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Me encanta recordar que tengo el poder de crear. Lo hice como jugando y de verdad me gustó. ¿Qué opinas? 🖤♥️🖤 🎵

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This batch of 16 clips uploaded to the @alivewithclivetvshow channel on @youtube in the 16 days leading up to this past Wednesday feature the remarkably-talented singer-songwriters who were on Alive with Clive over the months spanning June 2018 through November 2019. Do yourself a favor and head over to #youtube to watch these clips. They include not only the songs but also the stories that led to their creation, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the time you spend with them!

P.S. You’ll find these clips on YouTube, and are invited to the subscribe to the channel, at

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Shoutout to everyone who’s ever just been like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when asked about their dream job/the job they’re working towards, to avoid comments of “that’s not a real job” or “you wont get any money from that” or “it’s super unlikely you’ll succeed” or silent looks that say ‘I cant believe you’d go and waste all of your potential like that.’

I see you.

And your dream job is awesome! I can’t wait to see you succeed in it! You’re not wasting your potential, or your time, or anything else! It is a real job, and you have every right to pursue something that’ll make you happy!

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✨@iamhavenmusic✨ is featured in the new issue @houseinthesand magazine out now!! Be sure to check out the issue & stream her brand new single “Why You Gotta Be Like That” 💕
#haven #hits #houseinthesand #newmusic #newmusicalert #newmusicfriday #popmusic #songwriter #songwriting #iconpr (at Los Angeles, California)

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Is it just me or is it the older I get, the more alone I feel?

When I was a child everything was so surreal.
I remember me chanting I can’t wait to grow up.
Now I’m sick to my stomach I want to throw up.
Dear Mama, “Where are you, I need the mylanta.
Who knew adulting would be this hard.
Please lord, let me go back to the days when I believed in Santa.
Back when family used to drive the bus to church.
Now I got’em getting their praise on in the yard.
Where did the love go its an endless search
Every time I feel more pain I get more skeptical.
To cope I turned to drugs, alcohol, or got sensual.
Lord punish me, I need to go stand in one of 4 corners.
For all the pain I caused, trying to get even with the world.
Here, take whats left of my heart, I’ll be a donor.
Its amazing how my life got unfurled.

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I want to lay with you til the sun comes up.
Can’t believe that you caught me by surprise.
I am just loving the look in your eyes.
Its 6 o’clock and we are watching the sunrise.
Got me dreaming that I never wake up.

So baby girl please tell me whats up.
This is so natural, no make up
Its crazy how we go and then make up
Lets you and I go shake things up
I want to get caught holding your hand
Being with you I feel like a hundred grand.
You are my candy I want to eat you up.
What we are doing was unplanned.
Laying here dried up like a wasteland.
I love how we fight and then break up
Cuddling you holding your mammary gland.
Has me messed up in my adrenal gland.
Tell me that you will be my buttercup.
Scoop you up and head out to Holland.
Make pictures of us to put on the nightstand.
Tell me that you will wear this wedding band.
Say yes, and I’ll take you to the promise land.
We can spend our time in Amsterdam.
But I’d much rather us go to Rotterdam.
Either place we can can go get a gram.
My name is not David Beckham.
I am not out to kick things up.
What we have here is tearing me up.
This is just the beginning a warm up.
So baby girl please tell me whats up.

In the early morning were in the window sill.
We can go round for round like a windmill.
Being with you grandfather time stands still.
But later on during the night we’ll dress to kill.
We could have this world on our pinky.
You and I trying to take over the world.
Playing with your hair after we get kinky.
Its amazing how things have unfurled.
Just commit this idea into your brain.
This kind of love will make them go insane.
I’ll be your Superman if you’ll be my Lois Lane.
I see the thought in your temporal vein.
Your blood is now beginning to pump.
Your mind is Criss Crossed, I need you to jump.
Please believe deep down in your membrane.
No Joke we can Duke and take the a train.

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Jeffrey Allen Townes (born January 22, 1965), better known by his stage name DJ Jazzy Jeff or simply Jazz, the Philly native is a DJ, producer, and actor. He began djing as early as 10 years old, he would DJ block parties throughout high school. He is best known for his solid friendship and work with Will Smith they’re friendship never missed a beat Jazz was featured in various episodes of Will Smith’s show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and was one of the best characters on the show. As a rap duo, Will and Jazz were the first rap group to receive a Grammy. They’re successful classic summer single “ Summertime” earned them a second Grammy and was number 4 on the Billboard charts. Some folks only link him to Will Smith the rapper and don’t realize he is a prominent DJ in the Hip Hop community. He will stream some of his sets on his website or YouTube.I believe he’s an underrated DJ and should get more credit. Jazz travels the globe djing gigs in exciting places.

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<div> —  Scott Power  </div><span><p>I put my headphones in </p><p>I walk around the hallways like invisible man</p><p>Im using your love as a crutch, I need a kickstand  </p><p>I feel deep into depression like quicksand</p></span>
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