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#song lan
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this checks, anon.

they could have had cool matching soulmate bfs eye patches.

a black and white one, respectively.

xiao xingchen you tragic gay, you.

also i feel like he was way too caught up in the melodrama.

anyway, i live safe in the knowledge that in MY post canon headcanon,

song lan found a way to restore xiao xingchen’s soul to his body

and then they went back to ultimate lesbian icon baoshan sanren who, gave them an eye each, but also threatened to blind them both permanently if they ever came back to her mountain and disturbed her again with their gay drama.

and they lived happily ever after, travelling the world, helping those in need, and growing their own sect along the way 😊

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Final chapter of LanLan fic is live!

To Love What Is Mortal

Relationship:  Lán Huàn | Lán Xīchén/Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn

Additional Tags: Post-Canon; Grief/Mourning; Angst; Fluff; Fluff and Angst; Healing; past Lan Xichen/ Jin Guangyao/ Nie Mingjue; past Song Lan/ Xiao Xingchen; background Lan Wangji/ Wei Wuxian; background Song Lan & Wen Ning & Lan Sizhui; Hurt/Comfort; mostly emotional because these boys have SO MUCH TRAUMA between them but also; Canon-Typical Violence; anti-fierce-corpse prejudice is A Theme; this fic beta’d we proofread like Lan Wangji

Summary: Song Lan comes to Cloud Recesses hoping that the skillful music of the Lans can help repair Xiao Xingchen’s shattered soul. He and Lan Xichen bond in stillness and in shared experiences of loves and griefs that stick in the heart like shards of glass. Healing is never an easy road to travel… but it is easier with a companion for the way.

A completed 3-chapter work featuring lots of feelings and trauma, a dash of laughter (and some mud), and of course, love.

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I will answer this from CQL perspective only, because somehow MXTX doesn’t seem to know how Cultivation works and MDZS is way more fiction than actual Cultivation. So uhm, an approach from what we see in the live action series:

Wen Ning
I don’t think Wei Wuxian had the intention to turn Wen Ning into a Fierce Corpse. It just kind of… happened? When they had found him on the field, he was still alive, he still had his cognition (which was already damaged since his youth), but his body was drenched in malicious energy because of the Spirit luring Flag stuck in his stomach. What Wei Wuxian did, was controlling the resentment / malicious energy within Wen Ning, until he called him by his name. It was this short moment that showed that the black energy hasn’t fully eaten him yet.
Thus is, why I think, Wei Wuxian’s original plan was to ‘purify’ the resentful energy from Wen Ning’s body, so he could live like before. The problem was, that Wen Ning had been aaaalmost dead already, so turning him ‘normally’ human again wasn’t an option anymore. The fierce corpse option with a sentient spiritual cognition was the ultimate end result.
So, Wei Wuxian never restored his spiritual cognition, it was still there. Through all the time. He just needed to find a way to suppress the dark energies, so Wen Ning was able to live again.

Song Lan
I am nooooot sure how much Jin Guangyao and Xue Yang know about Wei Wuxian’s cultivation path. I guess they just tried their luck with the manuals they have found in the cave, and probably some scripts Jin Guangyao stole from Wen Ruohan.
Turning Song Lan into a fierce corpse is noooot that hard once a part of the Yin Iron is near, but the skill of Xue Yang is not even anywhere near the one from Wei Wuxian. So all he could do is to change someone into a fierce corpse, but basically nothing more. He needed to attach the mind controlling pins to them in order to get Song Lan doing anything at all and Wen Ning obviously refused even with the two mind controlling pins.
Song Lan’s cognition was never destroyed either. So the moment the pins were out of his skull, he was “back to himself” just with a changed body structure.

Nie Mingjue
This is where there is the greatest gap between CQL and MDZS, I think. So, CQL verse, he died. JGY and XY tried to make him into a fierce corpse but failed spectacularly. His cognition actually got damaged during the many Qi Deviations and through the turmoil music JGY played for him. If they had managed to ‘revive’ him, then without cognition. He would have been nothing more than the puppets Wen Ruohan had.
Much like Xiao Xingchen it will take a few hundred years and a few reincarnations to actually mend his cognition again so he could be reborn as the one he always used to be.  

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DnD Classes for MDZS Characters

Wei WuXian: Sorcerer/Bard. He got his abilities to use Resentment by unnatural means by soaking it from the Burial Mounds. His weapon of choice is a flute.

Lan Wangji: Bard/Barbarian. He made and preformed a song, about his love for his yet-to-be husband. The Lan Clan is also known for being extremely music inclined. His weapon of choice is an instrument. His willing, and ready to fight EVERYONE to defend his husband.

Lan Xichen: Wizard. I dunno he just seems like a wizard to me lol.

Jiang Cheng: Barbarian. He is so ready to punch someone at all times, has a persistent Resting Bitch Face.

Xue Yang: Rouge. He’s mad chaotic lol.

Xiao Xingchen: Paladin. He helps people. (Although not the cleanest Paladin.)

Son Lang: Paladin because he also helps people and I feel like these two being Paladin’s in love make my gay heart happy.

Nie Huaisang: Assassian. The man planned and executed a murder, with no one having any idea he did it.

Nie Mingjue: Barbarian. Will not hesitant to fight anyone.

Jin Guangyao: Assassian. I’m sure he would have been willing to kill Lan Xichen if given the choice.

**Feel free to add your own**

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xiao xingchen: baoshan sanren please you have to save my platonic best friend by removing my own eyes and giving them to him, i know i broke my vow to never return to this mountain but he is my platonic best friend and i am nothing without him and even though he never wants to see me again the fact remains that he is my platonic best friend and i have to give everything i have to him

baoshan sanren, known tragic lesbian: 

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