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moonlightdancer26 · 2 days ago
I bet you won’t be able to list 20 good things snape did.
originally, I was thinking about asking you to list 10 instead of 20 cause he barely did anything. List at least 10 good things that greasy git did and I might consider that he’s a semi-decent person.
20? ONLY? Lmao anon, at least give me a challenge.
originally, I was thinking about asking you to list 10 instead of 20 cause he barely did anything.
List at least 10 good things that greasy git did and I might consider that he’s a semi-decent person.
Y’know what, anon? I’ll list 50 good things he did just out of spite.😘❤️
(Yes anon, I’m THAT petty.)
Let’s do this:
Prepared the mandrake draught potion that cured three petrified Muggleborn students.
Saved Katie Bell's life after she was cursed by the necklace.
Made the Unbreakable Vow to save Draco’s life and soul.
Perfectly brewed Wolfsbane Potion for Remus every month so that he won't endanger students’ lives.
Punished Harry and Ronald for strangling Neville and told Harry to release Neville.
Saved Harry from Quirrell in Harry’s first Quidditch match.
Taught Harry Expelliarmus, which ultimately lead to Voldemort’s death.
Waited to see why Harry and Ronald didn't get to school by the train, and alerted them that they were seen.
Gave Harry a good telling off when Harry was caught in Hogsmade without permission and was concerned for Harry's safety.
Severus, realising that Remus, being the irresponsible dumbass that he is, didn’t take his Wolfsbane Potion, ran after the trio to the Shrieking Shack despite his past trauma that was associated with that place to apprehend a mass-murderer (who he also believed was responsible for James and Lily’s death) and his accomplice, and saved 3 students.
Outed Remus.
Had Harry and Sirius brought to the castle after the Dementors attacked.
Goes back to spying on Voldemort to keep Harry safe.
Taught Harry Occlumency as best as he could and alerted Dumbledore about Harry's visions.
Gave Umbitch fake Veritaserum when she wanted to know of Sirius’s whereabouts.
Got worried when the trio didn't return from the forest, and contacted the Order to tell them what happened. He also begged Sirius to remain behind.
Indirectly saved Ronald’s life through his Potion’s book (that was currently in Harry’s possession), and Harry used Sev’s advice about the Bezoar and saved Ronald from getting poisoned.
Lead Harry to the real sword of Gryffindor using his Patronus. (He even gave Bellatrix a fake copy.)
Refereed the next Quidditch match to prevent Quirrell from trying any more shenanigans.
Protected the students from Umbitch who wanted to use Veritaserum.
Completely respected Lily's wishes and never talked to her again (after she told him to piss off).
Defected from the dark side and joined the Order.
After he realises that Voldy was going after the Potters, he asked to spare Lily. After that, he immediately warned Dumbledore about Voldemort and that he’s targeting the Potters. He could have easily let Voldy finish the job, but instead he decided that he would rather have Lily and her family (including his former bully) live in peace (and y’all still say he was obsessed and didn’t care about Lily and her happiness💀🤚🏼), than to trust the word of his master.
After Lily died, he dedicated his entire life to protecting her son and making sure she didn’t die in vain.
Became a double (later triple) agent.
Had the balls to ask Lord Voldemort to show mercy to a Muggleborn woman who was an Order member (who was also the mother of the child Voldemort was targeting).
Indirectly saved baby Harry’s life. See, in short term, Sev relayed the Prophecy fragment which caused Voldemort to target the Potters personally. It was only because Severus asked Voldemort to spare Lily that Lily was offered the choice to step aside (and she refused), which set up the blood protection. He saved Harry from Voldy Moldy and gave the light side over a decade to rally.
Placed an unconscious Sirius on a stretcher, like the physically gentle cutie pie that he is.
Taught Harry Occlumency and was somewhat fair to him during those lessons (he treated him as an adult and he even congratulated Harry when Harry broke into his mind).
Defended Hermione in Deathly Hallows (in The Prince’s Tale, to be exact), when Phineas Nigellus Black called her a Mudblood.
Saved Remus’s life in The Battle of the Seven Potters when a Death Eater was about to kill him (Remus).
As headmaster, he tried to protect Hogwarts students from the Carrows as much as he possibly could without blowing his cover. Example: He gives Neville, Luna, and Ginny a harmless detention with Hagrid when they tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor from his office.
Mercy-killed Dumbledore.
When the fake egg screamed in GoF he immediately ran all the way to the fifth floor to help.
When Myrtle screamed about murder (in HBP), he immediately rushed to investigate.
Saved Draco’s life (cause of the whole Sectumsempra fiasco).
Risked being exposed and horribly killed by Voldemort and/or his followers.
Saved the entire Wizarding World.
Stopped a Death Eater from cursing Harry (in HBP, Flight of The Prince, outside Hagrid’s Hut) by reminding them that only Voldy Moldy decides what is to be done with him and that Pottah belongs to The Dark Lord.
Suggested using decoys when transferring Harry to the Burrow.
While guiding Harry to the Sword of Gryffindor he made sure Ronald saved Harry from the lake before fleeing the spot so that Harry doesn’t drown.
Gave Harry his memories to pass on Dumbledore's last message to make sure Harry knows how to defeat Voldemort.
Introduced Lily to the Wizarding World.
Was always (🥺) seen cheering Lily up and apologising to her (in The Prince’s Tale).
Spent the rest of his life protecting a child who was a photocopy of his abuser (appearance-wise), and doing things he hated.
Tried to save as many people from Voldemort and Death Eaters as he could (“Lately only those whom I could not save”).
Protected children with no regard for his own life.
Created Vulnera Sanentur.
Taught the class about werewolves because he wanted them to learn how to protect themselves from werewolves in case anything happens.
Still went through with Dumbledore’s plan. Severus learned about Harry’s fate during HBP’s timeline—Harry has to die to end Voldemort and to bring peace to the wizarding world. Which meant Severus’s whole commitment to making sure Lily’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain became completely meaningless, because Harry Potter, whom Severus has dedicated his entire life to protecting, had to die. He went through with the plan which proves he genuinely believed in the Order’s cause, and that he cared about the greater good.
So, are those enough reasons? Siriusly anon, next time give me a real challenge.
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equal-pay · 13 hours ago
I know it's super early in her 1st cap but I already feel more confident with Casey Murphy in goal vs Jane Campbell
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hisclockworkservants · 2 days ago
Little cute baby bunny with his father drawing more little bunnies
Tumblr media
That's kinda specific, just have this dad bun and baby bun.
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calcitemc · an hour ago
you’re telling me a ginger bred these men?
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callumslowiq · 4 hours ago
us all realising how desensitised we are to the ugly russian Haas suit™️ and going absolutely feral over Ferrari Mick™️ is hilarious to me
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fuckboyregulus · 18 hours ago
did i say there would be a new chapter today? yes. is there going to be? no.
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Hop on, it's sad Kevin hours
Does Kevin know that his mother never got into an accident? Does he know that the Moriyamas killed her to get him as an asset? Would Tetsuji risk using this to make him feel small? Risk the anger, the betrayal, the one thing that could spark some rebellion on the boy?
If no one ever told Kevin outright, does he wonder about it? Is it genuine suspicion or seen as paranoia? Has he learnt not to dwell on things he can't change or does it still keep him up at night?
On the worse days, can he look Wymack in the eyes? Does he seek solace on someone who loved her too, or does he keep the possibility to himself, so to not inflict the same pain of not knowing? What option would the father he barely met pick? What would the mother he barely remembers wish?
Is Kevin fated to forever suffer from the wounds of purgatory guilt about her death? Never closed enough to heal, never clean enough to stop asking
Was it his fault?
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Colour palette challenge with 'Sunset Secrets' for Kazuma and Ryuunosuke!
I love them your honour 😫💞
I dunno, the palette name just reminds me of them in the end of the second game 🙃
Tumblr media
Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience!! :DD
The palette does resemble the end of DGS2, doesnt it
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leenasfavs · a day ago
the best best best part about ep 5 was that they resolved the tension at the right time!!! romance series will drag out the angst and the tension that by the time we get to the resolution (often in the form of a kiss) , that oomph is no longer left uk? but this?? I FELT IT IN MY GUT
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m-a-k-k-u · 2 days ago
Blog recommendations for fellow demons? 
Here's a bunch of great people with a bunch of great blogs. Enjoy.
@ghvsts @kookietrbl @bloodyblossoming @sickswitchblade2 @moodybluesbabe @thebitchprincesss @kindaddict @crybabygalore @sak-am8 @r0b0tf1ngerz @fujocherry @anime-to-the-t @itchyguts @jotohei @redhawtcheeto @hide-and-seekrets @bluntforcelover @mirayama @bushidocaps @sunflowersenshi @my-bodys-missing-pieces @toky09 @laxativerat @watchmesmile @beansprout-s @ball-cockk @kill-roe @bizzyfish
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succubirevenge · a day ago
Pt 2
If Iida were to catch you with a dildo...
He would lay you over the thick, muscular plane of his thighs and spank you. Of course you would have to keep the dildo inside of you. Since you like it so much, he would hate to have to make you part from it.
His hits would come in rapid succession. Iida isn't kind, he made sure you knew what you were signing up for in the first place and now he shows no mercy.
He is seemly careless with his hits. Sometimes he will give you a brief reprieve and hit a piece of your thigh that is relatively untouched. Other times he will hone in on the crease of your thigh. The thin delicate piece of skin that joins to your labia will bare the brunt of his calloused palm. the worse is when his hits manages to skin your clit. The hits that aim for the sensitive bundle make you squeal and jerk your pelvis away from his wrath. Iida easily holds you down with one arm around your waist watching as you struggle to clench around the dildo you had fucked you cunt sloppy on.
If you were to beg, to plead for mercy. If you offered anything just for a break, he might stop. His fingers might rub softly on the hot aching skin. Hands slowly drawing towards your wet aching cunt before long fingers curl around the dildo and pushing it deeper into you. He would aim for its substantial length to grind against your g spot with each thrust and with each withdraw the base would push against your clit.
If his hand were to get tired, sore from writing reports and working to pay for your lavish lifestyle, he might spank you with the dildo. The silicone is much lighter and seems to have less power but its elasticity makes it curl around your curves more. Each hit to your thigh is no longer so simple and instead your can feel the head of the dildo trace the sharp pain over your labia.
And if during any of his punishment you were to drop the dildo...
If you were to be taken over by an orgasm that had you trembling, your voice wailing and pussy quivering, enough to dislodge the black dildo. Or maybe if Iida were to accidentally let his fingers nudge the base of the dildo out during his flurry of hits.
You would have to start from the beginning. Its only fair really to show how serious you are about your apology...
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gertrude from hamlet is canonically a milf
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that-percico-bitch · 2 days ago
Percy: What are your pronouns?
Nico: Why? What are you saying about me? Are there people talking about me behind my back? Is that why you need to know?
Nico: Okay but if you must know it’s he/they 🙄🙄🙄
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btsarmy9593 · 2 days ago
i've deleted some apps (tumblr, discord, twitter) off my phone. not the accounts, but just the apps. all that to say, i might be slower in getting back to people. please be patient with me.
i just need a break from fandom drama.
sorry if this seems dramatic. i'm not trying to be (i don't think).
have a yoongi for your trouble.
Tumblr media
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gale-gentlepenguin · 2 days ago
Stoneheart has more personality than Ivan.
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nerviovago · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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