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#song rec

Hi there, anon. Well I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m overworked and underpaid and work has been taking everything out of me the past couple weeks. (Also I really fucking miss writing every day like I did during quarantine✌😔) But thanks for asking and sending me this great song rec 😭 music is one of my favorite escapes from the stress of reality so I can never get enough recs for new songs 💕 I’m trying to decide which playlist I want to put this song on because I definitely want to hear this one again but I’m pretty partial to my summer of 81 playlist!!!

Troye always has such moving lyrics 🤧


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what’s up friends are YOU READY FOR SOME SUPER DRAMATIC ADRIENETTE JAMSSS?!!  listen to the song it’s SO BEAUTIFUL 

just listen to that beauty piano and imagine adrien playing it OKAY imagine them dancing to it. thank you.

so this is 100% my headcanon song for the way adrien/chat feels about marinette/ladybug in any combination of the love square



anyway adrien is a sweet baby bean, go get your lady sunshine boy

i love them

thank u for coming 2 my tedtalk

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someone in the comments of this video described it as making you want to beat your problems in with a chair and honestly, that’s fair, this song is energetic af

mixes rock and rap so well that they basically perfected the genre

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Hi!! Ooh I’m usually not much into this band but this song kinda went off !! I love a piano ballad, which im not sure this qualifies exactly but i loved the piano in it a lot. And I liked the second verse especially 😊💕

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Hi, welcome to the fandom!! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my ever-growing library of MH fics 🤣 And thanks for the song rec! I really enjoyed it and I think its perfect for them too, especially these lyrics at the end 😻 A great addition to my summer of 81 playlist 💕


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