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t4tails · 2 days ago
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24 hour hog lockdown. happy birthday character of all time
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hedgieblur · 2 days ago
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Long as the voice inside me says go, I will always keep on running, there is no way to stop me from going to the very top It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right
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tiger-quoll · a day ago
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cloudofsalt · 2 days ago
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Happy birthday blue blur
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sushiiis-stuff · 2 days ago
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**do not steal/repost**
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ayjaydraws · a day ago
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robotnik is a rat so stone is a loyal doberman
and usually dogs are taller then rats
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Sonic Wachowski is the becoming full embodiment of the "Looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you" meme, they had the first two movies have him going all sicko mode on Jimbotnik and the 3rd will probably have him go beyond that.
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tahnnie26 · 16 hours ago
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Messy sketches 🦊💛
Tails' tennis design is from this publication. Credits to @tsaikonautz
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klaudia96art · a day ago
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Happy Birthday Sonic!!!! 2022
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signoralagunacordelia · 2 days ago
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lavely-draws · 2 days ago
Happy birthday to my favorite blue boy!! Call it the hyperfixation, but this lil guy changed my life
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cipherism · a day ago
Manifesting Sonadow canon in Sonic Movie 3
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keitorinrose · 2 days ago
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Forgot to post this yesterday happy 31st anniversary sonic :)
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chrysalis-the-butterfly · 2 days ago
Tag Yourself: Sonic Media
Sonic Heroes: The jokey friend.  Sparkling green eyes.  Cocky grin.  Throwing yourself into adventure.  Will take any excuse to throw a party.  Two best friends.  “Teamwork makes the dream work!”  Jungle-print outfits.  Running from the waves on the beach.  Hermit crabs.  The Grand Canyon.  Outrunning the bullet train.  Giant fans.  Giant balloons.  Giant ego.  
Sonic Unleashed: The Dark Academia friend.  Perpetual scowl.  Deep voice.  Low-key grumpy about everything.  Looking out for your friends.  Faux fur coats.  A full moon on Halloween.  The giggling of ghosts in the haunted house.  Dark university libraries.  Ancient scrolls.  Bright white windmills.  Greek islands.  Twisted theme parks.  Team Jacob.  
Sonic Cinematic Universe: The childish friend.  Wide-eyed wonder.  Memorising movies.  Pretending to be a superhero.  Always saying, “Let’s wing it!” right before attempting something you absolutely should not wing.  Giant green gems.  A massive pile of comic books.  White dresses.  Gold bangles.  The crackle of electricity.  Bars full of men in cowboy hats.  Hawaiian getaways.  Playing volleyball in the hotel grounds.  
Sonic Underground: The problem-solving friend.  No hedgehog will be left behind.  Big appetite.  A distant memory of a loving mother.  Sibling rivalry.  Acute awareness of class issues.  Rock is the greatest genre of music and you will accept no argument to the contrary.  Ruined castles.  Creatures grotesque but adorable.  Amber flames in a threatened forest.  Aladdin is your favourite Disney movie.  
Sonic Boom: The laid-back friend.  Sarcasm is necessary to live.  “I’m too old and cool for this.”  Crystal enthusiast.  No, she’s not your girlfriend.  Brief moments of stupidity.  Messy hair.  Brown scarves.  Way too much sports tape.  Palm trees.  The sand between your toes.  Drinking out of a coconut.  Napping in a hammock.  Swinging from a vine.  Wilderness exploration.  Archaeological sites.  Dark caves.  Geysers.  Volcanic rock.  Broken robot parts.  
Archie Sonic: The leader of the friendship group.  Continuing your parents’ legacy.  “Nobody tells me what to do!”  Popular with the ladies.  Constantly reinventing yourself.  Denim jackets.  Sturdy boots.  Falling in love with handheld computers.  Medieval castles.  Royal coats of arms.  Shimmering golden pools.  At least eighteen million alternate universes.  “Never trust a wizard.”  
IDW Sonic: The shy friend.  Making new friends, but keeping the old.  Opening up about your past.  Taking responsibility for your actions.  Black cloaks.  Fiery gemstones.  Hand-crafted marionettes.  Clothes with a metallic sheen.  No mercy for the robots.  Sunset on a busy city.  Ski holidays.  Mind-bending video games that send chills down your spine.  
Sonic the Comic: The eccentric friend.  Whovian.  Embracing British culture.  Even more sarcastic than Sonic Boom.  Red eyes, take cover.  Longing for space travel.  Obscure pop culture references.  Faces on a screen.  A strong hatred of eggs.  Flocks of green birds.  Bobcats and metamorphosis.  Pirates named after the Spice Girls.  The more bonkers, the better.  
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theothercrybaby · a day ago
if Amy shows up in 3rd movie, I hope she shows up in her classic outfit. They take her shopping and she gets a haircut to be her modern design. I think it be cute.
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ayjaydraws · 2 days ago
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au where all the humans are furries and furries are humans
Ratbotnik is to this day one if my most important creations.
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jazzyleap · 2 days ago
Stobotnik really be that scene like in SpongeBob where when Stone is shirtless, Robotniks internal thoughts: “oh no he’s hot!”
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bridoesotherjunk · 2 days ago
sonic, tails, and knuckles all fighting over who gets to play the videogame next and one or all of them just shout something like this out into the house
"Moooooooooooooommmmmmmm, Knuckles won't share the computer!!!!"
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welcome-to-green-hills · 2 days ago
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Here it is. I can also send you a link to the post if you want. Hope you like it
Aw, dude! I love it! ❤️✨
The aesthetic covers the Sonic Movie 1 & 2 very well! Imma make this my wallpaper for my phone🥰
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sonicthewerehog · 2 days ago
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Happy 31st Anniversary, BIG BLUE! 🔵🎉🎂🎊 ENJOY YOUR CAKE!
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