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im screaming !!!
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girls on tw play too much 😂
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I’ll be back soon.
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i couldnt just LEAVE him but also i couldnt progress by just hanging out in the same room as him and there wasnt really any “undo” for the choice i made so i. am living with it and dealing with it childishly by pretending it wont happen if i live there now.
level 46! next i’ll be playing Amsi Rahl my cathar jedi knight, which will be very exciting since I’m playing her as Karig’s padawan
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☆ミ 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚊𝚢 “𝚘𝚑”
emotions run wild when everyone is drunk and hardly coherent. quackity is always loud, but tonight is a full on assault on the senses (the ears, in particular). bretman simps for corpse too much for your liking. rae is happy for once. there’s a confession of love somewhere in there. sister james makes a very good impostor, but that’s old news, the real question is who gave you a knife? a new persona emerges that leaves the roaches quivering in their boots.
─── corpse husband x reader, a lil bit of everyone x reader (because she’s a queen) ─── soc. media + written fiction! ─── word count: a lil over 7k.
author’s note: it’s the way i can’t follow a fucking calendar for me. sorry guys, i swear to god i thought i had one more day before thursday . the idiot award goes to me and i accept it with pride. anyway, i was excited to write this for a while! quackity is in mexico, that’s why he drinks, too. my fic, my rules, he’s too funny not to include. im also working on an extra w dream and mr quack so look forward to that, too! hopefully u like this part ily xx and as always lmk wat u think!!
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The outfit for today was picked with care and consideration. Hot, as always- you had forgotten your roots, your hoodie and sweats lay hidden in the bottom of your drawer never to be worn on stream again. You’ve changed. Clout really does that to people. Some viewers, naturally, find your hotness near insulting: how dare you rub your beauty in their faces, and so unabashedly, too?! If only you had a twinge of self-awareness, perhaps you would tone it down. But you don’t, and whether that’s by choice or not is the mystery the whole internet tries to solve (ARMY has been working diligently, and you admire their effort, though in the end their tireless labor brings no tangible results). 
You went from hot to hotter. In all truth, the fires eating away at California can be blamed on you. You carry this burden in stride, in your platform overpriced shoes some girl scammed you on Depop with, in your fishnets, in your skirt, in your corset, in your rings and necklaces and chains. You woke up today and chose violence. Decided your existence will be a plague to the rest of the populace, and meant it (that, maybe, you took inspiration from a certain faceless Youtuber that so happens to be your boyfriend or whatever). You feel powerful. Like you could step on the world and the world would let you. You decide that it’s the way it should always be. 
The smile on your lips informs of nothing good to your quaint, small audience of 40k. You change the lighting in your room from the soft cherry blossom pink to menacing violet. As fitting for a villain.
Perhaps California’s hellish sun has finally purged you of your bubbly, docile nature (arguably, you had never possessed it to begin with); perhaps it’s the forth mimosa you’re mixing as people slowly trickle into the lobby. Who knows?! Not you, definitely. What do all of those boring dead white European philosophers say? Embrace the unknown? Cheers, you’ll drink to that.
In stark contrast to your appearance, your room is a fucking mess. A war-zone of epic anime scale. Everything is scattered, well, everywhere. A perfect representation on what’s going on in your mind, always. You don’t like how people focus on your surroundings-- you’re the main attraction, hello? Are you not enough to sustain them? Must they beg for more?! Totally ungrateful. You shake your head in disappointment, as if a mother scolding her children. 
noooooo! mom pls forgive me i will never ask abt anything ever again T_T
yall looking at the room? lol couldnt be me
feels like im five and my mum just told me i cant eat a pretty rock i found on the pavement:(
You can’t contain your sly grin. Eyes twinkle with a purplish hue, appearing all the more menacing. You tricked them once again, oh how absolutely evil of you. In your blind delight you accidentally spill champagne on your lap.
“-Oop, fuck.” You snort.
why does she sound like goofy 
The scandalous drunk Among Us stream is about to start. You had been eerily silent through the greetings, and those that chose to approach you were met with a cold shoulder and minimal replies. All on purpose, of course. You wish to plant a seed of unease within them, and so far, it’s working. There are questions unanswered, jokes unsaid, Quackity unteased. It breaks your heart, but it must be done. You look into the camera, all vulnerable and devout, as if to say: I’m doing this for you, all for you.
pack it up yandere simulator
idk whats going on but i think im into it?
villain arc villain arc villain aRC VILLAIN ARC
“Hey, guys,” Corpse’s voices rings in your headphones, and not a blink later his astronaut appears in the lobby in a cloud of smoke, “Hi, Y/n.”
More sharp, excited hellos follow after. You merely hum, though give no further reply. As Corpse strays to your side, Charlie steps in in front of him, “BDA access only. You have a permit, bitch?”
“Y/n is being quiet-she’s being quiet, guys!” Quackity helpfully informs, as if the rest failed to notice your cryptic silence, “Don’t be sad Corpse, man, Corpse don’t be-she didn’t say shit to me either.”
“Y/n has decided to not waste her breath on the SDS.” Charlie voices, “And you know what? I actually agree with her for once.”
“SD-what now?” Dream questions.
“The Small Dick Society.” Charlie explains, noting Dream’s whine of protest, “Oh no, don’t give me that shit, weren’t you bitching about not being invited and not belonging to exclusive clubs? Congratulations, you’re finally part of one.”
“Wait!” Quackity interjects, “Am I part of it too?”
“Guess, Sherlock.”
“I’ll drink to that.” Corpse says. You nod to your audience, like he just spoke the God honest truth, and follow in his example. Your tentative sip unexpectedly turns into a greedy gulp, but you’re not complaining. The only slightly coherent thought that rings in your mind is drink tasty.
“Ignore them,” Rae chimes, “Y/n’s probably plotting something and using Charlie as a cover up.”
“I’d never.” The words slip past your lips before you can stop them.
“Well you sure are very quick to deny it.” You can hear her smirking, can hear the proud lilt in her voice, like she caught onto your silly little scheme, like she has you all figured out. Your eyes narrow dangerously. The night behind your window pools dark, with far away city lights glimmering before they, too, seem to dim. 
Your roommate is back on your shitlist. How her name was missed among the rest.
“I’m defending my honor.” You yelp, the playfulness back in your voice along with your sunny smile, “I can’t have my wifey slandering me online. At least do it in private, geez.”
If Rae’s such a good detective, you’ll give her a good chase. Perhaps you’ve been laying it on too thick. Made her too suspicious. She can’t out you yet--not when your plans are so grand, so fun. It would be a waste.
“Why weren’t you saying anything then?” Quackity questions.
“Do I need a reason not wanting to talk to you?” You shoot back. Your friends laugh and he tries to shriek something past their cackle. You lean back into your chair, the tension from Rae’s confrontation finally easing. You wink at the camera and bring a finger to your lips. The roaches swear to secrecy, elated by your wickedness. As appropriate, they spam devil emojis and various renditions of evil hohohos and hehehes. The apple truly does not fall far from the tree. You had raised them well. You raise your glass in solidarity. A few donations fall into your pocket, easily summed up as: make them suffer.
Muting the discord call, you give a single response, “Oh, I intend to.”
i hope this doesn’t awaken something in me
^already too late for me bro
As caught up in wreaking havoc among your viewers as you are, you miss Sykkuno’s entrance, though from what you can tell, Charlie gave a stern warning to back the fuck off to him, too. He’s playing into your plan so beautifully. Truly, you couldn’t do this without him. Back to stalking the chat you go.
Your eyes flicker to the game upon Bretman’s signature drawl and “Hi, daddy.”. You have no time to get offended at Corpse’s sweet “Hi, honey” back, because the next person to join the discord call and the lobby leaves you speechless. You knew, of course, you had been informed of the line-up, but still, you had never expected yourself to be so close to Jomes Chorles himself. You make a weird gesture with your hands, half wave half excited wiggle, as if you’re telling the audience to calm down, when, in fact, it is you that needs calming.
He goes saying his hello’s like doing a public service, name by name, before, lastly, uttering, “Hi, Miss Y/n. Loooove the vids.”
He’s a roach in disguise, who could’ve known?! Your audience is so diverse and unexpected, gosh, you’d shed a tear if the mascara wasn’t so expensive.
“Hi!” You reply with a grin, and it’s genuine this time, a glimmer of your old self, “Hi, I love your videos, too. It’s like, really cool to finally meet you.”
“Oh my God, you too!” Is his enthusiastic reply, “Okay, the energy in the studio today? Love it.”
“Is this all of us?” Quackity asks.
“Sadly.” James says with a note of disappointment.
“Okay, guys!” Ash chimes, “Let’s do this! Proximity Among Us, round one, go go go!”
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Luck does not shine upon you during the first round- you are stuck as Crew Mate, your life cut short by Bretman who had the audacity to bite your head off. You’re positive Ke$ha wrote her hit single Cannibal about him, and if she didn’t, she definitely had a That’s So Raven moment and predicted it. It’s also insanely suspicious as after you are eliminated he sticks real close to Corpse, feigning innocence (and this is a controversial opinion you do not endorse) better than even you. It wounds your pride, having been picked off so casually, so quickly, and now stuck a ghost you roam the halls of the dying spaceship, lost, confused, heartbroken.
Charlie runs past you, not once even glancing in your direction. “Brother...” You mutter sadly, “Do you not see me here? Do you not feel... the loss of your twin’s heartbeat...?" Damn, these mimosas really are making you emotional. You sniffle and take a sip to calm the storm within you. No rage, just sadness. You are still processing your own tragic demise.
Suddenly, a meeting is called. There’s a horrible red X on your astronaut. You are the only one dead so far, and of course the rest won’t vote out the fucker. How bitterly you sit! With your arms crossed over your chest and your glare sharp enough to cut through glass. Fuck the sad shit, now you’re just angry. At the very least, the second Impostor could’ve given you some company!
“I knew something felt off.” Charlie is first to speak.
“Who the fuck killed Y/n?” Corpse questions, and his voice ignites a whole discussion that lasts much too short. The others skip, having no suspect yet. It’s much too soon to start pointing fingers, but you still feel like they should have at least tried. Pouting, you fix yourself another drink.
“Stop drinking!?” You gasp, exasperated at your chats demands, “I’m dead! What else should I do, the tasks?! Nah, fuck that. I’m done. I’m out. Charlie better employ his fucking detective skills because if the Impostors win, I will literally quit the game--yes I will, no I’m not bullshitting, fucking watch me.”
Thankfully, Bretman was caught venting, and you didn’t have to end the stream prematurely. The second Impostor, your roommate (oh, the betrayal, Rae, how could you?!) was voted out due to Corpse’s suspicion. Victory to the Crew Mates! The game restarts and you find yourself back in the lobby.
“Miss Y/n,” Bretman says, “I am sooo sorry for killing you first, baby. It was just too easy. I couldn’t pass it up.”
Giggling, Quackity chimes, “Sister slaughtered.”
“Oh my God,” James groans, “shut up!”
“Yeah, Y/n.” Charlie speaks, and there’s an accusatory note in his calm voice, “Why the fuck did you allow yourself to be eliminated first? Real noob shit, I expected more of you.”
“HUH?!” You frown, “What’s with the victim blaming?! I literally was doing my task and Bretman snuck up on me. It’s not like I had a weapon to defend myself!”
“You have been avenged,” Corpse states, “and that’s all that matters.”
“Thank you, Corpse!” You say, “At least someone cares.”
“Hey, I helped, too!” Dream pipes up.
“No, you didn’t.” Corpse shoots him down, “I was the only one.”
“You were not--”
“Literally was. Isn’t that right, Sykkuno?”
“Uhhhh-” Sykkuno trails off, “Well, we-we all helped!” You can hear his shy smile, and you just know he’s bobbing his head up and down at this exact moment, “We all helped. Team work!”
“Team work!” The rest echo, save for yourself, Corpse, Charlie, and the two Impostors. Silence speaks more than a thousand words or whatever. You pray to any higher power willing to listen to finally assign you the role of the villain, the one you were born to do. 
Sadly, higher powers must have either shitty customer service or are in need of hearing aids, and you almost scream in frustration when your astronaut appears along with the others, the bold CREW MATE title chipping away at your master plan.
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“Hey, Y/n, hey! Hey, Y/n!” Rae finds you in Cafeteria, where you, metaphorically, are eating your feelings. Not that she needs to know, of course. She sounds chipper, a bit ditsy, and that must mean she’s sufficiently tipsy. You store that information for later, and forget about it as soon as you notice Dream and Sykkuno, like her very own personal bodyguards, trailing after her, “Wanna play a game?!”
“Is this Saw?” You inquire, somewhat lazy. You’d be lying if you said the alcohol wasn’t affecting you, it’s just instead of making you bubbly, it makes you mellow. This was supposed to be fun, you were supposed to terrorize everyone and laugh as they perished by your hand, yet here you are, wallowing in self-pity. The roaches start worrying. The donation jingle chimes.
BEATINGS & SLUTATIONS yns_fishnets donated 5$ mom just wait it out & dont worry youll get your vengeance soon lead them on!!!!
Your fishnets have a point! 
“Saw?--No, no, haa, no it’s a drinking game.” Dream sounds like he has had one too many rounds of this mysterious game, and naturally, you are intrigued.
“Where we drink!” Sykkuno clarifies. Right, well that explains everything! If you had any questions, you surely have none now.
“Okay, so, name a category, and you have to, like, say a word associated with it...Or something along those lines.” You hadn’t even agreed and Rae is explaining the rules already. She knows you too well. It’s both a blessing and a curse, “Can be anything! Okay, Y/n, Y/n, Y/n start!”
“Uhh--” If only your brain computed as fast as she spoke! “Song lyrics! Wait--who drinks?”
“You fail, you drink!” She hurries, “Choke me like you hate me but you love meeeeee. Syk, go, go go!”
“Uhm, ah, I don’t wanna feel like this, uh, fuck?” He laughs--it’s a raspy, embarrassed little sound, “I don’t...wanna look like this? Dream, now you!”
“Wait, we’re singing Corpse’s songs?”
“Any song!” You urge him quickly, “Hurry! Or drink!”
“She say I kill her cat like I'm Luka Magnotta--”
“Hey! That’s cheating! You can’t use my song!” Rae protest.
“That wasn’t in the rules!” He counters.
“Y/n! Time’s running out!” Sykkuno exclaims.
“Oh, uh, will-will the real Slim Shady please stand up!”
“Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine--”
“All...All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better, uhh, run better run, faster...-faster than my gun?”
“Uhh, shit--fucking hell.” Dream laughs, and Rae practically screams at him to keep going, “Alright! Okay! I’m singing--uh, you’re so golden, na na na na?”
“I tell you what a woman loves most,” You chime gleefully, “it’s a man who can slap but can also stroke.”
finally, the mother mother representation we’ve all been waiting for
i aint exactly gay but i aint exactly not gay >:)
the bis won
“I steal a few breeeeaaaths from the woooorld for a minute--”
“Mitski?!” You question, eyes bulging, “Baby, who hurt you?”
Even if you can’t see her, you know she’s waving her arms around and shaking her head, “Not the point! Sykkuno!”
“Uh, I-I, uhm, I don’t--”
“Drinnnnk!” You all chorus. 
“It was a good concert,” You say, “Syk, I’ll drink with you.”
“Thank you, Y/n. That’s very kind of you.” He says softly, with a smile lining his lips. You grin.
“Oh, fine. Everyone, bottoms up!” Rae decides, and no one protest. A moment of silence passes, then, “Well, GG, GG, let’s do some tasks?”
Your enthusiastic Ariana Grande-esque “yuh” is cut short by the second meeting of game two being called. The first one to go had been Ash, voted out during a bathroom break as a joke, and you still feel a bit bad about that. Now, you notice Charlie has been eliminated. A sense of righteousness fills you--while you mourn for your brother from another mother and father and family tree, you feel like this is divine punishment for slandering you before the start of this round. Karma. Nothing much is discussed, and the meeting ends shortly with everyone skipping. 
You spend a good ten minutes wandering around with Dream, who’s mission appears to be convincing you to join his Minecraft server, and really, there was no need for him to try so hard. You failed to provide him with a concrete answer only because it would've been to humiliating to admit that you agreed instantly upon hearing the word Minecraft.
That’s when things get fucking weird. Another meeting is called whilst you’re in the middle of fixing lights, and once the board with the members appears you audibly gasp. There had been 8 living, breathing astronauts rushing around the map, and now only 4 remain. You, Corpse, James, and Alex. 
“What the fuck--what the fuck?!” You screech alarmed, noting Dream being among the perished crew, “I was just with Dream fixing the lights, I was just with him, what the fuck--”
“Okay, no one panic.” James says, “Let’s figure this out. Okay? Okay. Who else is close to Electrical?”
“I’m at Nav.” Quackity says.
“I’m at Cafeteria, but Y/n--” Corpse starts, “kinda weird that Dream died when you were with him?”
“I didn’t fucking kill him, I swear to God, Corpse, why are you accusing me?”
“Don’t be so defensive.” He says smoothly, “I’m just pointing out the obvious. We all have a reason to be sus, no? Considering you were right with him.”
“...It is suspicious.” James agrees, and a part of you dies inside. You understand their hesitance to trust you, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating!
“Guys, I didn’t kill him, I swear. He invited me to play Minecraft, I wouldn’t do that to him, not after that!”
Corpse merely hums, and it brings no comfort what’s so ever. The situation is spiraling, and not in your favor. Trying to salvage your chances at freedom, you try again, “Wh-James, James, you called the meeting, right?”
“Yeah, I found Rae’s body near Medical.”
“So I couldn’t have killed her and Dream at the same time!” You latch onto that piece of information, hoping it will save you.
“You could’ve vented.” Corpse points out, “Plus, there’s no telling how old the body is.”
“Killing five fucking people? It’s the work of one person, or else the game would have already ended. As it stands, I am no way sober enough to think all of this out.”
A brief silence hangs in the air; your lungs constrict from tension, from spilling words so hotly. You grasp your glass, as if for emphasis, and take a shy sip. It taste sweet, a bit too sweet for your liking. Must be your nerves. You drink again to wash the taste out of your mouth, which, surprisingly, doesn’t work. You whine a little, stomping your feet like a child about to throw a temper tantrum.
“...I believe her.” Quackity says. You breathe out a sigh of relief.
“Alex, thank youuuuuu!” You gush, batting your lashes as if he could somehow see you and that would somehow portray your innocence, “I knew I liked you for a reason!”
He mutes his mic, his spill of words lost to your ears, but chat helpfully informs that he’s screaming because you don’t hate him. 
y/n out here collecting men like pokemon cards
Now all that’s left is to convince the others. You start with the one you know will work, “Corpse,” You address him in your sweetest voice.
“Y/n,” James warns, “don’t you dare--”
“Baby, I didn’t kill anyone, I’m crew mate, you gotta believe me.”
“She's innocent.” Corpse declare, thoroughly convinced.
“Oh my fucking God, you fucking simp!” James laughs, “She’s obviously manipulating you!”
“No, no, she isn’t. She’s innocent, I agree with Quackity. Now, it’s either you or him.”
“Could be you for all we know!” Alex accuses.
“Guys, time’s running out.” You mutter fretfully, noting the seconds tick by from white to red. 
“I’m voting Alex.” Corpse says.
“What?! Fucking traitor! Fine, I’m voting for you.” Alex hisses.
“Ugh, hate agreeing with Quackity, but I’m also voting Corpse. Sorry, hon, nothing personal.” James says. The VOTED icons pop up beside their characters and you panic, pressing your mouse idly but it’s too late, there wasn’t enough time, and you cry as Corpse is thrown into lava. The chat spams F, and it feels like salt on a fresh wound.
In a second you’re back in Cafeteria, shell-shocked and trembling, and Quackity cusses because the Impostor is still among you. His frustration doesn’t last long as you watch in horror as Jams Chortles, beauty guru supreme, murders the only other crew mate in cold blood and all you can do is gape and let his cheerful laughter fill your ears. The screen bleeds red, informing of Impostor victory, the second one being Ash. Looks like you voted her off for the right reason, but little difference did it make.
“Corpse!” You yell past the cacophony of voices, all in varying forms of excitement or anger, beelining for his in-game figure, “Corpse, I’m so sorry, I panicked, I tried pressing the button but I wasn’t quick enough--”
“It’s alright, baby. Don’t worry about it.” He’s so calming, so gentle, you might burst into tears again. What did you do to deserve him? You wish he was with you so you could smother him in a hug. Alas, all you can do now is say “I kith you, mwah!” and rush to the other side of the lobby, as if to hide from such a bold display of affection, even if it was a joke (it wasn’t).
yall say corpse simps for y/n but the reality is y/n simps for corpse harder
queen stop its embarrassing
bhaddies can simp!! i wouldnt but its her choice <3
More deliberations, commentary, and short breaks. Once everyone has returned, the countdown starts. You’re still reeling from the chaos of emotions, the five stages of grief you experienced in 1 second upon Corpse’s unjust demise, that it takes you a moment, a single heartbeat to realize what you’re seeing on screen.
The letters IMPOSTOR hang above your astronaut, with Dream standing just behind you as your newly appointed partner in crime. And suddenly, all the sadness and the tenderness and sympathy vanish with a curt exhale. You slowly turn your head to the chat, muting the Discord call, your soft chuckle of disbelief turning into a full blown laugh.
it’s happening!!!! 
omg omg omg omg
You slap your palm over your lips, trying to contain your wicked smile, to tone down your broken giggles, “N-No, I can’t laugh yet,” shaking your head softly, you look into the camera, “they’re all going to die.”
pack it up light yagami
this has awoken something in me.
^ same
The crew mates go their own ways, rushing to do their tasks like the diligent little workers they are. How adorable. Their grim fate is still miles away from them. The shit you’ll pull will be for the history books. Much like your outfit, which you picked keeping in mind your newfound thirst for blood, you had devised your plan of action with care and consideration. You had been mulling it over all day, drawing on paper like the absolute madwoman you are; hell, you even made sticky notes on who to go for first and what to say. Sure, being moderately drunk hinders your memory slightly (an understatement of the century), but you got a feel for what you’re going to do. It’s nothing short of evil.
Dream and you don’t exchange words, you merely nod at him-- which he, of course, can’t see-- but your criminal bond enables telepathic communication. You can hear his thoughts, ones that strangely sound like drink drink, drink drink. And really, who are you to refuse such an enticing offer?! As he fucks off to stalk his victims, or play pretend, you take a sip. The cocktail is still sweet, but this time it’s not the icky sweet you had tasted prior. You glance at your sticky notes, ones the roaches can’t see, and nearly spill your drink for the second time today as you jerk.
“Fuck!” You exclaim, shoving your headphones off and spinning in your chair. You hastily stand up, wobble -- the world is pleasantly funny right about now -- and giggle. Stepping past the mountains of abandoned clothes and pillows and blankets and anime plushies, you maneuver your way to your bedside table and yank it open, nearly taking out the whole drawer with you. In the mess of old diaries and bad drawings, pencils, jewelry, and stickers, you fish out something you should not be wielding in your inebriated state.
It’s a knife.
In midst of teenage angst you had ordered it off of Amazon with your mom’s credit card, all the while whining that it’s not a phase, mom, and it’s what all of my cool kid friends with fried hair have, and don’t you want me to fit in, don’t you want your daughter to be happy?! You think it’s about that time, the time of too much uneven eyeliner and black eye shadow, that she took to calling you little raccoon. Trash rabbit was your personal favorite, but she used it sparingly. When you presented your Macy’s outfit, holding up a fucking butterfly knife, to your dad, asking if it was a look, he glanced up from some boring business magazine all boring business dads read and said, with a bright smile might you add, “It’s a something!”.
Oh, how it gleams in the lilac light. You used to do tricks with it, back in eight grade maybe, and--what the fuck? Why did you parents allow you to buy it in the first place? Well, because you’re the only child, the only one important, of course they got it for you and clapped enthusiastically at your performances, because why wouldn’t they? The whining they’d face otherwise would’ve been harder to endure than a whole dance number to Panic! At The Disco’s greatest hits. Broadway looked so fucking shabby in comparison. Your mom said so, so it must be true.
Stumbling back to your extremely confused viewers, you take your seat, feeling a bit more grounded now that you’re not standing on your platform shoes anymore. Putting on your headphones, you grin at the chat that starts swimming, and not from too much drinking either. You do a quick flick of your wrist, one that thankfully doesn’t end in injury, and the sharp tip of the exposed knife points upwards, glimmering. It’s a rainbow colored one, because one, it’s pretty, and two, you weren’t hardcore enough for the jet-black or straight up military ones the other emo kids had. Cute and dangerous, just like you.
So you just sit there, holding it up, looking somewhat sly as the roaches capture this momentous moment with screen-caps. Someone definitely clipped you trudging past the obstacle course to obtain a weapon of mass destruction. You must be already trending on Twitter, though you can’t exactly log on and confirm your suspicions. You just feel like you might be, like you should be, because your audience wouldn’t let this slide. Thankfully, your friends don’t have time to check social media, or you’d be outed in an instant.
“Y/n?” Your roommates voice booms from your headphones, and you perk up with a stupid realization that you completely forgot about Among Us. Stuck at the start, at the lobby where Dream had left you, you see her astronaut waddling to you, “What are you doing here? Wait--Have you not moved from the beginning?” She can barely finish the sentence without giggling. 
You grin, “I was looking for something.”
Your voice is soft, too calm for your usual frantic spill. You gently set the knife down, hand coming to rest on your mouse, fingers idly, slowly, bouncing on the buttons.
“...What were you looking for?” She’s none the wiser, the numerous drinks consumed tonight numbing her sharp mind. She would have noticed. Your eerie composure would’ve given it away in a heartbeat, or at least hinted at something being objectively wrong. But she sounds curious. Poor girl, hasn’t she heard? Curiosity killed the cat.
“A knife.”
“A knife?!” There’s something about her tone that implies a mental clicking, the puzzle pieces falling together, “You have a knife?!”
You think it would only be appropriate that the random sequence of killing animations renders the backstabbing one. You grin, biting your lower lip with a quiet snicker.
i love women
if evil bad...why seggy?
You take your time leaving her there -- in true serial-killer-to-be fashion, you stick around for a bit longer, admiring your handiwork, or more like the chat singing your praises. You joined today with the intent of making an interesting stream. You have no doubt in your mind that now it will be legendary.
You move down the hallway, and you let your imagination wander: you can almost feel the stuffy air of your helmet, can almost hear your loud footsteps echoing in all this hush, can almost see your reflection in the spotless tile floor. It’s not long before your second victim makes an appearance, running circles in Cafeteria. You hear his voice first before you see him, recognizing Alex by his unhinged screech of “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s goooo!” 
“And what’s got you so excited?” How cool and collected you are, gosh, you barely contain the quiver of excitement that threatens to slip out. 
“Y/n!” He exclaims, rushing to your side like a lost puppy--he’s really making this easy for you, he’s not even trying, “You just missed--Oh my fucking God, you just missed James, he-he called me tall, he called me fucking tall! Let’s go, let’s gooooo!”
“Well, you are tall, aren’t you?” You chime sweetly, almost as sweet as the drink that lingers on the tip of your tongue, “Real 6′3 energy, no?”
“Yes, yes, exactly! You get it, you fucking get it--” Once again, his mic goes mute, and you glance at the chat for help.
hard to transcribe what hes saying but hes taking shots and yelling that he loves you good job mom
hey, queen! girl, you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly
mom plz dont kill alex hes too cute hes all uwu rn
Oh, how you’re about to break his poor little heart. If you had any good left in you, you’d spare him. You don’t, and you’re not taking requests at the moment, so all you do is smile at your chat and they know. They just do. Hive-mind shit, you’re all two-faced little fuckers.
You giggle, and it sounds a tad fake, “You’re so weird, Alex,” You start, and he’s back in the call, a sound of confusion echoing in your ears, “but I get it, you know. You’re weird. You’re a weirdo. You don’t fit it, and you don’t want to fit in. I mean, really, has anyone even seen you without your stupid hat?”
“...Do--” He sputters, bellowing a laugh, “Do you have that whole fucking monologue memorized?!”
“Is it because you’re bald?”
“I’m not fucking bald!” His giddiness is quickly replaced by anger.
You hum, pretend to think, lastly barking a “Liar.” before you kill him. His scream is cut off, leaving only deafening silence at it’s wake. Unlike with Rae, you don’t stick around. You didn’t appreciate how little he enjoyed your recital.
You run into James near Navigation, most likely on his way to Cafeteria. He ends his song mid-note, and you breathe a sigh of relief, “Finally! Someone! I’ve been looking all over, where the hell is everyone?” You question, blocking his way, lest he accidentally stumbles onto the crime scene and easily pins it on you. You’re not done yet.
“Honestly? No clue. I’m searching for them myself, like, everyone’s scattered. I hope no one died.”
You smile. You tried not to, but you can’t contain it, “Me, too.” You echo the sentiment, urging him to join you, and he does. Too trusting. Everyone in this game is too fucking trusting. You lead him back to Nav, feigning that you have a task here. As you pretend to move the spaceship, you can’t help but ask, “Hey, James?”
“What’s your favorite scary movie?”
A beat of silence passes, “Oh no, fuck that, I don’t like this at all.” He states, about to spin on his heel and bolt like he should do, but you’re quicker-- killer instincts and all-- and he’s dead before he makes it out the doorway.
“See, after your No More Lies video, I figured you’d only tell the truth.” Yes, this is the part of the anime where the villain monologues, only the hero in this case is an astronaut cut in half, and not exactly alive to listen to you. You hope James’ ghost sticks around, “Case in point, why the fuck did you tell Quackity he’s tall?” You eye the chat, which’s mostly spamming W and comparing you to Ryo from Devilman Crybaby. “Such a shame...” You murmur, pressing the REPORT button.
“What?! How are so many people dead?!” Ash gasps, her kind voice tinted with fear and confusion. Your three kills, like military stars on an uniform of a distinguished officer, are displayed on the board. Dream appears to be slacking, having yet to take a life.
“Someone’s been real fucking busy.” Charlie observes. It’s true, you have been.
“I found James in Nav, but holy shit--” You begin, exasperated, “--what the fuck, guys, how did we miss this shit? Where is everyone?”
“I’m at Electrical.” Corpse voices.
“And I’m with Corpse.” One sentence is all it takes to figure out your next target: Bretman. Revenge for being killed first in the first goddamn round, and for spending so much time with your boyfriend.
Eep!!! Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend!!! The word even makes you forget your thirst for blood, that’s how whipped you are. Sadly, it’s time to return to reality, to this grave situation.
“And what have the two of you been conspiring?” You keep your tone level, but that alone is enough to set everyone off. The unease you had planted within them before the game started is starting to bloom. However, if they suspect you, they don’t speak up, not yet.
“Fishnets, mostly.” Corpse says.
only partly a lie he was mostly talking abt u queen <3
corpse simping for y/n is the sweetest thing ever
the times corpse used y/ns name when talking abt y/n: 1. the times he used baby or my baby: infinite
“I’m wearing them right nyoooow.” Bretman drawls.
You hum, “What a coincidence. I am, too.”
“Wait--For real?” That seems to catch Corpse’s attention, because of course it does, you picked them with him in mind, after all.
“No peeping.” You tsk, obviously referring to his tendency to hop onto your stream unprompted. Whether he actually listens to your demands is beyond you, “Peeping means cheating.”
“For the love of fuck all, can we get back to the three dead bodies, please? Because I’m about to have a second coming of Christ moment and taste my consumed, digested beer for the second time.” Charlie interjects.
“I mean, anyone have any ideas who’d do this?” Dream takes hold of the conversation. Quiet, disappointed nos greet him. They have nothing to go on, no clues, not even a subliminal message. With everyone scattered, there is no way of locating the actual bodies and drawing a long red trail leading back to you. 
You’re too good at lying, and Dream is too good of a publicist. People tend to trust his judgement, which is his main asset (besides his calm demeanor of course). When the Among Us gods chose you as Impostor, they made sure you had every advantage. 
“Who-Who do you think it is, Dream?” Ash questions, “I trust you. I do. Just know that.”
“No fucking clue.”
“Y/n?” She tries again.
“Same. I’m a bit worried, though.”
“Let’s, uhhh, let’s skip?” Sykkuno offers. The consensus is to start voting at six. Your new mission is to make sure you dwindle the numbers down drastically before that can happen. You have no qualms about sacrificing Dream in order to meet your goals, either. Absolutely cold blooded.
Back at Cafeteria, there are words exchanged about Quackity’s body just laying there, forgotten. Blame is shifted: how come we didn’t notice sooner? Where’s Rae? And you mindlessly go along with their mourning, not really paying attention. Dream leaves with Charlie and Sykkuno, Corpse requests you stay with him and you sprout fake apologies. Not his time yet. Us girls need to stick together!, you sing, following after Ashley and getting further and further away from him, going deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the spaceship.
You find yourself in Security with her, her cute astronaut pressed to the cameras, watching the live feed, “Let’s lurk here, okay? Maybe we’ll see something.” If only she saw who was standing behind her. 
“Who do you think is the Impostor?” You ask, standing in the doorway, “Or, more like, who are the Impostors?”
“Honestly?” She ends her word with a little sigh, “I think it might be Corpse and Bretman. I haven’t seen them at all this game.”
You smile, raising your brows, tilting your heard, and you sound so kind, like a dear old friend about to deliver a tender message, “...Have you seen me?”
Too late. In one smooth motion she joins the afterlife. You cut the lights, venting mindlessly till you spot Corpse and Bretman panicking in Weapons. Your existence is still a mystery to them.
“Fuck fuck fuck fuck--” Corpse mumbles, “Bretman, don’t you dare fucking kill me right now.”
“I’m not Impostor!”
“Okay, I’ll drink to that.”
They rush out of Weapons, most likely on their way to Electrical, and you trail after them like the Grim Reaper itself, biding your time till you can deliver the killing blow.
“Corpse?!” You call out, mild panic ringing in your voice, “Is that you?”
“Shit, Y/n? Where are you?” He questions. Crew vision is so sad, so small, how can he not see you standing almost right next to him? “Where’s Ash?”
“I dunno,” You say, “when the lights went out I ran. Please don’t kill me.”
“I’d never do that, baby.”
Too easy. They’re all too fucking easy. You bite your lower lip, trying to stop the laugh bubbling in your chest, to stop the lightheaded dizziness that overcomes you with a rush of excitement. 
“Thanks, pretty boy.” You mutter, and it sounds a bit lower than you intended, a bit darker, something sinister lurking underneath cotton candy words. It instantly clicks in Bretman and he makes a noise, something like a whine, and you see him backing away, “I know I can always trust you.” 
Whether Corpse notices the odd shift in tone, he doesn’t show it, “I like it when you call me that.” Is all he says, and you hear the smile in his voice, the appreciation. The trek to Electrical is all but forgotten. You slowly make your way to Bretman, “Where are you? Come here.”
“Just a minute,” You say cheerily, “I just need to kill Bret first.”
“Holy shit.”
“N-” Your victim’s sentence is cut off in a second, and you can’t contain your manic cackle this time, because the screen bleeds red, the words VICTORY splattered on it, depicting yours and Dream’s sneaky astronauts. You’re still laughing as the voices of your fallen friends ring in your ears.
“Y/n, what the fuck, you’re an actual monster.” Dream says, but there’s no actual weight behind his words, each syllable punctured with a laugh.
“I knew the second she asked me about my favorite scary movie that I’d get the chop.” James states.
“Wait, Y/n, did you kill everyone?” Corpse questions.
“She fucking did!” Dream answers for you, “I got Charlie and Sykkuno, and barely at that. What the fuck.”
“I’ve been waiting so fucking long for this.” You admit, giggling, raising you glass, “I toast to you, Dream. My perfect partner in crime.”
“I didn’t really do shit, but cheers.”
Quackity heaves a heavy sigh, “Y/n, Y/n, you don’t actually think I’m weird, right? Right?”
“No, she does.” James chimes.
More commotion, more noise, and you just sit there, buzzed, snickering, reading the chat as the rest agree to play another round. You thank the people who donated that you had accidentally missed among the, you know, murder, reply to a few questions, bow dramatically to the many praises and invisible flowers you receive for such beautiful assassin work. When you look back at the screen, you throw your head back with a maniacal laugh.
Impostor again, only this time it’s with Charlie. Family bonds are often restored when united under a common goal. You’re so happy. So happy. You weren’t done terrorizing your friends yet.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
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more tags are in the comments bcs tumblr only allows me to tag 50 people max 💙
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alittlesimp · 6 months ago
Hey I’m back again ahaha but can I request chu and fyodor having to meet their partners parents for the first time like how they would react and stuff
Okay I’m leaving now cause I literally will just spam your inbox :)))))
a/n: tysm for this request, it was a lot of fun to do!! im sorry it took so long :(
warnings: none
Chuuya and Fyodor meeting their s/o's parents - headcanons
Tumblr media
· He says he’s not nervous but he definitely is
· Changed his outfit like five times before settling on the first… no, second outfit. Or maybe the third looks better-?
· You’re going to have to pick one for him
· He’ll look for the perfect bottle of wine to give to your parents, buying one that is so expensive it makes your eyes pop out of your sockets
· When he gives it to them they’ll definitely wonder where he got that kind of money from
· Is he just rich or very irresponsible with his money?
· In the beginning, he’s so nervous, laughing a bit too hard at their jokes and afraid to say something wrong
· But once he’s had a glass of wine and food is on the table, he relaxes and starts being himself
· He definitely makes sure he doesn’t drink too much, although he doesn’t like to admit it, we all know he’s a lightweight
· He wouldn’t want to embarrass himself in front of your parents
· But then they ask him about his job… and he almost chokes on his food in shock
· While he’s not ashamed of being a part of the mafia, he obviously understands that telling them about it wouldn’t exactly put them at ease
· You quickly jump in, telling them he is a ‘manager’
· Ah yes… A manager
· He’s really thankful you saved his ass there
· After diner, he offers to help with the dishes, which is obviously bonus points
· He’s a lovely man and made a great first impression :)
Tumblr media
· He has never been more charming
· He knows exactly how to get your parents to like him
· Brings flowers and somehow exactly the wine your parents like, even though you were sure you’d never told him
· He has his sources… Don’t ask him about it
· It was surprising to see how much effort he put in
· He’d showered, shaved, put on cologne and even wore a very nice outfit you had no idea he had
· While you sit at the dining table, a bit stunned at his behavior, he’s joking around with your parents, acting like the perfect, innocent boyfriend your parents had hoped you’d bring home
· Talks about you and your relationship with a lot of respect, making it very clear he’s not some random asshole who’ll leave you when he’s bored
· When he leaves you guys to go to the bathroom your parents immediately turn to you with literal heart eyes
· He’s just perfect, almost too good to be true
· Little do they know that he’s a literal ... yknow... criminal
· He’s a professional at steering the conversation where he wants it to go, so the topic of his, uh, ‘profession’ never comes up
· Your parents absolutely adore him!
Tumblr media
please comment/reblog if you enjoyed! i’d love to hear what y'all think <3
taglist (sorry for the random retag yall r probably gonna get 😭): @missrown @pjofics @jessbeinme15 @whorefordazai @edgarswhore @kiyokoxd @requiem626k @bsdparadise
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jungwonflwrs · 7 months ago
Hii!! I hope you're doing great ^^ I was wondering if I could request a facetime hc with the rest of enha bc i really enjoyed the Jay and Sunoo one !! ty in advance <33
hi !! i can totally do the rest of enha ! if u want to read the jay and sunoo one rn before/after this its right here
facetime w/enha !!!
heeseung (*^^*)
“does this sound good so far yn🥺” “yes hee i love it!” “ok i’ll finish the song today 😃”
teaches u how the production stuff works but sometimes u get confused so u just sit there and nod ur head looking at him with heart eyes
yall get diff types on ramen each time and try it
heeseung and yn ramen review
did i forget to mention hes a great advice giver
listens to everything u say sooosososo carefully
he loves calling u so he knows that ur safe and happy 🥺
jake (≧∇≦)
whether its about layla, the rest of the members, engenes, etc
takes screenshots like sunoo but instead HE ACTUALLY GETS CUTE PICS OF U
*jakey🥺💗 took a screenshot* “HEY 😠” “BUT U LOOK REALLY PRETTY TODAY”
he sends u the screenshots and says “post it or else i will 🧍‍♀️”
ur (not so secret) secret admirer 24/7
sunghoon (*'▽'*)
gives me very much talking to you about his day vibes
like he will describe his day in detail
expects u to talk about ur day also
if ur on facetime all day he’ll go around and tease the members with u on the phone
if he doesnt have the energy for that then ur the victim of his teasing im sorry 😭
“umm why are u looking at me?? are u obsessed with me or smth 🤨” “hoon we’re on facetime i have no other choice but to look at you” “so you’re obsessed with me 🙂” “😐”
calls u when he has freetime and if he cant answer he’ll spam ur messages with selfies of him + the rest of enhypen
jungwon (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
as soon as u answer his call “yn what are you doing right nowwww 😃”
if u lie to him he’ll be like “i know ur lying i’m telling ur mom! 😈”
anyways u guys always have the best convos bc u both can just go from serious to funny or vice versa
“yn look injang grew!!” “AAAAA THEY DID” “i think garden needs more water tho”
sometimes the members take his phone and call u bc they also like talking to u 😭
like heeseung and sunghoon would take his phone one day and call u
as soon as jungwon heard ur voice he went running for them and the rest of the members were laughing
ni-ki (⌒▽⌒)
another chaotic one
listen/dance to his shinee playlist with him or else 😡
fun fact: he called u when he was eating the bottle of growth gummies with jungwon
u tried to stop him but he was like “but its strawberry flavor 🥺”
so u just had to watch him eat the whole thing with jungwon in terror
tends to fall asleep on the phone a lot and thats when sunoo takes over 😈
so u guys are just there messing with ni-ki while he’s sleeping and when he wakes up he’s like “😐 go to sleep thats why u guys dont grow”
facetimes are an adventure with him
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1-800-i-ship-it · 7 months ago
How could anyone simp for KDJ. I call him pretty but it's like: pretty (self-delusion) or pretty (lies). Even pretty (derogatory) once or twice.
Please tell me why people simp for him so I can write it down. 📝 - bi panik YJH anon
MNDNDNDNNDDNBDBDJKKDKKS njkhsdjlfkjls ahahaha pretty (derogatory) is very valid 
i cant speak for other people (also, totally free to disagree with me) but i okay well i honestly dont even know where it started LMAO but i simp for him cause i really like his personality including the bastardry ahaha but hes also really relatable cause like binging webnovels and stuff is a big mood, also i think his character as a whole is very interesting, like morally grey ish i suppose lmao im about to pull a “hes not like other mcs” but hear me out, its nice that hes not like other mcs with like ig insane powerups? even though he does get special skills w/ fourth wall and bookmark kinning etc like its bc he read the webnovel and stuff and its interesting to see how hes a “reader” but hes still like, real if that makes sense; its not like he does everything effortlessly and i like that, and even tho hes highkey oblivious at times, hes like very self aware of what he does, i guess? like his intentions and actions etc and he doesnt blame it or put it on other people 
ALSO hes so fucking funny like. i love his sense of humor and how hes highkey done with everyone but at the same time cares about them, like the dynamic he has with other characters is absolutely chefs kiss haha esp with yjh hes always like “shit, this [insert handsome, pretty, gorgeous] bastard, again?” and its so funny i cant lmao and hes also super big brain and risky af but also a dumbass at the same time and i love that about him <3
and of course lastly,,,,hes such a pretty bastard AND omg i love that frickin smug ass smirk he does lmao 
alright um so the screenshots kind of went out of hand...just a bit...in my defense personally i think i was enabled to spam pics so :P and im sorry if like none of that made sense LMAO i tend to go on tangents a lot oopsies i hope it was a satisfactory answer at least haha 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a happy boiiiii
Tumblr media
hehe a smol 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OMG hes so pretty here 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i love his smirks 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the duality of my king 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
$50 gift card so relatable hes adorable
Tumblr media
i love him xD
Tumblr media
pls his thoughts r so funny i love them
Tumblr media
please consider taking some time to hear kdj the scammer™️ out 
Tumblr media
he said decolonization 👌
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the smilleeee 
Tumblr media
smug smirk ftw
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thanks everyone who had no choice but to scroll(ed) down till here ahaha hope yall enjoyed my kdj screenshot spam :D and if not LMAO im slightly sorry for the suffering ;)  
ty for the ask anon! 
spoilers for the webtoon past the free ep under the cut: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a sulky smol!! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i swear hes drawn more buff without his armor stuff jkfdsl xD
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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antiloreolympus · a month ago
10 Anti LO Asks
1. im sorry but wasn't it said fairly early even hades knew persephone was a fertility goddess? like everyone knew she was as a goddess of spring so shes also was also fertility, thats why ppl questioned her being in the maidens (bc obvs fertility is mainly sex in this universe 😑) so i dont get why it was retconned its some big secret and some rare OP status? like it was not built up and was a p clear example of rachel just making stuff up as she goes.
2. truly glad for the anti lo posts bc if not the lo tag is literally nothing but bad edits and weird spam posts. yall are the only ones keeping the tags alive. where are the fans tho 💀
3. why is everyone a joke in this comic
From OP: No clue lol
4. You know what still baffles me: how Hades is literally both the lawyer and one of the judges in this court thing. Like? It doesn’t even make sense?? Not to mention the fact that so far all Hades has done is make terrible points and Zeus and Poseidon have barely talked at all. Like is this a proper court or not? Bc if Hades can become both the lawyer and the judge then the other two judges should also counterargument him. The whole act of wrath of Artemis and Apollo. Why did Hades bring it up? Why didn’t Zeus say that Artemis and Apollo were defending their mom and actually told Zeus about the aow? Persephone and her mom literally did everything they could to cover it up??? What’s even funnier is how Hades is making it seem like Persephone is getting in trial for the aow itself when that’s farther from the truth. It’s literally bc she conspired against the kingdom or whatever. Literally covered up a murder. Had she and her mom gone to Zeus and told him that she killed a bunch of mortals bc they killed her friends Zeus wouldn’t even care at all. This whole thing was so unnecessary and it’s getting dragged for so long it’s just annoying 
5. The way Rachel sexualizes Persephone on literally every occasion physically hurts me. Like what the hell is your problem??? She's not only 19 and naive(ughhh i'm so sick that she's written that way) but she also was r**ed NOT SO LONG AGO. LIKE LITERALLY 3 WEEKS AGO. AND YOU SEXUALIZE THE SH*T OUT OF HER ALREADY THO SHE'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HEALING AFTER HER TRAUMA. FU RACHEL
6. Seeing a LO stan call us 'misogynistic' because we only 'criticise the female characters' in the story is the funniest and dumbest shit i have ever read from the LO confession blog.
Maybe if RS didn't hate her female cast and didn't treat them more poorly then the male cast we wouldn't be discussing and pointing out so often how messed up and weird it is that she tore down their mythological character, their canon relationships, and passed off their symbols to her FL solely because none of them are allowed to stand out on their own without knocking her self-insert of a FL out from the spotlight.
Hell even her FL isn't safe from RS's horrible writing. Fact is, RS can't write for shit and has no respect for the goddesses (and gods) she's writing off of and we're just following on that lead in our comments. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
7. 182 is the worst chapter yet. Demeter who didn’t want her daughter dating a man her age that she doesn’t even like that much is framed as “abusive”. We already know Demeter doesn’t like Hades because hades even says all they do is argue, oh and comes to her farm piss drunk. Gee wonder why she doesn’t like the guy. She even tells Persephone she doesn’t trust the banks knowing hades owns them.
Persephone being mad her mom delt with him and then lying to her mom. The first chapters it seems that both characters don’t know each other then later they actually did meet and Persephone basically fell on him naked begging to bring souls back from the dead and leaves all embarrassed and calls that a genuine connection. Stfu, he was already very drunk. “Mom he’s not in love with me” y’all kissed how many times? He’s defending you to the depths of the earth even tho with his last gf he couldn’t even get his brother to remember her name and even thought about marrying her??! You’ve been living at his house?! Y’all talked about dates and asking about the fruit?! Persephone your mom wasn’t born yesterday! Idk I just hate how RS portrays Persephone being naive about hades with other characters. Persephone and hades kissed and then Persephone asks Minthe to help with her with her job and Minthe says something about the two of them dating and Persephone does “idk what you’re talking about but nothing is going on >:(“ stfu. Like you’re a sketchy entitled liar!
Hades, Hephaestus and Apollo exchanged. I’m guessing Hades found out then and not before about what Apollo has done but I thought he knew earlier with the quote “you’ve been terrorizing my wife for months!” I THOUGHT HE KNEW FROM THAT EXCHANGE! But no. Now I feel hades is possessive. Persephone told Apollo “we don’t talk about you” and she’s right we don’t see hades and p talk about Apollo, yet hades knows Apollo been terrorizing her. And then when he does find out he cracks a hotel.
Lastly Persephone “swipey thing”. Makes her sounds dumb, when we’re told over and over how smart she is. She’s been to a bank, she’s watched movies she knows what money is yet requests to be paid in diamonds. I swear RS just ruins her character. What is she other than a couple events, some one lines tied i a curvy baby bright pink highlighter. 
8. Lmao underage Persephone looks exactly the same (if not older) as present time Persephone. And on top of that, Rachel continues to sexualize her and the whole situation. Like in those panels in the newest episode where she talks to her mother about Hades being hella drunk, her dress looks like it's about to fall off her shoulders. And it's supposed to look like an ancient greek outfit? Does Rachel have any knowledge of what women wore at that time? 
9. Persephone's argument is so fucking stupid Jesus Christ. How does she think she made a "genuine connection" with a drunk man she met for 5 minutes max? Not only that, but they were both almost naked, Persephone was underage and she straight up just wanted to get info out of him about souls and how she could return them to the mortal realm. HOW does that count as a genuine connection? Rachel keeps forgetting her own story again and again.
Oh, and we're also supposed to hate Demeter for wanting to keep her underage daughter safe from drunk papa smurf. 😂
From OP for 8 & 9: Apparently, she was 19 when she met Hades. Doesn’t change much though.
-----FP Spoilers/Mention-----
10. (fastpass spoiler) bro the panel where persephone's like "i want the underground" has me crying like LMAOOO why she got t-rex arms💀💀 she looks like a $3.99 creepy ass baby doll
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heyitsyn · a year ago
Manager!Seijoh Part 3
a/n: yall i love seijoh so much like theyre my favorite school and my favorite boys and i know their names by heart and im just so SOFT for them !!!!!
also: yall will find out what other fandom ill be writing for in the future in this one
for more seijoh content, check this masterlist out!
combined two anon requests:
- Could we get the boys reacting to finding out the seijoh manager is quite popular to both genders?? Maybe they over hear a confession?
- Why do I feel like half of the team would be all pouty when word comes around that a guy confessed to manager, the others would probably be annoyed/irritated. Oikawa being all bratty cause no matter what he tried,she never showed ant interest when he flirts. But now this boy comes alone ... (but like you said manager is too focused in school and the team)
Tumblr media
oof girl the world is ending
so basically,,,,,
the entire just magically knew about what happened earlier and yahaba’s theory of team telepathy really does work bc not even a minute after it happened, they all spammed you messages and next thing you knew, oikawa was naruto-ing down from the 3rd floor to your class in the first floor
tbh, they shouldve seen this coming yanno?
you were ridiculously pretty and you carried yourself w such elegance and grace that it just seemed to hypnotize everyone into stopping what they were doing and watched you in awe doing the most mundane things like walking or sitting
lmao couldnt be me
your confessions usually happened over letters bc either tol boys kunimi or kindaichi are usually around you at all times so theyre too scared to do anything
hence why your locker was always filled with envelopes yet no upfront public confessions
it ranged from upperclassmen and upperclasswomen who expressed their interest in you and wanted to date you and get to know you better
but tf you dont even know them and you werent about to date a whole stranger
this made the boys a little peeved because you were popular with both the boys and the gals so they were constantly on edge on who was talking to you
it was like having an oikawa 2.0 but not indulging them and pretending theyre not even there
like when you walk to class and sit down, they would flock over and offer you drinks and snacks but you either turned them down or just flat-out ignored them
maybe this was what fueled others on more
your reserved attitude and your refusals made it look like you were playing hard to get and it was almost like a game on who could win the heart of the princess of seijoh
this was proven really difficult because not only do they have your dismissals, you also had guard dogs at every corner and would bite their head off at the slight indication of an interaction
this morning,,,,
at 7:53 AM,,,,
they saw you walking down the hallway with a purple-haired boy holding your bag and you giggling at what he was saying
and ofc, the boys would immediately know even though theyre spread all over the school
it was kyoken who saw you as he was leaning against your locker and his eyes narrowed before he secretly took a picture and sent it to yahaba, asking if there was a new guy who entered the team while he was away
when he replied with a panicked, ‘NO WHO IS THAT’
kyoken was already advancing to you
yahaba-san immediately sent the picture to the team group chat, that excluded you rood, and oikawa wasted no time and even pushed some fangirls so he could go to you
‘-and she destroyed my sheets’
you laughed at the story and hitoshi stared at you with awe in his eyes
how can someone laugh so beautifully?
like a snort should be considered ugly and gross but it was like cute little squeaks from you and he thought you were like a fairy
‘oh god, i wasnt-’
you were cut off with a hand that held your arm
you came face to face with the glaring face of one of your boys and you immediately turned to him in concern, immediately grasping an arm with the other hand on his cheek to look for any cuts
he rarely comes to you on a normal basis so you thought something was wrong
‘whats wrong, kyo-san? did you get into a fight? do you need me to patch you up?’
he didnt care what you were saying, instead heatedly glaring at this new guy, and grunted a response to agreeing with you going to the nurse
just anywhere to get you away from this,,,, stranger
‘toshi i have to-’
then you were cut off again
from behind you, 5 tol looming figures were running towards you and next thing you knew, you were in the arms of your captain
‘oikawa-san! what are you doing?!’
oikawa held you tightly against his chest and had his arms tightly around your form to prevent you from being taken away
most of the volleyball team were now circling you and pointedly glaring at the poor boy who was so confused that he wasnt bothered by the death glares
‘oh, its you’
kunimi grumbled
‘kunimi, whats happening?’
hitoshi questioned
you fought away from the hold of oikawa and pushed mattsukawa and hanamaki to stand in front of shinsou hitoshi
‘so sorry about this, toshi. i’ll help you with your room later and ill text you when practice is finished, okay?’
you sheepishly smiled and he nodded, his own smile reassuring you
‘yep. ill see you later then’
you softly said and he turned to walk away
but as soon as he was out of sight, you turned around with a grim looking expression and your hands on your hips, a hard look in your eyes
‘boys, what was that?’
you gritted out
‘y/n-chan! don’t you see?! he was going to take you away! he was an intrude-OW!’
he yelped when you reached up and grabbed his ear before grabbing the other closest who was iwaizumi
they both whined and complained about the ear and slapped your hand but you didnt let up
‘he is a friend, oikawa-san. you have no right on who i can be friends and who i can hang out with because i still have a life outside the team!’
you scolded and the others hung their heads low like puppies
‘sorry, y/n-chan’
oikawa mumbled and iwaizumi also mumbled his apology so you let go of them, dusting off your hands
‘and the rest of you, hold back your captain and dont intimidate him like that!’
you sighed but ruffled their hair before turning to go to class
‘now, be good boys and dont bother others like this again’
they chorused and you nodded, satisfied
‘ill hold you to it!’
you shouted as you walked down the hallway
when you turned a corner, oikawa grabbed kunimi by the arms
‘you know him, dont you? who is he? what class? address? mother’s name? father’s name? age-’
‘oi stop it, shittykawa’
but despite that, iwaizumi looked at the younger, expecting answers as well
kunimi sighed
‘thats shinsou hitoshi from class 1-3. we have gym together’
and ‘we’ was kunimi and you since you were both in the same class so you constantly saw this shinsou boy?
nuh uh, dont think so, francisco
from the looks of it, you were still single and there was a pining from shinso’s part, maybe yours they dont know
and they were going to do everything in their power to keep you away from him
this was excused to them as protecting their manager from someone else and they werent going to let you be taken by someone else
during practice, they grilled you over your relationship with him
‘i honestly dont know why this is your business but if you must know, his adoptive father, aizawa-san, is my mother’s co-worker and i usually catsit for them. dont worry, we’re not dating. just friends, that’s all’
but they know it wasnt just a friendship type of situation
so when the 4 third years saw you being confessed to by this ‘friend’ outside, they almost toppled out the window as they tried to listen to what was being said
‘shittykawa get off my back!’
‘nuh uh! i want to see clearly!’
‘everyone needs to know that code red is happening!’
yall what
mattsun took a picture and sent it to the gc about their princess being confessed to 
no one replied, possibly too upset or too busy sulking
kyoken actually had to be excused outside bc he was glaring at everyone and everything and the teacher and students were so scared that they had to take him out of class
they were even more peeved when you just walked in like nothing happened
you didnt mention the confession to anyone else the whole day and when you entered the gym, it was very tense
the coaches even looked confused
‘did you guys fight?’
you questioned but no one answered
kunimi and kindaichi were playing with a ball and glaring at it as it hit the floor
the 2nd years yes including kyobabie were pouting to the side
the 3rd years looked annoyed and pissed off 
overall just not seijoh babie vibes
i am uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the gym today🧚✨
you gently said and walked to the captain to figure out what was going on
‘oikawa-san, what happened?’
‘are you dating him now, y/n?’
the seriousness in his voice shocked you and you took a step back in surprise
your expression made him think that you did accept the confession and he scoffed before walking away and doing a jump serve that sounded like a canon blasting
but you were actually confused and surprised that they even knew bc you were sure it was a secluded area where no one could see you
‘dating,,,? dating who?’
you asked to them and the 3rd years just knitted their eyebrows
‘dont play coy, y/n-chan’
oikawa hissed
‘no matter how many times i flirted or asked you on dates, you never said yes. never agreed or even showed a little bit of interest. on me!! your captain!!! but now!!! this little grape boy comes along and you suddenly start dating just because he has cats! what kinda bias is this?!’
he started ranting and whining and being a brat that you pinched his nose shut
‘oi, oikawa-san, are you jumping to conclusions again? first the hickey accident and now this?’
he made a whining noise for you to let go and rubbed his nose when you finally let go
you turned around to face the others and you sighed, massaging your temples
‘everyone, who spread this misunderstanding?’
no one pointed to anyone but their gazes settled on the thick eyebrow boy that you were sure wouldnt have ratted you out
a noise of surprise and betrayal escaped from you as mattsun quickly scrambled to get everyone to stop staring at him
you pointed at him and mattsun rushed forward to grab your hands before holding them close to his chest
‘y/n-chan, we just saw you when we were passing! it was makki who wanted to tell the others!’
the betrayal made iwa laugh but makki ran up to kick mattsun to the side
‘youre the one who committed the deed! i was merely suggesting it! it was iwaizumi who wanted to watch them first!’
you gasped at the normally chill third year and you didnt expect him to be the one who started it first
iwa panicked and held his hands out cautiously
‘y/n-chan, understand that i was just worried and i didnt want you to be outside by yourself after what happened, okay? i didnt know he was confessing to you’
you closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose tightly
‘again! whoever and whatever happens in my love life is my business! mine! and only mine! you cannot control it and get angry at ME because i do want a boyfriend and i do want to experience dating bc i want to know how it feels to be loved like that! so i wont let a bunch of children stop me from having that!’
the third years shared a look before they they gave up and nodded in defeat
but oikawa was the most offended
he whined and stomped his foot after crossing his arms and a pout on his face
you shook your head, not even bothering to answer that, and went to the others
‘dont be mad and be upset, okay? i refused him bc i have no time for a relationship when im too busy looking after my own boys. i really dont want to add another’
kindaichi and yahaba’s face scrunched as they rushed forward to hug you 
‘we thought you would leave us y/n-chan!’
‘stay as ours forever, okay?’
you were so relieved that they werent as aggressive as the oldests and gave each player their own favorite hugs
but you stopped in front of kyo, not really knowing how to hug him since youve never exactly showed any type of affection like that
so you were just awkwardly standing there with raised arms but he patted your head, you smiling and leaning more to his touch
‘hm, kyo-san, ya finally warming up to me?’
you teased but he scoffed, gently headbutting you with his forehead against yours
‘now, everyone! dont misunderstand and know that for as long as i will be a manager, i wont be in a relationship bc my time as a manager is too crucial since i would probably have to look after you so you dont get yourself to jail. a boyfriend is adding more boys in to that list and i dont want that. you will be my boys forever and i wont be taken from you so please trust on me and stop being so overprotective bc i wont give them the affection or wishes they want!’
oikawa teared up and was about to go trample you but he was held back
‘no! i want a hug! i want a family hug! cmon, iwa-chan!’
practice went by quickly but you demanded them to do 10 diving laps in punishment for all the misunderstandings theyve created 
but they gladly did it bc it meant that you wont be taken from them and you would be theirs forever and their cute manager is going to pay attention to them and them only
i got serious yandere vibes from this but its so heartwarming that theyre so overprotective and lowkey you got yourself a harem
after practice, they all wanted to walk home with you but you told them that shinsou’s house was the other direction
‘y/n-chan! you said you wouldn’t-’
you rolled your eyes
‘oikawa-san, just because i refused that confession doesnt mean i will stop earning money. i still have to catsit for his family and earn my money!’
they only agreed when kyo said that he was walking that way too but they were still weary and jealous bc he got to spend more time with you than them
as you were both walking, you looked up at him
‘kyo-san, what type of hug do you like?’
he looked down at you bc we short with wide eyes and flushed cheeks
you smiled and looked forward, skipping slightly
‘everyone in the team has their own special hugs. i want everyone to have one bc you all are individually special to me so-’
but he stopped walking and pulled arm before he lifted you up, making you squeak and wrap your legs around his waist
thank god you were wearing your tracksuit and not your skirt
bruh is it obv that kyoken is one of my favorite seijoh boys like bls love on him
he didnt want you to see his flustered expression bc he still has a reputation to uphold, yanno?
so he tucked it in your neck and you softly smiled before playing with the baby hairs at the base of his neck
‘you like this kind then, kyo-san? kinda aggressive but perfectly suits you, yanno?’
he just grunted and you laughed
he wasnt about to tell you that he liked holding you on his arms bc you were so tiny and so you that holding you like this makes him feel like he was protecting you and feel good about himself bc he gets to be the one who shields you from the world
yuhhhhh get it kyo
‘so yahaba-san told me that you got kicked out of class bc you scared the teacher and kids?’
you questioned and he left his spot on your neck and pulled his face back so you could clearly see his face
it was red and possibly flustered but you just snickered
he still held you by his strong arms so you were able to move your small hands to his face where he flinched at first but relaxed when you touched his cheeks
your fingers gently pulled the sides of his lips and you tilted your head to the side
‘you,,, look really handsome when you smile, kyo-san’
you whispered and he was so surprised that his tough mask fell and was replaced by wide eyes and his eyebrows rose up, the intimidating look disappearing from his eyes
‘i-i do?’
you bit your lip bc this was so different from the aggressive kyo you knew and you didnt expect this type of innocence that he just showed you
maybe he wasnt so innocent from the fights and arguments he has started or been in 
but he was so innocent to soft touches and compliments bc he wasnt exposed to it, only used to the ones that were said due to the aura he exuded or his looks
‘yep, you do. so keep smiling for me, kay? dont have to be around the others or all the time, but i,,, want to see it sometimes’
he blinked at you but quickly went back to your neck to hide the big smile that was threatening to come out
you felt his lips move and you laughed
‘noooo! kyo-san!!! i want to see your smilee!!! dont hide it!!!’
but it was cut short when a familiar shout was heard from the other side of the street that was near the school
it seemed that oikawa was worried about you walking alone with kyoken so he followed you both with the other third years
‘kyoken-chan! y/n-chan!’
he shouted in betrayal
you were about to get away from kyo’s hold but he tightened his grip and leaned in to place a kiss on your forehead, still staring straight at the captain
again, do you know what happened next?
oikawa screamed
this was actually pretty funny to write bc wowza oikawa is so oikawa and hes just so oikawa-like, yanno? and im still simping over kyoken and shinsou is my ult fave in bnha and i really love him like ugghhhh :’)
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collisiondiscourse · 10 months ago
ok so. this is a different type of post than usual. im sorry if yall didnt wanna see some angry/upset posts but it genuinely breaks my heart to see shit like this
Tumblr media
that makes it so goddamn hard for fandom content creators to make things for you.
we dont get paid for this. not one single cent is given to us when we make things for yall (unless we get commissioned or get kofi donations which are p rare), bc the payment we get is your love and support for the stuff we make.
but sometimes... it seems like we cant even have that?
it may not look like it, but lots of people who make really good content get discouraged every. single. day. because of how much spam-like culture prevents us from getting exposure.
i'm lucky. very much so because i have amazing mutuals and followers who regularly reblog my content and the algorithms nice to me. but the point is that those screenshots above? are all for MY ART. that means that theres at LEAST 10 more people out there who are just as deserving of this attention but get ratio'd like this 10x harder.
because some of you still the online art community apparently. because some of you dont realize how good youve got it when its not you whos hardwork passion projects are met with indifference and apathy. because you refuse to reblog art when its the one thing that artists say time and time again actually HELPS THEM OUT
its just that little green button. help content creators out.
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kismetintheuniverse · a year ago
Bucciarati’s Gang + La Squadra Texting HCs
Tumblr media
     𝕭𝖚𝖈𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎'𝖘 𝕿𝖊𝖆𝖒
ʙʀᴜɴᴏ ʙᴜᴄᴄɪᴀʀᴀᴛɪ
- Types like your boss.
- ‘Will someone please pick Narancia up from the store? He broke the car.’
- He will say the most outlandish thing in a completely serious tone.
- ‘I’m in the hospital, got shanked by a tweaker.’
- The gang thought he was joking. He was not.
- Uses emojis and slang sparingly. Phrases like ‘omw’ and ‘ty’ are most common. 
- The only emojis he uses often is ‘👍’ and ‘👋’.
- Overall professional and understandable.
- Doesn’t use images, gifs, or videos.
ʟᴇᴏɴᴇ ᴀʙʙᴀᴄᴄʜɪᴏ
- Very sarcastic.
- ‘Oh no im sorry should i come over and kiss your boo-boo?’
- Doesn’t use much punctuation aside from ending punctuation and hyphens. Can’t use commas to save his life.
- No one can tell if he is actually mad or being sarcastic.
- Uses ‘😶’ and ‘🧐’ most often.
- Doesn’t use images/gifs/videos
- Refuses to use dms, and often get made fun of it for it.
- ‘Giorno please im on my knees im begging you please stop being cringe im actually going to cry please ill do literally anything just shut the fuck up.’
ɢᴜɪᴅᴏ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀ
- Types very modern.
- ‘can one of yall pick me up slommy from the store’
- Doesn’t use punctuation and capitalization.
- Constantly quoting memes and being the Funny Man™.
- ‘you smell like ten cans of bounce dat ass’
- All bark, no bite.
- Uses ‘😘’ and ‘😏’ emoji the most.
- Sends this image at least twice a day.
Tumblr media
ɴᴀʀᴀɴᴄɪᴀ ɢʜɪʀɢᴀ
- Types with a lot of slang
- ‘Bro Just Me Or Does Mista Not Know How To Wipe His Mfing Ass’
- Capitalizes every word and often misspells things.
- Quotes memes, but not as much as Mista.
- ‘Foogie Pookie I’m Scared There’s A Wasp In The Citchin’
- Purposely tries to give Fugo a stroke.
- Uses the ‘🧡’ and ‘🍊’ emojis the most.
- Doesn’t send images, but sends gifs.
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɴɴᴀᴄᴏᴛᴛᴀ ꜰᴜɢᴏ
- Types rather properly, like he’s writing an email.
- ‘Narancia, I found this video to help with your math lesson. I’m proud you’ve gotten to 7th grade level! https://youtu.be/Xb951Vqs4Vc Please use it if you need help. - 🍓’
- Uses a passive-aggressive tone when he gets angry.
- Talks in the group chat the least, prefers to use dms.
- Signs his messages like an old lady.
- Takes a long time to type.
- ‘The meeting is at 4 pm today, correct?’
- Uses the ‘🍓’ emoji exclusively.
- Doesn’t send images/gifs, usually just sends math videos for Narancia.
ɢɪᴏʀɴᴏ ɢɪᴏᴠᴀɴɴᴀ
- Types properly, but not as much as Fugo.
- ‘Abbacchio, I’m sorry but I have some important things to discuss with Capo. :c’
- Always speaks in a polite or serious tone. 
- Doesn’t use emojis, uses ‘:D’, ‘:c’ etc.
- Doesn’t send a lot of images, but might send cute group selfies.
- ‘Uh, I need back up, Narancia is bleeding out on the ground. Please hurry-’
- Will do anything to avoid calling.
         𝕷𝖆 𝕾𝖖𝖚𝖆𝖉𝖗𝖆
ʀɪꜱᴏᴛᴛᴏ ɴᴇʀᴏ
- Doesn’t know how to spell, but still tries his best to be professional.
- ‘PLEASe attend the MEATING at 12, thank youo’
- Auto correct either helps him or hurts him.
- Sends cute images of animals occasionally.
- ‘How do you WORK a phone i need TO know PLEASe’
- Wants to use emojis, doesn’t know how. (Despite Melone showing him multiple times.)
- Bless his poor soul.
- Types properly, but isn’t by any means professional.
- ‘Will you all please shut the fuck up? It’s three am and you are FLOODING the group chat.’
- Doesn’t take any bull from anyone.
- Has admin in all of the group chats.
- Uses the ‘🙃’ and ‘🖕’ emojis the most.
- ‘You’re all going to hell. 😊👐’
- Gets away with the most bs.
- Doesn’t use images/gifs/videos
- Types angrily.
- Gets annoyed over literally any grammar mistake, so he isn’t very active.
- When he’s around, he tends to gaslight most situations.
- Uses the ‘❄️’ and ‘💙’ emojis exclusively.
- Only ever sends photos to start arguments. (Ex. A picture of Formaggio eating shredding cheese from the fridge at 3 am.)
- Probably shouldn’t be allowed to have a phone.
- Types.. well...
- ‘Ciaooo~ What’s up lgbt community? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧’
- He gets on everyone’s nerves, or helps them out tremendously. It’s a 50/50.
- Will spam any cute gif he sees until he finds a better one.
- Doesn’t use emojis, but instead uses those emoticons.
- He’s the one who makes all the group chats.
- Usually starts fights, but never finishes them.
- (Aka. he ghosts halfway through once someone else joins the argument.) 
- Spams LOONA fancams in chat.
Tumblr media
- Types like a Mista 2.0
- ‘just admit you like feet and move on 🙄‘
- CEO of gaslighting, will 100% make every situation worse then it already is.
- ‘wow so i’m here shitting my guts out and not a single one of yall will come get me tp? woooow. see yall in hell ✌️’
- Loves to make everyone mad, but his target is usually Prosciutto. 
- He uses so many emojis that it’s impossible to keep track of them.
- Spams nasty f*tish art when he’s mad at someone in chat.
- The king of memes. Uses gifs, images, videos, you name it. They tell him to stop but he doesn’t.
Tumblr media
- Types pretty casually.
- ‘Okay so im just curious as to which one of yall clogged the toilet with a FAT log, cause this shit nasty asf’
- Extremely passive aggressive and manipulative, never outright says when he’s mad.
- Only uses the ‘💅’ emoji.
- Gossips 24/7 with Gelato in dms, and has a gc called ‘We love Formaggio.’
- (Hint: All they do is talk shit about him in that gc.)
- Sends so many reaction images it’s not even funny.
Tumblr media
- Types like every teenage girl.
- ‘Hi guys!!! uwu’
- Everyone actually seems to ignore him for no reason.
- He has great ideas, but no one listens. Like, he could make communicating with each other x10 easier, but they just disregard him.
- Hates going into chat for the most part. 
- ‘Guys- formaggio’s cat threw up on the carpet, what do I do?’
- Once was traumatized by a video Formaggio sent of a guy twerking butt-naked.
- Uses the ‘😊’ and ‘🙏’ emojis the most.
- Wants to use images/gifs/videos but yelled at the last time he sent one.
ꜱᴏʀʙᴇᴛ & ɢᴇʟᴀᴛᴏ
- Both type in a similar tone.
- ‘Who the fuck stole my casserole.’ - Sorbet
- ‘who stole my baby’s casserole 😶’ - Gelato
- Gelato doesn’t capitalize his sentences, ever. His nickname in chat is even lowercase.
- Sorbet only uses ‘.’ as punctuation. 
- Gelato starts the most petty bull, Sorbet actually causes issues.
- Both are often kicked from the group chat for being overly affectionate. 
- ‘so i just wanted to mention that im p sure i saw illuso spill cereal on the couch and not clean it up 😁 ’
- vs.
- ‘Illuso split cereal on the fucking couch and didn’t clean up after himself. Nasty fucker.’
- I’m sure you can tell who’s who.
- Sorbet doesn’t use emojis, but like Ghiaccio, he sends images that starts fights.
- Meanwhile Gelato finds it hard to go 30 seconds without using emojis/images.
Tumblr media
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grxceblqckthxrn · a year ago
TDA characters as types of tiktokers
y’all KNOW i’m bored when i’m doing this shit lmao 
i’ll get around to doing the other TSC characters eventually TDA was just the first to come to mind also if you’re not actively on tiktok some of what i say might not make sense ahaha
also i named some tiktokers who yall can use for reference for some of them and from what i’ve seen they’re all fairly unproblematic so you should check them out!!
okay so she’s DEFINITELY super popular and she uses her platform for good
she’s really funny and a lot of her audios go viral posts videos of her dancing saying that she cant dance but she’s actually really good at it
6M followers and growing fast 
 hypes up her boyfriend’s account ALL the time
calls out misogynistic/racist tiktokers through duets and KEEPS THEIR TAG IN THE CAPTION  
 she is not afraid of starting drama lmao
occasionally hops on POV and transition trends but its usually satire 
emma can’t act for shit lmao 
super active on tiktok and has a spam account
people are always asking her to drop the skin care routine but she doesn’t have one?? 
*pushes Zara down* “and no one’s gonna help her?? WOW some world we live in”
there’s no way he doesnt  have an art account lmao
a lot of his paintings go viral but 90% of his comments are 14 year old girls thirsting over him
yall know that pottery guy on tiktok?? the cute one?? (i searched up his account just for this post he’s @/daxnewman769) that’s the best way to describe him
literally all the famous tiktokers commission him
probably has like 4M followers lmao
will occasionally make about how respecting women doesn’t make you a “simp”
doesn’t get into tiktok drama tho
posts candid videos of emma and all his jealous 14 year old fans get so pressed but he shuts down anyone who says anything bad about her
sometimes does painting or drawing tutorials and he’s really good at teaching stuff lmao
omg okay so like yall know those really pretty girls on tiktok who are literal models and are always dropping tips on how to frame your face for pictures and best clothes and poses and whatever  ( @/ameliezilber is the first person that came to mind as an example)
thats her
alot of her content is just for the aesthetic
GRWM’s all the time
10 step skin care routine 
has a pretty decent following?? like at least 2 million
has a spam but it’s exactly the same as her main lol
also calls out problematic tiktokers but not by name
her entire account is full of body positivity and does a bunch of stuff on loving yourself
sometimes does POVs and all the comments are like “@ netflix hire her rn”
sometimes posts crack videos with emma and cute vids with mark and kieran
does a lot of reaction videos and duets
a lot of his videos go viral but he doesn’t have a huge following like maybe 800k
 everyone still knows him
gets at least twenty “are you wearing only one contact” comment about his eyes every post
he’s really funny without even realizing it 
sometimes goes inactive for weeks at a time and just forgets that tiktok exists lmao
doesnt have a tiktok lmao sorry
but shows up so much on mark’s and cristina’s that a lot of people know who he is
unironically does POVs but is actually good at them??
lots of videos talking about the struggles of minorities like LGBTQ+ and POC and women
posts a lot of those vidoes that are like “what to do if you ever get kidnapped” “red flags in relationships” “most powerful parts of the body” etc
probably has like 500k followers 
at the end of the day she doesn’t really use tiktok that much tho ahaha
does a little bit of everything??
posts dance videos sometimes 
omg her transitions are SO good
everyone is in love with her and she has to remind them that she’s a minor (i’m just a kid plays aggressively in the background)
posts videos that are just vibes?? like her skating at night, dancing in traffic with dru/her friends, walking through the city at night etc
lots of lip syncing videos to whatever sounds are popular and all her comments are like “i wish i looked like this” “guess im not eating today” and she gets so upset :((
she wants everyone to know that they’re perfect the way they are!!
also posts POVs sometimes and she’s not that bad at them ahaha 
probably has like 1 million followers 
doesn’t even need a spam just posts everything on her main 
shouts out her sibilings accounts all the time
overall just great energy
never posts his face on his main but he does on his spam
yall know those accounts that post fun facts or psychology facts?? his is like that except he talks to explain them and everyone finds his voice SO calming 
he posts a lot of content of animals and everyone is in AWE with how good he is with them
his username is probably theanimalwhisperer or something djkfskjd
every single time he posts Kit on his account all the comments are like “OOH ICU” and “SHIP” and “ASK HIM OUT ALREADY”
he gives 0 shits about popularity on tiktok he’s just posting for fun because he likes teaching people about his interests
so he has like maybe 500k followers
lots of philosophical questions that has everyone questioning their existence
ugh i love him
be honest this is what y’all were waiting for 
yall know those unproblematic ppl that everyone refers to as the “king(s) of tiktok”???
yeah thats him
lots of sarcasm and satire
think @/adamkindacool  ?? (one of my favourite tiktokers lmao)
does reaction videos for those “pov: im the annoying hot cheeto girl sitting next to you in math class” videos
dark humor (not like rude humor but actual dark humor)
like “i put the baby in the oven and the pizza in the bed” type of jokes back when those were a thing
has like 4M followers but almost every single one of his posts go viral so he’s gaining fast
lots of pranks
starts a bunch of trends
any video he posts of Mina goes viral
sometimes he posts some really weird stuff that has everyone laughing so hard irl (@/benoftheweek)
he NEVER thirst traps but still gets a lot of those weird sexual fairy comments on his posts (iykyk)
reacts to the comments with a video of him just staring at the screen with the “oh to see without my eyes” or “im just sixteen” audio going on in the background which only encourages them to make more weird comments
anyways everyone loves him
any of his povs are pure jokes meant to make fun of pov’ers
posts maybe one serious tiktok every 5 months that talks about being respectful and using your platform for good
“i miss old tiktok”
posts a lot of random videos of Ty where, again, all the comments are shipping them except even more so on his account because everyone can see his heart eyes for Ty
collabs with Dru a lot and does a bunch of duets of her videos
everyone loves him bye
SO many memes
she deletes any hate in her comments bc she honestly doesnt care to respond to them and doesn’t need that kind of negativity in her life
but one time she got a “the f in women stands for funny” comment and she WENT OFF
does really dark povs sometimes that are really interesting
CLOWN MAKEUP + SCARY CLOWN TIKTOKS ( think @/avani ‘s clown make up posts
REALLY good at makeup and sometimes gets julian to do scary makeup on her for tiktoks and povs (like those ones with stitches over the mouth or skin peeling off)
huge ally!! posts a lot about minorities struggles and white privilege, and acknowledges hers
does movie reviews and stuff sometimes
“types of” videos
pulls a lot of pranks on her sibilings with livvy and sometimes with Kit
lots of body positivity + self love
calls out back-handed compliments
also has a lot of content like Livvy’s of just vibing in LA
julian and emma and mark go off at anyone who sexualize her in the comments
probably has like 650k followers
posts a couple of times a week
lots of skateboarding videos idk he just gives me that vibe
doesn’t post that often but is super popular
like maybe 1.5M followers
really passionate about systematic racism
HATES all those privileged white boys using the “this is america” audio to pretend they’re oppressed ( this is a may 2020 thing so it probably wont make sense to anyone who sees this after lmao)
also posts lots of videos that’s just him yelling about stuff but they’re really entertaining to watch ( like that guy sebastian @/sauceyogranny)
everyone thinks he’s super hot he always shows up in those “hottest boys on tiktok” videos except sometimes he’s just the token POC boy and it makes him mad :( 
lots of tips 
“what to do if you’re trapped in the desert” “what to do if you’re kidnapped and stuck in the trunk”
doesnt reply to comments EVER unless it’s to clarify a point he made in the video or answer a question
has like 200k
okay thats it lmao im done bye this took me like an hour to make
i’ll get to all the other characters from the other series’ eventually 
also if yall are wondering abt the lack of f*ckbois in this post they’re coming dw
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peachiimilquetea · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
these are the dos and donts of my blog!
Tumblr media
1. i write for afab/fem reader x character and gn!reader x character
i find it a lot easier to write what i know, so most, if not all my work will fall in these categories. i can attempt male!reader fluff but no male!reader smut im sorry
2. i reserve the right to refuse any request
this is a given but it is my blog and if something makes me uncomfortable or i just straight up don’t feel qualified to do it, i can refuse it. i will try to refer you to someone else if i can!
3. please be patient!
this isn’t really a rule but i am human lol. i write pretty fast but sometimes requests will take a little bit. if i just straight up ignore it, it was probably because i was uncomfortable doing it or not interested
4. this is not a dark content blog
self explanatory but i'm really not into that kind of thing. i have a few moots who are but youre not getting any out of me so dont request it ill ignore you
5. no heavy sub!reader
i can write sub!reader occasionally but nothing that’s too intense, it doesnt interest me all that much
6. none of these kinks
scat, incest, pedophilia, knives/blood, intense crying, violence based cnc (somno is ok), most piss (mild omorashi is ok), large age differences, intense degredation and anything else I’m generally uncomfy with!
7. this account is 16+
there will be tagged nsfw content on this blog. please block my tag if you don't want to see it. furthermore, this account is for people 16 and up. please i do not want to argue with yall on this, i know how people online are but if you interact with me and you're under 16 i'm blocking you
8. dni
all the general dni applies here but especially racists and pr0sh1ppers. if i catch yall, im blocking you with no hesitation and i'm airing out your account so other people can block you too. i am black and i don't play that shit.
9. i am a minor
this is not a rule, however, i feel that it is important to note that i am a minor and if that makes you uncomfy then this isn't the blog for you. adults can definitely follow me! but please keep that in mind bc interacting with people older than me makes me a bit anxious at times. also if you’re grown do not flirt with me, i think that’s self explanatory but it’s weird even if you’re joking
sidenote: i hope this isnt a surprise to anyone that already follows me. it is in my carrd and i have it in bold to read that it before you follow me especially bc that's where my old dni was
10. please do not spam like!
im putting it here and in my header so everyone can see and there are no excuses! i recently learned that spam liking causes content creators to be shadow banned and their work doesnt come up in the tags they use so please just stick to reblogs and comments! or just pop into my inbox! i appreciate all the interactions and love
11. have fun!
this is supposed to be a safe and fun blog for everyone! so feel free to ask me stuff, send in thirsts and interact with me! i don't bite i promise DSGJFKSJFK
Tumblr media
ok now onto who i write for!
Tumblr media
all the 1-A boys (except mineta bc duh)
tamaki amajiki
mirio togata
any other boy/pro hero from the show (based on what i'm caught up on)
i do not write for the villians. do not request them. i will ignore you
Tumblr media
obey me!
all 7 demon brothers
Tumblr media
consistent haikyuu content coming soon! (i need to finish the show FBJKSBDJFKSD i dont have a good handle on everyones character yet)
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espleon · a month ago
Tumblr media
I posted 2,164 times in 2021
270 posts created (12%)
1894 posts reblogged (88%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 7.0 posts.
I added 728 tags in 2021
#jjba - 154 posts
#mine - 145 posts
#jojos bizarre adventure - 99 posts
#jojo's bizarre adventure - 98 posts
#jotaro kujo - 62 posts
#jotaro - 43 posts
#resident evil - 36 posts
#kujo jotaro - 34 posts
#shitpost - 29 posts
#jjba shitpost - 28 posts
Longest Tag: 137 characters
#i got 12k points and this clown was spamming thank u at me and liked everyone except me when we died im yall i i wasnt chaired once clown
My Top Posts in 2021
you uh. wouldn't mind an angst request would you haha because I have had this one scenario stuck in my head where leon (probably resi 6 leon) has been drinking a lot more and has been neglecting his s/o and they finally call him out on his shit
anyway ooga booga they fight and decide it's best they give leon his space and take a break and maybe he finds them at a bar he goes to to get wasted to already find them drunk off their ass
Angst is absolutely one of my most favourite things to write and to read like damn I do be out here making myself CRY. So I definitely don't mind angst like hell yeah!
I was gonna end this was a happier note- but uh, I really love angst so I left it semi-open ended but also pretty sad I think. Also not really dialogue-heavy, more like... I write too much detail-heavy :,) Also this isn't edited, I spent days on this cause I was overthinking it and felt it was just not good so oof I'm sorry!
Length: 2k
Request: in the ask
Warnings: angst, drinking, lowkey it's alcoholism on Leon's part, being drunk
Leon x Reader - "I know."
How long had it been since you had held your boyfriend's hand? Since the two of you had really sat together and done something together, fully, completely, involved, and focused on one another. You didn't even remember, which was agonizing to think about.
You had been through so much with Leon. And you knew where his deepest thought lay, but you could never truly know. And it didn't help that over the years the two of you had together, he had started to become more distant. And instead of finding his comfort in your arms, he found it in some glass bottle.
At first, you didn't really protest much, you didn't say much about it. A drink every once in a while couldn't hurt. Yet, it wasn't every once in a while. It was more often than you'd have liked. And he was using it to forget. To focus on anything else but his life and his memories. Your soft words trying to talk to him didn't do much to stop him or dissuade him. He brushed you off more often than not. It tore you up from the inside out that you couldn't help him, that at some point a bottle was his chosen form of comfort over you.
The guilt mixed with sadness, and then with anger. And in the end, those feelings came together and created an explosion between the two of you one night.
Your throat was hoarse as you swallowed as much air as you could. You couldn't exactly remember what the argument stemmed from but you knew it had to be related to him drinking.
"Will you just listen to me?!" You shouted, the words coming out uneven as your throat begged you to stop, "put that shit down Leon, and look at me!"
The man sitting at the aisle in your kitchen put the flask he had down in front of him, but still had his hands on it. He turned his head to look at you, barely even moving at all, and his eyes were looking at you like he was unimpressed or annoyed.
"I'm listening."
You wanted to pull on your hair and scream because he wasn't. He wasn't listening, and he hadn't been, at least not for a while.
"No you aren't, you are not listening to a word I say, you never do!"
He scoffed, turning back to his drink and taking another sip.
"Where am I going on Friday?"
"What?" He looked at you incredulously, completely lost as your voice went from yelling at him to speaking relatively peacefully, but there was no peace in your voice.
"I said, where am I going on Friday, Leon," you repeated with clenched fists, "if you listen to me if you even bother to pay attention to me, you would know the answer. So where am I going on Friday?"
The silence was your answer, as you expected it to be, you just hadn't expected it to be so painful.
"I'm going to visit my family in the town over," your voice was low and tired, and you wanted to cry but you couldn't even find it in you to do that, "I told you that a thousand times Leon I..."
Biting your lip hard, you felt yourself break skin, and the metallic taste of blood invaded your taste buds. You were so angry at him moments before, angry enough you had been yelling. But suddenly you weren't angry anymore. You were just so sad; sad for yourself and sad for him. He wasn't going to listen to you, not right now, that much was clear.
"I've been busy Y/N-" whatever he said was wasted on deaf ears as you drowned them out unintentionally, your eyes trained on the flask he nursed.
For once, you knew you had to let it be. You had to give him space, and give yourself space.
"I'm sleeping in the guest room," you offered lamely after the long silence between the two of you after he had finished whatever he had said. Leon looked up at you, with a look of surprise, and confusion, "we both need space. From each other. I just... Don't stay up drinking all night."
"Y/N-" his words once again fell upon deaf ears, and his fingers just missed your arm as you turned and went upstairs to the room usually used by people like Claire, or Chris, sometimes Sherry.
When morning came, you had gotten up later than usual, Leon was already gone as he usually was early in the morning with his job and everything. Your heart felt heavier as you walked into the empty kitchen and noted the vodka bottle you two had been given as a gift was half empty. Something in you asked if it was all worth it; did it really do so much that he drank more than he should've? Did it take away the feelings of hopelessness, like the one you were currently stuck in?
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146 notes • Posted 2021-08-27 08:58:46 GMT
Watching SDC and saw this photo of Joseph, Suzi and young Holly and bruh I just wish we could see a better version of it like damn
Tumblr media
223 notes • Posted 2021-02-10 05:01:03 GMT
Matching icons for you and a friend :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
243 notes • Posted 2021-03-15 05:15:43 GMT
Leon's dead by daylight voice actor doing an audio clip of him doing Leon's injured noises and then saying "mommy," is something that lives inside my head rent fucking free.
299 notes • Posted 2021-08-28 07:39:33 GMT
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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honkster · a year ago
Ranboo’s wisdom
Dono: I just tweeted you a girlfriend application.
Ranboo: Because we all know that the one person everyone would like to date… is a Minecraft Twitch Streamer. That is such a sad sentence. You need to raise your standards. Okay? You can do… SO much better.
“We don’t care” You should care! You guys can do so much better than a MINECRAFT TWITCH STREAMER, I swear. Like, holy cow. It’s so… Why?
Do like a doctor or something! Try to date a doctor or something. Not a MINECRAFT TWITCH STREAMER, Jesus.
And you would have to explain to your parents “yeah, he’s a MINECRAFT TWITCH STREAMER. He plays Minecraft in front of 30 THOUSAND PEOPLE EVERYDAY.” You do not want to have to explain that.
You guys really need to raise your standards, I’ma be real with you. You guys just see MINECRAFT PLAYER – WOO. That’s not what it should be.
Dono: I wont stand for this self deprecating talk.
Ranboo: It’s not self-deprecating, it’s just true. You guys don’t need to go “Minecraft Streamer aWOOGA”. You guys can do SO much better, my goodness.
Dono: ranboo I literally dated a discord moderator. My standards are in hell
Ranboo: *just laughing*
Dono: im into minecraft streamers LMAO!
Ranboo: *barely speaking through laughing* that is just such a sad sentence to hear, I’m sorry.
As someone who grew up watching like… CaptainSparklez in his prime and everything that is so funny to hear.
Minecraft streamers are my type.
*More losing-my-mind laughing*
Dono: It’s not fair that you’re hot.
Ranboo: Guys, I literally wear-… we’re not even gonna get into that.
Dono: Ranboo we are watching YOUR stream. We don’t have standards to begin with. JK JK
Ranboo: DANG. Oh my god… I don’t know what I wanna say to that. That just made me sad. That just made me ten times sadder. But you guys still need to raise your standards for dating people.
Dono: they hated him because he told them the truth
Ranboo: EXACTLY *clapping* EXACTLY
Dono: it worked for philza
Ranboo: Philza is DIFFERENT. I believe, I may be wrong, that his wife was one of his first viewers so it’s when he was a small Minecraft streamer and not as LAME. And he also played ROCKET LEAGUE. Which is a… WAY COOLER GAME TO SAY.
Dono: all twitch chat know is awooga minecraft streamer and pogchamp
Ranboo: True, true. Guys need to raise your standards, please. Please. I’m begging you guys.
“...we are the losers” Guys. I literally play Minecraft. I’m literally just- YOU GUYS REALIZE WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW!? I’M LITERALLY JUST- “can a doctor MLG I don’t think so” I CAN’T EVEN MLG *yeets off cliff* LOOK AT THAT
Guys just need to raise your standards for people your standards should not be at MINECRAFT STREAMER. You can SETTLE for Minecraft Streamer, okay? You can- you can SETTLE for a Twitch streamer, okay? But you should not be GOING for a Twitch streamer.
You guys can do so much better than Minecraft Streamer.
Dono: ranboo you don’t understand how many men are just bad. All streamers have raised the standards and not a lot of them are nice like you guys
Ranboo: Oh so it’s basic human decency that ya’ll want?
Dono: BUT YOU GUYS HAVE PERSONALITY!!!! AND YALL ARE FREAKISHLY TALL!!!! all I hear is pros and no cons
Ranboo: Personality… And tall. That’s even worse than going for a Minecraft streamer!
Dono: whatever you just said not true king!!
Ranboo: …
Are ya’ll okay? I hope ya’ll are doing okay...
Dono: I think the impressive thing is personality not occupation hence why most people simp over mc youtubers
Ranboo: Well the thing is I only show one part-… eh I’d say I usually act like this I’m a huge- I’m a H U G E idiot, so… no, I do act like this.
Dono: ranboo what if my family already is disappointed in me
Ranboo:… Just… You just dribble around them and- shoot a free throw.
Sorry that was me acting like I’m interested in sports for a little bit. Did not work.
Dono: Wait till you hear some of us s-
Ranboo: NOPE. NOPE. Nope.
Dono:… we don’t go outside and socialize with real people
Ranboo: YEAH so you go MiNeCrAfT sTrEaMeR WOO.
That’s what you guys do. That is what you guys do.
Dono: not my fault ur personality makes u ho-t…
Ranboo: *unintelligible “how the fuck do I even react to that” noises*
Thank you so much for the 3 dollars!
Dono: well at least these guys like real people. Ranboo some of us are in love with 2d characters; let them have this
Ranboo: Oh… o h. O h h h…
Dono: @everyone go touch some grass
Ranboo: True TRUE. GUYS. Look at what you’re spamming in chat and then look at what’s on the screen. Think about it.
Okay but in reality though? As long as whoever you choose- it shouldn’t matter what their occupation is, it shouldn’t matter what they look like. All that should matter is that you guys are communicating and that both of you are willing to put love into the relationship like that’s the main thing you know? So just… Just make sure that you’re happy.
But also…
“But Bo Burnham told us to lower our expectations” NOT THAT FAR.
He was meaning don’t go for someone unrealistically perfect. He didn’t say go for someone realistically terrible.
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wheelsup · 7 months ago
about the blog tag game
thanks for the tag @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic & @iconicc !!
Why did you choose your url?
well sure as fuck not for the wheels up scene.
Any side blogs?
@subspencer is my 18+ sideblog!
How long have you been on Tumblr?
recently, only since mid january. but my first tumblr account was when i was like 10, so 11/12 years.
Do you have a queue tag?
as of a week ago, i finally do. it's #b a queue.
Why did you start your blog in the first place?
because quarantine + criminal minds rotted by brain
Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
again, the brain rot
Why did you choose your header?
because i am obsessed with space~
What's your post with the most notes?
part one of my coffee fic mini series!
How many mutuals?
i think just about everyone i follow is a mutual? so as many as that!
How many followers?
nearly 1.2k 👁👁 thanks guys
How many people do you follow?
167 blogs, but that includes everyone's main and sideblogs 😭like three of those are drey alone. so idk how many people that is!
Have you ever made a shitpost?
have you heard of the tag #ri screams into void, sometimes shortened to #rsiv? and let me introduce the special, late-summer-nights edition: #ri screams into void (after hours)
How often do you use Tumblr each day?
it is simultaneously always open and yet i am never paying attention. a mindless scroll.
Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once?
hm. not like over fandom stuff
How do you feel about "you need to reblog this" posts?
depends on what it is (like if it is actually important for the present) and people shouldn't feel pressured to reblog the post <- same answer as yash! and i prefer to spread resources like that more on my other social media where i can see it making a direct impression on people i really know
Do you like tag games?
yes :) i just do them super late sometimes, and sometimes im so late that it's just weird to do them at that point.
Do you like ask games?
yes!! i dont think yall like it when i do them tho lol bc i spam the dash
Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous?
in my eyes you are all stars. also because i follow, in essence, 5 people and the same five are constantly on my dash <3 i have stockholm syndrome.
Do you have a crush on a mutual?
platonically, i am deeply in love with all of my mutuals. we are all holding hands.
tagging: @alltooreid @spencerreidat3am & @spencergubler ! sorry if y’all have already been tagged
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swaps55 · 11 months ago
*astral projects myself into the mess hall at 0100 running circles around Shepard and Kaidan with a rainbow flag tied around my shoulders* Y'ALL GOTTA STOP FLIRTING. YOU'RE LITERALLY JUST FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER NOW. YALL. "Man of many talents." "Yes you are." THEY'RE SO DUMB AND SO CUTE AND IM IN LOVE WITH THEM. (Also sorry/not sorry for spamming you today. You did this to me. You only have yourself to blame.)
Sam & Kaidan, A Summary: 
Kaidan: You never tell me anything about yourself. 
Sam: Huh. That’s fair. Ok, about me...well. I learned biotics from a krogan through a secret program that no one knows exists outside of top brass, and now you, who I’ve known for about five minutes. Oh, and my dad is likely being tortured by batarians and has been for almost ten years. 
Kaidan: ...I was kinda thinking we'd start with favorite colors, but ok.
Sam: ... 
Kaidan: ... 
Kaidan: I killed my teacher.
They’re such goobers and I love them. 
You can spam me ANY TIME. It’s delightful! Thank you for making me smile!!!!
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i-shouldnt-be-born · 10 months ago
im sad. really fucking sad, and have no one to talk to or even to understand how i feel. its not exactly related, but yea.. hope no one minds it.
i was in a relationship with a guy. i thought he was the one for so long, i hoped to eventually have my own family with him too. for the first time in my whole life i wanted to get better, for him of course. just so we can live happily, without any worry about my health. for the first time, food and losing weight wasnt my priority or something that was stuck in my head. for the first time... i was genuinely happy.
however, it all ended in a really bad way. before that, i ignored most of the red flags, some of them i tried to talk out - but ofc he usually was getting mad about it, and i felt like maybe i did something wrong. so, in the end i always thought to myself that “i should just get my shit together and stop overreacting, thats normal in others” since i never really had any connection with other people, and i didnt know these things. i never really had any friends nor was in any serious relationship, or any in that matter. always alone, excluded. never had the chance for normal social life, so whenever someone gave me attention and called it love, i just went with it. even if deep inside me, i felt like its not necessarily true.
what happened is that, when the time passed - we dated each other for a few months, everything was going smoothly and we didnt argue that much either. in the last days, maybe a week or two of summer (2020) however, everything just... started going down hill. he would get mad at things i used to do normally, and he had no problem with it whatsoever before that. always mad, irritated with me. at one point he wanted to break up with me. but the worst part is that he didnt even tell me that he wants to break up. he just ignored me. i didnt know what was going on, and was losing my mind. i questioned everything i did, and always ended up with conclusion that i wasnt enough, and i dont even know why. i couldnt even ask. at that time, at least.
and dont get me wrong, im not the best person either. my insecurity was and still is kinda bothersome for most people. i just cant see any good in myself, and didnt really care about other peoples opinion about me. they could say im pretty or whatever, but i just dont believe it and laugh it off. not for no reason, i was being bullied by people at my school since i was 7 so its hard to change the perception of myself just cause one person said that, but another ten people laugh straight to my face. 
he eventually came back after a week of me spamming his dms basically begging him to talk to me, and told me that my insecurity was the problem. when he said that, i felt really bad about it. its not something i could control after all, and especially after all these years. besides, i was still 19 at that time, so i still had the right to feel insecure. and still do. he was 26 at that time as well, so he didnt really understand me since till now he was dating women his age, so its different i guess. 
we eventually talked things out and we started dating yet again. not for long. he left me again, not too long before my birthday, which were in november. he left in mid october or something like that. he didnt talk to me for months, and when i finally was moving on, he decided to message me. in january, messaged me that he became an uncle - which is irrelevant but thats just what he said. he didnt even say sorry for hurting me in this way, and acted like it was not a big deal. 
but not saying much, i was a clown again and we got back together... again. and of course, it all happened again and im here alone. he started ignoring me day before valentines day. 
im not planning on getting back with him anymore, but its always in my head. the fact that im not enough, and will never be enough for anyone. maybe if i was prettier and skinnier - he overall was a pretty active guy, mostly for his jobs. but he still was a good looking guy while i looked like fat oompa loompa. in that time right before break ups, he was often mad at me that i missed my workout day, and genuinely made me feel bad about it. he was telling me that “im not trying to look good for him”. i was trying my best, sometimes was too tired i admit, but despite the fact that i worked hard and it still wasnt enough. it just breaks me.
good thing is that im not crying after him. not anymore. im trying to move on, but its hard. i still love the idea of love, being loved and relationship, but im too afraid to “participate” in any. it left really huge scar on my mind, and on my heart. but i hope that soon enough ill meet someone better, who will treat me better than that.
so that will be it. just wanted to get this out of my chest. 
hope yall are having a great day/night! ♥
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