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(Or, From Star to Star)

Summary: (Written for the Quarantine Bake-Off Playwriting Competition.) Cameron has the unfortunate graveyard shift, watching out for a shipment. Alex has made camp in the outdoor goods section.

Genre: One Act, Drama, Comedic Tone, Pseudomusical

Characters: Cameron, Alex, Abby, Mr. Michaels

Warnings: Mass hysteria mention, pandemic imagery, language.

Rated: K+ for pandemic imagery and language.

Word Count: 3196

Status: Complete but kinda rough tbh

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Even though I didn’t follow through with all 4 years of high school Spanish I do want to thank my high school Spanish teachers for giving me Selena…

She is an excellent performer, singer, and role model

I love her story and it’s tragic how young she left us

But I never want to forget her and everything her music has inspired…


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