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#sorry for the late answer!
delimeful · 2 months ago
not always what they seem and cornflowers!
nawts: it was originally going to be an open-ended oneshot, so the reveal of human sapience/alien observation portion of this fic wasn't quite as slowburn as i might have made it otherwise :P it worked out well though, and the POV shifts in each chapter were super fun and flexible to write!
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fidere-k · 2 months ago
I'm sorry for asking dumb questions but is there more of Wilhelmina or is it just the demo? And if there is more where can I read it because that hooked me so fast your writing is amazing.
No problem! Currently, there's just the demo, but I am working on a new demo that will include both Act 1 and 2. Thank you so much for the kind words!! <3
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sketchesbylexes · a month ago
Heyo! My friend sent me your way for ~to get a art bc i want stuff commissioned~ but if you have no open slots then it's all good!
Heya! Yes I have commissions open! I'm not too happy with my old commission sheet but I haven't done a new one so here's the old one:
Tumblr media
(I also do profile pictures and tattoo designs, but I don't have a fixed price for those yet ^^')
For Details you can send me a dm! :3
more example of my digital work under the cut (and on my blog obv) :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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artofkace · a year ago
Do you have any tips for how you draw fur like Catra's and make it look all fluffy? I've been trying to figure it out on my own but your's always looks amazing
Thank you!! I’m surprised you ask though bc since my style is really simple i get away with doing almost nothing - Just add fur tufts at every joint (and occasionally elsewhere if you feel like it), break up the lineart on her limbs with ‘fuzz lines’ and you have exactly what I do! It’s really not a lot ahaha
Tumblr media
I also add the fur at the side of her face when she has her mask off now to follow the show’s example!!
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dark-dark-nights · a year ago
thanks for the tag @starsandaspirations !
put on any of your playlists on shuffle and expose the first five songs
Caught in the Middle - Paramore
Friday I’m in Love - Phoebe Bridgers
Idle Worship - Paramore
Savior Complex - Phoebe Bridgers
Feeling Sorry - Paramore
i blame spotify shuffle play not actually shuffling properly for all of them being the same two artists oops
tagging: @avenging-avocado @killeroftrains @chaos-in-this-wasteland @3-ll @justpanickingatdiscos and anyone else who wants to!
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castiel-kline · 10 days ago
tv show asks 9, 15, 18
9. what’s one show you thought you’d hate but turned out to really enjoy?
…supernatural. and also friends! and star trek a long time ago. which is both funny and low key embarrassing now lol
15. do you feel like there are any overrated TV show formats?
“realistic” teen dramas. all the actors are twenty somethings anyway so I just think there’s more compelling stories to tell than the epic highs and lows of high school football, you know?
18. have you ever drawn fanart for a show?
I’ve tried! whenever I get a passable cas or jack finished y’all will be the first to hear about it :)
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mitsukiofkonoha · 4 months ago
hello Mitsuki how are you doing?
Hi! I’m doing okay.. You?
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everything-else-and-mars · 5 months ago
👀 i am curious
Tumblr media
i made you look so dead inside lmao sorry
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some-major-ishues · 4 months ago
btw this whole theme is SO ADORABLE omg🥺 may i please have 🍂 and ❣️ as well? :)) thank you!! 🥰
(this may be about my old theme buT TY!!) OFC YOU CAN PANDA :D
🍂 : I'll give you three songs you remind me of
1) Hot Rod by Dayglow
2) Still by Jolé, Marie Gallo
3) Willow by Taylor Swift
(also somebody to love by queen o f c)
❣️ : I'll tell you which vine you remind me of
you remind me of this vine :)
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ismellgooood · 5 months ago
i always see your blog says you take requests but i never know what to say - so UH it’d make me so happy to see spiderman + night crawler in your style,, either or is good!! or both idk!! i just really like your art!! i know it’s late though so take your time!! it’s up to you!! okay bye !!
Idrk much abt marvel but I can say these both vibe v much
Tumblr media
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malomartz · 6 months ago
hi i just wanted to say that your todochako drawings are literally adorable and they make my day every time they pop up on my feed! ❤️
aaa!! i am just seeing this!! thank you so much, i'm so glad they make you happy! 💘✨
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one-sadistic-bitch · a year ago
Dovyou ship trager w/ anyone in the game? Or yourself? 👀
In game I don’t ship Trager with anyone, to me there was never a scene where he interacted enough with any other character (besides, they don’t deserve him lol)
However, I do ship him with my OC Mira, but only in my fanfiction.
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ask-ultgamer-girl · 10 months ago
First M rated game
Hm... I'm not quite sure I remember correctly, but I think it was GTA. I was 12 years old and my father gave it to me for my birthday. He knew I liked games, but he didn't know anything about them. So I think he just came to the store, asked for some popular game and bought it without looking at the rating. I think that’s quite a funny story.
Tumblr media
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serendistudy · a year ago
What do you study? How did you know it was the right thing for you? I just graduated and I don't know what to do with my life...
hi! i study cultural anthropology, just finished my first year! honestly speaking, i didn’t really know it would be the right thing for me at first. when i graduated high school i just knew i wanted to study something but i never had a strong passion towards any field, really. so i applied for a few majors that i thought sounded interesting to me, so basically i ended up studying my major by a sort of “accident”, but thankfully i also ended up really liking it! 
but like you, i had no clue what i wanted to do with my life when i graduated, i’m still not sure i do. i just wanted to try something to find out if it would be something i’d enjoy and got lucky in that way, i guess. so know that it’s okay to not have a perfect idea of what you want to do with your life. i encourage you to just try something that sounds even somewhat interesting to you to see if it’s for you. and if it’s not, there’s always time and opportunities to change your course and go a different route. good luck!! 🧡
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pierkyn · a year ago
Also I believe he was the one speaking in the "sizzle" teaser with the brief shot of the underdark "if we don't leave we're all going to die?"? If so, the drow has the Red Prince's VO!
Unfortunately, the guy in my post is a player character, not an NPC :( But a drow with Red Prince’s VO? Hoooo, sign me right up!
I really wish we could have a drow follower (...And one who isn’t a goody-two-shoes Drizzt copy, pretty please!)
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timestimmy-archive · a year ago
who are the kids that bright kidnapped?
i actually have not thought about this....
it could be like draven and meri, to get Konny and clef in the mix, or maybe even 105 looking for them? I kind of want them to be like 12ish.
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autisticqueer · a year ago
using only song titles from one artist/band, answer all the questions
tagged by: @kingsatanthegay
artist: sleeping at last
gender: two
how i'm feeling: light
if i could go anywhere: saturn
favourite mode of transportation: sight
best friend: from the ground up
favourite time of day: moon
if my life was a tv show: just listen
relationship status: already gone
tagging: @xmicrxn @apricot-flyer @deimido @kitkatcronch @localtrashmutt
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skzwritersclub · a year ago
Hi, I'm a skz writer on tumblr. I just wanted to know whether you accept applicants who have written some mature works but won't be using your tag on that post? Or are they not eligible to apply at all?
hey, there! as we’ve stated in our guidelines, we will not accept any applicants who have one of the following in their blogs:
· smut of any kind.
· gore and violence.
· hate speech towards a certain group or people.
· bullying and destructive language.
· sexualization of any idols.
· plagiarized and stolen creations, whether writing or something else.
so to answer your question, yes, they are not eligible to apply at all.
    - admin furat.
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void-whisper · a year ago
Get to know the blogger!
I was tagged by @floralprintshark and @improfem (quite a long time a go 🙈)
Top 4 Ships: I’m not that big of a shipper, but I’ll say, Korra x Asami, Magnus Chase x Alex Fierro, RUBY x SAPPHIRE, and also, Lapis Lazuli x Peridot* (I consumed a lot of Steven Universe lately so just bear with me)
Last song I listened to: I think it was “Love Like You” by Rebecca Sugar (from the Steven Universe end credits!)
Currently reading: Six of Crows by myself! And Magnus Chase and The Ship of The Dead with my girlfriend!
Last Movie: Ponyo! With the loveliest @floralprintshark 🥰🥰🥰
Currently Craving: Like, every single hug and cuddles my girlfriend can give me, some hot chocolate (Which I’ll get in a bit òó)
I don’t know who to tag, so, if you are reading this, feel free to do it and consider yourself tagged by me! (And yes, even if you think I don’t mean you òó)
*I had put Topaz there but it was a mistake, I did these late at night okay
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ffriluftslivv · a year ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog ❤
Already answered but okay i'll try to find 3 more random facts
I hate fighting with my friends
I love flowers 🌷🌻
Skam made me a better person 💝
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