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#soo ling sing

alex ur the only person that cares about me

  • coffee if i’m out but tea if i’m at home
  • tons of different genres!! would b very much down to give song recs if anyone wanted any
  • don’t have a fav aesthetic i like to look at Everything
  • yes >:3
  • i absolutely cannot</3
  • methinks ash can play piano and a little bit of acoustic guitar and that sing is like… weirdly good at the recorder
  • once again no i cannot but my dad’s a musician :D
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i think either sing or max told ibe over the phone and ibe told eiji in person. maybe sing called eiji about it?? idk if he would’ve been able to break the news directly to him tho :( or maybe even jessica, after finding out from max. her and eiji seemed to get along and i’m sure she’d call him to check up on him anyway. idk but i’m sure whoever told him felt horribly guilty even tho they did nothing wrong :((

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This is a masterpost where I’ll post links to my fanfiction, and will be organized in reverse chronological order. All are posted on my AO3.

Though I’ve written for several fandoms, the main ones I focus on right now are Banana Fish, Black Butler, FFXIV, and MDZS.

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