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B O O K  R E V I E W

╙ T R A N S C E N D  B Y  N A T A L I A  J A S T E R

  • genre: fantasy, new adult
  • publication date: 26th March, 2020
  • rating (1-5 scale):
    • writing:   ★ ★ ★ ★
    • characters & character development: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    • could-not-put-it-down factor: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    • general rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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“Mommy, it hurts,” The teenage girl cries while clutching her heart.

“I know my baby, but it’ll get better, I promise,” She rubs her daughter’s back comfortingly.

“But mommy, I don’t know how to move on… he was my soulmate,” The teenage girl says while looking up at her mother with teary eyes.

“There are other fish in the sea… better fish,” Her mom wipes her daughter’s tears away.

“But it felt like he was the one,” The teenage girl says while looking down at her hands.

“There’s never the ‘one’ my baby… guys are assholes… they take what they want and don’t spare other people’s feelings,” The mom says.

“Is that what happened between you and father?” The girl asks her mother.

“Yes, he gained my trust… manipulated me… took what he wanted… then left me alone,” The mother says while quickly wiping away her tears.

“I’m sorry you went through that, mom,” The girl says, rubbing her mom’s knuckle.

“Just promise me one thing, baby girl…” The mother starts.

“Yes, anything, mom,” The girl says, waiting for the promise.

“Promise me that you won’t let a guy manipulate you into anything… promise me my darling,” The mom says, looking at her daughter, nerves racking her mind.

“Of course, mother… I promise to never let a guy control me or manipulate me into anything,” The daughter says, making her mother smile and hug her.

“Thank you, my baby girl,” The mother says, letting her tears fall as she hugs her daughter.

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In dark isolation.

Anyone else feel worse with these quarantines?

At least I’m not longer like a diseased freak that refuses to leave their quarters.

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This, as you might have guessed, is not a virus. It never was and may never get a virus (who knows, in times like these). This is a collection of data, showing what a candlelight in a bowl looked like a few days ago. It now looks very different, as these days things do look different all the time. So, this is a photography of a flame. May it lighten up your soul and may it burn down your sorrows. Let’s all be confidential, for bad things will happen, whatever we behave like. They never needed our sorrow. They feed themselves (bad things and sorrows). Let us feed our confidence =:))

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It’s a serious thing to be alive

It’s a serious thing to dare to love

Especially when you fight to survive

Especially when your heart might get shoved

And when all you love has lost its wonder

When even reading has lost it’s appeal 

And when all you do seems to be blunder 

And when empty is all that you will feel

When lonely nights make me ache with sorrow

And all you want is for the pain to end

Days all blend: yesterday is tomorrow

In an endless loop; alone you must fend

Then what, pray tell, is left to do save mourn

Alone you’ve been left, in half you’ve been torn

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I live behind a busy highway. Sometimes I sit in my car in my driveway, staring at the highway desperately wanting to run into traffic. Then I remember, if I killed myself, I wouldn’t only be killing myself but everyone else around me. If only I didn’t have people around me that loved and cared for me, I wouldn’t hesitate but to jump.

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