connections through knowledge. Having knowledge, of course, usually means power after all.
Mephiles leads Solaris. He’s manipulative, stronger than he looks and will get whatever he wants. So be careful in crossing paths with him.
Silver was originally a journalist and had gained VERY classified information. Unfortunately, he was caught by Mephiles :) How he joined Solaris still remains a mystery. He’s very good at sneaking around. Due to his intel, he’s been causing a lot of trouble lately with ARK and Infinite. So much so that there’s a bounty out for him.
Blaze was one of the first to join Solaris and is very loyal to him. Ever since Silver joined, she considered him her rival, and the two of them try to outdo each other several times whenever they’re sent on missions. She loves to burn things. An arsonist. She’s happy to burn anything for Mephiles.
AAAAAAANNNND that’s all I will share with yall :D
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sammym332 · 2 days ago
I really need some money to buy some food for the next few days, i live with my mother, sister, grandfather and grandmother
any amount would help! here’s my prices
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nguyenthanhquoc2005 · 2 days ago
Nét này hình như t làm thất bại r ._.
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ironic-the-hedgehog · 21 hours ago
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@louie-mania lad delivery!! these guys were a lot of fun to draw, it was cool to make Shadow soft and squishy and Sonic angular and edgy
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they listen to 3 days grace together
(yes I stole the caption from this)
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sometimes-sonadow · 2 days ago
"You're the 'pink' in my cheeks and I'm scared 'cause that means I'm a little bit soft."
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bumbleboarhd · 9 days ago
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This image is so fucking powerful. It legit givs me chills. 
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magna-centipede · a month ago
Shadow oh my god.... I didn’t expect that
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