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doin-stuff · 5 months ago
hello my lovelies! we reached the end of this year (thank god) and i have a few things to say and a lot to thank for you guys.
(i promise that the rest of my writing is not in this font lol)
this year sucked. bigtime. everyone was all over 2020, how bad it was and all but lemme tell you, 2021 wasn't that much better either. first half of this year was spent with struggling trying to find a job while spiraling down into the rabbit hole of self-pity and depression. finally in may (after 8 months of searching), i got accepted to a place that wasn't (and isn't) any better than what I had left behind in 2020. still, it is somewhat better and i least i have a monthly income for now.
but i still very much like to move on to something else in 2022 so here is the first thing im hoping for next year: a good job with a good salary, something i enjoy doing. (huh good luck you dumb biatch lol)
so all in all, i hated this year but!! there are a few things that made is somewhat bareable and it is all thanks to you guys! (here comes the soppy part so buckle up)
i (re)discovered the world of fanfiction throughout the pedro fandom sometime in november, 2020. i have all that time in my hands since i didnt have a job and i got really into it. ever since then, i find it hard at nights to go to sleep without reading anything before it (kinda became a tradition of mine if you will) and during the winter, reading fanfics helped me tremendously. they helped me escape from my miserable, jobless, futureless and lonely af life and they helped me get through the day. they brought me joy, sometimes tears in a good way and i caught myself staying up til 2 or 3 just to read "one more" chapter of a certain fic.
i still cant believe you guys are doing this for free, for our entertainment (and yours) ! sharing your wonderful works with us and expecting nothing in return (except for the obviously well deserved likes & reblogs) is truly a wonder i never be able to comprehend!
tumblr is truly a hellsite, it gave me so much anxiety since i joined back in actively yet... tumblr is also that thing that gave me the most joy this year with y'all in it.
and now for the thank you notes:
⭐ yes of course im starting with my dearest, my love, my one braincell, @queenofthefaceless. ari, you were one of the first 'big' blogs that started following me after i started making gifs again and i was all over and back and that support still holds up til today. thank you for your neverending support and for always being there for me, no matter what. ilysm. 💜
⭐ although we dont speak much lately, @keethus-arts I ll never forget your support and nice words whenever i was feeling down. thank you keeth! 💜
⭐ when @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa started following me, i was just about to go to bed around 2 am, but when i saw the notification i got so excited that i couldnt sleep for another half an hour and then the next morning i checked in there again to see if i wasnt dreaming. for a while i was intimidated by Katryn for some stupid reason (you know big blog with amazing and popular fics and all) but honestly she's the absolute sweetest and I'm so glad I got to meet you! You have such amazing & wonderful stories! i also wanna thank you for your infinite support towards my maxie gifs and towards my other works too💜
⭐ the same happened with @qveenbvtch, i was (and am) so in love with her javi series, i never thought that such a big and amazing (and intimidating) writer would ever talk to me, let alone follow me but she is also one of the sweetest person i've ever met here and i hope she is doing alright and having a nice holidays wherever she is right now 💜
⭐ @mandocrasis birdie, you know this by now but i found you and your blog through your mind blowing fic interruption which is probably something i will never shut up about, but through that smutty one piece i got to meet a wonderful person with wonderful stories & i thank you for your never fading support towards me and my gifs 💜
⭐ @asta-lily lil beans, although you are not that active anymore on tumblr (which i hope will change one day), you were one of the first people i became mutuals with and i was lucky enough too meet the sweetest, loveliest person in you. and your AOJ story forever remains dear to my heart 💜
⭐ sweet, sweet @anaaaispunk ! the first thing i read from you was the first chapter of your crazy in love series (during my summer holiday, on a beach, with people all around me... ) i was instantly blown away and sweating (and not just from the hot wheater 🤭), I just knew I had to follow you for more haha. but this way I got to meet another sweet soul of tumblr with an amazing writing talent. thank you for all the love and support you have shown towards me and my gifs 💜
⭐ MEG! i feel like i am so lucky for finding your soft max lord series, it seriously changed my life, i fell in love with the story, with max, the whole thing.. and when you dedicated your latest chapter to me with that sweet note, i felt like i could cry, because honestly, one of the best thing that happened to me lately haha. you are an absolute angel and dont you forget that @perropascal !! 💜
⭐ and i also wanna mention and say thanks to @babydarkstar! Your ezra story had blown me the fuck away, seriously, its amazing, wonderful and beautiful.. just like you anya, thank you for support and your amazingness! 💜
Alrighty, i talk way too fucking much so im just gonna tag the rest of y'all to whom i say a massive thanks because without your amazing fics i dont think i would have survived this year ( i know with some of you we are not mutuals but that doesnt stop me from loving your works):
@absurdthirst, @toomanystoriessolittletime, @storiesofthefandomlovers, @honestly-shite, @littlemisspascal, @radiowallet, @queridopascal, @just-here-for-the-moment, @softpedropascal , @javier-pena, @f0rever15elf, @danidrabbles, @lellowberry, @pedro-pascal-love, @foli-vora, @krissology @frannyzooey, @starlightmornings, @wordsnwhiskey, @juletheghoul, @dincrypt, @mandosmistress, @yespolkadotkitty, @songsformonkeys, @the-ginger-hedge-witch, @astroboots, @brandyllyn, @charnelhouse , @ezrasbirdie , @novemberrain221, @oonajaeadira
And to every other lovely mutuals I am lucky enough to have: without your support I'd be nowhere. Love y'all tremendously 💋❤️❤️
@beskarboobs, @300mirrors, @over300books, @artsymaddie, @phantomviola, @djarsdin, @sirtadcooper , @lucrezia-thoughts, @wild-at-heart-kept-in-cage
Here's to another shitty AMAZING year with you guys on this hellsite!! 🥂🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️
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mylifeisactuallyamess · 5 months ago
So 2022 steam rolls into us all like a freight train. Don’t touch anything, just smile meekly and keep your hands in the cart ok??
Tumblr media
Soppy post under the cut.
So this year has been a ball of absolute hellfire. Still adjusting to being a single mum and sorting my life out as well as my kids lives while trying to keep some semblance of normality has just been a real eye opener. Not to mention the dreaded, worldwide C word and dealing with all that shit! Starting a degree and muddling my way through life has been so much easier with these people.
I can honestly say, with my hand over my heart that if it hadn’t been for the handful of friends I’ve made on here and on discord I would not be here. Just having people I can be myself with and who listened to my bullshit good and bad has been a godsend.
First off I’d like to mention @daydreamsofthrawn encouraging me and listening to me when I needed it the most. She’s been such a rock, telling me my writing is worth a read, helping me with ideas etc and keeping my head above the encroaching line of metaphorical water. You’re a star and I don’t think I could do without you!
@a-bang-for-your-bucky. Girl, you are just my sister from another mister. Another human I cannot imagine my life without. You’re a star and you have helped me through some of the darkest patches this year. I hope I have done the same for you and I hold onto that time when we can finally meet!
@acrossthesestars we only discovered each other recently but you are a delightful human and thank you for awakening that little box of Ivar and Hvitserk inside me 🤣 you’re perfection and I am here for you always 🥰
@mariesackler you are a beautiful person, inside and out. You have helped me through some rough patches more than you know, your writing is sublime, your talent unique, and you are worthy of all the attention and love you receive. You hear me?
@jynzandtonic needs a special mention for creating a space where we can be ourselves. A safe haven for yelling into the void and thirsting alike, a place to share our talents and big each other up everyday. The people I have met on their server have been godsends!
There are so many people in this part of my life but just know that I absolutely adore all of you @barbers-glimmerin-darlin @moonlight-jasmine101 @lemongingerart @starlightsearches @theold-ultraviolence @majesticwren @youbloodymadgenius @eagerforhoney @hedgy-hog @strangunddurm @hopeamarsu @clydesducktape @glassbxttless @millenialcatlady @maple-princess @themuseic @ivarisms @daisybabey if I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry! I’m currently waiting for a roast dinner and on my second gin 🤣
I wish you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. I want just the best for everyone in 2022 and whatever the year throws at us just know that I am here and we can help each other through it.
I love all the people I have met and all the people I have yet to meet.
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themori-witch · 6 months ago
I just have to let it be known, that the people within my little witchcraft community have always been some of the kindest, most compassionate, and truly special people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Thank you all for being part of my Ghoul Gang, and for being my friends.🖤
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hobis-hope94 · 8 months ago
Um??? I woke up this morning to see I’ve got 400+ followers???????? What????!!!!!!!
I honestly can’t thank everyone enough. I re downloaded Tumblr after a lil break away from it when I took up writing fics for my friends.
I was soooo nervous about posting my first fic, which still gets favourited every so often (and that makes me incredibly happy).
I always try to avoid any psychical detail for Y/N in my fics to include everyone who reads. I really hope my fics give you a little bit of escapism because it does with me when I write them.
I can’t begin to thank you all for reading, commenting, following and reblogging my work. It’s because of you 400+ people that I’m still writing.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you all ❤️
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pakfiction · 9 months ago
I just wanted to say how unbelievably overwhelmed and grateful I am for all the amazing comments given on my fics. I don’t even think I’ve been writing for Jiara for three weeks and I’ve never felt so welcomed into a fandom like this.
I’ve always written because I enjoy it, I truly do love it. But god, seeing actual full on paragraphs written under my work to express how much someone’s liked reading it, seriously makes me tear up.
So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading so far, so taking the time to comment, review, like and message me about it all. Thank you ❤️
Tumblr media
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bikelock28 · 6 months ago
It’s 11pm on Christmas Day and my family have fallen out with each other because of differing interpretations of Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo. We’re now sitting in tense silence watching the Vicar Of Dibley Christmas special.
God, I‘ve missed this.
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broken-from-memories · a year ago
I’m honestly really glad I sucked at suicide. It’s been almost a year since my last attempt and life has gotten so much better. I still have my problems but I wake up everyday wanting to be alive and enjoying the little things like chocolate cake on my friends birthday. I never thought I’d be here, in a place where I appreciate just living. This time last year the world felt so dark and alone and like it wouldn’t get any better but I’m glad I stayed around to check, because it has got so much better. And I don’t want to leave it anymore.
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ericdiersneck · a year ago
Sometimes long term relationships are existing around each other and bickering over the smallest things but sometimes they are also laughing til you can’t breathe at nearly midnight whilst cuddling in bed and that’s what makes it all worth it ❤️
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eyessharpweaponshot · a year ago
Taking part in Bellarke Big Bang was difficult for me this year.
The fandom and the drama that erupted from it was insane. Season 7 has been disappointing in spots. I ADORED my experience last year working with Siv so it was hard to compare it to this year. I hated my fic for the longest time and felt extremely inadequate while writing it.
The cherry on top was having no paired artwork with my fic. I understood and accepted it but seeing everyone else fics with such amazing pieces to make them complete was hard. I just kept thinking everyone is so lucky to have them because our creators are just FIRE.
Then, @sparklyfairymira reached out to me and told me she’d like to create something for my fic as I was left out. The kindness actually made me sob. She deserves to be shown ALL the love just for that. Even if she had made me nothing, the gesture was more than enough.
What she created though, I could never have even IMAGINED the brilliance. You can check out her pieces here (trailer, gifset 1 and gifset 2) and I’ve posted about them on my tumblr, twitter and ao3 but I just wanted to write this post to say a massive thank you to her for being so wonderful, patient, kind and lovely to me.
Thank you to everyone who has read on I Found Peace in Your Violence, commented on it, shared it, sent me asks and dm’s, screamed about it in tweets and left me kudos/bookmarked it/subscribed on ao3. Thank you to my fandom friends who have hyped me beyond belief and encouraged me.
I hope you show Miranda as much love as you have to me with this. She and her phenomenal pieces deserve it!
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hyperazraphael · a year ago
So... Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic idea:
Yugi and squad, including Kaibros get sent to the Realm of the Beasts due to [Insert evil ancient Egyptian artifact here] and get separated from Seto.
While Yugi and crew are off fighting the villain and resolving the main plot, Seto stumbles across a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but it's not one of his Blue-Eyes, he immediately realizes that, which means it has to be the spirit of Yugi's grandpa's Blue-Eyes that Seto tore in half. To reflect its damaged card, the Blue-Eyes is badly injured, barely able to protect itself from other monsters and unable to fly, and it's scared of him, growling and cowering like an injured dog when he gets close.
Even though Seto's initial reaction is to abandon it for being weak, he realizes he can't just leave it behind, and turns back to find it. He finds the injured Blue-Eyes being attacked by another monster which Seto fights off.
Even though Seto protected it the Blue-Eyes is still scared of him and won't let him get close enough to help it. Seto camps out near the Blue-Eyes, earning its trust over a couple days by bringing it food and water and slowly getting closer each time.
Finally Kaiba gets close enough to touch it, even though it growls at him and manages to gently place his hand on it. He immediately gets a flashback to when he tore the card in half and feels the Blue-Eyes' pain.
For the first time Seto has to face the fact that he was a genuinely bad person. There was no magic affecting him, no Pegasus pulling his strings, he was just a straight-up bad person and even though Atem banished the worst out of his heart and he's grown so much since then, it's always been a part of him, especially in the way he treats others. He breaks down and cries, and begs the Blue-Eyes to forgive him.
The Blue-Eyes doesn't respond but once Seto recomposes himself the dragon allows him to tend to its wounds, cleaning and dressing them as best he can.
Seto and the Blue-Eyes are attacked by [Insert main enemy or minion here]. Seto fights to protect it with his 3 Blue-Eyes but they're overpowered. The enemy goes to attack the 4th Blue-Eyes but Kaiba tries to shield it with his own body. The bond between his heart and the Blue-Eyes heals the 4th Blue-Eyes and it teams up with his 3 to take the enemy out.
After returning to their world Kaiba asks to speak with Solomon in private and Yugi and the others reluctantly agree. Kaiba asks to see the Blue-Eyes and Solomon cautiously agrees. Kaiba touches the torn card and, struggling to maintain his composure, apologizes to both Solomon and the card for what he did. When Solomon forgives him, the Blue-Eyes card shines and transforms into the Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon, once again whole. Sensing the bond between Seto and the new Blue-Eyes, Solomon offers him the card which he gratefully accepts, placing it in his deck among the 3 other Blue-Eyes where it belongs.
As Kaiba leaves Joey says something snarky but Seto replies with a genuine and restrained answer before leaving with Mokuba. While the rest of the main cast ponders if Kaiba hit his head in the other world Solomon watches him leave with a knowing smile and closes his shop for the night.
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uniqueduckvoid · a year ago
Tumblr media
So there is this guy, we have known of each other for years... 14 years actually, worked with him too... Always had this huge crush on him...and now I get to call him mine!
He is the funniest, amazing, kind, sweet and handsome man and honestly I feel like I have won the lotto. He would tell you I'm crazy for feeling that way and say that he is a bit of an asshole but he makes my heart swell, he makes me comfortable and allows me to well.... Be myself. Even with all my insecurities he still wants me.
We have a long and wonderful journey together of learning about each other, good and bad days to come. Obstacles to overcome I'm sure too but I can't wait.
I want it all.
I want him.
He is gonna kill me for this 😂💕
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oliviarosedorothy · a year ago
yesterday I got back from spending a nine days with my boyfriend after being apart for almost three months. It was amazing and I loved every single second. Just him being in the same room was enough but we also got to go cycling, running and do LOTS of walking around gardens and parks and country manors.
Whilst I can and it’s fresh in my mind, I just want to remember my favourite things that happened.
Waking up to you every morning and being able to say “good morning, did you sleep well?” and give each other a kiss, standing over the other side of the room and having you come over for no other reason except that you just wanted to hold me, and sometimes when you hold me and you say “I’ve got you” - that means everything.
The kiss goodbye on the forehead at the train station (because of my mask) and the big smile you had on your face when I arrived for the first time (and how you couldn’t see mine because of the face mask). The being ridiculous and silly and making each other laugh, the pigging out on food or spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking (our best brownie so far!). Making you lunch on the days you were working and being able to spend that time with you. Eating gyros in the park and feeling sick after drinking a cup of literal chocolate. Going for runs and having you say things like “come on we got this, we can do it, nearly there” and cycling a lot of places just because - I now want to cycle every where with you.
The making future plans - the fact that I can see you again in just a few weeks and not months is everything. I already can’t wait to see you again.
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sheisonplanetsaturn · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Five years ago today we went on our first date. We knew each other from high school but we only spoke a handful of times. Nine years later after leaving he saw me on a dating website and we didn't take long to agree to meet at Costa. I was handing in my sociology essay at college that day. He was working at panto. It doesn't feel like it was five years ago. Time has gone so quickly but I'm so thankful I have someone like him in my life.
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negans-lucille-tblr · a year ago
negans-lucille-tblr is two!!
I started writing fanfiction for another fandom when I was only 14 years old. I wrote religiously up until I turned 18, and then lost interest due to the fandom I was writing for kinda dying out. I came back to writing fanfiction in May 2018 after a 7 year hiatus because I had recently become obsessed with Negan, and I needed something to distract me from the stress of trying for a baby. This is when Prized Possession was born on Ao3. Typically, as soon as I started writing it, I fell pregnant, and I had to take a pretty long hiatus from writing it due to severe morning sickness. But, if you know me, you know I can’t leave a fic unfinished, so as soon as I was feeling well enough I completed it.
My son was born on New Year’s Day 2019, and I started to look for something to do during his naps, something that was just for me, that didn’t have anything to do with me being a Mummy. And so I decided to continue writing fanfiction. I made this tumblr with the intention of not really using it (hence my username being so shit 🙄) anyway, I discovered SPN and expanded to writing for Dean and then Sam - poor Negan has been my background love for a long time now. (Soz Negs, my love)
ANYWAY, here I am, two years later, almost 7K of you, and over 180 patrons 🥺 Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing something like that! And I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for all of you reading my stuff, commenting on it, sending me love and asks, talking to me. I’ve made some lifelong friends on this hellhole of a site, and I don’t know where I’d be without any of you guys now. 🥰
Thank you for getting me here, and thank you for wanting me around 😅
Love you all!
Bee xox
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chaoticbiquarius · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been off sick this week (not covid, just a mild bout of flu) and I haven’t been able to see my boyfriend, so he sent me flowers to cheer me up. He’s a good egg. 🥰💖
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spencerthepipecleaner · 2 years ago
also i just wanna thank you all, it’s 2am here now and i’m eating spicy chicken watching ru paul’s drag race and just thinking about how lovely you all are. i’ve never had a bad experience with you guys. you’re so accepting and loving of the fact i’ve been gone for a while. you really are one of a kind i love you all so much. to have almost 2k of you guys now (super close!) is amazing, every single little soul is always welcome here. the 2am feels are really strong tonight so any asks i can answer, any messages, anything. i love you all so much and i hope you’re ok during such a weird time, i’m sending so many thoughts to all of you guys and your families and friends. we got this! i love you xxx
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rageagainststormy · 2 years ago
my boyfriend is gonna be out of town for a week or more and i’m so emotional right now... this is horrible
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a-framed-dog · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
4 years ago today my handsome boy arrived home. I’m so proud of him, and couldn’t have wished for a better dog. You just keep being you, Keith
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sarah-louise-art · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is my man, it October we will have been together for 8 years. He is my best friend, soul mate and partner in crime
I am 100% not interested in creating any relationships, sugar daddy arrangements and I dont sell nudes
Abruptly putting an end to the horny mess that in my inbox
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eyessharpweaponshot · 2 years ago
I just want to take a second and give a shoutout to some people on here.
I am so lucky to be apart of such an amazing fandom. The people I have met because of the 100/bellarke are truly inspiring and lovely, I can’t even explain it.
I read/see work from a lot of creators but these guys, on top of being insanely talented, are so nice and sweet as well. Some of them have become so dear to me and they have shaped my whole experience of writing fic.
It’s not something I ever thought I would do but it has given me an outlet, a hobby and something to really pour myself into. And these people have made the process what it is, whether we are ranting/screaming to one another about our fics, pre-reading them for one another, bouncing ideas about content or just having a personal life chat.
Thank you to each and every one of you for talking to me, reading my work, leaving comments, creating/writing amazing bellarke/the 100 content and just being you. My time on here wouldn’t have been the same without you.
If you haven’t followed them yet, you’re missing out.
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