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#sorry guys

hi! i just want to apologize for my inactivity lately, but i’ve just been caught up in school work and haven’t got the time for this at the moment. christmas break will be soon (a couple weeks), so i will be more active then. i will try to be more active if the weekends and such, but at the moment i am focusing on school and my personal life. i am not stopping my posts, but simply taking a break. :/ i’m sorry and i will be back to posting soon!

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I just feel the need to share that I will be updating the series soon- it was meant to go up on Tuesday but I’ve been buried in schoolwork- I promise the next two parts will make up for it <3

I also still plan on making another viktuuri au one shot and will continue taking requests. Thank you for reading and I hope you take a look at the Navi and explore the blog if you haven’t already- I’ve worked really hard on it<3

Since this is related to the series I’m adding the taglist- hope that’s ok<3

@ho4bakugou @snoploop @moob1oom @yuuri-nsane @nadelundknopf

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I’ve had to completely rewrite the second chapter twice now. I wasn’t comfortable posting content that was, for a lack of a better word, boring. However that chapter has completely changed now that my writer’s block has vanished and is much more enjoyable and in line with what and where I envisioned this fanfic going. While It is better now, I still want to add a little more content/words to make up for the long gap in between chapters. I’ll be trying to post this chapter by the end of the week.

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Caroline doesn’t kill Davenport because she’s a woman and her weak womanly senses just couldn’t handle the stress of it. Instead, for no reason at all, Davenport is killed by Rat who is then thrown out of the group/killed because despite the fact that hetcanon Dan wanted to kill him with man muscles, hetcanon Rat actually did it and is queer-coded. 

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We made it home yesterday guys with Bubby but I’m recovering from a caffeine coma I put myself in to drive home in less then 20 hours due to being only driver for my car.

Drank nothing but water, energy shots, coffee with high doses of espresso, several shots if espresso which was nasty af, and BANG energy drinks to stay awake so I’m suffering my consequences in silence and will take discipline when I find out if I survive

Yes I know it’s coming

Quick update before I pass out again because I’m unable to stay awake for long… Sorry to put any of this on you

Me and the kids are all safe. We will be okay. Trip was hell vacation was in no way relaxing and I’ll never go back willingly but daughter had so much fun.

Ex spent the entire time I was gone making me feel guilty and like shit cause I took a vacation when he’s the one being forced to work and how dare I even try to have fun… I didn’t so he gets that satisfaction as well as making me feel like a trash parent,

No good news to give on Bubby’s condition **Florida doctors found something Texas Docs downplayed back in January** but he was released from hospital and got to go home with us but we will take him back to his hospital here in Texas for more test on Friday because it’s not looking good… he’s been given less time and his doctors tried to blame me and covid for that (what’s new when they are trying to cover their asses for negligence) Physically I’ll be fine mentally I’m not even sure but might survive


Originally posted by haidaspicciare


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Apology message

Hi guys, it’s me….. Orionpax101 and I wanna apologize to you all for my huge disappearance for the five to four months. My fault mainly and failed to promise you guys that I said I was gonna share something soon and I got busy with school, online classes, make sure everything was correct, try to make changes, try to draw, do better, be better, and some other personal things about me and trying to enjoy my last year of school before I leave out to the world and also trying to get back in shape since I’m outta shape too. I’ll post something about Godzilla, a discussion about him, or some gijinkas sometime this week. Sorry I disappeared from you guys months ago.

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I just imagined Cas listening to Dean’s mixed tape. The first song is, “Whole Lotta Love”, and he’s like, “could this mean Dean has feelings for me?” And then the last song is, “baby I’m gonna leave you”, and he’s like, “okay, Dean used to love me but now he thinks it’s best that we be apart, got it”. He returns the mixed tape. He got the message. Dean’s like, “keep it”. Seems sort of cruel but okay. Dean must not want him to ever forget that he used to love him but no longer thinks they should be together. Got it.

Meanwhile, Dean’s like, “why’d he give it back? Is he rejecting me?”

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What the frick is up guys I have like 6 papers due next week that I haven’t started so I’m going to pause female streamer appreciation hours for the time being until I can get back on top of that (also the link for minx keeps disappearing but I’ll fix that) so like,, pls bear with me for the next week or so

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