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#song: I hope ur ok by olivia rodrigo
jiso-lee · 5 months ago
no but when Olivia Rodrigo said her parents hated who she loved and does she know how proud I am she was created.....
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dead-swiftie-society · 5 months ago
i hope you know how proud i am you were created with the courage to unlearn all of their hatred
but god i hope that you're happier today cause i love you, and i hope that you're okay
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nicolodigenovas · 5 months ago
Went from listening to butter to hope ur ok by olivia rodrigo and I got the biggest emotional whiplash I am literally lying on the floor as I type this
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ana-lana-ding-dong · 5 months ago
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thewhizzyhead · 5 months ago
So i just finished listening to Olivia Rodrigo's album and i just really freaking love how well-crafted the whole thing is. like, the songs (which are all REALLY REALLY GOOD) just compliment each other so freaking well imo and ghxjsjdf i just fucking love this album okay woo so in conclusion: Olivia Rodrigo rocks and i wanna meet her and i also wanna be her friend
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griffin-wood · 4 months ago
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meet my mc #1/???: Maia 'Button' Wiseman. (mind blind)
Well, I hope you know how proud I am you were created With the courage to unlearn all of their hatred God, I hope that you're happier today 'Cause I love you, and I hope that you're okay.
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eemolu · 4 months ago
someone help i can’t stop thinking about someone singing i hope ur ok by olivia rodrigo to sirius black
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olitheharpy · 5 months ago
happier and hope ur ok are sisters and they hold hands and smile to each other while they're beating the tears out of me
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nextstopparis · 4 months ago
cant believe olivia rodrigo just wrote hope ur ok and released it i cant believe she just did that
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thunderlouis · 4 months ago
one minute i'm fine and minding my business and the next i knew a boy once when i was small, a tow-head blond with eyes of salt
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wlw-in-a-forest · 5 months ago
oh wow
this song
it just,,,,, perfectly encapsulates those people you were never really close with but you think about them a lot because you still really loved them as a person and you fell out of touch somewhere along the line and you miss them and u just hope they're doing well even though you'll probably never see them again because you really admired them and you never got to tell them that and you don't even know if they remember you and they weren't even so significant in your life but you wished you had been closer with them when you still knew them because now they'll never get to know how much u actually cared abt them
i miss all of the friends i had that i never really said got to say goodbye to,,, the ones that i wasn't really friends with outside of school, but we had a couple classes together where we would talk about nothing and everything and i just thought that they were really cool, and we were never best friends but every time we saw each other we had a good time
to all the friends i lost along the way that i didn't know very well and wish i knew better, i hope ur ok <3
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reachthezeneth · 5 months ago
Did anyone else cry with hope ur ok? Because I was listening to the whole album in my car and I started sobbing halfway through the second verse. I couldn't stop crying. I even listened to it again in case I missed something with my crying, and I started tearing up again throughout the whole song. I can't believe this song exists. Thank you Olivia <3
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