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Kingdom Hearts II is made infinitely funnier by the fact that the entire plot runs off Sora hunting down what’s basically an interplanetary war criminal down, not because he wants to hurt him, but because he wants to give him a damn hug

And then these shits running around in black cloaks led by a wanna be Sith Lord complete with lightsabers and Force Lightning keep getting in his way and Sora responds with murder because he wants his Riku hugs damn it

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Mickey: Riku did what?
Master Yen Sid: I wouldn’t let him see Sora since he is still resting from his injuries. I told him that unless he was injured, he was not allowed to stay, so he punched himself in the face and told me that he was injured.
Mickey: Well, you have to admire his...dedication.
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Sora: *sees riku do the Gay Sitting With One Knee Up Thing* wow I wonder why I Feel Like This must be because Riku is objectively attractive right? Haha
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Hi everyone :) call me Shae, I’m a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, and I have a great passion for Sora and Riku, my two favorite characters and also my favorite ship of them all (I mean from every fandom I’m into 😂).

I’m really enthusiastic, I like theories, memes, fanfics, so I’m going to post/reblog stuff like that :)

I won’t accept any insults. It’s immature and mean, and a waste of time.

(Also I’m french so sorry if I make English mistakes)

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Sora:(with Riku) Axel, what happened to your nose?

Axel:(glares at Roxas while his nose is bleeding)

Roxas:(looks at him, blushes and looks down)…he uh…I punched him…

Riku: Why?

Roxas:…cause he tired to kiss me—



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