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#sonic the hedghog movie

Sonic Re-draw and Color !!

Original drawing made by @MarcusLarry627 on twitter !!

I only did the Lineart and the Painting using (and testing) Mediabang !!, Im really glad on How this came off !! Please like It and follow me and the original Artist !! He is amazing !!

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Sonic Movie: Future Movie AU

If Sonic have donut lord and pretzel lady, then Shadow have agent Stone and cientist Robotnik; better known as Maria.

I imagine Maria being adopted by Stone after Gerald left because he went crazy with the experimets of the blue devil. And of course, she brought Shadow with her.


PLUS: Shadow wearing new clothes María got for him for his first school day? A lot of people did this with Sonic so, why not? And of course it’s bringing a Batman plush, her favourite superhero ❤️

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