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#sonic the hedgehog
celebgames · 11 hours ago
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Aaliyah and Sonic The Hedgehog
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fyeahsonicthehedgehog · 2 hours ago
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sonichedgeblog · 4 hours ago
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Amy’s all star move ‘SEGA Superstars Tennis’
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kingprinceleo · 21 hours ago
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hee hoo 2 lil comics today come get yall juice (bottom comic) Shadow is recovering from almost being murdered at a masquarade ball then his husband does this (one day later) in his conquest for vengeance and shadows a real happy guy at the moment
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fyeahsonicthehedgehog · 8 hours ago
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dizzydennis · 10 hours ago
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Super Sonic x Dr. Eggman (Sonic Channel Cover Story) - Part 2
Translator notes: This is the final chapter of the Sonic Channel Cover Stories. What an amazing conclusion and a must read for Sonic fans! This one was very, very difficult to translate, but I was giddy as I read the countless cool moments that happened. I hope you all enjoy and please understand that while my Japanese isn’t perfect, it has been a huge honor sharing these stories with the community.
From his own momentum, Sonic, who was now Super Sonic, avoided one swing and then two others from the iron ball that was moving at exhilarating speeds.
 Every time Eggman swung the supergravity ball through space, an abnormal sensation of gravity grabbed the debris of nearby rubble. It became an ever-increasing orb of destruction against Sonic as it tore apart the ARK.
  "Take this! TAKE THIS!"
  Sonic wasn’t defeated just yet. While he evaded the Egg Graviton, Sonic used the bending gravity and was carried forcefully into Eggman. The plump doctor was sent flying!
  "What's wrong, Sonic? You call that an attack? Are you scared!?"
 "No way, you kidding me!? I was just having some fun with your neat new toy!"
 "I’d regret losing here now ...! Even if you try to defeat me here, you’ll cause everything below to be engulfed in a sea of fire, right?"
Upon saying that, Eggman couldn’t help, but laugh at Sonic as it seems the tide of the battle was shifting.
 "... I think you’re mistaken, Eggman!"
 A familiar voice pop through both Sonic and Eggman’s communication devices.
 The golden hedgehog and the mad doctor stopped their squall for a moment. The voice continued as if it was expecting Eggman to look into his Egg Mobile.
 “Looks like you had your own satellite to control all your robots. Well, I’ve hacked and sabotaged it!”
 It was the unmistakable voice of Sonic's best friend, Tails.
 "What the hell ... !!!?? What is this ...!?"
 Looking at the display on his console, Eggman’s face went frozen in shock. Instead of his troops moving forward, they were pushed back, almost entirely in certain areas. Eggman became furiously impatient.
 Tails could sense this and acted even more triumphant.
“Your own radio jack requires a lot of energy. I could find it immediately with my Energy Detector 2.0!” Eggman, you stupidly used optical signaling instead of radio waves. Thanks to your miscalculations, I was even able to hack the radio output! … Then we mounted an incredible counterattack all over the world! Everyone was absolutely amazing!”
Sonic’s friends were assaulting Eggman’s robots as they were turning tail and running away. Sonic responded with a thumbs up pointed towards the planet below. Eggman was enraged!
 "Nice job, Tails! I knew you could handle it!"
  "These robots are so stupid! Oh yeah!"
On Angel Island, Knuckles was intercepting a robot army that was trying to secure the Master Emerald. His ancestral battle gloves had an incredible destructive power!
Knuckles knocked a bunch of bots back into an explosion as he turned to face more.
 “Alright! Keep them coming!”
  In Station Square, Amy stood at the entrance to Twinkle Park. She crushed them all with her Piko Piko Hammer!
"Remember, cute couples get in free, but disgusting couples are prohibited from entering!"
  Cream helped everyone by flying to many different places as she aided evacuation efforts alongside Vector and the Chaotix Detective Agency.
  The alien wisps were generously cooperating as the "Wispon" weapons where they could divert their superpowers. They were fighting with everyone all over the world.
The Egg Mobile’s strategic display showed numerous alerts. They all showed how the Eggman Army was being thwarted.
After erasing the display, Eggman pointed towards Sonic and shouted in an indomitable declaration.
“You’re always getting in my way! But this is far from over! It’s all still working within my parameters.”
  "... Is that so? Thaaaaank you, Eggman. Isn’t this just a lovely example of you losing yet again?"
 "You blasted—! ... Huh, you little rat. Let’s see if you can say that after I fire this bad boy!”
 A blinding light spread behind Eggman as the Space Colony ARK’s main weapon, the Eclipse Cannon, finally fired.
  << BOOOOOOOOOM!  >> >>
 Even with an original output of only 0.5%, a tremendous torrent of energy around the turret charged into the atmosphere as a large pillar of light went towards the planet’s surface.
 Sonic made an intense glance towards it; a look he had never given before.
He became tense for a moment.
With that… a giant explosion would go off on the surface of the planet killing all who were caught in its wake ...
  It didn't happen ...  Eggman completely lost his temper and screamed.
"Why!? Why didn’t it go off!? This is the power of the Eclipse Cannon we’re dealing with!!"
The star-destroying laser of the Eclipse Cannon should have decimated a whole city and killed those below. However, it was stopped by a psychokinetic barrier formed by Silver the Hedgehog.
100 meters above the ground, Silver laughed as he floated in midair. People below him were cheering him on as his shield of light dissipated. As Silver held his hands towards the atmosphere above, he took in a breath of relief and smelled the air.
  "Looks like you shot in the wrong place, Eggman!"
  "Oh, that's it...! That moron messed it up! ... Alright! Then I'll just shoot it somewhere else! It should still be good for one more shot ..."
Eggman barked and hissed while mashing buttons on his console when suddenly a skillful intelligence officer and treasure hunter, Rouge the Bat, sent a message to him.
 "Oh, sorry, sugar. Was that the Eclipse Cannon? I guess I just stopped it ♪"
 "What the— !?"
The signal of Rouge’s communications was detected as being from the central control room of the Space Colony ARK.
  “I was able to get here, thanks to that warp transfer device that was abandoned within Eggman Land! ♪ It seems the old doctor forgot about it! ♡”
 "No no no no no no no! You little— Rouge! My elite robots should’ve been there ..."
  << KABOOOOM ...!  >> >>
 As if to block Eggman's voice, an explosion behind Rouge could be heard through the speaker.
 Beyond the communicator, within the central control room of the ARK, the final robot met it’s end when stabbed with piercing yellow energy. From the smoke, a black shadow coldly stood as it grabbed Rouge’s communicator.
 “That trash was rather unpleasant. I’ve disposed of it for you, Doctor.”
 It was the distinct voice of Shadow the Hedgehog, a jet-black hedgehog.
 "Was that Shadow!? No, this can’t be!!!!!”
 ... Sonic turned towards Eggman, who was completely unable to do anything as his face turned bright red!
 “Now you know why I’m here. Now you know why we can’t let you do what you want to with this planet. Because it’s not just me on this planet, it’s all of “US!”
Sonic continued to approach the Egg Mobile, holding his hands and exerting his strength into a golden aura.
“It’s because of the people I’ve met, the people who supported me that I have become this Super Sonic before you. You’re not the kind of person who would understand the strength of these bonds…”
 Sonic tried to make the final blow…
 Eggman’s booming voice and the spirit of the Egg Graviton, erupted loudly as it entered maximum overdrive!
 "Oh yeah!? You nuisance!"
  The supergravity iron ball hit a gravity cylinder as Sonic dodged out of the way. Both the gravity generators and the cylinder interfered with one another and caused a terrifying explosion.
  The iron ball was stuck within the gravity cylinder and the Egg Graviton started getting crushed under the inverted gravitational pull. Shaking left to right, Eggman screamed like a lunatic.
 “What is this “US” you’re talking about!? What is this nonsensical bond!? Such ideas sound like the ramblings of an imbecile who took a hit to the head. You have no idea how a super genius with an IQ of 300 even thinks!”
Pulling the iron ball out, the Egg Graviton swung three more times. Eggman kept cutting through debris while approaching Sonic.
“You’ve been going on about that for so long now. Time after time, it’s always the same! You should be at my feet due to my superior scientific power!”
In times of desperation, everybody has always worked together to allow the world to keep spinning peacefully.
 “I’ll use my power to reclaim this world! I’ll show you the ultimate utopia with a new Eggman Land!”
 The next slash he took with his device cracked yet another gravity cylinder…! This time, the hit was more direct and caused another huge explosion.
 Eggman’s malicious spirit and his insane speech were cut off.
For a moment, Sonic felt a strange emptiness and listened closely to Eggman. He was a little impressed with the man’s self-confidence, but when Sonic let off a smile, he simply shrugged his shoulders and put his palms facing up and replied:
 "Great ... I guess you’re just a bit too genius for little ol’ me!"
 In response to that, Eggman dropped the tone of his voice while attempting a deadly blow.
 "Well, then allow me to finally get rid of you ..."
 The Egg Graviton had been crushed, but it already sucked many pieces of the ARK and became huge; with a diameter of over 20 meters. It had become the “Super Special Gravitational Capturing Strike Iron Ball, Egg Graviton: Final Form.”
This final attack, shots at a super accelerated pace with a new gravity railgun. It would be difficult even for Super Sonic to avoid it. Even if it missed, one could still be caught in a crushing vacuum of gravity.
 "Haha, that's a laugh. Why don’t you give it a try, Eggman!?"
Eggman looked at Sonic with his finger on the launch button. Sonic was no longer flying around as he leaned forward, emitting a golden power all over his body. Sonic glared at Eggman with an absolutely fearless smile.
 "So, it’s a head-on fight now ... Is that how you want it, Sonic?"
 "You're the one that’s hesitating… Is that how YOU want it, Eggman ..."
 For a moment, it felt like a cold breeze had blown between the two.
Then, Eggman pushed the button. A roar of gravity shouted out of the railgun with an ear-piercing sound.
 "Farewell, you simple-minded hedgehog!!!!"
  Surrounded by brilliant cheerfulness and awe, the Sol Empire Royal Castle sat. It was a world different from Sonic and the others.
 The world’s treasure, the Sol Emeralds, began to quiver as if singing. They emitted seven colors of light.
 When the guards noticed the anomaly, they looked up at their lord.
 Princess Blaze the Cat, the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, held her hand over the singing Sol Emeralds and gave a sigh of relief as she returned to her throne.
 She continued, as if to reassure her guards.
 "It’s no problem. Don’t worry."
 Then, returning to her office, she squinted and muttered.
 "I think I’m going to be hearing about an exceptional experience soon."
 As we return, the jet-black emptiness of space sat silent. As if sound and even time had disappeared.
 Above Sonic, two mechanical egg-shaped pods floated.
 "Naughty, naughty Eggman!!"
 An golden arrow of light pierced the Egg Graviton as well as the Egg Mobile that carried Eggman. He stopped and looked back at the vague energy-silhouette of a hedgehog as he muttered.
 "Y’know, I never thought of my simple-mindedness as a weakness.”
 A big explosion occurred immediately afterwards. A huge amount of energy was released from the Egg Mobile and light shot out.
 It could be seen from the ground on the planet.
"NOOOOOOOOO! Next time…. Next time will be different! I’ll never forgive you!”
  Eggman suddenly escaped within an escape pod and disappeared from sight.
As if they knew Sonic’s fight was over, the Chaos Emeralds left his body and flew around the world.
Sonic returned to his original blue self. He didn’t panic or reach for the emeralds. He blinked slowly once as he saw them fly around the curvature of the planet. He smiled in satisfaction.
When will seven emeralds and one giant talking egg bring a new adventure to Sonic again…?
  As he fell, Sonic looked to the ground below and saw that the battles had all subsided.
Very far from the edge of his sights, Sonic saw a long blue trail. It seemed that Metal Sonic had gone to recover Dr. Eggman. The rematch with him after his repairs were complete was probably not too far off.
As soon as Sonic felt that excitement, he sprawled his limbs outward and slowly closed his eyes as he fell towards the planet even more.
 "... Well, I thought you could use a little help!"
 It was Tails, who caught Sonic on the wings of the red biplane, the "Tornado." It was once again outfitted with a jet booster.
  “We seriously have the kind of relationship where you just knew to get up here without me saying anything, huh?”
“It was hard to get past all the destruction from your little spat in space! I’m glad I happened to modify the gravity cylinders to take care of all that debris.”
 The Tornado went down in altitude, as the two heroes enjoyed their playful conversation.
Below their eyes was a beautiful, blue horizon.
One story is now over... and the world is calmly waiting for the blue hedgehog and many other heroes as they prepare for a fresh, new adventure.
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candycatstuffs · 3 hours ago
Could I ask for Shard, C8 with All Star?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk much about shard but if theres one thing i know, its that he spends alotta time outside people’s windows. 
challenge sheet
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Happy Birthday!!!!! 🥳
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fyeahsonicthehedgehog · 11 hours ago
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bhuxu · 9 hours ago
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shady-champagne · 4 hours ago
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Sketching some requests from Instagram ~
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candycatstuffs · a day ago
Shadow 10 A Pokémon please
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She hasnt even asked about them yet
challenge sheet
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thedreamerfae · 9 hours ago
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@kingprinceleo hey I’m sorry if it’s super smeared, my hand and eraser weren’t working with me
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