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#sonic movie 2020

I had this shower thought idea on about Sonic having another set of bucket list after the movie that he wanna do since he is sure he would be staying on Earth for quiet a while, and that the Wachowskis read the list and that in their ability, will make it happen to make him happy

Oh boy get ready for a long post of fun Wachowski family bond time shenanigans

  • During a movie night (they are watching Speed since it’s been Sonic’s fave), Tom and Maddie notice their blue hedgehog son writing on a notepad that he just picked up around the house and asked whatvhe was writing about. Sonic tells them he is making another bucket list because why not? And since he would be living on Earth now he has thought a LOT of things that he wanted to do (and just in case he might leave again, if that ever happens). After they finished watching the movie, Sonic fell asleep while writing so Tom carried him in his arms and brought him up to his attic and tucked him in bed because I just love imagining this.
  • Both him and Maddie read Sonic’s bucket list before heading for bed. It might consist with these:
  1. Drive a car again (he was ECSTATIC during that time in the movie)
  2. Do yoga without breaking his bones
  3. Play with baseball with those baseball kids
  4. Play baseball with TOM
  5. Take Ozzie out on a walk and/or ride on him bc he wants to ride on a dog (Sonic is a smol boi)
  6. Go to the beach
  7. Bake a cake with Maddie
  8. Visit Maddie’s veterinary and possibly play with the animals he meets there
  9. Drive Tom’s Police mobile just for the kicks
  10. Go to an Amusement park with Tom and Maddie
  11. Visit that pub again (and maybe start a fight again)
  12. Go the largest Rubberband Ball with them
  • And a whole lot more (you can add more to the list)
  • Though the last on the list was: Find Longclaw. hey don’t know who this one was but they had a feeling that this was someone who Sonic lost and that broke their heart a bit.
  • about maybe a few days later, Tom and Maddie set aside their work schedules just to do Sonic’s bucket list and the hedgehog would be like “Wait, really??” and he just goes along with it.
  • Cue to a day where the Wachowskis take their blue son back to the baseball site where there were kids whose his age playing for fun, and after a few convincing to the parents and some kids (they don’t mind Sonic being around Green Hill), the kids and Sonic are all playing baseball and the team whose with Sonic always wins because he is just so FAST and quick-witted and they had fun the whole afternoon. Maddie caught the whole game on tape of course, recording it like a proud mom
  • Though maybe after the play with the kids when they are going home, Tom insists that him and Sonic go play one last round. This ends up in many rounds until they reached nighttime, but Sonic was super happy and exhausted
  • Another day where Maddie teaches Sonic how to yoga, mat and all that, Tom was being insisted on joining them to which he declines, but Sonic is a very persistent hedgehog and in the end all three of them are doing yoga. (Maddie being a queen, while the boys are all groaning in pain on how their bones and muscles hurt, especially Tom, he didn’t want to do it ever again)
  • Another day where Tom, Sonic and their dog, Ozzie, took a stroll around the neighborhood. Tom gave the leash to Sonic to which he happily took. Let’s say, the dog was as ecstatic as Sonic to be walking with him so he he took off, and Sonic got dragged. Tom chased them and when they stoooed he chuckled at seeing Sonic sitting on Ozzie and imitating a rodeo. They had donuts after that.
  • Maddie bringing Sonic to her workplace, introducing her clients to Sonic and their pets too. I want to BELIEVE that Sonic understands animals so whenever Maddie treats each pet, the blue blur would talk to them, tell them stories, jokes, laugh and there were times that Maddie would ask Sonic what he was talking about with the pets and he tells her everything excitedly. The pets were reactive to Sonic as well, making gestures that they understand Sonic pretty well. Maddie at first thought that this was crazy, but since he came from another planet, and defeated a non-existent mad scientist with his super electric speed powers, she is not going to question any more weirdness that might come next.
  • The Wachowski family bakes a cake and it ends up in a mess because Sonic kept playing around and teasing Tom and Tom being the adult played with him until the kitchen was at least in chaos. They were lectured by Maddie but forgives them so they cleaned uo, baked again but this time they were clean. Maddie was scary, according to Tom and Sonic.

Feel free to add =]

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But seriously…Rachel and Wade were going to plan A DATE. That means Him and Tom could potentially become in-laws if they use and continue with that in the sequel.

And he could be Jojo’s stepfather as well Sonic’s uncle

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Robotnik, if you hate humans and love robots so much, why didn't you make a robot assistant? You are clearly capable. Why do you keep Stone around? I'm pretty sure it couldn't only be for the lattes, Ivo.

“Its like watching funny cat videos for you normal humans. It’s funny to see a cute, little thing to do dumb stuff. But don’t get me wrong I didnt hire him because he’s an amusement but because I think we bonded when we first met. I can’t explain it or why I’m feeling that way, I dont even know why myself. He’s just fun to be around and a lifesaver sometimes.”

(Sorry for the bad lighting :(( its 4 am but I wanted to finish this ask before I’d go to sleep)

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