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tyunning starting rumours (transl.)
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⟡ ˚ 🦋 𓏸 ⁺ 𓂋 ⁺ 𓏸 🦕 ₊﹒ ⟡
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⟡ ˚ 🐠 𓏸 ⁺ 𓂋 ⁺ 𓏸 🌕 ₊﹒ ⟡
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⩨ prompt ゛txt reaction to whiny partner during sex at the dorms ⩨ warnings ゛degrading , cursing , SMUT!SMUT!SMUT! ⩨ pairing ゛afab!reader + txt members
⩨ requested ? ゛yes! tysm anon ilysm ♡ ⩨ author's note ゛i'm gonna go feral after writing this istg... sorry this took awhile, i was busy w/ finals! i'm done now though 😩 (i hope MOAs were able to get tickets! 파이팅!)
⩨ remember to like, comment, reblog, & follow if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
𖦞 ⨾ yeonjun
"god y/n, why are you being so fucking loud?" yeonjun's hand wraps around your throat as he railed into you
everything was a haze, the backshot's this boy gave were top tier
yeonjun flips you over, now on your back and places his hands on both sides of you
hovering over you he looks at you, how can such a sweet boy look so hot at the same time?
"be a good girl and keep your mouth shut, okay?" yeonjun whispers into your ear, placing a kiss on your neck right after
your hands grab onto his shoulders, seconds later you feel his cock slipping into you
you let out a moan, trying to suppress it it turns into a whine
yeonjun looks at you with a certain look, one last little warning
"now you're whining?" yeonjun begins to ram his dick into you faster, quicker higher pitched moans leaving your throat
yeonjun's hand wraps around your mouth,
"it's like you want everyone in the dorm to hear us baby, do i really make you feel that good?" yeonjun says lowly, almost seductively as if he isn't actively fucking you
you feel your high coming, "yeonjun-ah, i-" you whine barely making out words
yeonjun cuts you off, "you've been such a bad girl, making so much noise, not yet."
your finger nails dig into yeonjun's back, yeonjun lets out soft groans as he can feel his high coming, "jun, please i can't"
"just a little more baby," yeonjun's finger moves a hair out of your face, "you're so fucking hot when you take in my cock like this"
he leaves a kiss on your neck as he continues to fuck you, whiny moans continuing to leave your mouth
trying your best to be quiet, yeonjun removes his hand from your throat, "why don't we let everyone hear how pretty you sound when i make you feel good, hmm?"
yeonjun begins to slam into you harder, not faster, but harder
"y/n, i'm abou-"
yeonjun and you let out load moans, the sounds of the two climaxes mixing together becoming one
yeonjun collapses besides you and lays flat on his back, sweat dripping down his face, "next time don't be so whiny, or i'm gonna have to teach you a lesson, okay?" yeonjun's hand interlocks with your hand
"teach me a lesson now."
Tumblr media
𖦞 ⨾ soobin
"you're so needy for me today, y/n." soobin says as you pushed yourself towards him
"you're such a slut for my cock, hm princess?" soobin says undoing the buttons on his shirt
you sit on soobin's lap and wrap your arms around his neck, "please, soobin, i need you." you whine softly into his ear.
soobin pulls off his shirt, and undoes the button his pants, you move his hands away and pull his cock out of his boxers
"don't make it seem like i'm the only needy one when you're already hard." you tell him wrapping your hand around his cock
soobin leans his head back, "just get on top of me already."
soobin's moves your hips and places you right above his tip, slowly he pushes you down.
his eyes close and you let out a soft gasp, soobin letting out a soft groan
you move your hips as you wrap your arms around him, you let out soft moans
soobin bucks into you by accident, you let out a load moan
soobin's hand reaches for your neck, "quiet y/n, be a good girl for me."
the thought of the member's hearing you run through soobin's mind driving him crazy, seconds later he was now on top of you
he looks at you with sweet eyes because thrusting his cock into you (full throttle btw istg he's so rough sometimes idcidc)
you whine as you try to suppress your loud moans, "so whiny, princess."
soobin grunts into your ear, "you take me so well."
you let out a louder whine, soobin stopping.
"soobin please, keep going." you beg as your arms wrapped around him
"i said quiet." soobin places his lips onto yours and begins to fuck you again
your moans flowing in his mouth, keeping you quiet.
whimpers still leaving you as he pulses into you harder
soobin going a little faster as he can feel your body preparing for a climax, "wait for me."
seconds later you feel soobin's seed covering your walls, as you let out your climax.
you throw your head back, seeing stars, your back arching as a loud whiney moan leaves your mouth.
soobin's arm strength gives out and he falls on top of you, "didn't i tell you to be quiet?"
"round two?" you whisper as you draw circles on his warm back
Tumblr media
𖦞 ⨾ beomgyu
"right here, right now." beomgyu says pushing you onto a bed on the dorms.
"aren't the boys here though?"
beomgyu gets on top of you, pulling his hard cock out of his underwear,
"keep it down then princess." he places a pillow soft kiss on your lips
his fingers grazing the seam of your underwear, his fingers reach towards your folds, two fingers delicately feeling you.
"you're so wet for me already," beomgyu whispers into your ear as he continued to leave love bites all over your neck
you feel his slender finger push into your wet cunt, you let out a whine trying to keep quiet
"quieter, my love." he adds another finger as he pumps them in and out of you
moments later you can feel your high coming, beomgyu stopping.
"gyu, plea-"
quickly adjusting himself beomgyu inserts his hard cock into your soaking wet pussy
you let out a loud moan, beomgyu quickly putting his hand over your mouth, "baby, be a good girl and stay quiet, okay?"
trying to contain yourself you let out soft whimpers as beomgyu thrusted in and out of you
beomgyu quickened his pace and you let out a louder moan
beomgyu's hand moves from your mouth to your neck, "maybe i should put my dick in your mouth to shut you up, princess."
beomgyu continues to thrust into you, knowing his members could hear him riled him up.
faster and quicker
beomgyu knew your body, he knew when you were about to cum
he slowed down and started to ram into you harder, "i'm so close baby."
you feel your muscles tense up, your back arching as your high washed over you
you bite into his shoulder to suppress your moans, tears coming out of your eyes.
you feel beomgyu's seed coat your walls, cum coming out of you.
beomgyu falls besides you and puts his arms up, "i love you."
Tumblr media
𖦞 ⨾ taehyun
you let out a loud whine as taehyun thrusted into you, "it's like you want everyone to hear"
taehyun continued to thrust into you as you let out whines and moans that sounded like music to his ears
"if you continue being so loud they might hear you baby." taehyun whispers in your ear.
you lower your tone trying to suppress your moans
small whines croaking out of your throat as taehyun's cock pounded your went pussy
you feel your high coming and you put your hands on tyun's shoulders for support
your nails did into his back, "not yet baby."
you look at him upset as he continued to rail into you
"you've been so loud i have to punish you for it, so not yet."
taehyun continues to fuck you, pushing you over the edge
you try your best to hold it in, a moan about to escape your mouth.
taehyun's hand covers your mouth, he goes faster and nods his head as a way to tell you that you can release
your nails dig into his bag again and your back begins to arch
you feel your high wash over you a moan leaving your mouth but covered by his hand. taehyun pulls out and releases his cum on your stomach, "fuck y/n."
Tumblr media
𖦞 ⨾ huening kai
let's be real, hyuka is very whiny person so it's a struggle for both of you to be quiet
huening kai hovered over you on the bed, in the dorms.
"maybe we shouldn't do this." you tell him as he proceeded to rip his shirt off
"just be quiet," hyuka leans down, his hands one both sides of you
he plants a soft kiss on your lips, trailing down to your neck, your chest, then your stomach
his head reaching your cunt, he goes back to your face, his fingers trailing against the seam on your panties
"i can't help myself," hyuka's fingers rich into your underwear as his slim fingers graze over your wet glistening folds
you let out a soft moan, "as long as we're both quiet there won't be a problem right?" you whisper as your hand reaches for his hard cock
"i need you in me, right now." you tell him as you storke his cock up and down
he positions himself into a position where the two of you are comfortable, you feel his big hard cock fill the emptiness in your pussy
your back arches at the first thrust
you relax your body as hyuka begins to thrust in and out of you, you let out soft quiet moans
hyuka on the other hand, tried to contain himself
whines coming out of him, "you feel too good y/n, i don't think i can stay quiet." he whispers as whines and groans continued to leave his mouth
you wrap your arms around this neck as he pounded into you, "then kiss me."
hyuka leans his head down, your lips connecting.
the moans from each other mixing through a kiss
hyuka increased his pace as he felt his climax coming, you feel a knot in your stomach as you also felt your climax coming, "harder baby." you moan into his mouth
hyuka let's out a suppressed whine as he pulled out cumming on your stomach, you closed your eyes tightly, arching your back as you moaned his name into his mouth
Tumblr media
© 2022 junthusiast
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23/05/22 Soobin’s Tweet
오랜만에 껌딱지즈~
Posting pictures with the gumz after a long time~
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TXT Reaction to Another Member Accidentally Touching Your Breasts
Tumblr media
Mellow speaks: Here's the HC post I was talking about, and I hope you guys enjoy it (especially babygirl lol)! Also, it isn't really smut but close enough, so that's what the tags are gonna be.
Tagging: @axartia @ivyvesisi @sweethyuka @yedammi
He's always been like this. One to flail his arms a lot while he speaks. And having had years of experience seeing him do just that, Yeonjun doesn't exactly mind as he watches Kai use gestures to prove his point. He's enjoying the younger's antics, laughing at them, even, but that is until he sees you, walking into the room with your eyes glued to your phone.
He opens his mouth to beckon you over, his smile widening at the sight of his partner. But that soon changes, as his focus shifts to the way Kai's hand hits you, smack on your left breast when you attempt to skirt past his movements. That's all it takes for Yeonjun's mood to go sour, his eyes narrowed as he looks at the maknae with annoyance evident on his face.
Kai is obviously scared of his fate, and to be honest, he should be. But as your boyfriend's eyes meet yours, he feels a sigh escape him, his feet carrying him over to you as his hand gets wrapped around your wrist, pulling you into his chest and catching your lips in a quick kiss. Yes, with his own hand placed on your breast now.
All Taehyun is really trying to do is hand the book over to you, a smile on his face as he begins thanking you for lending it to him in the first place. But as luck would have it, his plans pretty much go down the drain when the book slips from his grip, his hand instead coming to rest against your chest, an invitation to impending doom.
"Why's that?," you might be thinking, fully aware that it was an accident which doesn't mean much. But in your boyfriend's eyes, it sure does mean much more than it actually is, his usually friendly demeanor taking a turn for something more sinister. He's not as strong as the younger physically, and Soobin knows it well, but that doesn't stop him from pulling the younger away from you anyway, a sneer on his face.
"Watch your step," is all he says, a true leader even in that moment. Though it isn't all that hard to notice the look of anger on his face as he takes the book in his hand, only to chuck it onto the sofa before placing a hand on your arm, ready to pull you out of the room.
In Soobin's defense, it actually is your fault that things turned out this way. Not that Beomgyu is going to let him say that, but it's still something worth saying. All the poor bunny-faced guy wanted to do was catch a quick rest before practice, but your boyfriend and you obviously had different plans. And much to his dismay, those plans just had to involve scaring the shit out of the leader, enjoying the way he never fails to fall for your pranks.
So really, his hand flying and hitting your boobs was actually just him trying to be defensive, his bleary, sleep-filled eyes failing to see what he was getting himself into. The result? A friendly but not-so-friendly punch making its way to his shoulder, and am angry-looking Beomgyu doing what he does best. Tease the hell out of him, calling him a horny perv and whatnot.
And as if that wasn't enough, half an hour later finds Soobin roaming the halls of HYBE, in a fruitless pursuit for the "mood maker" so that practice can begin, because the younger is busy fucking you raw inside an empty room.
Taehyun enjoys hanging out with Yeonjun, and the fact that you do too, is more than a blessing for him. But at the same time, it's no denying that it does get on his nerves every time the two of you start playing around and teasing each other, your laughs just a little too loud for his liking as he's forced to be the voice of reason despite not wanting to be. And when the elder hugs you or spins you around? That's pure torture to him.
So it's not really a surprise that as he finds you in his best friend's arms once again, it's quick to take his temper to the topmost notch within seconds. And to think that's not even the worse, because the very next second, he's forced to watch as Yeonjun's hand grazes your chest, an amused laugh escaping his lips as he realizes what just happened.
Next thing you know, Yeonjun's collar lies ruffled along his neck, your boyfriend's eyes glistening with rage as he all but snarls at him. "Don't you dare cross your limits," is what he says, his voice deadly calm as you feel his jealousy seep through the room, letting you know how much trouble you're in.
Huening Kai
He's bothered by the proximity between his groupmate and you, even though he knows he shouldn't feel this way. He should, after all, be thankful to Beomgyu for having saved your ass from falling flat to the floor due to your clumsiness. But he just can't bring himself to do that, his eyes narrowed at the sight of the elder's hand so close to your chest, a hint of awkwardness in his voice as he talks to you.
And that's the reason why before he knows it, he's walking over to the pair of you, a fake smile plastered to his face as he throws an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to himself, right where you belong. "You should be more careful, babe," he tells you, nodding his head as a way of thanking Beomgyu for helping you.
But there's something.....off about him. He appears to be cheery, but that cheer seems different somehow. You can feel his jealousy in his touch, but there isn't anything you can actually do about it, apart from waiting around to be shown that you belong to him, later that night.
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꒰ ˀˀ ↷ txt ; random ”♡ᵎ ꒱
like/reblog | @percysith
don’t repost our work or claim it as yours
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no mistakes allowed 😤
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[TO DO X TXT] Teaser
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⟡ ˚ 🐾 𓏸 ⁺ 𓂋 ⁺ 𓏸 🗝 ₊﹒ ⟡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⟡ ˚ 🐈 𓏸 ⁺ 𓂋 ⁺ 𓏸 🪡 ₊﹒ ⟡
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moabunnie · a day ago
TXT how you wake up together in the morning ❤️
Just some lil stories on how I think they would wake you up :)
Warnings: none!
He always wakes up before you, so he tries super hard not to wake you up. He admires your face and body as you’re resting, moving your hair off of your cheek. Eventually you wake up and he’s happy because he was getting “lonely”. Soobin’s arm is around your waist, and his other arm behind your head and neck. “You look like Sleeping Beauty” he whispers to you, laughing a little. You give him a small smile and place your hand on his chest, also turning to face him. You’re both still sleepy and not in a very talkative mood, but you both have enough energy for a sweet kiss. Soobin is so soft and gentle with you, like you’re a fragile doll. You stay cuddled up together for as long as you can, until one of you has to get up. No matter what you do, he’s glued to you. On your way to the kitchen, he’s holding your waist from behind the whole time. “Soobin.. let me make breakfast” you giggle, trying to peel his arms off of you. “Mmmmm”, he just groans and holds you tighter, placing his face in the crook of your neck.
“Yeonjun,” you lay half of your body over his and whisper close to his face. “Hm,” is all he manages to say. He still has his eyes closed. You lean in and softly place your lips onto his, causing him to open his eyes and immediately put his hands around you in a gentle hug. You pull back, “good morning.” He tucks your hair behind your ear, and just admires your pretty features. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He stares into your eyes, purposely trying to make you blush. Which absolutely works. “Stooopp,” you put your face down onto his chest. You can feel him laughing, “baby, you make this too easy.” You look back up at him and roll your eyes. “I just woke up, stop giving me heart palpitations.” He laughs even more, but now you can see his pretty smile. “You’re too cute, Y/N.”
You wake up and look at the ceiling, you can hear it raining against the roof. You look over and see that the bed is empty where your boyfriend would usually be. You assume he got up to use the restroom or something. You turn and lay on your right side and close your eyes to fall back asleep. After a few minutes you hear the door handle turn, so you sit up so you can see. Beomgyu opens the door and is holding two iced coffees, one for you and one for him. “Beomgyu did you go out in the rain?” You ask, but as he comes closer you can see his hair is wet on the ends, framing his face. He is still in his pajamas, but has a jacket on, so his pajamas are dry. He nods, “I wanted to surprise you.” You can’t help but smile at him, he’s just too sweet. He hands you your coffee and takes off his jacket so he can sit on the bed next to you. You sit there in comfortable silence as you both sip on your drinks. You make eye contact and he decides to give you a kissy face. “I think I deserve a kiss for risking my life in this horrible storm,” he says. You give him a confused face, “you decided to do that on your own, but I will still give you one,” you laugh. You give him a kiss, which tastes slightly like coffee. “Your lips are warm,” he says, looking at your lips. You put both your coffees on your bedside table and cover yourselves with the blanket. You turn to where your backside is against Beomgyu’s front side. He wraps his arms around your waist and places a kiss against the nape of your neck.
You wake up to find your boyfriend’s head on your chest, slowly breathing and fidgeting every now and then. You don’t typically sleep lying on your back, but when you do, you always wake up to Tae laying on top of you in some way. You were just taking a nap while he was working out, so you’re kind of surprised he didn’t accidentally wake you up. “Tae?” You ask, placing your hand on his upper back. His head shoots up and he makes eye contact with you, “ yeah? Are you ok?” He shifts himself to where he isn’t laying on you anymore, but he’s on his side with his arm over your middle. “Yes I’m okay,” you smile, “I didn’t know if you were asleep or not.” He runs his hair through his hair, which you notice is basically dripping wet. “No I didn’t fall asleep. I got home and saw that you were sleeping, so I took a shower and then came and laid down with you. I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked peaceful.” He says. He fiddles with the hem of your shirt. “You’re so sweet. You could’ve woken me up babe. Are you tired?” You ask him. He shakes his head, “no, i just wanted to lay with you.” Your heart melts, you have the sweetest boy.
You’re suddenly woken up by a sound of something shattering. You sit up and notice your boyfriend isn’t next to you like usual. You pull the blanket off of you and start to get out of bed when the bedroom door swings open. Your sweet boyfriend walks in covered in what looks like brown batter. “I’m glad you’re awake because I think I made a mistake,” his eyes widen. You stand up and walk over to him and use your index finger to touch the batter, “what were you doing?” He looks down at you and at his clothes. “I wanted to make eggs and bacon for us,” he frowns. You cover your mouth and try not to laugh. “Baby, did something break?” You furrow your brows, “and if you’re making eggs and bacon… why is this stuff on you dark brown?” He pulls his shirt up to examine it. “I don’t know,” he finally says. You both finally have some giggles as you’re already in a drawer looking for another shirt for Kai. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just wanted to do something nice for you,” he apologizes. You walk back over to him handing him a clean T-shirt, “it’s okay, you always do nice things for me, you cutie. And besides, this is going to be funny in a few days.”He gives you a sheepish smile as he leans in to give you a peck. However, he leaves some brown goo on your nose. “Oops,” he says as he uses his thumb to wipe off your nose. You also wipe some of the brown stuff off of his cheek and shake your head, “what am I gonna do with you Hueningkai?” “Please help me.” Is all he says before walking back out of the room. You hold your face in your hands and just sigh, hoping it’s not going to be too hard to clean up.
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txt - weverse magazine
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locallixie · a day ago
txt as the five love languages [all member]
Tumblr media
✉—... Txt's members as the five love languages. [All member]
> genre ; soft, slight angst, fluff, boyfriend!txt, non-idol au, gn!reader, all personal opinion.
> warnings ; pet names.
> word count ; 630
Tumblr media
soobin as physical touch—...
Soobin love, he absolutely adore when you touch him. Every-time you dive into his arms, every-time you hold his big soft hands, every-time you kiss his face. He could never react properly when you do those particular things.
Coming home after a long day of working with no breaks in between, he was exhausted and sad 'cause of a scolding he received for messing up a task.
"Are you okay, love?" You asked him sweetly, seeing the state he was in when he walked through the door.
He plopped on the couch beside you, a dragging sigh followed behind. You wrapped your arms around him, patting his tired back as you listened to him rant endlessly.
Time seem to slow down when he's with you, as if you two were the only people alive at the moment. He felt recharged, like energy filling up his body.
"I hope you're feeling better now." You pecked his lips, his cheeks warming up in your hands.
He love you so much, addicted to your touch as well. How could he ever go on a day without a kiss from you?
Tumblr media
yeonjun as acts of service—...
Since being a only child, he was used to getting taken care of. That developed into his adulthood. As a lover, you felt almost parent-like when you're with him. He acted like a child, not quite literally but like how lovers acted when they're together.
You would wipe his lips after eating, feed him food, style his hair for him, even the smallest thing like carrying stuff for him. You did it all without a say.
You sat him down on your vanity chair, gently dragging the chapstick across his bottom lips. "Do this for me?" You clamped your lips together a few times.
He repeated, smiling afterward. "Thanks, babe." He kissed you, tasting the mint chocolate flavour of his chapstick on your tongue.
Tumblr media
beomgyu as words of affirmation—...
Beomgyu always try his best to perfect the things he do. Sometimes it just feel like he put more time and effort in than everyone else, he work harder than most people.
But stressing himself out for being a perfectionist took a toll on his mental health, he wasn't feeling good enough for anything.
That's where you come in to the rescue, with words that was sweet nothing. "You're doing great, Gyu!" You grinned, saying it when he was struggling with work.
"I love you!" You told, every single day. At morning, at noon, at night, every time you possibly could.
"You amaze me everyday." You said, showing how much you adore him. He would feel so so much better when hearing you voice send him compliments and love.
Tumblr media
taehyun as quality time—...
For being a workaholic, he never have time for himself or anyone else. He would come hom late, leave early. You rarely see him when you were awake, you spend most of your days alone by yourself.
But when he was home, you gave him all of your undivided attention. No one else matter, and nothing matter, this time was only for him.
Your phone was stuck on silent mode when you're out on dates. You would go out for coffee and simply talk about your day, or stay home and do couple activities.
You wasted no time, none at all. You would happily give all the time in the world for this boy.
Tumblr media
huening kai as receiving gifts—...
Not just on his birthday where he would receive gifts from you, he enjoy the thrill of unboxing something that he don't know the content inside. And you enjoy 'investing' in him.
You are happy buying him the things he like. Jewellery? Plush toys? Clothes? Books? Anything his heart desire.
He, on the receiving end, is always beyond joy and treasure anything you gifted.
In return, he would still put in great effort for your every gifts. Whether it was birthday, christmas, new year, valentine, he would find only the best for you.
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gorechoi · a day ago
xxiii. get a grip | LOLLIPOP.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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warnings. some swearing and overall our idiots being stressed over things we don't really know — quick heads up: the timestamp for the last two messages is wrong. sorry for the little typo!
A / N : I think this is the first chapter I've been able to prepare almost a week in advance, it's weird :') Anyways I hope you enjoy the fluff in here. Have a good Monday everyone and lmk your thoughts. Take care! Also...tmw is my bday lol. I'm old :')
lollipop taglist — @witheringpetals · @dear20cm · @lordduckass · @etherealcherrie · @addictedtohobi · @jjunis · @todorokiskitten · @cosmicwintr · @beom1e · @softylilies · @day6andetcetera · @lolalee24 · @cosmic-marauder · @nyangjjunie · @milkycloudtyg · @strawbrinkofdeath · @blxckcatner0 · @navisdreams · @delicateflowersaestheticpony ·
general permanent taglist — @witheringpetals · @beomgyugyu · @lordduckass · @multifandomizer · @etherealcherrie · @addictedtohobi · @jjunis · @justchuji · @todorokiskitten · @softylilies · @day6andetcetera · @lolalee24 · @cosmic-marauder · @joti17 · @nyangjjunie · @milkycloudtyg · @dubaddunat · @strawbrinkofdeath · @blxckcatner0 · @navisdreams
permanent taglist only for smaus — @witheringpetals · @lordduckass · @jjunis · @bigtittietoji · @cosmicwintr · @lolalee24 · @nyangjjunie · @strawbrinkofdeath · @navisdreams
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gyuvert · a day ago
the accidental kiss – teaser.
Tumblr media
in an attempt to convince your best friend that you're completely over your ex and are perfectly fine if she dates him, you kiss the first guy you see—who just so happens to be your worst rival, choi soobin. you two agree never to speak about it again, but when rumors start swirling around about you both, you have no choice but to keep up the charade. fake dating your arch-nemesis... literally what could go wrong? (the answer? everything.)
pairing: choi soobin x female reader genres: fluff, humor, angst | enemies to lovers!au, fake dating!au, college!au, playboy!au warnings: none, for the teaser! a/n: hi! this is my first fic on here, and i'm super excited to write it! i don't know how long it'll take me to finish it because i'm really busy with school and studies, so the wait may take forever and i apologize in advance for that. if you read this, thank you so much for taking the interest! also note that this fic is inspired by the book 'the love hypothesis' by ali hazelwood.
The coffee shop was right next to the Statistics and Accounting building, which made it an easy ten-minute walk from the Computer Science building, where you and Soobin were—the buildings were almost next to each other. You and Soobin walked in silence. He walked with his hands tucked into to his pockets, you noticed, with his nose turned up slightly in the air. You wondered if he walked like that on purpose, just to further his "I'm-too-cool-for-this-shit" agenda.
Oddly, it seemed to work. That realization made you cringe so hard, you almost tripped over your shoelaces. The things Choi Soobin did. God.
"Here." Soobin rounded the corner and stopped in front of the door to the quaint little place that single-handedly supplied endless amounts of coffee for the survival of all the university's students. It was tiny, but still managed to fit in a lot of people.
You shouldered the door open, clutching the straps of your bag tightly. It wasn't full of people that day, but it wasn't empty to the point where you knew the baristas would end up eavesdropping on your conversation.
Because what a conversation this would be.
Somehow, you needed to explain to Choi Soobin—also known as the person who would not hesitate to take a video of you falling flat on your face and posting it on social media—why exactly you were so desperate to kiss him, when you knew he knew perfectly well that you would rather eat dirt instead of locking lips with him.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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