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my mom: you should do something you love :) (but also, shame on u if ur not a doctor :))

me: goes into healthcare, am happy with my chosen career

my mom: why do you make so little money, look at your cousin, she makes 80k with only a 4 year degree

look, mother, I don’t know what to tell you anymore ok

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Whumptober 2020: Day 21 - I don’t feel so well

Prompt: Hypothermia 

Summary: With little information to go on, Tim is sent to help Jason after his emergency beacon goes off. Tim goes without question but perhaps he really should have found out some details before going in blind. 

Enjoy! :D

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep him awake! He’s moody Dick, and won’t listen to me.” Tim huffs, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his free hand.  

He pauses as he listens to Dick rattle on about something on the other side of the phone. He sighs again. “Just hurry up and get here before something worse happens to him. I’m telling you now I don’t know what’ll kill him first, the cold or me. Just get your ass here!” 

Before his brother could respond Tim hangs up. He takes a moment to himself and wonders how the hell he’d managed to get himself into this kind of situation.

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what stuff are you referring to? sorry for answering your question with a question, i just don’t know the context of what you’re asking jkkjlhk

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Vintage - favorite decade?

The 1970s, definitely! I know a bit about gay culture in NYC in the 70s. Did you know that the location of the 8th Avenue burger joint Shake Shack used the be the site of a gay porn theater and, later, a sex shop? Whenever I’ve been to Shake Shack, it’s kind of like this big secret—I feel like I’m probably the only one who knows that where people are eating, men used to have sex on the floor of that theater. Not that you wanted to know this, and I’ve gotten kind of off-track from just answering the question; I just find it very interesting. But now, if you ever go to Shake Shack, you can be in on the secret.

Rain - favorite type of weather?

Cloudy and warm.

Sweaters - what’s your go to fall outfit?

Jeans and a sweater is probably what I wear most often. Sometimes I’ll fight the weather and pretend it’s warmer than it is and wear t-shirts into December. And then I complain about how cold I am. 

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What a coincidence! I also woke up at 6.30! Ah, 🥰🥺🤩❤️ahhhh that’s so nice of you thank you for telling me!! Also that might be my fault :v the drawing I uploaded was a screenshot so, maybe try with this one!

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Ooooh Nonners, get your tinhat out! 

There is a well known theory about this and I will dive deeper into it but of course, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way:

The theory is just that.. a theory. But a very good one, in my opinion. There is too little information to conclude who did what (sure we can connect dots, but we don’t know how many are missing), so I base this mostly on what I’ve seen and what sounds logical to me. And as usual: Even though I believe there are feelings beyond platonic, I cannot publicly claim they have acted on those feelings. For the sake of this answer let’s assume they were in a romantic/sexual relationship.

Their relationship before the big breakup:

Their feelings of attraction were mostly physical. You can see it in their instant attraction and their body language. They were in a very early “crush” stage of their relationship. Flustered, shy, giddy. Seeking each other out.

Theories within the theory: 

According to the main theory, they “broke up” around october 2011, when Misha was written off the show and they had no more conventions together for a little while.  

The decision to end it was very likely mutual although I’m inclined to think that Misha may have been the one to instigate it or bring it up and Jensen hesitantly agreed. Unless Jensen acts out of panic, he acts more from the heart, while Misha acts often from the mind. Misha is a very practical guy and capable of seperating feelings from thoughts. They would have been too busy to keep up two relationships outside of Vancouver. It’s not that Misha didn’t care about Jensen, but I think in his mind; keeping it up wasn’t very realistic because the relationship had been very “green” and they’d be living worlds apart.

(Why I think Jensen is not the one who instigated it becomes clear I hope somewhere in this post)

I think somewhere during their time apart, Misha realized his feelings for Jensen ran a bit deeper than he thought they did. And Jensen may have gone through the same or already knew. Jensen (the pleaser) started complimenting Misha publicly and reaching out when they were working together again, but Misha (the strategist) took a deliberate step back and pulled his walls up for the next months when he was invited back on the show, not ready to dive back in straight away. Possible reasons:

  • He wanted to prevent heartbreak (he could be written off again)
  • He didn’t know for sure how Jensen felt about him
  • Jensen didn’t know for sure how he felt about Misha
  • He didn’t know for sure yet how he felt about Jensen
  • He was cautious about having feelings that ran that deep outside of his relationship with his wife.
  • He wanted to give Jensen space to figure out what he wanted
  • They had an argument leading to or after the break up

Misha back on the show:

Misha looked tired and was quite rude/brash at multiple occassions. I think this partly had to do with how Jensen and he broke up but I think there was a bit more at play. 

  • He had a one year old at home he needed to provide for
  • He’d lost his job even though he was a fan fav
  • He was really into the fandom and Random Acts/ charity and he probably feared he would lose fan support.
  • He knew losing all that one day was a possibility but it may have been worth it if he got a honorable ending. Which he didn’t. Cass’ death wasn’t doing the character any favors. 

To say he wasn’t pleased with SPN at that time is probably an understatement.

Jensen always wanted Misha back on the show. He made that clear during interviews. Once Misha was back on, Jensen also expressed multiple times how happy he was with that. 

Getting back together:

According to the break up theory they got back together around august 2012. I agree things seemed to look up from that moment onwards. But them flirting together started way before that!

When they started working together again (beginning 2012), I think Misha had some concerns letting Jensen back in to the same extent he had before, (like mentioned before) so he tried to keep it platonic for now. 

Who tried to mend it:

Honestly, it could have been both. I lean more towards Jensen though. For the first few months back on set it seemed that:

  • Jensen showed behavior indicating he was willing to try again and at least mend their friendship. 
  • Misha was still struggling. Jensen was practically throwing himself at him and he didn’t know what to do with that. He looked like he was torn between trying to stay away and being drawn to Jensen like a magnet. 
  • There may have been a situation that needed forgiveness and they needed to get over that hurdle before moving on.
  • At Jibcon (april 2012) the panel was weird. Cautious. Nervous. But the off stage flirting was back.

Progress of their relationship:

The moment things were all good again, their relationship changed into something more flirty and more steady. (going from a crush to being in love). This remained for a while until a bit later, I think maybe around 2014, they became more emotionally dependent and went from in love to loving. (body mirroring, emotional support, reading each other like an open book). 

Everything became more serious. The balancing out, which I have mentioned before, became more obvious. It was less about ‘want’ and more about ‘need’. A lot more happened during the last couple of years and they spent a lot off time together on and off set. 

Other “down” moments:

I am a hundred percent sure, that if they really are/ have been in a relationship, there have been times when one of them at least thought about breaking up or they fought over certain things. I think Misha is more comfortable with his sexuality and sexual preferences. He is also more of a “we’ll see where this goes” kind of guy. And as long as things are fine, he won’t lie awake trying to change them. 

Surely, when they became aware of the fans shipping “cockles” Jensen probably had some melt-downs. Probably worried about exposure, opinions, public image and family. But knowing Misha he would give Jensen exactly what he needed at that moment.

Being in the public eye and hiding a very unconventional relationship puts an incredible amount of pressure on it. The fear, sneaking around and the friction (they both handle it differently) has probably caused some heartbreaking moments for them. There have been some short “cold” moments between them over the years. But these moments never lasted as long as the big break up. 

Other likely reasons that at least could have caused them to argue:

  • Both of them having very busy schedules
  • One of them running their mouth during panels about sensitive subjects
  • One of them being too flirty on stage
  • The endless teasing on set
  • Normal domestic irritations
  • Destiel
  • Guilt/shame (even if they would have gotten approval) towards their wives, families, friends.
  • Long moments apart (breaks and misha not being in every ep)
  • Jealousy and trying to get into the right mindset of acceptance for polyamory (it’s not something everyone can learn overnight)
  • Unclear rules/ agreements regarding their relationship
  • Difference in opinion or clashing personalities. Despite them being perfect fitting pieces, their completely opposite traits certainly cause some friction sometimes.
  • Insecurity/ fear. Fear of Misha being written off/ what to do when spn ends/ how to fit all this into their lives/ exposure etc.
  • Simple doubt: Is it worth the hassle? Is this really the right thing?
  • Personal issues - depression, anxiety, loss, past etc.

Who would initiate mending it:

Well, I think they both would. They could scream and shout and argue all they want but they could not for the life of them stay apart. Especially not after being confronted with each other on set again every time. 

Who mends their “down moments” depends on the situation, I think. They’re both stubborn asses but also deeply care. I think they are both willing to swallow their pride. They both can’t stand to see people they love being hurt. They are both carers. They both know how to help each other. But they also have massive differences in personality (another subject for another day) and know exactly what pushes the other’s  buttons, which will make them act differently in different situations. 

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ah yeah that song!!! it reminds me of the same kinda music style one of my favorite streamers listens to and the song always reminds me of him and then i miss him because he’s been on a hiatus for almost half a year :’(

i only know “so what” by loona, im sorry i dont really like them bfjhvdncks im very picky when it comes to girl groups 🥺 the only ones i actually listen to sometimes are red velvet, gidle and everglow really…. not a girl group but taeyeon is definitely my favorite female artist! her songs and her style is really really nice and mature, same goes for rv, i only listen to their velvet tracks, i dont really like the “red” side of them. with girl groups i feel like most of them do the cute upbeat concept which im not really a fan of, i kinda want something different you know? thats why i like everglow too because they used to do hard edm noise music which is exactly my style bhvdfn and i also like ladida a lot! 💕

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To the anon I accidentally blocked, I’m so sorry and I hope you somehow get this message and know I didn’t mean it! I tried looking in my block list and couldn’t find you so hopefully Tumblr just didn’t work.

If anyone knows how to fix it feel free to let me know.

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I never noticed this I’m sorry! I do plan on continuing it, but I haven’t really had the inspiration or motivation - I just moved too so that’s also cutting into any creativity I may have

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Ummm, let’s see. (I haven’t really done much for Halloween until recently) I don’t really have much for activities. Bobbing for apples can be fun, but there will be spit on *everything* so you might wanna skip over this one or give people individual bowls, and if you have a a smallish pumpkin or a gourd and some empty cans pumpkin bowling is pretty good too. Once we had a race to see who could wrap the mummy in toilet paper fastest, buuuut nowadays that just feels plain irredeemable. If you have an old bedsheet you could pull it into strips to use instead, black tea is good for mummy cloth staining. I made punch once with apple, cranberry(?) juice and ginger ale, then I floated some plastic fangs in it and dribbled fake blood down the side of the bowl. As for movies, let’s see. Idk how comfortable you are with blood and stuff but I don’t go for anything too freaky anyways. Horror comedy is more my bag. Fright Night. The Lost Boys American Werewolf in London The Blob Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 is the better version in my opinion) Shawn of the Dead Corpse Bride (really good, I like it better than Nightmare before Christmas) Sweeney Todd 2007 (though the blood is ORANGE of all colors and that ticks me off. Everything is grey and black, red would’ve popped beautifully!) Psych had a Halloween episode every season I think, those were pretty good. Those are what I got right now, if I think of anything else I’ll shoot you a message. I hope this was useful. Happy Halloween! 🎃🦇

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@victoriadevereaux​ [ PRIVATE F2F ]

She snatches her, as soon as she sees her walking down the hallway, in the first empty room she finds behind her, shutting the door with a flick of her wrist and pulling Victoria towards her in a desperate kind of kiss. She thinks that maybe, if anything is going to help that feeling of restlessness that’s been tethering at the tip of her fingertips, its going to be this. And her wife. And everything she’s missed the past few months. 


Hi… I missed you and your long speeches and your public rifts with Aemilia over my honor.

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