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#sonic movie spoilers

I really hope there’s another sonic narration at the beginning of the sequel.  Like, he’s speeding through town just narrating how much has changed since Robotnik. Talking about how it’s so great to finally talk to the people of the town he had loved for years. Hanging out with Tom, Maddie, Wade, and other citizens. Just showing him being happy with his life! 

I need it and I need it badly.

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okay so i was talking about this on discord but i have a little sonic movie theory

one thing i noticed about the echidnas at the beginning of the movie is they all had pointed knuckles. In the games, the only echidna who has pointed knuckles is, well, Knuckles. Others like Tikal don’t. That and the drawing of the Master Emerald on Sonic’s map of safe worlds makes me think that a movie version Knuckles would have grown up in the echidna tribe as a chosen guardian of the Emerald, which would be interesting compared to the game portrayal (mainly Sonic Adventure) that implies that Knuckles never met another echidna, existing by himself long after Chaos wiped out the tribe. I think it would be real neat if Knuckles were to be a chosen guardian, rather than just kinda existing to guard the Emerald. It sure would add an interesting element to his initial rivalry with Sonic

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Just Movie Sonic meeting Tails, and both thinks that the other is so cool

I do think they would see each other as super cool, but Sonic would be very sus of Tails.

A person from his origin planet trying to bring him back and needs his powers? No thank you!

But I do think Sonic would think Tails’s tails are pretty cool while Tails would think Sonic’s speed and powers are cool!

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some reasons why metal sonic would be a good villain in the sonic sequel(s)

  1. Gives Sonic a character that directly rivals him in speed and ability. Sure, Robotnik was able to keep up with Sonic in his hovercraft but that was more of just Sonic running from missiles than a one-on-one fight
  2. Robotnik can use the quill he took from Sonic to power Metal, keeping lasting consequences from the first movie
  3. Robotnik loves his machines more than everything and it would be cool to see him as supportive dad to Metal (and Stone too as an added bonus please put Stone in the sequel im begging)
  4. Metal has been around since Sonic CD and introducing him early on would be in line with the games
  5. I personally love Metal and want him in the sequels pls and thank you
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