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sparring-spirals 3 months ago
The Other Bells @ Orym and Fearne: Oh no, you all are so used to snuggling with Dorian, it must have been so hard without him there?
Fearne/Orym: 馃ズ yeah
Imogen, F.C.G, and Laudna, with 0 hesitation: SO if you want to cuddle with us, you know, bed open, would be absolutely THRILLED to cuddle with you two-
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felixfellowish 6 months ago
On the other hand I鈥檓 a full blown anime nerd and on the other hand I just bought The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts.......
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arcane-offerings a year ago
Tumblr media
Mark Alan Smith, The Altar of Sacrifice (Primal Craft Occult Publications, 2013).400 pages. Blood Pact Edition. Limited to 999 numbered copies (343/999). Signed and inscribed by the author.
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thebeaubar a month ago
Just to be clear cause people seem to be forgetting Laudna and Delilah from what we know right now isn鈥檛 a regular warlock/patron relationship. Laudna has stated one day Delilah just randomly popped into her head and she鈥檚 been there ever since. Laudna has also stated she鈥檚 trying to get rid of her and had Imogen look up ways to do that and if she鈥檇 lose her powers. People seem to think Laudna willingly went into a pact with Delilah which as far as I know isn鈥檛 whats being shown in the show. Laudna isn鈥檛 even taking levels in warlock and is canonically practicing her sorcery instead of getting any help from Delilah. I just wanted to point this out because there have been some who think Laudna willingly went into this relationship with Delilah despite the show as of now telling us the exact opposite.
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absolutepokemontrash 10 months ago
Date bled or demon bros react to mc likes to nap and cuddle throughout the day
I鈥檒l do the brothers! :D
鈥C get off of him. He鈥檚 in a meeting.
Aaaaaaaaand they鈥檙e napping. Wonderful.
At first, Lucifer is annoyed that he鈥檚 got another Belphie on his hands, especially during the time when Belphie鈥檚 locked in the attic. How dare MC remind him of the brother that he鈥檚 holding under house arrest >:c
But once the relationship grows, Lucifer submits to the snuggles. Luci quickly realizes that he鈥檚 very not used to cuddling.
As long as MC isn鈥檛 napping through their classes, they鈥檙e good. Nap whenever you want, MC, just make sure your homework is done.
MC should expect the cuddling to be one sided in public, but behind closed doors? Hoo boy, the man鈥檚 attached to MC like a koala to a tree.
MC may have also accidentally fixed his sleep schedule鈥 it鈥檚 just鈥 why does he feel sleepy when he sees them nap? *yawn*
He鈥檚 just going to rest his eyes for a second, the paperwork can wait.
G-gah! Stupid human! What do they think they鈥檙e doin鈥 cuddling up to him like that!? They do know he鈥檚 a demon right?
For the first little while, Mammon tsuderes it up, but he gets so easily flustered whenever MC leans on him that it renders everything he says pretty much meaningless.
The first time MC ever fell asleep on him it was absolutely magical. He slowly patted their head and refused to move until the next day. Sure, his back hurt and he didn鈥檛 get any sleep, but MC was just so cute dammit!
Deeper into the relationship, Mammon is the happiest demon alive because he doesn鈥檛 need to ask for snuggles! He just plops himself down next to MC and his human just cuddles up next to him!
His absolute favourite thing is when MC falls asleep on his lap. They did it in public once and Mammon took this opportunity to flex. Yeah, he has a cute human that likes to cuddle him, do you?!
Mammon鈥檚 only wish is that MC would be more awake when he鈥檚 explaining his totally legit business ideas, they always seem to fall asleep once he gets goin鈥
SISJDJSJSJDJDJSJJAJAKALSKA- PHYSICAL CONTACT?!?!?! WITH HIM?! it鈥檚 more likely than you鈥檇 think.
First part of the relationship when Levi had just made a pact with MC, he was kind of confused. He had tried to murk this normie just a couple of days ago and now they鈥檙e cuddling up next to him? What鈥檚 that abou-
Levi.exe has stopped working.
Yeah, Levi blue screening happens a LOT. It takes literal months for MC and Levi to snuggle properly on a regular basis.
As totally Kawaii MC is when they nap on him, they just need to see how this fight scene is animated! MC! MC! Look! Homura and Mami are- WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THIS!
Cuddling in public causes Levi to die a flustered death. Fs in the chat everyone, had a good life, he did.
Though, it makes him feel so much more comfortable whenever MC just holds his hand out in public and doesn鈥檛 make a big deal about it. It makes him feel safe ^.^
At first, Satan was taking notes on how this human got so comfortable so quickly that they just started cuddling people and napping everywhere. Hm, humans appear to be quite adaptable鈥 interesting.
They also seem to lack any sense of danger. Well, at least this one does.
Later down the line though, when MC first crawled into Satan鈥檚 lap to nap, it rivalled the first time a cat chose him. This was wild.
Snuggles鈥 while reading stories鈥 yes please鈥
Okay, that part sounded better than it ended up being. MC fell asleep while cuddling and ended up right on Satan鈥檚 arm, then in their sleep, MC basically locked Satan鈥檚 entire right side into a vice grip and couldn鈥檛 be pried off. Basically, Satan had to reread the same page of his book over and over and over again because he didn鈥檛 want to wake up MC.
Well, call it a learning experience, and Satan loves to learn, so next time, he was prepared for MC鈥檚 death cuddles.
Apparently he wasn鈥檛 prepared enough because the exact same thing happened again鈥 multiple times more.
MC is literally a walking relaxant, Satan is significantly less filled with burning rage when they鈥檙e around. Notice I said less filled, he will still cut a bitch.
Oh~ how bold! MC just plopped themselves down next to him and cuddled up close to him!
At first, Asmo was amused by all the cuddling MC was doing and made quite a few less than wholesome jokes about it. The Avatar of Lust has a dirty mind! Shocker!
But hark! (The herald angels siiiiing-) Asmo actually鈥 likes platonic snuggles?!?! What is this sorcery?!
If MC and Asmo don鈥檛 enter a romantic relationship, my man still needs his cuddle quota met, ASAP.
If they do end up dating, hoo boy, MC and Asmo sure do a lot of snuggling, and 鈥渟nuggling鈥.
But overall, Asmo loves being held and cuddled, and sleep is good for one鈥檚 skin!
*sniffle* Beeeeeeeeeelllllllllpppppphhhhhiiiiiiiiieeeeeee-
Congratulations MC, they have made Beel more sad about his twin being gone just by existing :D
Once the custard incident happens and MC and Beel grow closer, oh man, oh man oh man, is he in desperate need of cuddles.
If MC ever falls asleep anywhere and needs to get from point A to point B, fret not, Beel is prepared. He will gently pick them up and they will awaken at point B. How nice!
Once Belphie gets his ass out of the attic, MC has competition.
Not really, Beel has enough love to go around. Both his sleepy beans can get carried around and cuddled with. Beel is big and strong for a reason.
Since MC has a vice grip while they cuddle, Beel kind of walks around with them clinging to his arm like a sloth to a tree. Belphie also picks up on this behaviour and starts doing it too.
Someone (*cough* Levi and Mammon *cough*) took a picture and posted it on Devilgram and now it鈥檚 kind of a meme template.
Gasp! Whomst- whomst is this human who comes before him and cuddles up close to him? This must be his soulmate! His other half! His destined partner!
鈥is destined partner was drooling all over his cardigan.
Ah well, two can play that game motherfucker. *SNORE*
Anyway, Belphie and MC? I would say power couple but in reality, the two just do a lot of snuggling and sleeping, it鈥檚 like they鈥檙e attached at the hip.
The two are always touching in some way, Belphie resting his head on MC鈥檚 shoulder, MC attaching themselves to Belphie鈥檚 torso like a koala, the two of them trading spit with each other鈥 you get the idea.
It gets weird when the two start legitimately visiting each other in dreams, it gets so frequent it basically becomes a date night thing to just sleep and do weird shit in dreamland.
鈥淗ey MC do you wanna hang out?鈥 鈥淪orry, can鈥檛, it鈥檚 date night. *SNORE*鈥 鈥淵eah, shoo. *S N O R E*鈥
On their most recent date, MC and Belphie fought a dragon and then ate a giant cake.
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bran-ridire a year ago
Not really Homebrew...
Tumblr media
So, it's not exactly homebrew, but, I expanded on the Stewards rank tables. What do you think?
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yandere-stan a month ago
Yandere!Mammon x reader
yall i wrote this fic so long ago???? like back when i started i thought i was gonna post it on my quotev long ago???? anyway i don鈥檛 have the heart to delete it so im gonna post it on here and pray you don鈥檛 tear me apart for my shitty writing.
originally this was gonna be part of praise, so ya there鈥檚 some similiarities lololol
(yandere, murder, obsession)聽
You weren鈥檛 the sorcerer in your family, your sister was.
Gifted with great power, you watched her delve into the world of magic. She fought monsters, made potions, and even made friends with world-renowned sorcerers.
But jealousy wasn鈥檛 something you were used to. Not when your sister shared so much of her world with you. Despite not having magic, you knew how to make enchantment elixirs and weak poisons. You met her familiars and her other sorcery friends.
But the one thing your sister never wanted to share with you was her pact with a demon. 聽
鈥淢ammon?鈥 You repeated, 鈥淚鈥檝e never heard of him.鈥
Your sister sighed, rubbing her hands together, 鈥淭he avatar of greed. A demon with a vast amount of power and treachery. He is one of the rulers of Hell.鈥
Your eyes widened, adjusting yourself on the couch, 鈥淵ou made a contract with a powerful ruler of Hell? That鈥檚 amazing-鈥 She cut you off with a shake of her head.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not amazing. It鈥檚 dangerous. Since we made a contract with eachother, he鈥檒l be coming to this house for anything I need. Though he鈥檚 supposed to follow my orders, there鈥檚 no way to know that he won鈥檛 try to manipulate you, even if I forbid him to.鈥 Her eyes were filled with seriousness and her voice dropped.
You watched as she leaned back, massaging her forehead with her fingers.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to do this,鈥 She confessed, 鈥淏ut money is scarce right now, having the avatar of greed might help us with our funds.鈥 Her eyes met yours.
鈥淵ou need to promise me that you won鈥檛 fall for his tricks. Don鈥檛 get close to him And don鈥檛 trust him.鈥
You thickly swallowed. 鈥淚 won鈥檛.鈥
For a being who was supposedly 5000 years old, the Avatar of Greed lacked any sort of refinement.
You thought it was a trick your sister was warning you about. A trap to get you to feel some sort of pity for him.
But forty-five minutes later, he was still struggling with organizing the potions and enchantments.
鈥淪hit,鈥 You heard him mutter under his breath, 鈥淲hat did that witch say again? Does the enchantment of fog go with or without the potion of neutrality. Dammit, I forgot.鈥
He was an...interesting character, to say the least. He didn鈥檛 resemble anything of a demon at all- the most unusual thing about him was his white hair. 聽There were no horns or wings or tail. Just a frustrated man who was trying to figure out your sister鈥檚 messy notes.
You decided to see if he needed any assistance after he grabbed a magnifying glass to read your sister鈥檚 notes better. Your sister never forbid you from talking to him after all.
鈥淒o you need any help?鈥
His sudden scream startled you. He whipped around, his voice going up an octave.
鈥淒on鈥檛 sneak up on me like that!鈥
鈥淥h,锟斤拷锟 You took a step back, 鈥淒id I scare you? I鈥檓 sorry, I didn鈥檛 mean to.鈥 You offered him a sheepish smile.
He ignored your apology, seeming to realize what he said. His startled look instantly moved to an aggressive scowl.聽
He coughed, 鈥淵a鈥 didn鈥檛 scare me. I鈥檓 a demon, okay? We don鈥檛 get scared. Now run along human. The Great Mammon is busy with something.鈥 He lazily pointed to the box of potions.
鈥淵eah, I see that,鈥 You acknowledged, 鈥淚 was just wondering if you needed any help, that鈥檚 all.鈥
鈥淭he Great Mammon,鈥 He loved talking in third person, didn鈥檛 he? 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 need a puny human鈥檚 help, okay? I鈥檓 fine!鈥
鈥淥h okay then,鈥 You shrugged, 鈥淚n that case I鈥檒l just-鈥 You turned to walk away.
鈥淲ait!鈥 He suddenly called out, 鈥淏efore ya鈥 go...where does the enchantment of fog go again?鈥
You smiled before you turned around, pointing to the top of the shelves.
鈥淭here, right next to the set of elixirs,鈥 You said, picking another bottle out of the box.
鈥淩ight,鈥 Mammon muttered, 鈥淎nd just so ya鈥 know, I can do this ALL by myself, okay? I don鈥檛 need some human telling me what to do.鈥
鈥淥f course,鈥 You said, smiling, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right.鈥
You supposed that鈥檚 how it started. The unlikely friendship between human and demon, much to the disappointment of your sister. Thankfully, she didn鈥檛 voice her disapproval too much, only choosing to shake her head whenever the demon showed any affinity towards you.
And you hoped that it was affinity Mammon felt, and not the taste of your soul. Though the cheap gifts he brought back from his home were sweet, you knew there was a line you couldn鈥檛 cross. At the end of the day, Mammon was a demon. He lived to manipulate and take. There was nothing more that excited him.
Boundaries were important and you prided yourself on strictly following the rules you made.
鈥淗ey. Hey!鈥 A hand waved in front of you, 鈥淒id you zone out again?鈥
You blinked, gazing at the demon in front of you. He pulled his hand back, looking at you with disapproval.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a real bad habit, you know that?鈥 He crossed his arms, 鈥淚 was talkin鈥 too!鈥
鈥淵ou were? Sorry,鈥 You turned back towards the window.
Right. You and Mammon were star gazing.
The stars were shining brightly, despite the blinding city lights. You rested your head on your hands.
鈥淚 was just thinking about how long you鈥檝e been here-with us. It鈥檚 been six months ever since you started the pact, right?鈥
鈥-Contract,鈥 Mammon corrected, 鈥淚 started a contract with the witch. Pacts are different.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 This was the first time you鈥檝e heard about this, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the difference?鈥
Mammon sighed, but you knew he liked talking, 鈥淒o I gotta鈥 explain everything to you? Pacts are bound by the soul. A demon accepts a deal from a human and binds their soul with it. It鈥檚 forever, until the human themselves break it.鈥
You nodded, 鈥淲hat about contracts, then?鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e like pacts, except the deal is bound by an object. Usually it鈥檚 a piece of paper or a bag of money.鈥
You had to hold in a laugh, 鈥淒id my sister bind you with a bag of money, Mammon?鈥
He waved you off, 鈥淪he bonded us to a glass bottle,鈥 He said, looking disappointed, 鈥淚 should鈥檝e asked her to bind me to a check of 100,000 grimm or something.鈥
You nodded, still smiling, 鈥淏ut...what鈥檚 stopping you from just breaking the bottle? Wouldn鈥檛 that end the contract?鈥
鈥淒emons can鈥檛 do that-not to contracts,鈥 Mammon shrugged, tapping his fingers against the window, 鈥淪ome kinda鈥 magic crap makes 鈥榚m invincible to us. But humans, on the other hand, 鈥榗ould break the bottle no problem.鈥
He gave you a look, tilting his head, 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you do it for me, huh? 鈥榗ould save me a lotta鈥 trouble.鈥
You scoffed rolling your eyes, 鈥淚鈥檓 not doing that. You brought yourself into this, don鈥檛 make me bail you out. And I don鈥檛 get why you鈥檙e so mean to my sister...she鈥檚 nice...鈥
Your voice drifted off, letting your last words simmer in the night. Your sister was nice and she cared for you. But these days, she felt so far away. You supposed it was because of her work, and the growing lack of money. Perhaps you were being too clingy; your sister was struggling and all you could do was complain about her distance.
Mammon watched you for a moment.
鈥淪o...don鈥檛 humans move out when they turn adults? Why鈥檇 you stick around with your sis? You like gettin鈥 poisoned or somethin鈥?鈥
His voice made you laugh and you shook your head.
鈥淚 guess...it鈥檚 because she鈥檚 the only family I have left. I don鈥檛 know- I guess I鈥檇 be lonely if I ever left her. If it was just me...all alone in the world....鈥 You shook your head, giving a sad smile.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I could handle it.鈥
鈥淪o...you鈥檙e afraid of being alone?鈥 Mammon asked, he sounded far away.
鈥淵eah, I guess that鈥檚 the shortest answer. And I think my sister feels the same, being alone that is. So we stick together.鈥 You nodded.
鈥淪o, would you...if I...鈥 He trailed off, glancing around, before he groaned, 鈥淯gh, nevermind.鈥
You looked back at him with a smile, 鈥淣evermind what?鈥
鈥淣evermind, okay!? Why are you humans so nosy all the time! Argh!鈥 He snapped back and you grinned wider.
鈥淥kay okay! I鈥檓 sorry!鈥 You laughed and together you basked in the moonlit night.
Your snapping point came when your sister locked herself in her room for three days.
You couldn鈥檛 handle it anymore. The distance. The cold replies. Was she even eating? Even her familiars didn鈥檛 know, let alone Mammon.
Hesitantly, you knocked on the door, 鈥淗ey,鈥 You called, 鈥淎re you okay in there? Do you need food? Why don鈥檛 you come outside for a second?鈥
Nothing. Absolute silence.
You bit your lip, looking at the doorknob. You were grateful that it wasn鈥檛 locked. Hesitantly, you creaked the door open, squinting into the darkness.聽
鈥淗ow have you been seeing in here?鈥 You mumbled, 鈥淭here鈥檚 barely even a lamp on. You could go blind.鈥
You took a shaky breath creeping into the darkness, searching around the room. It was cold, to the point where you were shivering.
A voice croaked your name and you whirled around, stopping as you met your sister鈥檚 haggard figure.
She looked so horribly gaunt, and she looked so frail- you knew she hadn鈥檛 been eating. Her eyes were sunken in, cheeks were hollow. She tilted dangerously forward, and you rushed over to catch her before she fell.聽
But, despite her ragged appearance, her mouth was stretched into a bright smile. She grinned at you, eager.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e here!鈥 She exclaimed, 鈥淥h, you鈥檙e here.鈥
She enveloped you in a hug, and you slowly hugged her back. What was going on? Why was your sister acting so strange?
鈥淎re-are you okay?鈥 You hesitantly asked as she gripped you tighter.
鈥淵es!鈥 She paused, 鈥淲ell, I will be fine. I鈥檒l be extremely fine. Now, come. Come closer!鈥 She urged you to follow her into the darkness.
You hesitated before finally walking slowly towards her.
She grinned.
鈥淚 solved it.鈥
鈥淚 solved it! Our problems! They鈥檒l be gone!鈥
What was she talking about? You looked at her and she finally understood why you were so confused. Clicking her tongue, she urged you on her bed, taking out a thick book.
Flipping through the pages, she stopped, grinning at one of the ancient sheets of papers.
鈥淗ere...it鈥檚 here,鈥 She rasped.
It was dark, and you couldn鈥檛 see very well, but you could make out an image of a man with two horns and a tail. Surrounding him were people carrying knives and crosses.
A chill went down your spine.
鈥淒o you know how much a Demon鈥檚 horn costs?鈥 Your sister whispered into your ear.
鈥30 million.鈥
鈥...What are you saying?鈥 You slowly turned to her, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 mean....Mammon? I don鈥檛-鈥
鈥淵es! Mammon! The answer to all our problems,鈥 She stood up, glee shining through her dead eyes.
鈥淚鈥檒l kill him,鈥 You slapped a hand over your mouth, 鈥淗e can鈥檛 attack me because of our contract, so I鈥檒l kill him right now. Then, we can sell his horns. Doesn鈥檛 that sound amazing? We could live the life we always wanted.鈥 She crooned.
Was money really that tight? To point your sister was willing to kill someone-your friend- in order to earn money? You shook your head, reaching out as she stood up.
鈥淲ait...please you cant-鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry,鈥 She patted your head in a cheap imitation of love, 鈥淚鈥檒l take care of everything.鈥
She left you in her room, in the dark, sauntering away to collect supplies. You sucked in a breath, your hands felt clammy, cold. You didn鈥檛 know what to do.
One thing was for sure, you could not let your sister kill Mammon.
鈥業f I end the contract....will he be freed?鈥 You numbly thought, standing up, 鈥楬e could escape, right? Run away and never come back?鈥 You looked around her room, trying to find the one thing to save Mammon.
There. Nestled on the top of her shelves, sat a small, clear bottle, covered with enchantments.
That was the one. You were sure of it.
You wasted no time, grabbing it from the shelves, ignoring your thudding heart as you gripped the bottle tightly.
Then, you dropped it.
The relief you felt when it shattered was immense. You collapsed on the bed, ignoring the sting of the shards as they cut in your foot.
And then you felt guilty.
鈥淣o,鈥 You told yourself, breathing hard, 鈥淭his is for the best, for both Mammon and my sister,鈥澛
Right. Your sister wasn鈥檛 in her right mind. She鈥檇 thank you for doing this. And then you鈥檇 be okay.
You brought your legs to your chest.
You鈥檇 all be okay.
Except...it wasn鈥檛 okay.
You didn鈥檛 know how it happened or what happened either.
All you knew was the dead body laying on the ground, wasn鈥檛 Mammon.
It was your sister.
鈥淢ammon?鈥 Your voice felt dry, like you desperately needed a glass of water.
He was in his demon form. You鈥檇 almost forgotten he had one. Turning to you slightly, you expected him to start apologizing, going off in tangents, saying this entire situation was a misunderstanding.
You didn鈥檛 expect him to start smiling.
鈥淵ou did it,鈥 He grinned, 鈥淵ou freed me.鈥
You stepped back, watching with wide eyes as he calmly stepped over the limp body. Your breaths felt shallow, like you weren鈥檛 getting enough air. 聽
鈥淣o,鈥 You shook your head, 鈥淣o no. Mammon what did you do-鈥
He was fast, too fast for you to comprehend, as he wrapped you in his arms, hushing you.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. Don鈥檛 worry about her. We鈥檙e both free now, isn鈥檛 that amazing?鈥
鈥淲hat-what are you talking about?鈥 You said hoarsely, your voice muffled because of his clothes, 鈥淒id you-did you kill her?鈥
鈥楧eny it. Lie if you have to. Just please don鈥檛 say-鈥
You squeezed your eyes shut. Your voice died in your throat as you willed yourself to speak.聽
鈥淢ammon, Mammon let me go,鈥 You begged, 鈥淧lease let me go. Please stop touching me-鈥
His grip on you tightened. He clicked his tongue, like he was annoyed.聽
鈥淪top complaining already,鈥 He groaned,聽鈥淲hy are you being so loud?鈥澛
Your mouth opened and closed, continuing to stare and your sister, your family. Why wasn鈥檛 he showing even an ounce of emotion? Guilt? Regret? You鈥檇 prefer if he showed pride, happiness-anything over...nonchalance, the casualness in his eyes. Like he didn鈥檛 care.聽
Oh, right. He didn鈥檛 care did he? Your sister and you were just humans to him. Insects.聽
鈥淵ou said you didn鈥檛 want to be lonely, right?鈥 You didn鈥檛 respond. He pulled away, eyes sharpened.聽
Hesitantly, you nodded.聽
He smiled, letting claws drift over your neck.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l make sure you won鈥檛 be.鈥澛
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elizabeths-writing-corner 9 months ago
"A helping hand" Obey me! sub Mammon smut
There's no place in heaven for me anymore...
Sub Mammon x fem!Reader
Summary: Solomon's cooking had a weird effect on Mammon and you offer to help by fucking the shit out of him. How nice of you :))
tw: mommy kink, master kink, dom to sub reader, pet names, oral (f! receiving), face riding, begging, teasing, slight humiliation
+18, minors please don't interact with this post, thank you!
wc: 1.6
You receive a weird text from Mammon, it says 鈥淵/N, come to my room, I need your help.鈥 written with a couple of errors, implying that he wrote it in desperation so you rush over to his place as fast as you can. You find him sitting on his heels on the bed, his head down like he was trying to avoid your eyes. You immediately ask what鈥檚 wrong and get closer to him but he stops you.聽Even without sitting on the mattress, you can see the bulge in his pants, you blush.
鈥淟ucifer made me eat some of Solomon鈥檚 cooking 鈥榗ause I stole his credit card or whatever... but I ended up like t-this...鈥 he mumbles. The demon鈥檚 face is red with embarrassment. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a sorcerer too, Y/N! Do something!鈥 he begs.
This is the first time he turns his head towards you. His pupils are strangely wide, lips seem dry and you of course cannot ignore the erection in his tight jeans and the stain that his pre-cum have already left on them. It is true that you have been studying sorcery for quite some time now but you cannot seem to find any magical solution to Mammon鈥檚 problem. However, you think of another idea.
You approach him and sit in front of the demon with a mischievous smile decorating your face. You lean in closer which makes him abashed. He lays down supporting his weight on his forearms. 鈥淲hat are ya doin鈥, Y/N?鈥 he asks. You press your knee against the bulge in his pants at which he lets out an uncontrolled moan.
"Strip for me, pretty boy." you command. Mammon flutters his lashes and swallows his saliva but he does not say anything and obeys you. You let out a soft giggle and watch as he takes off his black t-shirt and jeans as well as his grey boxers.
His hard cock twitches when it gets hit by the cold air which makes you lick your lips in anticipation. Mammon doesn't take his eyes off you even for a mere second. He presses himself against your leg when you hesitate to touch him, trying to pleasure himself on his own.
"Eager, aren't we?" you tease, looking down on him. You can clearly tell how horny he is and how badly he needs you to make him cum. This thought amuses you. You take his chin between your thumb and forefinger and bring him in closer. "If you'll be a good boy, I will make you cum so do as I say, okay, pretty boy?" you say in a calm voice.
"Yes, master, please, I'll be good, just make me cum." he whines and nods. You smile and connect your lips into a sloppy kiss. It's messy, saliva running down both of your chins as you breathe heavily, gasping for air. You feel your panties starting to get wet from all of this so you don't wait any longer and take your bottoms down, tossing them aside, your underwear next in line.
You gently place one hand on Mammon's naked and hot chest, slowly pushing him down to finally make him lay completely beneath you. You do not break the kiss and purposely rub your cunt against his exposed cock which makes him groan into your lips. The corners of your mouth curve into a satisfied smile. You never knew it would be so fulfilling to dominate a demon but now you're making good use of the pact you two made.
You cup Mammon's burning hot face in your hands and lift it slightly to look him deep in the eyes. "Now, make your master feel real good by eating her pussy like it's the last meal you'll ever have." you coo. "And then I will see what to do with you next..." you add teasingly.
You feel his cock twitch underneath you. He shyly nods so you give him an innocent kiss on the forehead before placing yourself where his filthy mouth is. He grabs your thighs and gently massages them as you lower yourself onto his face.
As soon as the skin of your folds touches his swollen lips, he starts licking and sucking them which makes a scream leave your mouth. He sloppily kisses your cunt, occasionally biting the clit. He doesn't even move away to gasp for air. He's eating you out like a carnal animal. He slips his tongue into your abandoned hole, slurping your arousal like you ordered him to. You huff and squirm from how much pleasure you're feeling. Mammon digs his nails into your thighs as you squeeze his white hair in your tight grip, riding his tongue, his nose brushing against your puff clit.
"Fuck, just like that, baby, you're going to make mommy cum, ah-" you whine, barely being able to hold in your moans. After hearing those words Mammon's even more eager to please you. You know you're going to lose it pretty soon and he is too. He bucks his hips up and down, kicking his legs and messing up the sheets. Muffled whines leave his mouth stuffed with your pussy.
You can feel a wave of pleasure rush through your body as the knot in your stomach finally loosens and Mammon's losing it with you. Your chest is going up and down as you breathe heavily. You finally lift your hips and when you do, the demon gasps for air which he desperately needed.
You turn around to look at his lonely cock which is covered in cum as well as his abdomen and abs. You touch the tip of his dick with your digits, it's still hard.
"Cumming from just pleasing your master? I don't know if I should continue then..." you tease.
"No, please, mommy!" he whines. "I want to put it in so bad! Make you feel good. Please, mommy, it hurts!" Tears accumulate in his eyes from how desperate he is. Doesn't even care what he's saying, if he begs or whimpers, he just wants to please you and you can appreciate that.
"Well then... Say what you want me to do, c'mon, pretty boy."
"I want mommy to ride me. To use me however she wants-"
You don't let Mammon finish his sentence because you swallow his cock whole with your dripping cunt, all the way to his balls. He lets out a throaty moan and you uncontrollably close your eyes when he hits the deepest parts of you.
"Ah- thank you, thank you so much, master." he says with a bedeviled smile and tears falling down his blushed cheeks.
You start moving, going up and down his whole length, focusing the weight of your body on your knees. Your hands lay flat on the demon's abs before they move behind you to rest on his trembling thighs and he is gripping the sheets behind him, holding on for dear life. You fasten your pace, completely hypnotized by the sloppy sounds your sex makes when you lower yourself on Mammon's fat dick and by the high-pitched moans that escape his wide-open mouth.
"Buckle your hips up for mommy, pretty boy." you breathe. He doesn't say a word and does as you told him to. His movements are sloppy, he's desperately chasing his high. You gasp as his tip hits harshly onto your cervix. You can tell your pussy's tightening around his cock, communicating the upcoming orgasm but Mammon outruns you, squeezing out his sperm into your cunt. You stop for a moment to take all he has to give you. His eyes hit the back of his head and back arches as he's cumming.
"We're not done yet, your job is to please your master first." you coo and start moving again without giving him any time to rest. The demon's whimpering he's too sensitive but you do not listen, you're too focused on reaching your climax and it doesn't take a lot of effort to do so. You cum, spasming and trembling, your nails scratch Mammon's tanned abs, looking for any surface to hold onto.
Just as you're about to move away and lay beside him, he grabs you by the waist and with one skillful move throws you onto the mattress to lay beneath him.
"I need more, master, please..." he whines, looking at you with lust in his eyes. He pulls up your leg to go over his shoulder while he's holding the other against the bed to prevent you from moving. He puts his still hard cock into your full with his sperm sex.
"Mammon, p-ple-e-ase!" you sob while his hips are clashing mindlessly against yours. "It's too m-much~" you add, wriggling in the bed. You're so fucked up, not sure if you're able to take it anymore but he refuses to listen to you, he's like in a trance.
He pulls in and out of you at an inhuman speed, reaching so deep you see stars. His hand on your waist keeps you still. You can feel how his cock twitches inside you, making you feel even better than before.
"Ah, fuck- I'm close, so close." he cries out. "Just a little more, mommy... F-u-uck~!"
He thrust into you one last time before cumming into your tight hole. Tears are rolling down your flushed cheeks but to be honest, Mammon looks more fucked up than you. It's no surprise since he had come so many times this evening.
You're finally able to relax your body. Your legs are weak, you're definitely not going to RAD the next morning and the demon isn't too, that's for sure. He faints beside you, instantly falling asleep. You're not sure if it's because the toxic effects of Solomon's food have finally washed off or because he was so bone-tired but you decide to not disturb him.
You think about rolling out of Mammon's bed to clean yourself up but you're sure you wouldn't be able to take a step right now so you snuggle against him and close your eyes. The warmth of his chest calms you down and you quickly fall asleep.
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soledadmiranda 2 months ago
So you've talked many times about how Doom's status as a Romani character is core to him and should be used as representation, given that he's generally depicted as sympathetic or at the very least admirable. But I'm curious if you think there are things about him that should be retooled in an adaptation to avoid antiziganism. It occurred to me because his origin features a lot of Romani stereotypes and involves his mom making a pact with a demon, and I fear making him a villain in that light could read poorly--sure, Doom is a beloved and iconic character, but he's also named Victor Von Doom, he's never going to be fully comfortable as anything but an antagonist. So what aspects would you tweak, without sacrificing the core idea of "scientist-mage-dictator?"
this is a good question that doesn't have an easy answer to it. the go-to argument would be "hire a romani writer who is knowledgeable in romani mythology and storytelling" because concepts of magic do exist in our culture, it just varies to several degrees. one way i think that could ease off the stereotypical aspects would be something similar to Mihaela Dragan's play Romacen / The Age of the Witch, where magic and technology are combined to create a Romafuturist society while utilizing said powers to defend that world. one could also tinker with how cynthia von doom comes into contact with the devil - there's an old romani tale about a woman who makes a pact with the devil to ensure her children have enough food to eat, and in the end, she's turned into a cherry tree to give them sustenance, and i think that'd be an interesting motif to bring in regarding victor and his mother. so like, rather than cutting out the sorcery aspects, it'd be easier to just fuse them with concepts of magic and stories that already exist within romani culture, or that have at least be told by roma performers. it would also be easy to combine with the other aspects of doom's characterization of being a ruler and a scientist.
but that would still leave us with a villainous doctor doom, and marvel pretty much boxed itself into a corner there - regardless of what they do, if they do keep his heritage and accurately cast him, that just puts them in a spot where they did all that effort for a villain but not for their heroes, and if they cast an all-white f4, that just doubles down on the tone-deafness of it all. i feel if they plan on whitewashing him, that's the justification they'd throw.
i personally think the complexity of doom's characterization is part of what makes him an entertaining character, and could be easily retained just with writers who are knowledgeable of his experiences, but i also highly doubt people at marvel ever take his heritage into consideration when it comes to writing or casting him. they've already turned a blind eye to previous criticisms about the few instances of scarlet witch's canon heritage being referenced, as it is.
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sparring-spirals a month ago
there's a particular tentativeness to how imogen and laudna are interacting, that is so careful and raw and unsure- but still affectionate. still weighted. it feels like- both of them, reaching out occasionally, in turn, both of them drawing back a bit at different moments. its. so good. its a very specific post Incident/Argument tenseness that still has the threads of affection and effort underlying it, and its delicious and layered and i am thrilled.
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damnamyte a year ago
Dissecting What-thefuck-Ever is Happening in Jujutsu Kaisen
Am I crazy? Am I going mad? Is this manga making me delusional? All of this are valid hypothesis. However, onto the content, because I'm confused and trying to give shape to whatever my mind is thinking.
The last couple of chapters really put my English comprehension skills to test: not because I don't get it, but all the different details and the shades which Gege uses to describe and entwine things is so subtle that sometimes I am afraid that the translation does not give it justice. And kudos anyways to those who put this into words, because this is one big mess on 'insert weird jujutsu thing'.
This New Arc (The Culling) is probably one of the most difficult, in terms of events and storyline, arcs in the story. Fair enough, Shibuya was pretty complicated, as events were happening at the same time - but in the end, Shibuya lasted about five hours and that was it. The Culling has origins which go back in centuries, and only that makes it interesting, dangerous and maddening to think about.
One thing which I want to mention before anything else, because I know that I will forget otherwise, is the sentence which Tengen repeats twice in Chapter 145.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Per his saying, he cannot read the Human Heart, once in reference to Yuki, and the other in reference to Kenjaku. The weird thing is that this makes it clear that despite everything and the implications, Kenjaku - is still human at the end. He is physical, material and therefore he is not invincible. I am not sure if this was the intent behind this words (to let them know how Kenjaku is as human as them, and therefore it it possible to stop him) - but I still it has some sort of relevance. Also, this makes me question, whether Kenjaku's technique is limited to the brain and its knowledge, and what generally his technique is.
Tengen tells the Six Adventurers that Kenjaku is at least as old as Sukuna, and the two have been involved somehow. His objective is so force human evolution. And in order to do, he wants to boost up Japanese individuals (likely because of the amount of immense cursed energy present) - and to merge Tengen, who is now more cursed spirit than human, with humankind.
Tumblr media
This is because the next stage of sorcery (and humanity, intrinsically), for Kenjaku, lies in optimising cursed energy. But in order to do so, the potential which human retain needs to be exploited fully. Therefore, people have to be aware that there is still potential to be discovered (next stage of human evolution).
Tumblr media
The objective of the Culling Game therefore splits into two currents: cull the potential vessels to fuse with Tengen and spread cursed energy like wildfire (with the end goal being a new golden era, Heian Era) by applying the natural law of the survival of the fittest (searching for the one who could completely fuse with Tengen) and making Japan the cull of all cursed energy - which would potentially attract other cursed energy, from other countries (even if as we know it is extremely lower compared to Japan) and as Yuki potentially already guessed in Chapter 136 to make Japan a monopoly on cursed energy.
Tumblr media
Another things which gets mentioned, but at the same time I am not entirely sure has anything to do with the things I am thinking of (and specifically Sukuna's fingers and the remains of the clan ancestors - if this is even a thing), however boundaries and restrictions (f.e. Heavenly Restriction that both Toji and Maki have) are a very big thing in Jujutsu Society and Sorcery. A blatant example is the pact that Sukuna made with Yuuji (and that neither can break). However, according to Tengen the bond of fate between The Six Eyes, Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel has been broken thanks to Toji Fushiguro, who killed Riko Amanai 12 years ago. (Also, the choice of words that Toji escaped cursed energy is very interesting, and worthy of further looking into). This allowed for Kenjaku to carry out his plan to weaken and further let Tengen evolve into an almost cursed spirit, which he could manipulate through Getou's technique (which explains why he seized his body) to finally let the ritual of breaking into the body and finally merging begin (the culling game). To allow this however, Kenjaku had to make different restrictions, one of which is not not be the Game Master of the Culling. But in this case, two questions come up: who is the Game Master and what are the other restrictions? Can this be used as an advantage by Yuuta, Yuuji, Megumi and Maki to beat Kenjaku, free Gojo and stop the Evolution?
And this also prompts the question of, if Kenjaku would merge with Tengen in Getou's body, what would the consequence be? Also, does this merging occur after the end of the Culling? What if Kenjaku finds another body to take advantage of and this way, the vows he made when it Getou's body are not worth anymore? Would that play in his favour? Could it even be possible?
Tumblr media
However, in order to do so, and since Tengen's barrier optimises cursed energy, and at the same time protects itself, Kenjaku is striving to eliminate Tengen's barrier. In the end, if the cursed energy is dispersed, yes it would mean chaos, but as well it would mean endless possibilities to evolve. Furthermore, if Is stretch this into unknown territory, what the picture could be is: since for Kenjaku the only ones able to successfully merge with Tengen and have a use out of it are Japanese people (for reasons stated before), and from the things we know of Kenjaku (old as they come, acquainted with Sukuna and Uraume, mad scientist who tampered with the Womb Paintings - creating Choso among the others, and most likely having tampered with the Itadoris') it would create the picture of a mad scientist in full gear striving for innovation, evolution, creating by destruction.
It gets cleared with the content on these next two panels:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kenjaku wants a chaotic world, one that even he cannot control, in which Cursed Energy is a limitless source and has no possibility to be put down. The question that comes naturally with it is definitely why, because I am afraid that merely 'evolution' is a downplay of the real intentions of someone who experimented so much and has survived different centuries, under different names - all of which (known for now) are of 'evil' jujutsu sorcerers (both Kamo Noritoshi and Getou Suguru), who did not conform with the will of jujutsu society.
Does Kenjaku want the whole to end, to go berserk - because if there are no barriers and one individual goes mad, everyone does? The creation of 'Trascendent Being' which are more than jujutsu sorcerers? To see what's over the threshold of jujutsu sorcery? To have the world as the scene for a new Shibuya but with the possibility to influence and kill more people? Territorial expansion extendable over a certain barrier?
Anyway, I am not sure what the point is, just that Gege's plot is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to know more.
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utilitycaster a month ago
You know what's weird about the people putting all the blame on Delilah and acting like Laudna didn't, to quote Marisha, fuck around and find out? They're ignoring that a lot of Marisha's rp wrt her warlock-patron relationship is specifically based on how fucked up a relationship it is.
Like, if you look at how she tried to relate to Imogen and the gnarlrock, it says a lot more about her and Delilah re addiction or whatever the metaphor du jour is for today than it does about Imogen, because it doesn't fit Imogen.
Idk, I just think a more interesting interpretation of Laudna involves actually giving her the agency she has in continuing to rely on Delilah, sort of like what makes Chetney interesting is his...rather bloody choices with things like the shopkeeper incident. But then again, what do I know?
(Also, you are awesome)
Thanks! Yeah, it's been frustrating because so much of the argument that Laudna is a passive bystander in this rests on the idea that warlock pacts occur at L3, which is untrue (pact at 1, boon at 3) and Laudna becomes a lot more interesting if we explore why she may have entered into this pact and why she may continue in it. Even if she doesn't remember the circumstances, the fact is she's well aware of it and says as much, and she's knowingly benefited from it which generally erases the whole passive bystander argument. And, for that matter, she's indicated to not entirely know which of her powers come from where so if we're going to go off intentions, for all we know Laudna has been intending to draw more powers for Delilah but keeps accidentally improving her sorcery instead.
I've been focused on Imogen more, because I think she's been far more mischaracterized as of late, but the fact is seeing Laudna as just a helpless person with Delilah in her head who has no prospects of getting out without Imogen isn't any better than Imogen being a poor girl who gets headaches that Laudna needs to fix; both deny them agency and portray a relationship that manages to be both deeply unhealthy and really boring.
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demifiendrsa 2 months ago
GrimGrimoire OnceMore PV1
GrimGrimoire remaster will launch for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2022 in Japan.
First details
鈻 About
GrimGrimoire is a magic fantasy real-time strategy game in which a young wizard girl named Lillet struggles to uncover the truth in order to avoid reliving the same five days and impending disaster. Developed by Vanillaware and published by Nippon Ichi Software, it was first released in 2007.
Resurrected as GrimGrimoire OnceMore for PlayStation 4 and Switch, this remastered release features high-resolution graphics and new systems that make the game more enjoyable, including 鈥淕reat Magic鈥 that can turn the tides in battle and a 鈥淪kill Tree鈥 to strengthen your familiars.
Please look forward to GrimGrimoire OnceMore, now more beautiful, vivid, and easier to play than ever.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈻 Story
Lillet Blan was very excited.
Her heart had been racing since the moment she heard. Lillet had been invited to enroll into a Magic Academy where only talented youths were personally sought out by the greatest wizards. The school was lead by the famous wizard, Gaminel Dore, who had once defeated the Archmage. And the campus on which they study, the Silver Star tower, was once the destroyed Archmage鈥檚 castle.
The tower was still full of unsolved mysteries and dangers, and this attracted many who had their own personal reasons in mind. Lillet had opened her first grimoire, and began her studies. But only five days later, a terrifying disaster threatens the academy, and all lives are lost. All except she, who had traveled back through time without knowing why鈥
Can Lillet come closer to the truth by reliving those repeating days? Can she end the nightmare at the end of those five days?
To avoid constant death, open the grimoires once again.
Tumblr media
鈻 Characters
Lillet Blan (voiced by Iori Saeki)
Tumblr media
A studious, hard working girl who was invited to the Silver Star tower after being acknowledged for her magical skills. She wishes to become a great magician for her poor younger brothers, who wait for her at home. She is caught up in unexpected circumstances, but stands up to the mystery with daring acts and calm judgment that even she didn鈥檛 know she was capable of.
Margarita Surprise (voiced by Miharu Hanai)
Tumblr media
A student at the Magic Academy. The first friend Lillet meets when she gets here. In her past, she had been rescued from a town that persecuted magicians under the pretense of witch hunting, but her personality is still carefree. She carries around her frog familiar on top of her head.
Gammel Dore (voiced by Teruo Seki)
Tumblr media
The head master of the Magic Academy. In the past, he defeated the Archmage and sealed the devil that had made a pact with him. Quite the legendary magician. He founded the Magic Academy on the Silver Star Tower which was once the Archmage鈥檚 castle, and invited promising youths from around the kingdom in hopes of educating the next generation of magicians. It seems the school is kind of dangerous, because students go missing every once in a while, but every magician in the kingdom dreams of studying under Professor Gammel.
Advocat (voiced by Hiromichi Tezuka)
Tumblr media
A devil who teaches Sorcery. The details of the contract with the head master is unknown. He likes to act like a gentleman, but you can see glimpses of his true nature as a devil at times. He seems to be refraining from collecting souls on campus grounds, but he won鈥檛 reject any, if they jump into his hands.
鈻 Systems
Magic Fantasy x Real-Time Simulation Depicted by Beautiful Visuals
The protagonist, Lillet, was invited to the Magic Academy Silver Star Tower and began her journey to become a magician. Various incidents occur at the Academy, such as demons and spirits interfering with classes, and rampaging golems created by alchemy. The Academy also seems to have a secret鈥
Set out to become a fine magician while clearing each stage by utilizing various magic such as Sorcery and Necromancy. Battles play out in a real-time simulation format, in which the player summons familiars by the power of grimoires and defeats the enemy party while protecting their own.
Tumblr media
Summon Familiars Like Fairies, Golems, Demons, and Dragons
Magic battles are fought using the familiars summoned by the power of grimoires. Whether a fairy or golem, familiars come in various forms and each have their own unique abilities.
鈥擠ragons are extremely powerful, but take time to hatch from their eggs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Take Advantage of Enemy Affinity to Gain the Upper Hand in Battle
There are four types of magic (Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy), and each can summon its own unique units.
Additionally, there are two types of familiars: Substance and Astral. Astral familiars are extremely weak to magic attacks, but physical attacks have no effect on them. They are a good choice against powerful physical attack users.
Considering your affinity with the enemy and summoning the familiars that will gain you the upper hand is the key to victory.
鈥擳he Homunculus鈥 ability 鈥淐lairvoyance鈥 allows Astral familiars to be hit with physical attacks.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥擳he Grimalkin鈥檚 ability 鈥淪leep鈥 can put even powerful enemies down to rest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈻 OnceMore New Features
High-Resolution Graphics
With high-definition graphics, the game鈥檚 detailed visuals are clearer than ever. And since the aspect ratio is wider, it is easier to understand the magic battle playing field.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Newly Recorded Character Voice-Overs
Every voiced line in the game has been newly recorded with a completely new cast. Additionally, Lillet and company are not only voiced during story parts, but also in battle, adding a new side of GrimGrimoire to enjoy.
Tumblr media
New System: 鈥淕reat Magic鈥
Four types of 鈥淕reat Magic鈥 that can be used during battle have been implemented. While Great Magic can only be activated a limited number of times, one use alone can change the state of battle鈥斺淢ana Burst鈥 shoots a flame that deals damage to a wide range; 鈥淩esurrection鈥 recovers the HP of injured party members; and so on.
鈥擶ipe out your enemies with the Great Magic attack Mana Burst! You can also enjoy lively cut-in animations.
Tumblr media
New System: 鈥淪kill Tree鈥
In GrimGrimoire OnceMore, missions are set separately from the conditions to clear each stage. The coins earned by completing tasks can be used to strengthen summoning circles and familiars.
鈥擧ow you upgrade is up to you. Coins can be refunded, so try out various upgrades.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gallery Function
A 鈥淕allery鈥 function has been added to view illustrations produced for GrimGrimoire and GrimGrimoire OnceMore. Over 90 illustrations by the Vanillaware staff are featured.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Changes and Adjustments from the Original Version
A 鈥淔ast-Forward鈥 function for battle and story parts, and 鈥淢id-Battle Save鈥 function for battle parts have been added, making the game easier to play at your own pace. Additionally, the difficulty level of 鈥淗ard鈥 mode has been adjusted to be more challenging than the original version.
鈻 Specifications
Title: GrimGrimoire OnceMore Genre: Magic fantasy real-time strategy game Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch Release Date: July 28, 2022 (Japan) Players: 1 Price: 4,980 yen (5,478 yen with tax) Developer: Vanillaware Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software Official Website: nippon1.jp
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dailymtgflavortext 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檝e recently been trying to add more draw spells to my decks. Previously, my thoughts were 鈥淲hy would I want an effect that only works once? Phyrexian Arena works much better!鈥 And while I still like the slow, constant effects like that, I鈥檝e come to realize that single 鈥渂urst鈥 draw definitely has its place too. Especially when games are only 6-8 turns long.
Normally people associate card-draw with Blue, but as it turns out, Black has lots of great effects too! So I鈥檝e been picking them up. I don鈥檛 use these all in decks, but they range from 鈥渧ery good鈥 to 鈥渋nteresting curiosities.鈥
Toil/Trouble - I thought this was an Instant, so it鈥檚 actually not great. Still a cool card though, I like the Fuse spells.
Sanguimancy - 5 mana is a lot, but you could potentially draw a ton of cards. Not awful.
Stinging Study - Definitely worth running if your commander is big enough. Even a 5-mana draw-5 at Instant speed is really good.
Minions鈥 Murmurs - This is better than most GREEN creature-number draw. Be careful with this one, that life-loss can hurt!
Painful Truths - I use this in every 3-color deck I can. 3-mana draw-3? Yes please!
Pact of the Serpent - Can be even better than Minions鈥 Murmurs above. This is 3 mana???
Morbid Curiosity - I prefer to sacrifice tokens, but this rewards you for bigger things. Not bad, but I wish it were Instant speed.
Sign in Blood/Night鈥檚 Whisper - Good for a little extra draw power.
Plumb the Forbidden - As an Instant, this card is insane. The best sacrifice-draw spell out there. 鈥淪acrifice X creatures: draw X+1 cards.鈥
Bankrupt in Blood - Worse than Plumb the Forbidden, but still usable if you have the fodder to fuel it.
Village RItes - Actually pretty good at 1 mana. I thought it was a Sorcery, it鈥檚 better than that. Deadly Dispute fits the same niche, but if I included it in the image above, the cards wouldn鈥檛 line up so nicely!
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flowercoasts 3 months ago
pre-combat summary going into c3e16
chetney: took 16 damage, plus 5 rite damage and 3 amplified blood maledict damage. invoked a crimson rite pre-battle. for the first time, used blood maledict: blood curse of the marked, gaining advantage on the first strike against the marked target plus extra damage equaling the hemocraft die (1d6). used invisibility to scout ahead and spy on lady emoth. healed 25 points from aura of vitality. is currently at聽46 hp (full). has 0 blood maledicts remaining. has rite of the flame activated on his wood chisel, which lasts until a short or long rest.
laudna: did not take damage at all last fight. used 8 eldritch blasts and a ray of frost, which are cantrips. did not cast any spells above cantrip level. used 2 (or four) out of her 3 sorcery points*. is currently at 34 hp (full). has 4 1st level spell slots, 2 2nd level spell slots, and 2 1st level warlock pact slots. has 1 (or 0) sorcery points remaining.
fcg: took 3 damage from a shade creeper explosion. used 2 sacred flame cantrips. used a reaction to half聽orym鈥檚 incoming damage from 12 to 6, and used a sawblade attack to deal that 6 points to a shade creeper. cast detect thoughts at 2nd level when the party interrogated shotan bruo. cast spiritual weapon聽at 2nd level. cast aura of vitality at 3rd level out of combat, healing a (presumed) total of 79. healed 3聽points from aura of vitality. is currently at 47 hp (full). has 4聽1st level spell slots, 1聽2nd level spell slots, and 1 3rd level spell slots. has 1 channel divinity聽remaining.
fearne: did not take damage at all last fight. did not use cantrips. cast two scorching rays at 2nd level. used one wild shape to summon聽mister, who is doing his best.聽is currently at 41 hp (full). has聽4 1st level spell slots, 1聽2nd level spell slots, and 2 3rd level spell slots. has 1 wild shape remaining.
imogen: took 7 points of damage from a shade creeper. did not use any cantrips. used 1 sorcery point for twinned spell, casting dissonant whispers at 1st level to two targets. cast 3rd level seething storm, a re-skinned hunger of hadar to match her storm abilities. healed 8 points from aura of vitality. is currently at 31 hp (full). has 3 1st level spell slots, 3聽2nd level spell slots, and 1聽3rd level spell slots. has 4 sorcery points remaining.
orym: took 40 points of damage. expended a superiority die and used feinting attack on the first round of combat, claiming the first kill with one strike. did not use any more battle master maneuvers for the rest of the fight. healed 43 points from aura of vitality. is currently at 49 hp (full). has 3 superiority die remaining.
ashton: did not take damage at all last fight. used pass without trace sneaking into the mines, which can be used once per long rest. activated rage, using a time distortion effect. specifics unknown, but has a 15 foot radius that forces enemies to make a constitution saving throw or its speed is reduced by half and it loses reactions until the beginning of its next turn. did not use any chaos bursts. is currently at 58 hp (full). has 1 rage remaining.聽
gus (based on assumptions): a wizard or sorcerer. cast private sanctum on the streets of jrusar during the interrogation of bell鈥檚 hells. cast fireball and invisibility in the mines. cast the fire bolt cantrip, shooting out two fire bolts instead of one. possibly used twinned spell. is at least a 7th level wizard or sorcerer.
olly (based on assumptions): a martial class with two attacks. duel wields two baton weapons. also uses a light crossbow. did not cast any spells. did not use rage or sneak attack. either a fighter or ranger. is at least 5th level.
enemy stats and information
lady emoth (using information from c3e14): took 187 damage total, and was close to death before escaping. ac is between 14 and 18. has two claw attacks. at least +7 to hit. rolls 1 damage die for piercing damage and at least 2 die for necrotic damage. has vertical movement with a climbing speed of at least 30 feet. intelligence saving throw +2. has a line aoe that requires a dex saving throw or creatures affected take damage (at least 24 points) and are poisoned (lowest success is 16). has slippery dash as a bonus action, which acts as a disengage.
small shade creepers: hp is around 12. ac is 14. one attack. rolls 1 damage die for piercing damage and 1 die for necrotic damage. explodes upon death and requires a dex saving throw (highest fail 8, lowest success 11) dealing one die of fire damage. if a creature succeeds, no damage. has a climbing speed.
big shade creepers: took 51 damage total. ac is above 13, below 22. two attacks, 1 melee and 1 ranged, requiring a dex saving throw (only known success is 17 with no damage at success). explodes upon death and requires a dex saving throw (DC 12 or 13) dealing unknown fire damage. half damage at success.
*note for laudna鈥檚 sorcery points. she used the 鈥渜uickened spell鈥 from her sorcerer metamagic option to turn a spell that costs an action (eldritch blast) into a bonus action. she did this twice. RAW states that 鈥渜uickened spell鈥 costs 2 sorcery points, which means she would have 0 going into next battle.
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baalism a year ago
Solomon misc headcanons 鉁
- demons want him, fish fear him.
- Asmo is his whole (one demon) PR team and now every demon wants to form a pact with Solomon. God knows what he's told them...
- does that thing of saving phone numbers as 'Aaaabarbatos' 'Aaaaamc' so he can find them faster alphabetically in his contacts because that list is endless.
- the only reason he is not interested in a pact with Mammon isn't because he thinks he's dumb or anything, he just really sees no point in the wealth and fortune Mammon would bring to him??
- he does not care about money really, he's a king and already had it all and he gets sort of nihilistic about the whole thing.
- he's so used to being alone that physical contact throws him off a bit at first. Even a hug is perhaps too much.
- but eventually ends up enjoying playful stuff! A shoulder nudge, surprise tickles, pinching your side or viceversa, a tiny hair pull maybe.
- Solomon's hands are always cold.
- and 28掳C is lukewarm weather according to him...
- his living space is very neat and only messy in a controlled 'I know where everything is' kinda way. The only clutter comes from magical ingredients and paraphernalia.
- he is a bit of a clean freak if only because things get messy in sorcery if you get ingredients mixed up and what not. That being said, he rarely washes cauldrons, bowls and stuff, opting for just using a clean one if he can. Solomon kinda just leaves the dirty ones piling up in a corner until the next spring cleaning (of the century).
- documents in a detailed manner every experiment of his but his handwriting is completely fucked up and his notes are full of terms in whatever dead language sometimes. So good luck trying to read that.
- not unskilled at cooking, Solomon is merely too arrogant to follow a damn recipe. Gives 'Ofc I can do this, actually I can do it even better!' vibes and is completely closed to criticism. :-) Why would you criticize him :-) the most powerful sorcerer, on his superior recipes?
- does write poetry of course, maybe even erotic poetry 馃槼, but its so sappy and he'd read it to you no questions asked and with a straight face, why would you subject yourself to that.
- Asmo adores it. Simeon uh...likes it, he can certainly see the appeal and the genius behind it, or something.
- his speech is polite and normal yes but every now and then he'd use some dated slang that makes him sound like your grandpa and it's really something...
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dcs-fkin-mystics 5 months ago
Official DC Lore: Sorcery sorority
Tumblr media
鈥淪orcery is one arena where gender grants no advantage. In fact, the formative spirit of universal mysticism is primal female spirit Hecate, before her role is usurped by the vengeful witch Circe. Modern magicians have no steadfast relationships. Friends, archenemies, and rivals all scrupulously respect nonaggression pacts and areas of neutrality like the Oblivion Bar, painfully aware that a misstep might destroy the locality and transgressors.
Zatanna鈥檚 path is paved with good intentions but strewn with pitfalls. Her efforts to aid novices Traci 13 and Misty Kilgore result in angst, acrimony, and attempted murder, while occasional allies Nightmare Nurse, Witchfire, Black Alice, Enchantress, and Nimue Inwudu, aka Madame Xanadu (pictured), have simultaneously saved and imperiled humanity. Xanadu is a recurring problem. The powerful, centuries-old sister to Morgaine Le Fey, and founding member of the Demon Knights and Justice League Dark, has always used her sorcery and gift of prophecy to benefit the world鈥攂ut only according to her own strongly held opinions and interpretations.鈥
鈥 Excerpt from The DC Book by Stephen Wiacek
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sparring-spirals 2 months ago
Laudna dragging away a magically influenced, uncontrollably cackling Imogen going "yeah the marionettes are so funny, so adorable, right? but we gotta go-" is right on that line of terrible and hilarious and sweet for me.
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horsebeckett 5 months ago
continuing to think about the gang and dnd.
Arthur is an oath of redemption paladin. This is pretty obvious
Dutch is an oathbreaker paladin. Bitch.
Uncle is some kind of warlock. If he hasn't made a pact with something then I don't know who has
Hosea is a bard. College of whispers or college of eloquence maybe. Also has a Big Sword
John is a regular old rogue thief. You can't beat the classics!
Sadie's a barbarian. Good for her.
My dear skrunkly Swanson is a peace domain cleric but he's not very good at it. Did not prepare any combat spells, but he's got a lot of spell slots available to cast Mending
Sean is a drunken master monk but if he had a bit of dragon sorcery blood in him nobody would be particularly shocked
Pearson is a transmutation wizard. Where do you think that stew comes from?
Javier is a swashbuckler. Look at him. Come on.
I have thought maybe too hard about Charles? Because he is so dear to me. Anyway he's maybe an oath of ancients paladin or maybe a ranger/druid multiclass
Karen is a wild magic barbarian because vibes
Grimshaw is an order cleric and she is going to keep things working godammit!
Strauss just gives you a quest and then dies if you roll bad later on. Rip
Trelawny is an archfey. No, not an archfey warlock. He's the patron
Mary-Beth is a cleric of some variety. I don't think she's chosen quite yet. Babe might I recommend tempest domain, it kicks ass and I think you deserve to shoot lightning at people
Tilly's a fighter with a big hammer. Queen
Lenny is a college of lore bard but he also has a gun
Kieran is a rogue. A scout maybe
Abigail is a circle of stars druid because of vibes again
Bill is a totem barbarian but his stats are not optimized and his dice luck. Is very bad
My wife Molly is a college of glamour bard. Again this seems obvious
Micah's a cunt an oath of conquest paladin maybe
Jack Marston is an oath of vengeance paladin. Sorry
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