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Thank you for the tag Yharu!! @another-her

list your favourite characters from 10 different fandoms

1. Sakharine - The Adventures of Tintin

2. James Moriarty - Fate/Grand Order

3. Lieutenant Tsurumi -  Golden Kamuy

4. Godzilla

5. Revolver Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid

6. Dio Brando - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

7. Yuugiri/Reina - Fire Emblem Fates

8. Kray Foresight - Promare

9. Johan Liebert - Monster

10. Okusawa Misaki - Bang! Dream Girl’s Band Party

9 chaotic characters and an idol

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Also, I know I haven’t been writing lately. I just havent had as much motivation foe it lately. It sucks because I did enjoy writing for you guys, I just havent felt like it. I do want to get back into it though. I have a few drafts waiting to get finished that I think you guys will like! I’m Assisi still taking requests so please send them in. Remember, no more smut, but I adore writing angst!

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Happy new year!

Here’s for a year of being comfortable with yourselves!

Either with minimal misgendering, getting over internalized arophobia/aromisia or just being able to present in the way you want to

Or all three if they all apply! Or something completely different!

Make this not just your year, but also your decade!

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Hey, It’s Niyah I just wanted to do a little update on how we’ve been doing lately and like just life things. My system and I haven’t been doing the best lately.. Hence the sort of break we took from this account. The holidays especially New Years are sort of a difficult time of year for us as it is for many other systems. Us personally we don’t really have to spend time with our family (my mom’s side that is) on Christmas. (That doesn’t stop her family from being toxic towards us though.🙃) New Years however and a period of time following it are an especially triggering for a few of our alters, one of them being Anna. Mostly because we’ve struggled in the past and even now with eating and like weight and all that. Then there’s sometimes the expectations surrounding the holiday to start to lose the weight gained during winter. Or start working on your “summer body” I know this isn’t like all that New Years is about its obviously mostly just a time where people like to have a fresh start hence the like healthy eating and working out and stuff. But idk it’s just a bit triggering for us personally. Anyways more recently we’ve had a lot of stuff going on in our system. We’ve gotten a few new alters. One of our alters who went dormant back in like Mid April/Early May has recently come back. Her name is Lola btw shes a fictive. Also Luka our caretaker went dormant for like 2 and a half weeks. He just disappeared nobody knew where he was and no one could reach him. Which was incredibly stressful because he’s a caretaker and takes care of the littles and helps us manage a lot of our stress and anxiety. Then like a few days ago they both just popped up in the headspace maybe like an hour after one another. Lola’s disappeared before and like when she came back it was with Luka and I found out from Gigi that she was just staying in a house in the woods with him and like just casually moved in with him. So idrk what that was about. It’s possible that maybe he just went to go find her. But I’m not entirely sure. I hope to be doing an updated more in depth meet the Alters post including some of our faceclaims sometime soon because the one we did when we first started this account wasn’t really that great. Honestly there just wasn’t much effort put into it and not all of our alters have faceclaims so it felt sort of weird including them and some I just don’t have the greatest communication with. But hopefully I will be able to get Gigi’s help with that. She’s like an internal self helper sort of she just knows a lot about the things going on in the system and usually when there’s a split or new alter that’s just been created for some reason she’s the first to know. So hopefully that will be coming soon. That’s pretty much all that has been going on for us recently. I know that the winter is a difficult time for most systems so I hope everyone stays safe and warm. Have a New Years if your celebrating and if you’re having to spend time with a toxic family stay strong. You’ve got this and we believe in you!❤

~ Niyah (Host of the Astara System)

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Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve actually used Tumblr and I really want to get back into it and pay attention to my blog again. So, if anyone would like to ask me questions or DM me feel free to do so!! <3 Xxxx

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