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19 August 2019

Bid day is FINALLY here!! The day every single girl who has been going through this process with me for the past few days and myself have all been waiting for since we submitted the recruitment application. I hardly slept because of my anxiousness so I won’t even begin by explaining what my first thought was when I “woke up”. I was so excited for what today had in store for me and to meet the girls I would call my sisters for the rest of my life. I hurried got dressed and, despite my lack of knowledge in makeup, attempted my best work. By the time I got to the holding room, my nerves were running wild. I met with 2 specific girls who I had grown close with throughout this process and we found three seats towards the front of the lecture hall. Every girl who would be recieving a bid would recieve it in a different room alone in front of a panel of people who all played a significant role in the sororities/Greek Life at Angelo State. Girls were being called back by name in alphebetical order, meaning I would be towards the bottom of the list. A few hours had gone by by the time my name was called. At that moment I immediately felt a rush of excitement and fear both. What if I don’t recieve a bid from my preferred sorority? What if I don’t recieve a bid at all? What if I don’t know anyone from the sorority that I would recieve a bid from? I had every possible scenario in the world come into my head, but no time at all to evaulate each of them and prepare for the possibility of one of them actually happening. I walk into the room and took my seat directly across from the panel of “important people”. I am handed my bid card and open it up to see that I had recieved a bid from my preferred sorority, S I G M A  K A P P A!!!! I immediately accepted my bid, signed all paperwork and joined the group of girls who had already recieved their bids as well. I patiently waited for Harry and Green Eyes, but neither of them ever walked into the room.

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