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waterrolls · 3 months ago
A Drabble Request from FFN
If it isn't too much trouble, would it be possible to put together a Drabble that features Konohamaru X Hanabi in tandem with Naruhina. I think it might be cute to see Naruto's figurative younger brother and Hinata's younger sister interact and bounce off of the Naruhina Couple.
"You guys were seen necking and being all handsy with each other at the park! What do you have to say to that?" came the disapproving tone of the man with blue eyes.
Lavender eyes flashed with disbelief. "Really? Are you going to play that card? Because I can't even count the many times I've caught you and Onee-sama doing the same thing when you guys started dating."
"Hanabi!" came her older sister's mortified screech.
His eyebrows pulled into a frown and Naruto cleared his throat with some discomfort. "This isn't about us. This is about you and Konohamaru. It's fine with me because everybody thinks I'm an idiot, but you and Konohamaru still have reputations to protect."
"Reputations?!" she asked with disbelief.
"Yes. You're the heir to the Hyuuga clan and Konohamaru is the leader of the Sarutobis," but he amended that with a smile. "Although I think Mirai will try to fight for that claim in the future."
Hanabi only folded her arms and raised a brow.
Naruto continued scolding her. "You're usually very careful about these things, Hanabi? I don't get why you guys can't go about conducting your relationship more decorously."
Hanabi was looking at him like he'd grown two heads. "Decorously?!"
He frowned at her.
Hanabi continued her accusation. "Are you the same Naruto-niisama who developed the famous Sexy Jutsu? And the same Naruto-niisama who taught it to Konohamaru? The same Naruto-niisama who trained under an Ero-sennin?!"
This time, Naruto blushed. But he blinked and rallied. "That was the younger me. I'm older now and have more responsibilities. I've got you and Konohamaru to think about now. You're my sister-in-law and he's basically my brother."
She snorted then waved her hands in the air. "An unnecessary bother. Don't worry about us, Konohamaru and I will be fine."
Naruto only folded his arms. "And it's not just at the park, too. You were seen making out everywhere! At the bluff over the Hokage monument, at the Aum gates after your missions, at the path that led to the hot springs, at the Hokage tower, at the main bridge over the river, and even at the entrance to the hospital!"
"Naruto-niisan, you forgot the waterfall by the Shrine."
He smiled. "Oh, yeah! But that spot is nice isn't it, though? It's dark and romantic. Nobody ever goes there so it's the perf—"
"Naruto!" came Hinata's disapproving voice.
"Oh, sorry, Hinata!" he said as he reached out an arm, pressed a kiss on top of her head, but still with that unrepentant smile he'd flashed her younger sister earlier.
And then his face became serious again when Hinata looked at him—but not before Hanabi caught the quick wink he sent her but hid from her older sister's gaze.
She tamped down the amusement in her as she played along to his game. They were doing this for her sister's sake and for Konohamaru's, too—once he showed up. As the direct descendant of the Third Hokage, Konohamaru did have a little bit of a reputation to protect.
Hanabi sighed. Nii-sama was right.
Lots of people had shown disapproval at how their relationship had developed, how that sudden spark that exploded between her and Konohamaru had overflowed so much that they couldn't control the feelings of affection that gripped them. Uncaring, they'd started making out whenever they felt like it.
But it made some of the villagers uncomfortable enough to complain to Naruto and Hinata, who everyone felt were the only ones who could control the rampaging hormones that had flared up between the two teens.
"Hanabi, just be careful and try to really keep it private between the two of you guys."
Hanabi sighed again. "Yes, Nii-sama and Onee-sama."
She bowed herself out of the living room of her home and walked into the courtyard.
"Is it done?" Konohamaru whispered from behind the tree when she was finally close to his hiding spot.
"Yeah, come out you coward."
He nodded. "I know, Hanabi, and I'm sorry I left you by yourself to face them, but I just don't want your sister yelling at me. She's the nicest person in the world and I hate the feeling I get when I disappoint her."
She grinned at him. "But it's okay to do it to Naruto-niisama?"
"Oh, Nii-chan's never serious and I know he doesn't care."
"Still, though, he's got a point," she said and proceeded to tell him what Naruto had wanted to discuss with her.
"Yeah, I guess we should really be careful from now on," he said. Then he looked at the orange kimono she wore and flashed her a grin.
"By the way, Hanabi, you look really cute today."
"Oh?" she asked.
His smile only widened.
And then they were all over each other again, kissing—right in front of gates to the Hyuuga compound.
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kattekaren · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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benjaminbarnes · 9 months ago
Literally all anyone is tagging me in is Bridgerton stuff and I couldn't be happier lmao.
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ithinkilikeit-reactions · 8 months ago
That was all my Hyuna sets... I promise I’m done now
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daily-dose-of-imagines · 6 months ago
OK, masterlist done! Next will be the answered ask masterlist, but that will be for another day, that is not soon lololol
>Admin 𝕋
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pfreadsandwrites · 6 months ago
ok but what if when kakashi confronts y/n after the whole club thing and y/n breaks down and cries? Like she says, "I confessed to you and you still ignored me etc etc?
Aw poor Y/N 😭
Yeah this could be a possibility. She’s so upset cuz she had such strong feelings for him and yeah she’s hurt and frustrated and when he’s finally confronted with the pain he caused it feels like shit but also crying women are one of his kryptonites, especially her... so you know, it brings something out of him, his more earnest emotional side and he’ll just tell her everything and how much she means to him and that he doesn’t expect to be forgiven and Idk just maybe his attempts at confession and affection pull at her heartstrings enough to give him another chance. I kinda see him comforting her and probably just holding her. But like I say, he’s really got to do the leg work here. Really proves he cares about her and is serious, whatever that means to her.
This is so sad but the fact that she cries means that she actually does still care a lot about him and Kakashi wanted to know where she was at so... it’s probably a good thing if he can get her true emotions out of her and maybe they can work it out.
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clampownsmyass · 10 months ago
Ooohhh, it’s the place where they broke the #1 CLAMP rule and brought people back from the dead! I remember this place! Lmao are they gonna try to retcon it now? I bet they are!
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bakhoe · 7 months ago
could i request a mixtape matchup for aot please! (either male or female) 🥺i'm an infp enneagram 4w2,,, i love reading, baking/cooking, animals, writing, astronomy and music; i can play guitar and piano too. i have a v broad music taste! my fav band is muse but i love all genres (recently been into jack stauber) i also like people to care 4 me as i'm not great at looking after myself bc i'm usually prioritising others. i'm defo very unique and ppl think i am funny but i value my alone time :)
(a/n): so sorry for being so late for this, but i hope you enjoy your match up! :) we both know this is long overdue ┐(‘~`;)┌
I ship you with…
Tumblr media
Annie Leonhart!
Annie and you would be the two quiet girls who everyone is just confused about. Are ya’ll dating, are ya’ll besties, what’s going on? But the two of you could care less about that and just respond to them with “mm, sure!” or a quick, “no, yeah, maybe?” She would love it when you would bake her sweets, loving how your hands would quickly knead on the dough while you hummed along to soft music playing in the distance. The way this girl would try to get the two of you to adopt a little cat? So cute. And, on days where the two of you feel nervous about the day to come, you two sit outside to watch the stars gleam in the sky while the two of you talk your problems out. 
The Parting Glass live by Hozier (she just gives me Hozier vibes, ya know?) 
Violet by the Shoobies
Some Boys by Death Cab for Cuties
Washing Machine Heart by Mitski
thank you so much for being patient with me and i hope you get to see this post! lmk how i did! :)
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vagrantblvrd · a year ago
Tumblr media
I changed Frobert’s catchphrase to “bro” and regret not doing so sooner because it’s amazing.
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burningblake · a year ago
another tag game and thanks @nestaswitch for the tag 💕
instructions: tag 10 followers you'd like to know better
1. name: Emorfili
2. gender: female
3. star sign: Aries
4. height: 169 cm
5. sexuality: straight
6. favorite book: A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab
7. current time: 00:14
8. average amount of sleep: 6-8 hours
9. dogs or cats: CATS
10. # of blankets I sleep with: one
11. dream job: writer
12. blog established: 2012
13. favorite animal: horses
14. # of followers: 2,004 😍
15. reason for url: from William Blake's poem, Tiger. (Tiger, tiger, burning bright // In the forests of the night // what immortal hand or eye // could frame thy fearful symmetry). It seems that a lot of the fandoms I am in share a connection with this particular poem or the name Blake.
16. something I'm grateful for: breathing
I tag @yennefer-de-vries @ruminationsofaraven @hopgiva @fireflyxrebel @noobtiedoo @fangirlintheforest @dsnnatroy
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itaxita · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’m finally playing Dragon Age and I had to draw these babies before I started working on my commission.
I was actually only gonna draw my Inquisitor but all 6 of them ended up in the picture somehow 😅
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vandrur · a year ago
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