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It’s that time again! I’m posting the invite links to my Discord servers! Just click any of the links below to join a server! Just a heads-up: Transphobes (including tr*scum and tr*nsmeds), homophobes, racists, ableists, and pedophiles/pedophilia apologists are not allowed to join and will be kicked if they try to join! All servers are small and friendly, so there’s no need to worry about being in a big group!

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To continue the profiles I’ve been doing for my OCs, here are Domino and Lucas Ivory as drawn by the very talented @sky-chau​​!

The leader, Domino Ivory is a thrill-seeking treasure hunter who relishes in adventure and tends to view life as something of a game.

Her younger brother, Lucas Ivory is the newest addition to their team, though he’s been an unofficial part of it since the beginning. The one most likely to take things seriously, his ability to evade detection is almost unmatched.

Their profiles are below!

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Sonic Mania Style: Macy! (My Old OC)


To go with my other Sonic Mania drawings, I did my OC from when I was nine or ten. You can tell she’s supposed to be Manic’s girlfriend because they’re both green. 😅🤣

I actually really like how this one turned out, and I have one more drawing I’m planning to do for this series. Hopefully I will get that done in the next week!!

This was my original drawing of Macy:


And here’s the timelapse for the updated version:

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