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#song of my heart and soul
mythcas · 20 hours ago
omg okay so i'd never listened to anything by lord huron before, and i saw the lyrics in that "what song's stuck in your head" post and started playing "twenty long years" and hOLY SHIT its a vibe!!!! what an.... *un-verbalizable feeling*!!! TWENTY YEARS TAKES ITS TOOOLL
akdjhdidkds RIGHT !! instant classic, immediate favorite, perfect song, everyone stop making music we’ve moved past the need for new music, just sit and listen to “twenty long years” and cry about it
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 9 days ago
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We don’t always get the answers. Sometimes, we just have to move on regardless. And it is something you may just have to always carry with you.
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temqtress · 17 days ago
i technically have to sleep but here's another hc before i do that: idk how else to say it but tiff is very soft. when she loves you, she'll want to take care of you. she'll cook for you, she'll remember your birthday, the things you said to her at 3am, your favorite color, your favorite food. she's almost maternal in her need to take care of people who are special to her. there's not a lot of verbal confirmation from tiff, but definitely a lot of actions involved. she's very generous with her affections and she almost always can't hold herself back from expressing them. 😔🥀
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cerulean-bull · 23 days ago
man i have a weird ass memory that forgets shit i write down but records what i was watchin/listening to when i make certain pics. Like if im watching something bad like some callout vid or smth I try to not draw smth i like bc when i look at those details i will remember. Like. if i start a pic one day and then continue it the next ill get like flashes to sentences and shit that were going on when i was drawing those bits. anyway. i barely remember today but this picture from 2012
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was drawn to this
because i can fucking hear it when i look at it
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mmpiepie · 24 days ago
how can a story simultaneously breaks and soothes my heart?
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theaudiojournalist · 27 days ago
For Someone New
TheAudioJournalist 2021 Now here’s another story, About someone new, She gave me all the things, I ever wanted from you. We married last summer, In a part of grass, We promised our love, In front of the class. She’s my heart, She’s my soul, She is all that I adore  She’s my weight, She’s my gold, She is everything and more. She is, ooh ooh ooh. Now if you’re out there…
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bishopsknifetrick · a month ago
thoughts on the kids aren't alright? that song always hits hard for me
ahhh okay tkaa is my favorite fob song of all time forever, so it also hits Very hard for me! i have a lot of thoughts on it, like, a Lot kfkrnf obviously i have my own super personal relationship w it, but that isn't as interesting to talk about comparatively to what i think They were trying to say with it so: i think this song is about their/petes relationship w fame just as much as it is kind of a love letter from pete to the fans, mostly just bc he often (affectionately) calls us the kids. A lot of the lyrics serve a double meaning bc of those two different purposes it could have (being abt their fame vs the fans) like, if you're look at it from the lens of being abt fame these lyrics stick out to me quite a bit: "maybe i bit off more than i could chew / overhead of the aqua blue" (referring to trying to do Too Much with their fame, something fob has talked abt before... also the second part i think is just talking about flying, constantly, being above the ocean for shows, events, etc) "and with the black banners raised / all the crooked smiles fade / former heroes who quit too late / who just wanna fill up the trophy case again" (in war black flags typically mean the enemy is just going to kill instead of take anyone hostage, when linking that to what pete could be alluding to w fame... ah... and then the lyrics go on to talk about heroes who just wanna be recognized again, slight hiatus vibes anyone?) but then for the other way you could interpret the song... all the lyrics i mentioned are basically saying the same thing just in a more usual circumstance... sometimes we, as people, bite off more than we can chew, life is overwhelming, we feel blue, we often go unrecognized and just wanna be able to fill up a 'trophy case' again with praise and love. "And in the end / I'd do it all again / I think you're my best friend" in both interpretations is just saying that despite all that pain life can bring, all the suffering one experiences, it can often be worth going through again and again if you have the right people with you. Either way you look at the song and the rest of the lyrics (which i could dive into but it would be Way Too long of a post and i don't wanna be annoying lol) the song is kinda saying the same thing: its okay to not be okay, you aren't always gonna be alright, but its always better to go through that with someone. Having someone by your side is important, vital, even, when not feeling okay.
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thelasagnamanifesto · a month ago
Gonna come clean and say that Blaze of glory (1990) by Jon Bon Jovi side A is the album that shaped my entire personality when I was a kid and made classic rock about cowboys feel very close to my soul
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