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#sorry anon .

girl it’s a tweet, i’m sure it’s just an exaggeration shfghejhe take it up with op if you want to stay mad.

i mean it’s not just about the cancellations of the shows. it’s about the utter neglect of wlw characters that most of them don’t even have a proper send off if you will but go off i guess

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You’re bringing very good points to the table, anon. Truly.

You know, in the beginning I myself was a little uncomfortable as regarding CrayJay: she really has been through a lot, it’s not up for discussion. So I found myself struggling and sometimes even defending her.

But that was when it was all still up in the air and she hadn’t insert herself into the Armie narrative yet, hadn’t filmed herself alone in the car pretending to be with “him” yet.. you know?!


this isn’t me saying that she/they deserve to be harassed in their dms or on their socials.. but you know?! If you go above & beyond to insert yourself into a specific person’s life narrative - a crowded one atm - you have to have put a lot of consideration into this, right?! Linking yourself to an actor calls for public attention, all actors come with a fan base and she perfectly knows that.

So… if she goes these lengths.. gurl, I ain’t gonna let her make me feel uncomfortable for her desperate call for attention. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Listen, I wanna spell it out one more time for them…

Let’s just state for argument’s sakes that I’m neither a Timmy fan nor a hater, and that whatever is said in the GQ interview is 100% the actual truth:

How strong is the self-centered/douchy boyfriend wavelength you’re getting atm?

Because apart from the best day/really loved whatevs - all I can seem to focus on - AS ANY SOUND ADULT WOULD - is the fact that the outcome of those pics didn’t bother him because they were both violated in their privacy - that’s if I choose to stupidly believe that they didn’t know the paps were there - but because he looked pale… and he had just had a good day.

You feel me? Another man would’ve freaked out at seeing their girlfriends with their ass up in the air. Another man would’ve asked for some respect for his girlfriend…not to mention that they had a whole of 6?7? months to address this.. while their baguetty love story was still going strong and they didn’ 🤷🏻‍♀️

Yeah, if you’re reading this.. and you’re a fan of Timmy and think that statement is something out of a romantic movie.. try again.

It’s stale, out of sync and self-serving/centered to the brim.

So, yeah, let them try again.. I sure wanna see the struggle stash, Timmy’s dead hand and eyes make a come back. Let us see if they’ve gotten any better at faking it.

[But I am a Timmy fan.. and I do care deeply for him and feel sorry when he feels unnecessarily self-conscious (most of the times for the wrong reasons)]

But but but but but …. best part must be saved for last…

Teen ad for French cologne..

Now, who da fuck would buy a fried chicken scented eau de toilette?! 👀

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Uhm @  that anon from that “I have writers block” post before- 

I have a day off tomorrow, so I’m gonna fully rewatch S1 tomorrow, and in order to loosen up my writers block, I’m literally gonna note down the lines of and what happens in every single one of Pete’s scenes.

I WILL answer you. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but I just can’t figure out a way to neatly word it. 

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GOD I BARELY CONSUME MEDIA TBH and I can’t think of many characters off the top of my head atm? Might add more if I think of some but

Catra from shera got bpd and aspd

Louis from Beastars got npd

Uhhhhhhhh.. maybe pinkie pie from mlp has hpd? LOL


..the girls in doki doki have.. Something lol

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Oh, I definitely do, but if I’m being honest, I’m trying to distance myself from more of the shipping in the interest of running the Incorrect Quote Blog (I like to leave the quotes up to interpretation!)

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Well taking into consideration the era, it being 1978 and all, and in the tapes Photoshop was mentioned and that wasn’t invented until 1987, so Anthony would most likely be like in his early twenties at that point I guess? The whole timeline is really spotty and I don’t know for certain the ages of everyone, especially since we never really see Anthony and just hear him. To me he sounds like he could be in his early twenties so he would be like probably nine when the show was going on in 1978, so in the off chance that he had even known about the show I don’t think that Owen and Anthony would have ever met. Even if they did, I’m sure that it would just be very briefly since Owen is antisocial and didn’t interact with the stage crew or people very much, if at all.  

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Dear Anon,

This is a tough one.

I don’t believe I have favorites to put in a top 10. I just happen to be closer to some people.

😬 I interact with people who aren’t mutuals but they have been there for me when I needed and never made me feel ghosted 😬

There are people I don’t follow who I actually talk to if not daily, at least once every week.

That are people I follow who I’ve DMd, but they’ve never replied.

There are people who I’m honestly baffled that they chose to follow me. 

A top 10 would be an unfair thing and I couldn’t exclude anyone I interact with. If I deem someone worthy of my time, they’re special to me.

Also, being the neurotic person I am, I wouldn’t be able to just list the 10. I’d have to split them into categories, which would make it even more unfair.

I do have a list of recommended reads (that needs updating 😩 but I just haven’t had the energy). If the ask was about blogs that are worth checking out, those have great stories and great people behind them, so a good place to start.

If I just happened to be a blog you remembered because you had to send it to 10 other blogs, thank you for remembering me, and I hope you’re one of the people with whom I’ve had positive exchanges on this hellsite. 💜

*And I hope I haven’t offended anyone.*

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Oop, nope! I meant ‘carving’ shjdfhbjds it was a typo in the post(and the doc) that I just became aware of. It’s supposed to be pumpkin carving! Like Din and the child carving pumpkins together. I bet Din would end up doing something fancy (maybe he’d manage to make the pumpkin look like the kid).

 I’m really bad for putting ‘craving’ instead of ‘carving’ for some reason sjdhbfhbjsdjbh A perfect example on why I should have someone beta read my fics all the time. I bet that at least half of the words that are meant to be ‘carving’ are spelt as ‘craving’ in the WIP lol

Though tbh I can imagine the child enjoying some pumpkin flavored items and being a little obsessive with it (they would be the only things he wants to eat suddenly) and din just being like “why…?”, than he’d try like a pumpkin spice cookie and be like “nvm I understand now but you still can’t just eat everything pumpkin spice flavoured.” 

WIP tag game

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