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#sorry for the heart attack
selfishwitch · 4 days ago
*without sparing a glance at you, she pushes two of her fingers into your hole, grinning as you take them both with ease*
Such a greedy little pussy, all for Mommy.
*she smirks, curling her digits upwards to stroke against the sensitive nerves in your walls, smirking when she successfully finds it. with no remorse, she continually crooks her fingers against your g-spot, making it clear she's not stopping until you cum on her fingers*
Now be a good dolly for Mommy and make a mess for me.
- Saeko
Well g'moring
*I moan in relief as she gives in to my pleas* mhm all for you-fuck- only for y- *my eyes squeeze shut as she find the spot to make me crumble, my thighs twitch on reflex as I try keep my hips still*
*my head falls back against the mattress,tiny whimpers leave my mouth, my eyebrows scrunched up in pleasure at her relentless stokes* fu-'s too much |- ah-h 'm gonna- *hands twisting the sheets as the knot at the bottom of my stomach keeps tightening,my thighs shake from being restrained, wanting to clamp them shut. The tension building until it snaps, a soft keen leaves my throat, my back arches as I tighten around her fingers, my head hazy, barely aware of the sloppy sounds coming from my arousal drenching her hand*
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ohstinkity · 6 days ago
I can sense my younger sibling going through the same sexuality crisis that I did at that age and it PAINS me. checking out all the old and tired gay books from the library that I did. shaving their head, getting way too into gay characters in movies and books, etc. I can relate 💀 but also 💀💀
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nosvnth · 20 days ago
@wishtwice​ said:
she gently tap on the bathroom stall, readjusting her hold on the box of ... something in her hands. " ... hanako - kun ? are you in ? "
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
   ohhh? it’s not everyday that he gets to have a visit from Yashiro outside their contracted-agreed time. well, unless something BAD is happening;; though by judging by her face-- Hanako could only assume it’s not the case. so, what does she have planned for them today? he’s intrigued.     a chuckle, the young boy ending up sneaking right behind her, -- the smuggest smirks on his face and hands now resting on Yashiro’s shoulders;; he whispers,         ❝ you called? ❞
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icharchivist · 28 days ago
one thing i really love about ffxv is how much history and complicity is readable between the characters just from their interractions or the way they fight together (may it be from the techniques unlocked or the bonus links)
on one hand, i’m a bit... surprised by how little set up we do get in game, but it may be because i’m scewed with my knowledge of Brotherhood and how it showed us more moments setting up their friendships in deep, and i’m a bit... idk, thrown off? by the fact we don’t have those scenes really in game and they’re only mentioned one off and i do wonder how much those feelings would have gone through me if i didn’t know Brotherhood.
but, i do know Brotherhood. and i can see them interreact. And when i see them interreact, i can’t help but smile. Those moments when they call for each other’s name, the way they tease each other, when you see them standing back to back, having fun, there’s just a lot that radiates complicity from the way they behave and are animated to behave.
Same goes with scenes at Camp or hotels when you level up, or the way that, while they tease each other, you feel that they support each other through some gameplay mechanisms. The comments the bros do when Noctis is fishing, or when they go through Prompto’s pictures, which implies they are all looking carefully together.
A lot of this complicity and intimacy is woven in the gameplay, in the stuff that are just mechanisms, but that with a few lines of dialogues, really establish how much they all care for one another. 
Which still means the ending will hurt like hell, but i do really admire how this complicity isn’t shown just by dialogues or plot, but woven into the gameplay and into waiting moments so that you always feel that they’re a tight group who cares for each other, and so will you.
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itseivwhore · a month ago
Blue, red, purple, dark green, dark blue
You may be my arch nemesis but I'll throw hands with anyone that tries to start shit with you. That's my job
Blue= you are the only bitch here I respect;
Red= I'm going to attack you;
Purple= we're going to super hell together <3 ;
Dark green= dark forces;
Dark blue= [incomprehensible] .
Oh my God okay I was impatiently waiting for someone to throw the 'dark green' one in there because I have a reaction pic I wanted to use so bad. So there:
Tumblr media
But anyway. I...
Tumblr media
Feeling so flattered right now.In dark times our worst enemies must become our best allies. Also, do you mean something like that:
Tumblr media
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skam-nt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[id: a screenshot of a white man with short hair, facing to the right. the whole picture is in monochrome green. there is a yellow subtitle of “hey there, demons. it’s me, ya boy”. end id.]
so i’m still in my deep pit of Skam NT Writer’s Block but! i made character playlists!
katie | saphy | charlie | atarah | isaac | jasmine | lou | ella | + a surprise next gen character, as a treat
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flowerbeom · 2 months ago
omg you scared me w that got7 comeback post... but that’s old from 7 for 7 promos... lol
Me: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
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