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#sorry it took me so long to get to it!!
swanqueensalad · 2 hours ago
Is your question thingy still on? if so, would you rate top10 episodes to watch if you want swanqueen :)
ahhh this is such a good question!! and my ask box is literally always open for anything, i love chatting with y'all <3
this is Not a comprehensive list, just ten great ones that come to mind (plus two bonus ones and a lot of rambling bc, as always, i got carried away).
i've tried to put them in chronological order for the show!
1. a land without magic (1x22)
don't get me wrong, there's a lot of incredible swan queen episodes in season one (the pilot, desperate souls, that still small voice) but the content in finale just does something to me man...
emma pinning regina against the wall, the intensity of the confrontation and regina admitting everything, the way they're instantly a TEAM despite all that fury and heartache because henry comes before anything else, the literal entire sequence paralleling charming fighting maleficent and saving snow to emma fighting maleficent and saving regina, i -
2. broken (2x01)
feel like this a bit of a rogue one since, again, s2 has lots of good stuff, but there's a LOT going on in the premiere! emma promising to protect regina for henry (which we know develops into this kind of sacred oath she fulfils at her own peril over and over throughout the years) and being so attentive to her, saving her from the mob, helping her to her feet, human-shielding her, and the look on regina's face when emma's touch restarts her magic and opens a portal to another realm - the literal requirements for 'true love'. so, so good.
3. the cricket game (2x10)
a classic. emma starting to not only see but fight for the woman regina really is. this strange developing trust and respect, the desire to not be enemies for a brief second before it goes wrong again.
4. and straight on til morning (2x22)
i will never be able to scream enough about the sq development in the s2 finale. regina being the most vulnerable and herself in front of emma, begging her to let her die as herself because she knows she's the only one who could understand and grant her that - and emma not letting her, emma jumping in and finding their shared magic together for the first time to save each other and everyone else. emma speechless, seeing everything regina feels for henry.
also "you might not be strong enough but maybe we are" is one of my favourite swan queen lines, because i think it just sums up the whole ship!
5. going home (3x11)
jumping to the 3A finale, what can i say? once again, as always when it comes to henry, they are a team above all else. the group hugs, henry calling them 'mom, mama', emma being a human shield again, regina whispering her name as she wakes up, ready to give emma everything she ever wanted for herself and their son.
the incredibly intimacy and intensity of their goodbye and all those things unsaid and unfinished between them. *chefs kiss*
6. breaking glass (4x05)
ok so despite the stupid frozen arc, season 4 is actually one of my favourites for swan queen content, bc you have emma promising to give regina a happy ending in the premiere and seeing that all the way through to sacrificing herself for her in the finale. and that's what dreams are made of.
i specifically mention breaking glass bc there's so much sq screen time. emma is gutted that regina thinks she'll never have her back, literally follows her around all episode trying to prove the opposite (in the same way hook follows her around lmao), elsa telling emma not to give up on her.
and there's that gorgeous scene where emma is so honest with her about the two of them having something special and unique and different from what they have with anyone else, and that hopeful 'it's a start' ... i ...
7. operation mongoose (4x22)
what would be a list of top tier swan queen episodes without the climax of all that 'fighting for her happiness' - the saviour sacrificing herself to the darkness to save regina. this was truly the peak of ouat i swear to go d
also lots of nice stuff in the alternate reality with emma, henry and regina!
(before i move on from season 4 i do have to mention bonus episode: lily - emma's super gay fucking backstory, regina telling her she needs her, the first (?) swan queen road trip!, regina talking emma down from shooting lily/beating up that dude because she believes so strongly in emma's goodness)
8. dreamcatcher (5x05)
i remember after this episode came out, there was a post circulating of a bunch of c$ fans saying they were literally worried sq was becoming canon/getting undeniable.
so yeah. everything in this episode is pure gold. the swan mills family dynamics, regina trusting emma with her most painful memory, emma crying over the dreamcatcher, and that deliciously tense argument on regina's porch that was so electric it made sq feel inevitable. ('don't miss swan me, we've been through too much' is another favourite line!)
9. only you (5x22)
swan queen road trip, them being married af the whole time plus regina once again being her most open and vulnerable with emma? what more do you need
10. wish you were here (6x10)
this is another episode i don't think i can ever scream about enough - there's just so much to unpack! firstly, emma becoming enfuriated and attacking the evil queen because she's upsetting regina. secondly, regina thoughtlessly wishing to be sent after emma to get her back. thirdly... emma swan waking herself up from a curse and remembering who she is, sparking her own magic back to life, because even in her most cursed unknowing state she had to save regina mills.
how do you ever get over that (also they're so soft together once emma's awake, i...)
honorable mentions go to
enter the dragon (4x15) - for regina's gay backstory with mal, emma being insanely protective of regina and literally following her around all night super unhappy about her being in danger ('if i see anything i don't like i will come in blazing' oof) all the while regina is doing it to protect emma in return, jesus christ -
birth (5x08) - purely for the scene at the well where regina begs emma to tell her why she's hanging on to the darkness (aka begging emma to admit she loves her, while emma is being super repressed but they both know that's what they're talking about)
i'll be your mirror (5x08) - for all that good married sq teamwork content in the mirrorworld, regina admitting she's scared to raise henry alone and emma promising to always be there and never let anything bad happen, and the softness and tenderness of them watching him dance with violet and realising they've done such a good job together... i'm so weak bruh
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veunso · 15 hours ago
succubus adventures — lucifer.
Tumblr media
characters . . . lucifer (ment. mammon & diavolo)
summary . . . your first assignment as a succubus is to have sex with a man named lucifer! he was definitely an interesting case, and you'd say your first mission was a success!
warnings . . . 18+ content. MDNI. some plot with smut. afab! succubus! reader. semi-public sex (private office). bondage. blowjob. anal penetration. handjob. nipple play.
love note . . . view succubus adventures masterlist. !! the first chapter is finally out, ahh i really really really hope you all enjoy it and sorry it took so long to get out! I kept revising it but I've got a feeling i still have some mistakes— anyways please enjoy!
Tumblr media
Lucifer gasped, “Ah, h-hey, we really shouldn’t- mmm, t-this is the boss’ office and— ngh!” He chokes on a groan, biting harshly into his fist as you prod at his puckered hole. The slickness made it easier for you to slip a finger into him, despite how tight his hole is. Lucifer lets out a pretty whine, looking down at you with wide, panicked eyes. “What if we- hng! we get caught?” You chuckle, the sound sending shivers along his spine. He looked over you, there was no way you were human, the lack of fear of getting caught told him so. How did he get here? Lucifer tries to collect his thoughts as you lick your lips at the sight of his leaking cock. Never in a million years did he think he’d agree to fuck in his boss’ office! In fact, he was sure he’d sooner die than do something so risque as his secret fantasy!
━━━━━( ♡ thirty minutes earlier ♡ )━━━━━
You stare at your phone in confusion, rereading over the file that LoveLust Inc. sent you. LoveLust Inc. is one of the many companies in the Devildom that a succubus can work at to get their fill of lustful energy from humans. For a long time you worked in the office, inputting data and such, but with your new promotion you were able to finally work in the field and collect that delicious energy for yourself! However, as you look around you, you realize you should’ve studied up on the Human Realm because currently you’re lost.
“Shit, none of this makes sense, what street is this again?” You curse as you try and find some indication of where you are, before deciding to ask someone for directions. However, now that you’re not staring intensely at your phone, you’re acutely aware of all the eyes that fall on you. It’s only natural, for you’re a gorgeous succubus exuding lustful energy, the amount of people getting hard or growing wet just from looking at you— it made you dizzy, being able to smell their arousal, you could almost taste it from how strong it was. Human lust energy was truly astounding!
You spot a pretty boy with messy white hair and brush yourself off. “Ah, excuse me sir?” The guy stiffened before slowly turning to look at you, once he saw you he relaxed.
“Ya can’t just walk up to people like that! Ugh,” He scratched the back of his neck and you smiled, tilting your head and eyeing him up. He was downright adorable, what would be the chances of getting him for your next mission? Shaking the thought from your head, you notice the way his face is flushed and he’s squirming. Cute. “Look, whaddya want? I got places to be ‘nd shit to do.”
“Sorry, I’m just curious where this is!” You point to your phone, holding it up for him to see. He squints, before sneering.
“Yeah, I know the place. You’re gonna take a left, go down the long street, then take another left and ya really can’t miss it after that.” You nod, looking at your phone before looking up at him. You went to thank him when suddenly shouting started and the man tensed again. “‘nd that’s my cue to leave, see ya around!” With that he dashed, and two men ran past you to chase him. You blink. How strange, was the Human Realm always this entertaining?
You sigh, making your way to the building by following the man’s direction, and surely enough you found yourself standing outside a tall office building. You groan, you just got out the office and now you’re stuck in another… Well, at least this time, you would be able to fuck a hot human! You pull up the file one last time, and chuckle at the name like you had when you first received it. “Lucifer, huh? What a strange name.” You reread over everything, chuckling. He seemed interesting, from his profile it states he’s a prideful and arrogant man, however he loves to be dominated and is a bit of a masochist with a secret fantasy of getting caught by his boss.
Tucking your phone away, you steel your nerves. Though the outfit wasn’t the most comfortable, a tight dress shirt, along with a sexy skirt and a pair of black heels, it would definitely fit the office setting. You walk towards the doors, entering and the secret guard, in a horny daze induced by you, let you in without even checking your fake ID. “Thank you cutie, have a good night~” You wiggle your fingers cutely and he swallows thickly, looking the other way. You chuckle, turning back around. Humans were so cute, it had your heart racing with excitement.
The sixth floor. When you stepped out, you were shocked to find it completely empty. “Seriously?” You look around, peaking into every cubicle you passed yet not finding a single employee left behind, including your target. “Where is he!”
“Where is who?” You still at the deep voice, slowly turning around and finding your target. He stares down at you with his arms crossed in annoyance. “What are you doing here?” You lift your ID and he glances at it for a moment before looking you over. “Are you looking for a friend? He’s likely left already. It’s late, and everyone is gone, so you should head home.”
“I see,” You say, looking him over. “And what about you? Are you heading home then?” Lucifer blinks, letting out a bitter laugh, looking off to the side with an annoyed look in his eyes.
“I wish, but no.”
“Then… Would you like me to keep you company?”
Lucifer’s eyes widen and his head whips to look back at you, a blush on his cheeks. You take a step closer, batting your eyes. “What do you say? Can I stay, or would you prefer to spend another night all alone?” Lucifer opened his mouth before frowning.
“That would be highly inappropriate. It’s best you leave now.” You sigh, looking over him. Stubborn for sure. You giggle and he furrows his brows, “Why are you laughing?”
“Nothing, you’re just adorable.” Your laughter stops abruptly, a dark look in your eyes, “You see, I heard about you Lucifer.” He tenses at the use of his name, “I heard about your special interest, and how you can’t get it up unless a pretty somebody is dominating you. Must be hard to find someone with the same interest, someone who’s willing to dominate someone as prideful as you.” You take another step closer, and you didn't have to look to know he’s got a boner. “I just thought we could help each other out.”
Lucifer knew he’d definitely be lying if he wasn’t turned on by your domineering personality towards him, rarely did someone step up to him. He groaned, looking off to the side, his blush growing. “W-Who told you this? I’ll be reporting them for-” He makes the mistake of glancing at you from the corner of his eye, shit. Why did you suddenly become so much more enticing? And what was the smell in the air? He groaned, struggling to hide the tent in his pants and how flustered he was growing. “For uhm,”
“Having trouble concentrating?” He nods unaware to your words, wanting nothing more than to give into you. “I heard you have keys to the boss’s office?” His eyes widen, suddenly sobering up from your intoxicating looks and aroma.
“And if I do?”
This was proving to be much harder than you thought it would be. You thought that everybody would throw away all inhibitions to be sleeping with a succubus but it seems some are more stubborn than others. You sigh, biting back the bitter tone you wanted to let out and instead smiling gently, “Lucifer, I promise to make it worth your while, what do you say?”
“I…” He bit the inside of his cheek, “I have the key.” You smile, your hands landing on his chest and you’re now pressed up against him, your chest to his. His breathing has grown laboured, and he groans as your hands begin to wander down his chest.
“Lucifer, let’s go fuck in the his office.”
Was this a dream? Lucifer was almost certain it was, and if it was, then he definitely didn’t want to wake up. He followed you, your hand in his and leading him to his boss’ office. Would he really get to fuck in there? He hated the way his dick twitched, and the way you kept giving him such an addictive look. Once you two were outside the private office, you stepped aside.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” He groaned, “And with a stranger I just met…”
“Lucifer,” You moaned, “Please hurry, I really, really, wanna make you feel good.” Swallowing thickly, Lucifer seemed to forget his worries and unlocked the door, as soon as you two entered you pushed him up against the door and started to undo the buttons of his shirt.
“Ah, f-fuck,” He groans, slumping against the door as you leave open mouthed kisses along his delectable skin. If you weren’t careful, you were sure you might actually eat him up! He smelt so good, his arousal in the air was heavy and had you antsy, causing you to quickly and sloppily pull his pants down. His erection stood tall and proud, as prideful as he was.
“Oh my, you’re so wet~” You tease, running your thumb over his slit and collecting precum. “Lucifer, you were acting like you didn’t like this but I think you definitely want to fuck in here.” He covers his face with his arm, although you can see the blush that continues to grow. He nods, unable to verbally admit to his wants, and you chuckle, pulling his hand down. “Can I kiss you?” Lucifer lets out a breathless ‘yes’ and with that you kiss him.
You discard of his shirt, although his tie remains in your hands, and as Lucifer is distracted with the hot, wet kiss, you tie his hands behind his back. He pulls back with a whine, looking down at you. You chuckle, removing his glasses and setting them off to the side. “What? Don’t like being tied up?”
“It’s not that,” He mumbles, unable to find his pretty face from you anymore. You hum, your fingers brushing against his leaking cock. “Ah!”
“Then, is it that you like it too much?” He nods bashfully, much different from his earlier persona. You hold back the want to coo, and instead flip him around, pressing his face against the door. “Do you like this too, Lucifer?”
“Yes,” He moans, biting his bottom lip. You hum, pulling him off the door and pushing him up against the desk, his front to you once again. “Ah, hah, what are you going to do?” You get down on your knees, looking up at him and quirking your brows.
“Take a guess.” Of course that was rhetorical, your lips press a kiss to the tip of his dick before your lips wrap around the head of his dick. He groans, head falling back and he tries to still himself against the desk, panting like a dog.
How long had it been since he last had sex? He can’t remember, nor could he even try to think back when you’re sucking him off like that, taking more and more of his length in your mouth. Your hands rubbing distracting circles into his hips, keeping him from bucking into your mouth.
“Feels, feels so good,” Lucifer’s body feels too hot, and he knows he’s going to cum soon despite you just starting. “Ahn, hey, I’m gonna,” He gasps when he feels your fingers press against his hole, and he’s suddenly whipped to the present. “Fuck, ah, h-hey, we really shouldn’t- mmm, t-this is the boss’ office and— ngh!” You pull off of his dick, looking up at him, your eyes looking innocent despite the finger shoved in his ass. He whines, looking down at you with a panicked expression. “What if we- hng! we get caught?” You can’t help but laugh, causing Lucifer to tense a bit. You look back at his dick, licking your lips, before looking up at him.
“Lucifer, I promise you, we won’t get caught. But if it really bothers you, I’ll stop and leave right now. What’ll be?”
It’s so quiet that you can clearly hear his heart racing in his chest, the blood that rushes through him, and the way his arousal hangs in the air. “Don’t… Don’t stop. Please.”
“Then stop acting like you hate this.” You huff, “Understood?” He nods, Lucifer doesn’t care if this is a dream, or real life, he won’t deny himself this pleasure any longer. And so, you add another finger, making him groan and lurch forward. You curl your fingers, trying to find that sweet spot in him.
“Hah, ahh,” Lucifers fingers curl, and he wishes he could touch you, but with that hard look in your eye he won’t risk asking for more than he deserves. “What are you doing?” He asks when he notices how concentrated you are.
“It should be somewhere around…” You look up at him, eyes trained on his face as you curl your fingers forward and he gasps, his back arching deliciously. “Here!” It was like a billions bolts of electricity were being surged through him, “Oh!” He pants, looking down at you only to see he came on your face. You chuckle at his nervous expression and lick the cum around your lips. “I’m not mad, don’t worry. You’re really sensitive here,” you curl your fingers again and he lets out the loudest moan of the night, “Have you ever been touched here?”
“N-No, never.” He looks down at you. “I liked it, though…”
“I’m glad, then you’ll really like what I’m about to do next.” He furrow his brows before you whipped him around, his ass in the air and you pressing his face against the desk. When you were sure he wasn’t looking, you used some succubus magic, pulling a dildo out of thin air. “Ready?” You didn’t bother to wait for his answer, lubing up the dildo and shoving the head into his ass.
“Ah! W-Wait! That hurts- its too big! Too big!” He cries out, hands frantically grasping for something, anything!
“It’s okay, it’s okay, just a little more and… and there, it’s all the way in.” Lucifer pants, forehead resting against the desk. Fuck. What was happening right now? He felt dizzy, mind clouded with lust. It was silent for a moment before Lucifer turned his head to the side, looking over his shoulder at you.
“I’m okay, move now, please.” You grin, nodding, and with that you began thrusting the dildo into him, “Ah, god, fuck!” He cries out, grinding back on to the dildo, it kept brushing against that sweet spot, making his insides churn. “Feels so good, y-you were right, feels so good!”
“Mmm,” You lean against him, licking a stripe up his neck before peppering his skin with hickies and bite marks. He squeezes his eyes shut, moaning shamelessly, “Lucifer, you sound really hot when you moan like that.” Now the air is filled with his whines, embarrassed by your words.
Your hand reaches around and wraps around his dick. “Oh, that-” He bites his lip as you start jerking him off in time with the thrusts. His stomach was knotting up, his entire body burning to the touch as he felt himself get close again. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum!” His toes curl, legs trembling trying to keep himself upright. “Wait, I’m gonna cu- !!” Lucifer lets out a silent moan, lips parted and cheeks a brilliant red. Cum shoots all over the desk, and landing on the carpet, and if Lucifer were in a more clearheaded state he’d be furious, but he’s not, and instead he’s crying out with pleasure.
You pull the dildo out, undo the tie that binds his hands, and flip him over, holding your cum-covered fingers to his lips. “Clean it.” He doesn’t think twice as he opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out and taking your fingers, sucking them clean despite the bitter taste of his cum. When you pull your fingers out, a line of drool follows. “You look absolutely filthy right now,” You whisper, “I wonder what would happen if your boss came in? Do you think he’d be mad, or do you think he’d join in on the fun?” Lucifer thinks of his boss, Diavolo, and his heart skips a beat at the thought of Diavolo catching him doing something so lewd. “Well, doesn’t matter, right now you’re all mine.” With that you lifted on of his legs and threw it over your shoulder, forcing his back to fall flat against the desk.
“But I just came!” Lucifer wasn’t sure if he’d be able to cum again so soon, “I’m still sensitive, I-” His head hits the desk hard as you thrust the dildo in him again. “Hah, ah… Oh, please, please,” Your free hand wanders up his chest, playing with his nipples. His back arches and he lets out another low groan. “Hnnn, that feels weird,”
“Does it?”
“Mmm,” He nods, covering his face with his arms, panting heavily as you continue to work him up.
“Seems like you’re experiencing a lot of new things today, Lucifer.” Lucifer just gives out a breathy moan in response. Your fingers pinch and pull at the pert nub, making sure to keep a steady pace of thrusting into his hole. He whines when you don’t get any faster, but at least the position allows you to hit even deeper inside him.
Your lips start to mark up his thigh, nibbling and he gasps, wincing at the feeling. “Lucifer, if you want something, you have to ask for it.” You could sense his need for more, for you to go faster. His cheeks flush, fist balling up.
“F.. Faster, move faster!” You nod, starting to move the dildo faster, rolling the perky pink nipple faster too. “Ah! Oh, oh!” He squeezes his eyes shut. This felt so fucking amazing! He couldn’t believe he’s never felt anything like this before, “Shit, I think-”
“Already?” Lucifer nods, hips bucking up in want. He looks at you with such pleading eyes, begging you to let him cum. You sigh, “Fine, you can cum.” He thanks you as he cums, the words falling from his lips over and over and over again, hips bucking up and his hands flaying out, accidentally knocking over some random object off the desk as he cums, it shooting up and landing all over his chest.
You watch in amazement, slowing the pace before pulling it out of him and using your magic to make the dildo disappear. You hum as you soak up his lustful energy, it was absolutely delicious. “Fuck,” You groan, feeling yourself get full from his arousal. “Lucifer, you did such a good job today.”
He blinks a few times, before propping himself up on the desk. “I did?”
“Oh, you did a very good job.” He smiles, nodding and laying back down on the desk, absolutely exhausted. You thought about just leaving, but you knew you’d feel guilty, so pulling some wipes out of your little succubus pocket dimension, you start to clean him up and get him dressed.
“Are you leaving now?” He frowns, legs wobbling as he tries to stand up, only to fall to his knees and clutch on to you. “Ah, I… I don’t think I can walk.” You chuckle, picking him up with ease, much to his surprise. Demon strength was very nice in a time like this, you think. You set him down in a random cubicle, noticing he must’ve fell asleep whilst you carried him.
“You were very fun to have sex with, Lucifer. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.” You pat his head, wishing him sweet dreams before leaving the building.
Your first mission was definitely a success! Grinning, you start walking towards one of the locations of a Devildom portal when you hear loud, upbeat music. Glancing around, you notice a long line of humans, and you couldn’t help but let curiosity take over, deciding you could report back to headquarters a little later.
Tumblr media
@ohphiuchus | @7deadlymorons | @the-mourning-stars | @frankpanioncube | @ohbaby-obeyme | @g0thica1 | @4kuzon | @dinpsaurus | @poly-bi-mf | @raccoon-carson | @michismelodies | @hawksyoongi | @foul-legasy | @acekou | @bbytamaki | @kyu-pine | | @m0chilattae
Tumblr media
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maddenleftchat · 15 hours ago
Could I request Revived!Wil with a soft and somewhat weak male!darling? Like he can defend himself he's just anxious and likes how much Will cares for him? Someone who doesnt mind Wil being yan and feels safe with him but is a little clingy towards Wil? Thank you! Hope you're having a good day :) -X anon (certified c!Wil simp)
Sorry it took me so long to get to this... 😥
Any ways! (I will still be using second POV ex. You, and dear reader. But this headcannon will be using more male like pronouns.)
Triggers: Obsessive/aggressive behavior, unhealthy relationships, isolation, anxiety, unhealthy dynamics, and yandere like behaviors. Please be careful when reading.
Tumblr media
Wilbur would love you.
You're weak, just like he used to be.
And he was going to take advantage of that.
You relied on him and only him for things.
Wilbur might have calmed down a bit after being revived, but he is still possessive and aggressive nevertheless.
Wilbur will have you at his side the entire time.
He can't risk you having an anxiety attack!
Or that's what he says.
Wilbur will have an arm around your waist and talk about how handsome you look with him.
He'll use your shy side to his advantage.
After all, Wilby is a bit of a flirt.
Wilbur will actually encourage you to stay weak.
He'll feed you the lie, that he is the only one able to protect you.
And you'll believe it.
Even if you don't want to.
You know it's true.
You know, no one else would want to take care of a weak useless man like you.
Wilbur may feed you lies, but those lies loosely tie themselves to the truth.
Don't get me wrong.
Wilbur really did love you!'s just his nature to be that manipulative to you.
It's a constant fear deep down that he'll lose you.
But over the months/years that you two have been together Wilbur slowly started to isolate you.
The fear of losing you had finally just eaten him up.
So he trapped you in your home.
But for you, that's perfectly fine!
You didn't have to be scared or shy anymore.
And plus, anytime that you went out; you were in the safety of your lover.
This was a beautiful mess of a relationship to on looking eyes.
A power hungry man who was obsessive beyond all hell.
His lover was a weak man who could barely stand up for himself. Let alone have the courage to speak up.
This love was suffocating to the both of you.
But the time that you were able to breathe was when you were alone.
It was when Wilby had left for the day.
It was horrifying.
This toxic reliance caused you to develop a nasty case of anxiety.
Wilbur loved this fact.
He loved that you relied on him so much, that you developed this anxiety.
Because that meant he was the one you came to when you cried.
The feeling was intoxicating.
But don't worry!
Wilbur would still try and help you through your anxiety... just very slowly.
But this is how life is for you know.
Trapped inside your own house.
Depending on this man, that is your hero.
Depending on this man, that takes care of you.
Depending on this man, that holds you close every night.
Depending on this man, that goes through the hassle of taking care of you.
Depending on this man, that you proudly call your lover.
And he loves you back.
Congratulations reader.
You have tangled yourself up in this web of lies made from Wilbur.
You have tied yourself up with him, keeping him with you.
He won't allow you to leave.
And you won't allow him to leave.
You need him for your sanity.
And he needs you for his insanity.
In short: This would just make a beautifully disastrous relationship of dependency and insanity. It is something that can not be escaped. Good luck...
Word count: 555
Thanks for reading! (Sorry if this is so Dark)
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sparkliingcrown · 7 hours ago
— my worst nightmare.
Tumblr media
Summary: You know the saying that goes 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?' How much closer can you get to your enemy than being roommates?
Request: Brownies + Dark Irish Coffee 
Genre: Roommates AU, College AU, Enemies to Lovers
Words: 6.1k
Warnings: Lots of swearing. I didn’t hold back in that aspect. Uhm, mentions of drinking, yn kinda panics at one point... I think that should be all! If not, pls notify me ^^
Note: An Eishi Café special. Yes, this is because it was last minute requests and it took too long for me to get to and open up the café again. ALSO TO THE ANON THAT REQUESTED THIS, I’M SORRY I MISREAD THE ORDER AND WROTE IT AS A LIGHT REQUEST! I hope you still like it nonetheless... Sorry it took so long T^T Also, this is my first time writing something like this so I really hope that it fits.
Tumblr media
You were hauling your bags and boxes up to your new dorm room by yourself. That wasn’t exactly the greatest way to start the day, considering you had to stay up packing the last of your stuff, rushing to the nearest train station, riding the train, and then driving all the way to your new dorm room for college yesterday. You didn’t even get to sleep a wink on the train and you sure as hell can’t sleep while on the road. So, in short, you were tired, hungry, and really fucking pissed.
You mocked your naive and excited self, making faces as you tugged your bags closer to your body, pulling the strap of your backpack higher up your shoulder to keep it from falling on the floor. Go to college, they said. You'll have the time of your life, they said. Who's they? The many, many movies you watched growing up. And where exactly were you now?
"Can you at least try to help me move my stuff inside?" You drop your bags at the door, stretching your arms out.
"Lemme think about it." He closes his eyes for a second, letting out a deep breath. "No."
That's right. You were stuck with him. Choi Seungcheol. The bane of your existence.
That motherfucker.
His majesty was sitting comfortably on the couch, a cup of boba in his hand. Oh, how you wish you could just reach out there and squeeze it to make it explode in his face. Instead, you huff. You turned away and stomped your way down to the elevator to get the rest of your luggage. Muttering to yourself, you hauled the last of your luggage in, just wanting to collapse onto your bed for the day having barely gotten any rest the previous day.
You were expecting your best friend, Jiwoo, to greet you at the door. You were expecting her to greet you with that enthusiastic squeal when she sees you. You were expecting her to give you a warm hug that would last probably longer than 5 minutes. Alas, the universe decided to be rude to you and give you your worst nightmare.
Seungcheol stares as you drag your bags and feet to the nearest room, raising an eyebrow when he thinks he heard you utter his name. He did not help whatsoever. Asshole. Once you get to your room, you don't even bother cleaning up and unpacking. You sank to the floor with a loud whine, not caring at all if Seungcheol could hear you from outside.
You were so excited to live out your college dream. Going to the library, going to parties you know Jiwoo would drag you to, midnight talks with your roommate, binging series you’ve been eyeing for a while. The universe just really had to ruin it for you by placing him as your roommate. You didn’t even know he was enrolled in Hybe University. It seemed like he didn’t know either. You recall the shocked look on his face when he opened the door.
“You’re my roommate?!” You both exclaim in unison.
You feel your lifespan shorten by 30 years when it fully sinks in that you’re stuck with him for a full school year. If it wasn’t enough that the bags you carried were heavy, the ones under your eyes felt even heavier. Seungcheol frowns.
“You look like shit,” he states, taking a long sip out of his cup.
You manage to send your iciest glare at him, chucking the heavy luggage inside to make him  move. “No shit, Sherlock-”
“The name’s Seungcheol.”
You ignore him. “I just drove a fucking half hour just to get here.”
You kick the bag, moving it to a corner then go to get a smaller one waiting by the door. Seungcheol moves out of your way, walking back to the couch. “Don’t fucking test me, Choi.”
He puts one of his hands up in a surrendering gesture. You sigh, closing the door behind you to get the rest of your things.
You let out a groan, deciding to unpack your things a little later. Eyeing your bed, you get up to move to your bed. You easily drift off into sleep. You would’ve loved to say it was dreamless but you actually quite enjoyed the chaos of it all. You awoke at 2 in the morning, lost and confused. You frown at your waste of half the day yesterday, smacking random items in your room to figure out where you had placed your phone.
Once you located it, the screen lit up your face - blinding you a little in the process. Jiwoo had excitedly messaged you. Well, excited was an understatement when she sent you 102 messages in the span of one hour and 17 missed calls for the rest of the time you were unconscious on your bed.
Your stomach growls, shocking you. “Yeah, I should get some food then start unpacking. Probably message her back as well…” you mutter to the air, dusting off your jeans as you finish up the process of fully moving into your new home for the next school year.
You sigh, “Fuck, this is going to be a long year.”
Tumblr media
You bury your head in the reference book that you picked out to help with your assignment. It wasn’t doing it’s job of helping. You shifted in your seat. With a groan, you lean back in your seat, not understanding any of the material so far. Jiwoo pats your back encouragingly, nuzzling her cheek on your shoulder.
"There, there," she says, running a hand through your hair. "Hold on, I'll just return this book because it didn't have what I was looking for."
With a solemn nod, Jiwoo rises from her seat. She skips away with the book in your hands leaving you suffering all alone. You mentally slap yourself for sulking when it's literally only the second month of college. Living in the dorms has not been any easier ever since you arrived. Seungcheol took any opportunity to get a rise out of you and you would bite back with just as much sass.
It was like a competition between you both. Over what exactly? No one could really tell. Jiwoo came over often so she's very much used to seeing the two of you bicker like little children out of the smallest things. This was the reason as to why she dragged you out of the dorm.
"Come on, ever since you've arrived, you're either staying in your room or going to that boba place!" Jiwoo was tugging you by your wrist while you used your other hand to cling onto your bedpost. "You need to live! To breathe!"
"I do that just fine over here!" you complain.
Then, it was just a competition of whining. Jiwoo won that one easily. Her bright, sparkling puppy eyes were too much to resist. You sighed. You were too soft for Jiwoo sometimes. You mumble, cursing the professors for giving a bunch of work already. It was to the point that you could barely keep track of any of your subjects anymore.
You stare at your laptop screen, a half blank essay staring back at you with a menacing aura. You turn your head. An open textbook sat atop several other books of the same subject stared at you too. You could hear it calling for you, yelling at you to study for the test next week. With a silent cry, you drop your head down onto the table. You hear a snicker from behind you. One that you've heard way too many times that you didn't even need to turn around to see who it was.
"Hello to you too, Choi." You let out a tired sigh, head rising from the table.
"You look pitiful like that," he comments, eyeing the multitude of books surrounding your laptop. "You need any help?"
You raise an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"
"Do you need help?"
"The Choi Seungcheol is offering me help?"
"Ah, good, so your ears can work," he gives you that shit eating grin that you just want to punch off his face. You can already feel the fire burning inside just ready to burst. You feel like a boiling kettle to say the least. It's his turn to raise an eyebrow now.
"No way," you huff like a child, turning your back on him.
He sat across from you. It really just had to be the only fucking unoccupied seat left. You mentally cursed all the students who came to the library. Then you felt bad and instead cursed Seungcheol who just had to come to the library when you were at the peak of the stress rollercoaster, just ready to dive into the depths of despair and bad grades.
Your eyes flutter back and forth between the laptop, the books and Seungcheol himself. With a defeated sigh, you turn the laptop so the screen could face him. "Please."
That same grin never left his face, he tauntingly cups a hand around his ear. "What's that? I can't hear you."
"Old man," you retort with a snicker. Just as he was going to open his mouth to protest, you repeat yourself a little louder. "Please help me with this damn assignment so I can finish it already."
"That's more like it." He pulls out the chair next to you, pushing away the books to help you.
You would never admit it out loud but you were actually grateful that Seungcheol had offered his help. With every small pointer he gave you, you were able to fly through all of your workload like a breeze. He even lent you his notes for that test you were so worried about. You leaned back, tipping your head back as the most relieved sigh anyone could muster slipped past your lips.
“What? No ‘Thank you’?” he asked, a small pout on his lips.
“I didn’t kill you. Is that enough?” He rolls his eyes at you, returning to his own seat. Guilt started to take form in the pit of your stomach. You sighed. “I gotta go. Thanks. I’ll see you at the dorm.”
You didn’t see it. He didn’t want you to see it. He didn’t even want to acknowledge it; the heat rising up and painting his cheeks pink from when you sent him that small smile before leaving. Seungcheol mentally slapped himself, shaking his head and trying to focus on his own essay he put off while helping you. Safe to say, he never really did finish that stupid essay.
Tumblr media
"Joo, do I have to go?" you complained, tugging your shirt downwards. It's a little too much for your taste.
"You deserve it, babe," Jiwoo replied. "You got good grades after studying for so long! Loosen up a little! Please?"
You give her a skeptical look.
"Just this once?" She gives you her best puppy dog eyes that shimmered under the light of her dorm room. She puts up a finger and juts out her bottom lip in a pout, ultimately stealing your heart with how cute she is. "For me?"
"Ugh, fine. You're too cute not to."
"Yay!" she wraps her arms around you and gives you a light kiss on your cheek, dragging you out of her dorm and to her car.
She drove you to the party, that sweet smile never leaving her face. She talked about a blend of many topics she was interested in. You heard her mention something about talking to that girl in her class. You only stared out the window, humming in response as you dreaded arriving at the party.
Alcohol. It reeked of alcohol. You just arrived but there were already so many people that just smelled like sweat and whatever was served in the kitchen. Jiwoo took you to the dance floor, which was clearly just the living room of the house with the couches pushed to the side so there's space. She introduced you to a couple of her friends. You give them a small wave. It probably wasn't the best idea to try and have a conversation this close to the speakers.
After just a few minutes of walking in, you already lost Jiwoo. She was probably just with one of her friends. Come to think of it, she was clinging on to one of them really tightly and just being very clingy. But she was almost always like that with anyone. You brush it off your mind, heading to the kitchen to get something to drink.
"They look pretty," Seokmin stated, sipping from his cup and making a slight face at the bitterness. "Wait... Is that Y/n?"
Seungcheol's ears seem to perk up at the mention of your name. He turns to the direction his friend was staring at, seeing you hover over the kitchen island with a drink in your hand. You looked bored. A little lonely too. He deduced that your friend had left you to fend for yourself. He snickers to himself.
"Oh yeah, I think that is," Jeonghan was suddenly by his side, eyeing Seungcheol for his reaction. Seungcheol pulls a face.
"What are you looking at?" he sneers.
"Don't you think they're pretty, Cheollie?" Jeonghan giggled, obviously already a little tipsy. Seungcheol scowls. An old conversation flashed by his eyes.
"Where are you going?"
You raise an eyebrow. "And why do you care about where I'm going?"
"Because I'm your roommate? What if something happens to you?"
"Awh, does Seungcheollie actually care about me?" You jut your lip out in an exaggerated pout.
"No, I- Wait..." He takes in the outfit you decided to wear, and breathes in the scent of that perfume you always wear on special occasions. "Don't tell me... You're going out with that guy again, aren't you?"
You roll your eyes, adjusting the straps of your shoes with a groan. "So?"
"Are you that blind that I have to fucking tell you? He's not good for you!"
"Why do you give a damn about who I go out with? Why would I give a damn about who you think I should go out with?"
"That's not the point- Stop going out with him!"
"What are you? My dad? Fuck off, Cheol."
"That guy is not good for you." He crosses his arms against his chest. "Hell, even I would be better for you and I'm your enemy."
“Yeah, you’re my enemy. That doesn’t explain why you’re butting into my love life like this. Literally, just fuck off!” you exclaim, losing your cool with a stomp of your foot.
You fall silent. He falls silent. Seungcheol is worried for that second that passes. He didn’t know why. The silence was uncomfortable. It was like the chill of realizing there’s a spider in the shower with you. He felt chills run down his spine. He didn’t even know why.
You say nothing more, picking up your purse. The silence was odd. It was new. Especially to the both of you. Seungcheol was just about to speak up again, voicing his opposition to you going out with the sketchy guy you met when you walked out and slammed the door on him.
His mouth hung ajar, disbelief spread all over his features. He scoffs, “Ugh, whatever.”
He turns to look at you again. You were by the dance floor now, the neon lights surrounding you. He always thought you were pretty whenever you two wouldn't be bickering until the day's end. Seeing you next to the lights, seeing you like this, it made his heart race a little. He blames it on the alcohol.
Seungcheol ignores the way the rest of his friends start teasing him. It was mostly Joshua and Jeonghan ganging up on him but it was teasing nonetheless. He rolled his eyes, shoving them off him when Jeonghan started giggling a little too close to his face. Sure, he thinks you look pretty, and sure, he doesn't deny that he did find you attractive when he first met you after the summer. That doesn't matter, though, right? Right?
So, what was this feeling festering in his heart when he saw another guy walk up to you and ask you for a dance?
Seungcheol watches as the anonymous guy takes your hand and graciously leads you to the dance floor. His friends would be dramatic and say that he glared daggers at the dude. To be fair, he was. Seungcheol wasn't going to admit to that, however. He crushes his cup in his hand, startling the rest of his group but leading to only more teasing from all of them. With a roll of his eyes, he decides to shift his attention elsewhere.
Your weight shifts from one foot to the other. Maybe situating yourself near the dance floor wasn't the best idea you ever got but you needed to search for Jiwoo in the sea of sweaty, horny, drunk people. What better option than to sit right next to the speaker? You mentally facepalm yourself when the neon lights blinded you from identifying anyone. You blink once. Twice.
Who is this stranger in front of you?
Alarms blare in your head, telling you to get away. Your grip tightens on your cup, anxiety filling your stomach. He notices your worried expression and immediately flashes a smile. "You don't come here often, do you? I'm Eungwang."
He extends a hand out to you, asking you to join him on the dance floor. You shyly follow him, his hand never leaving yours. He twirls you around, telling you to smile a little bit and relax. You could feel all eyes on you, the blinding neon lights and booming music slowly becoming unbearable with each passing second.
"You okay?" You nearly didn't hear Eungwang calling out your name. "You look stressed. Are you okay?" You did your best to shake your head no, breath stuck in your throat.
A worried look passes his eyes, the corners of his lips turning downwards. It was becoming too much. You knew you shouldn't have come to this party. Jiwoo just had to bring you along. Jiwoo... You still haven't found her. The pounding in your heart and ears were getting worse, getting louder. You twist your head, trying your best to scan the crowd for a glimpse of your best friend.
"Get your hands off of her," a more familiar voice speaks up. With wide eyes, you see Seungcheol with his hand on Eungwang's shoulder.
Without an answer, Seungcheol rips him away from you and grabs your wrist to pull you into a more open space. It was weird. You always thought Seungcheol's hands would be rough, yet his touch felt so light. It felt like feathers. It was almost as if he was afraid to break you in your state. If you weren't too occupied with panicking, maybe you would've been trying to fight your way out of his grip.
You hadn't even noticed. Within minutes, the two of you were seated in the front lawn. The cool air brushed your cheeks, slowly pulling you out of your trance. Seungcheol tosses you a water bottle which you catch with trembling fingers. You take a sip and let out a breath. With pursed lips, you turn to look at him.
"What for?"
"I probably ruined the mood, right?"
He rolls his eyes, tucking his hands in his jacket pocket. "Whatever. The party was shit anyway. We should get you back to the dorm."
"But Jiwoo--"
"Your friend will be fine." He tosses his jacket to you. "Wear that. It's cold."
"I will not."
"Suits you." He snatches it out of your hands almost immediately. "Don't come crying to me when you get a cold."
Like a child, you stuck out your tongue.
Tumblr media
You're sick.
You don't know if it's fate trying to trick you or something. Whatever it was, it definitely isn't funny. Thank goodness, it was still the weekend. You definitely would have lost it if you got sick in the middle of the week. Good news was Jiwoo got back to her own dorm safely because her roommates dragged her back. That made you feel a little better.
Swaddled in your blanket, you begin your travel to the faraway land of the living room where you met your roommate looking at you amusedly. You sent him the best glare you could muster with a bit of snot dripping down your face. He only snickered.
"I told you, you should've worn-"
"Shut it. I'd rather be sick than wear that sweaty jacket of yours."
"Oi!" He stands up, pointing at you who was rummaging through the fridge. "I'll have you know my jacket isn't at all sweaty and gross! I wash it often!"
You let out a snicker, taking some leftovers out of the fridge and shutting it close with your hips. Seungcheol drops his plate in the sink. He stares at you for a fleeting moment; your hair was a mess and there was a bit of snot running down your nose. Nonetheless, you were wrapped up tightly in your blanket that reached the floor. You peek your head to see what's playing on the TV when you see a familiar character.
"You watch...Link Clink?" You sniffle slightly, bringing your blanket back up to rest on your shoulders.
"Oh? You know this show?" Cute. He shakes the thought out of his head immediately.
"Yeah...It was on my watch list." You didn't think that he'd watch something like that. "Not like you need to know."
He rolls his eyes at you, ignoring your last comment. "You wanna watch it together sometime?"
What in the fuck? You don't know if it was your cold, if it was just the air conditioning or literal chills went down your spine at his offer. Maybe it was just the first option. Caught off guard, you stare at him. His eyebrow was raised at you while waiting for your response.
"Uhm...yeah, sure... why not?"
"Oh, yeah." He opens up a cabinet, your curious eyes following his form as he searches through the cupboard. He pulls out a green plastic and hands it over to you. "I figured you would get sick, so I bought some stuff this morning that could probably help."
"Oh, uh, thanks..."
"Don't mention it." You weren't too sure but you thought you saw him blush a little. Perhaps it was your brain playing tricks on you. Nonetheless, despite being your enemy, he was nice enough to buy you something. Though, it really was just a small cold.
He clears his throat, snapping you out of your trance. "Get some rest. Jiwoo will probably drop by here later."
"Yeah, okay."
Tumblr media
“You’re telling me he took care of you while you were sick?”
“And you’re telling me you didn’t threaten him at all to take care of me while I was sick?”
Jiwoo takes a long sip of her bubble tea, taking her time to chew the pearls while you wait for an answer. She simply shakes her head no. You sigh.
“It’s not like he, like, took care of me. It was more of, like, he just made living together less of a living hell, I guess,” you state, taking your own sip of your tea.
“Less? What do you mean?”
“I mean, he still teased and taunted me. Like, he kept bringing his friends over. You know how loud all of them could get. Finished a bunch of my snacks even though they had my name on it. He broke my third favorite mug, too. One time, he placed my shit on top of the cabinet when he knew I couldn’t really reach it.”
You almost let out a laugh when you remember it.
“Awh, you need me in your life after all."
"Shut up, I can replace you with a step ladder."
"Too bad you won't. You love me too much."
You hadn’t even noticed the rosy pink that started to bloom on your cheeks and creep up to your ears. Jiwoo did, however, and would not let you live. Her eyes grew wide, dramatically placing her cup down. She shook you. A big grin was plastered on her face once you turned to look at her.
“Oh my goodness, it all makes sense now,” she cheered, enthusiastically shaking you around like a maraca. “You guys have been talking a lot lately… When I visited there was no sign of chaos anywhere.... And you were just giggling!”
“Giggling, Y/n, giggling! You!” she squeals. “Oh my god, you’re blushing! They’re blushing! Don’t tell me… you actually like him, do you?”
You let out a snort. “Me? Like him? Jiwoo, love, he makes my college life a lot less bearable. My petty ass won’t even let that go by, either. There’s no way I like that asshole.”
Tumblr media
Okay, maybe you liked him a little bit.
It would be hard not to like a guy who stops in the middle of a walk just to pet some dogs he saw on the way. It would be hard to ignore the way he smiles whenever you see him with his friends. It was most definitely hard to pretend like your heart wasn’t racing at all when your drunk roommate, also known as your enemy, snuggled closer to you on your way to the couch.
“Seungcheol.” A groan. Try again.
“Seungcheol.” Same response. What is this bitch on?
“Choi Seungcheol.” A loud whine escapes his lips. “How much did you drink? You reek.”
“Just a lil’ bit,” he hiccuped, swaying back and forth on his feet. “We were having so much fun I didn’t even notice the time!”
You softly threw him onto the couch as he started to flail his arms. You rush to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. He throws his arms around the pillows and tightly squeezes them as he starts babbling nonsense you couldn’t quite make out. You hear something along the lines of peaches, weird foods they tried, and someone jumping into the pool. You smiled. They always were such a rowdy bunch. All 13 of them. You would know. They trashed your room once and ate your leftover ice cream.
“You look pretty.” You snorted, covering your mouth with your free hand. “You look just like my roomie, you know. They’re like-” A hiccup interrupts him. “They’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen,” he slurred.
“Oh? Is that so?” You make him sit up properly and hand the cup over to him. “Here, drink some of this.”
He gulps down the water. “You're really kind, too! Ah, just like Y/n~ But they have a little- no, no- a huge temper.” Oh, wow. The audacity. He giggles and you suppress the urge to smile. Failing, you laugh along with him, shaking your head.
“Come on, let’s get you to your room, you ass,” you say, slinging an arm around him to try and get him up. “Why are you so damn heavy?”
“Because of my love~ for Y/n~!”
“Why are you cheesy when you’re drunk-”
You finally arrive at his room, which took a lot longer than expected because of dragging a very intoxicated Seungcheol around who would not stop trying to cuddle you. You struggle to open his door, ignoring the loud beating of your heart. Wanting to go back to sleep as quickly as possible, you let him crawl onto his own bed, turning around to leave.”
“Get some sleep.”
A hand wraps around your wrist, preventing you from leaving. He pulls you closer. You lose your balance. Oh look, now you're on top of him. You hold your breath. You try to push yourself away from him but to no avail. You were trapped.
“Where’s my goodnight kiss?” He croaked out, quickly leaning up to peck you on the lips.
Tumblr media
“You kissed?!”
“Shh! Joo, not so loud!” Your eyes darted around the area, several heads turned to look your and Jiwoo’s way. “Everyone’s looking at us. I don’t even know what to say, Joo. I haven’t seen him at all for the past few days.” “You haven’t seen him or you’re avoiding him?” She raised a skeptical brow at you, popping some food in her mouth. She points one of her chopsticks at you with a big grin that makes you want to hide in a hole and never come out. “I think… you’re just avoiding him.”
“Well, what are you supposed to do when-” you lower your volume, casting your eyes to the ground. “I’m not finishing that sentence. Argh!” You hide your face in your hands, Jiwoo’s thrilled laughter coming from beside you.
You spent the following week trying to evade Seungcheol’s presence. You’ve been getting out of the dorm far earlier than you used to and he could never catch you anywhere. He seemed more than eager to talk to you nowadays, usually looking for you in the hallways or trying to spot a glimpse of you in your favorite spots. The library, the boba place, outside your classes. Nothing. It always seemed like you were one step faster than he was, one second too late for him.
He went around the campus grounds one last time. He even asked his friends if he’s seen you to which they replied with skeptical looks for fair reasons. He even tried to ask your friend, Jiwoo, to no avail. He retreats back to the dorm in defeat. His shoulders slumped over as he fished the keys out of his pocket. The door clicks and he becomes visibly confused. He still has his keys in his hand. The door opens wide and Seungcheol yelps, faced with none other than the roommate he was looking for.
Without thinking, he grabs a hold of your wrist as you go to shut the door on him. You snap yourself out of your thoughts from that night. "You're coming with me."
"What the fuck?" You tug your wrist back. His grip only tightens. "Yah! What the hell do you think you're doing?! I'm going to miss the next episode of-"
"Mmm, don't really care."
"Tch." You look down, suddenly ashamed of your get-up. He opens his car door for you. "Did Jiwoo put you up to this?"
Seungcheol smiles. Your heart... Did it skip a beat? Woah. Maybe he actually doesn't look too bad when he's not being a dick to you. Maybe he actually, dare you say it, looks cute when the two of you aren't at each other's throats every 5 seconds. You reluctantly get in, buckling your seatbelt while you wait for him to start up the car.
You look out the window, appreciating the beauty of the night. It's serene. It was still pretty bright with all the lights and buildings yet it looked beautiful. You opted not to speak to Seungcheol for the rest of the drive. You still didn't even know why he dragged you out of your room. You don't even know why you actually got in his car.
Realization hits you.
You're in his car. Seungcheol's car. You willingly got into Seungcheol's car. A small gasp leaves your lips, calling his attention.
"Is something wrong?"
You look at him. "Uh, no... No, I'm fine." The car suddenly holts, snapping you out of your daze. 7/11. Your eyebrows furrow. What?
"You dragged me out of my room... to go to 7/11? This late at night?" you asked, disbelief laced in your tone. He only chuckles at you, getting out of the car while leaving you bewildered and still strapped to your seat.
"Technically, it's like morning but sure." You unbuckle the seatbelt and step out, the cold breeze hitting your skin. Right, you still looked like a mess in the middle of a crisis. "I owe you ice cream since Soonyoung couldn't control himself the other day."
You narrow your eyes at him, suspicious of why he decided to be nice to you today. Before you could open your mouth to speak, he interrupts you, "This is just so you won't bitch about your lost ice cream."
"Hey!" you huff, crossing your arms over your chest. He picks up a few items and checks them out, you follow behind him like a lost puppy. "I thought we were just getting ice cream... why are you-"
"Can you just enjoy this quiet we have right now?" That made you shut up for the rest of the night. Not really. You started complaining about the cold a few minutes later while he laughed at your misery.
"Your fault for not bringing a coat, idiot."
"You fuckin- You dragged me out here!" you exclaimed, exasperated. "The audacity of this bitch, I swear."
Now sitting outside the 7/11, you rub your arms in a feeble attempt to warm yourself up. Not much luck. He slams a cup of instant ramen in front of you. You jumped slightly at the noise and he sent you a sheepish grin. "Enjoy, loser." You stick your tongue out at him yet pick up the cup nonetheless.
A sizzle breaks the silence between the both of you. He has a cheeky grin plastered all over his face as he teases you with the sight of the can of beer. He tosses one in your direction. You caught it, thankfully. You take a sip after opening it, letting out a content sigh. You searched your brain for something to say to fill the silence. It wasn't exactly everyday you get to sit quietly under the night sky on a school night with your worst enemy.
“I...uh... also wanted to apologize if I weirded you out while I was shit-faced drunk that one time. I didn’t- the words… they just slipped out,” he says.
“That’s it?” you ask. “You don’t remember anything else?”
Seungcheol shakes his head. “I don’t remember anything other than babbling nonsense. Why? Did I do something?” Your cheeks flare up, memories flooding back in that you’ve tried so hard to avoid. He stops and looks at you, noticing how you wouldn’t look him in the eye. Your eyes were trained on something else, your cheeks burning crimson. He blinks once, twice, trying to recollect the events of that night. All he remembers was you pissed and greeting him at the door, muttering some embarrassing shit, and being dropped onto his bed. Everything else was a blur.
“We should… Let’s get going. It’s getting really late,” you say, turning your head so you’d stop staring. The two of you finish up your ramen and drinks, heading back to Seungcheol’s car after discarding the trash.
On the way home, he recalls a few memories. The day you first met, the time you embarrassed him in front of the whole 8th grade, the time he gave you an oreo cookie filled with toothpaste. A good trip down memory lane later, the two of you were laughing obnoxiously in the wee hours of the morning. The laughter dies down as Seungcheol unlocks your dorm door.
“Come to think of it, why are we enemies again? We didn’t really do too much to hate each other,” you say, removing your shoes by the door.
“Do we hate each other?” You shrug. He laughs. “Why don’t we start over then? We’re not too different, apparently.”
“Yeah. Sure, why not?”
He sticks out his hand. “Hi, I’m Seungcheol.”
You gaze lingers on it for a few seconds. You never thought you’d be doing this ever. You look up at him and back at his hand. There’s a chance you’ll regret your next move but you doubt you will.
With a simple, soft kiss, everything felt like it changed yet stayed the same. The feeling of his lips on yours felt like a simple gift from the universe as a sorry for everything the two of you went through together. Seungcheol was frozen in his spot, eyes fluttering shut as he slowly pulled you closer. His memories start getting clearer. He slowly pieces together what happened that night. You pull away with a grin, completely red in the face.
“Hi, I’m Y/n. Seungcheol’s worst nightmare.”
“Is that what I get for making you suffer in silence when I couldn’t remember anything?”
“Oh, so you remember now? Damn, you really are old.”
“We’re the same age!”
“To answer your question, yes. Yes, it is.”
For the second time that night, you kissed.
Tumblr media
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softpine · 13 hours ago
kdjejdhfu sorry i can't stop waxing poetic about your SKILLS because honestly im trying to plan a story if my own and compared to my fiction writing this is so HARD i don't know how you do it!!!! but you do and it's dope af!!!!! (◡ ω ◡)
omg thank you 🥺 and it's definitely a learning curve because it's so different to writing in other styles, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature!! i promise! when i first started storytelling, it took me twice as long and twice as much effort to do half as much work fjkjsd and i also have a ton of advice here that's specific to sims storytelling if you want to check it out! good luck, i would love to read your story ;-; 💖
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earlgreytea68 · 16 hours ago
Okay! So! My concert is coming up! I'm going to see the boys at Fenway, the only day this week with rain in the forecast lolololol. I am fully vaccinated and I'm going to wear a mask and I'm actually super excited to do this one brief normal thing. My question is! I don't care about any of the other bands on the marquee (shhhh sorry) and I'd like to avoid major bottlenecks so I want to get there late and buy my merch while the first bands are playing and ideally take my seat in the break between Weezer and fob. So! Here is where I ask for your help! If you have been to a show on the hella mega tour, can you let me know about how long after the start time fob took the stage? THANK YOU!!!
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jiangwanyin · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
creator tag game: post some of your gifs before & after coloring!
i was tagged by @wuxien ahh thank you so much lexa this was so fun and i absolutely loved seeing yours, your colourings are always so gorgeous!! it took me a hot minute to get round to this since i haven’t had the time to load up photoshop these past few days but here we go!
i went with some of my more recent gifs since if i’m being perfectly honest i’m still in the process of figuring all of this out and i don’t think i’ve settled on one colouring style i’m 100% comfortable with yet, but my trademark is probably brighter colours, mostly greens and blues and purples and where it fits the scene i try and go for a softer dreamy look!
most of the time i just play around with the curves, vibrance and saturation, exposure, gradient maps and selective colour of course (the real mvp here) and hope for the best✨
since i’m a little late to the show i know a lot of people have already done this, but i’m tagging @lanyuan @evakant @haleths @thcrin and @kvothie if you feel like it??
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Our Little Secret
Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader
Summary: While you and the other Statesmen agents are on the flight to your next mission, you decide to have a little fun with Whiskey.
Warnings: This is just pure SMUT, handjob description.
A/N: I am so so sorry this took so long for me to write! I started a new job recently and it has kept me crazy busy. Nevertheless thank you so much for the request and I hope all of you enjoy!
Tumblr media
The plane had been in the air for nearly two hours when you finally opened your eyes. Knowing that you had a ways to travel you decided to exploit the calmness and get some rest. Since joining the Statesmen a good night’s sleep had been a rarity. Even the quick nap you had been able to get in was more peaceful than your past several weeks of sleep. However, as much as you enjoyed the sleep there was a thought continually itching in the back of your mind. Finally unable to deny yourself any longer you sat upright in your seat. 
As you stretched your tired limbs you scoped out the cabin. To one side of you was Tequila who had a similar idea to you, his hat pulled down over his face as he slept soundly. Ginger was just behind him with her nose buried in her phone. Directly behind you was Champ, staring out the window. And at the very back of the cabin was Whiskey who had his eyes closed as well. With another small stretch you pushed yourself up out of your seat and began making your way to the back of the plane. Champ ignored you but the sudden movement made Ginger look in your direction. You gave her a small smile which she returned before looking back at her phone. Moving more quickly now you pulled off your jacket, draping it over your arm until you were sitting down next to Whiskey. Feeling you brush against his body made him open his eyes as you dropped your jacket down over his lap. 
“Well hey sweetheart.” He asked in a whisper, his hand finding your knee. The two of you had been secretly dating for a few months now. This job wasn’t exactly relationship friendly but you both knew that it was worth the risk. However, you still weren’t too keen on letting the other agents know just yet. Sometimes you wished you could just tell them and get it over with but you also knew that if you did you wouldn't get to have little moments like this. Feeling his breath hot against your ear as he leans in quietly to tell you how much he needs you. Stealing him away to kiss him with so much passion and fervor before pretending that nothing had happened. Letting your hands explore wherever they could when the others were preoccupied. The excitement of being each other's secret made you never want to tell anyone. You knew Whiskey felt the same when you watched the look in his eyes as your hands found his thigh beneath the jacket.
"What are you doing?" The concern in his voice was nothing more than a ruse as you saw his eyes flicker with the same lust that was lighting a fire in your chest. With a small innocent smile you look up at him through your lashes, batting them sweetly. 
“I just thought I would keep you company, Agent Whiskey. You looked awful lonely back here.” As you say this, your hand slides its way up his thigh until it is resting lightly against the front of his jeans. It only takes a few moments for you to feel him getting hard under your palm. Despite trying to maintain your innocent look, you can’t hold back the sly smile that creeps onto your lips once you can feel what you’re doing to him. 
“Oh yeah? Well that sure is sweet of you darling.” Whiskey shifts his hips forward just slightly, giving you better access. Even though you are both clearly trying to seduce one another, neither of you are willing to sacrifice the upper hand. It’s a game. His eyes bore into yours and your hands explore his body but neither of you are going to let yourself lose the advantage. You see no signs of his surrender but you have a feeling that soon you’ll have him singing your tune. 
“What can I say? I care about my fellow Agents. We are a team, aren’t we?” With this, you begin unbuckling his belt as quietly as possible, undoing his zipper as well. Opening his jeans just enough to give you access, you find the hem of his boxers. As you slip your hand into his boxers you peel your eyes away from his, now daring to look around the cabin. The other agents are still preoccupied, but you know testing the waters will make Whiskey give in even quicker. Still not looking at him, you find the outline of his cock and give it a firm squeeze. 
“Oh, you are definitely a team player.” There is a hint of struggle in his voice now, which makes you smile wider now. Trying to keep your movements as small as possible, you start stroking him. Your grip is still firm, which helps you make up for the small nature of your strokes. After one long stroke you swipe your thumb across the tip of his cock, gathering up some of his precum before using it to make him more slick with your strokes. This motion brings a groan to the back of his throat. You hear his breath catch, knowing that he is holding himself back. This makes you look back to him, seeing that his head has fallen back against the headrest and his eyes are closed. God, you wished you could lean over and kiss the hollow of his throat while he was leaving himself exposed but that was one risk you knew would be too easy to catch. However, you made a mental note to make sure you did so later. 
“Is Whiskey okay?” Ginger’s voice pulls you out of the moment, causing a lump to form in your throat. Bringing your movements to a stop, you gave her a small smile as you looked between the two of them. Whiskey’s eyes were still closed and he showed no signs of responding so you knew he would be no use to you at the moment. 
“Oh, yeah. He’s fine. He’s just got a headache. He’ll be fine by the time we land.” This answer seemed to appease Ginger as she nodded with a small and lost herself in her phone again. With an inaudible sigh of relief, you continue your small movements as his eyes slowly open. “Thanks for your help.” You whisper to him, hiding your grin.
“I figured it’d just be better if I played dead.” Whiskey joked, his eyes finding yours again. After making eye contact with him again you got a wicked idea. Without another word you speed up your movements just slightly, applying pressure just the way he liked. This shift in your motions made him throw his head back again as he sucks in a deep breath. Keeping your eyes locked on his, you continued this pace with absolute precision. You knew he was getting close when he grabbed your arm beneath the jacket. Just a few more strokes would send him over the edge. Right where you wanted him. Just as you felt him begin to tense you took your hand away quickly, making him jolt forward. The look on his face was exactly what you were hoping for. Before he could even ask you why you stopped you withdraw your hand from his boxers, zip him back up, and help him do his belt. Whiskey’s mouth is gaping as you take your hand out from underneath the jacket, stretching widely. 
“Well, I should probably let you rest. Hope that headache goes away soon. I’m sure it’s really painful to be right on the edge of relief like that.” With nothing more than a small smile you pick up your jacket and walk back to your seat. As you leave him exposed Whiskey quickly grabs his own jacket and throws it over his lap to cover up the evidence of your playtime. When you hear him shuffling in the back you look over your shoulder to see him make his way quickly to the bathroom, making you stifle a laugh. Turning back around you close your eyes and try to catch back up on your sleep. You knew you could sleep like a baby now that you had won your little game, just like you always did. 
Once seeing your eyes are closed Ginger leans forward to where Tequila is sleeping. “T. T, wake up.” She prods in a whisper. He stirs quickly, turning all the way around to look at her. 
“What’s up?” 
“You owe me twenty bucks.” This response causes Tequila to groan. 
“Right now? On the plane?” Ginger simply nods as he digs in his pocket before pulling out a twenty. She quickly puts the money away with a wide smile, trying not to laugh. So much for your secret. 
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ask-emily-dyer-idv · 16 hours ago
Andrew// D-Dr. Dyer, sorry for appearing out the sudden... But I recently got a headache and vomited last night, which is quite rare... I ate properly and slept normally... Do you have any chance to know what is going on? (@ask-idv-vale )
Tumblr media
Do you feel any lasting pain, feel exhausted or anything else that might be unusual? Even the slightest pain might be important.
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slowiedrakie · 23 hours ago
Play with fire (Lance fanfiction) - Chapter 4 : First mission.
Hi guys ! Im sorry I took so long translating this chapter, I was busy writing the last chapters in French. I can already confirm that I will be writing on New Era, so bear with me until then if you prefer our Lance from season two !
Until then, enjoy !
- Under the cut -
Today was the day ! Finally, I was about to leave for my first mission. By the time I woke up this morning, Nevra was already gone, and I didn't get to see him all morning, except at the meeting with the Light Guard when I told them about my meeting with Ashkore, but I couldn't speak to him in private.
I was a little disappointed when I joined Leiftan at the front door, because I would've liked to say goodbye to him before leaving. No sooner did that thought cross my mind than I heard the vampire call my name behind me. I turned around, smiling as he trotted toward us.
- "I was afraid I had missed you before you left." he said smiling "I'm not worried about you coming back successful from this mission but since you have no companion I thought that you would like Sheitan to come with you."
Nevra's black gallytrot rubbed her head against my leg affectionately and I patted her head with a smile.
- "Isn't that a little dangerous ?" interjected Leiftan "Black gallytrots are quite unstable... And it's not like she has no one to protect her."
The vampire didn't seem to like the remark, but kept his cool.
- "If Sheitan had wanted to attack her, she would have done so already. And as I said, it's just because she doesn't have a companion yet, she won't bother you."
- "It'll be fine Leiftan, don't worry" I smiled at my mission partner "The more the merrier."
The blond chuckled at my remark.
- "Alright, alright, but we have to go now."
I turned to Nevra and he hugged me briefly before wishing me a safe trip. He looked a little nervous when he let go of me, but I didn't have time to ask him why because Leiftan invited me to get on my mount.
I did as he told me and he climbed onto his before we set off. I waved at the vampire, while Shaitan walked quietly beside my mount. I had to admit that I liked the idea of ​​Nevra's companion coming with us, I felt like a part of him was with me.
I walked back inside HQ with a sigh. I was not reassured at all, I had a bad feeling about this mission.
- "Come on, don't worry like that." Erika emerged suddenly, "She's in good hands."
I didn't answer, because I knew I wouldn't be reassured as long as I wasn't the one with her. The brunette did not seem to understand my distress.
- "Why are you so worried about her ?" she asked finally, "You hardly know each other..."
I sighed again.
- "She trusts me. I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to her after everything she's been through." I replied.
- "You shouldn't put yourself under so much pressure, you know. If she gives you her trust it's not to use you as a protection. And I also trust you and went through a lot, yet you're not so worried each time I go on a mission. Same for all the members of the guard when you think about it."
- "I can't explain it... As you know, we spent a lot of time together these last few days, and I don't believe to have woven a bond with someone so quickly before. It's really... special. And I do get worried about you too if you go on a dangerous mission."
She seemed to think about it for a moment.
- "I find her difficult to pin down... When I learned about the state she was in when she arrived, I expected someone very withdrawn, who doesn't speak to anyone and is completely broken, like Colaïa... But in the end, she is very open and sociable. I admit that it bothers me a bit. It's as if nothing bad has ever happened to her in life, it's weird..."
I had to admit that I had this feeling too when I met her, but now I understand better why she was acting this way. And I thought it was incredible, I think it's not within the reach of anyone to get back up like that after everything that happened to her.
- "She is very withdrawn on this topic and she tries to forget it to rebuild herself as quickly as possible. Maybe she'll tell you about it one day."
We chatted for a few more minutes before we went our separate ways. Leiftan and Noelyne should be back in a few days, but I can't afford to pace while waiting for their return. I just have to trust them and hope nothing goes wrong.
The ride was terribly long and towards the end I was just wriggling in my saddle, my butt not appreciating that I stayed in this position for so long.
- "If you keep moving like that, you'll end up falling." Leiftan said, laughing lightly.
I pouted and stopped moving for a moment.
- "I can't wait for us to arrive... Is it still far ?"
- "No, don't worry, we're almost there."
And he hadn't lied because only ten minutes were enough for us to arrive at the place where we were to set up the camp. Too happy to finally be able to use my legs, I took the opportunity to run and walk a little in this glade which seemed really peaceful to me. Leiftan laughed lightly and I ended up joining him to set up the tents.
It took us a good hour and soon, night fell on our camp.
- "We will meet the villagers tomorrow for negotiations. In the meantime, I'm starving ! Let's eat something." said the blond while unpacking our provisions.
I nodded and he prepared them quickly after lighting a campfire and we ate quietly under the moonlight.
I got to know Leiftan a little bit more and we immediately got along. He was a very interesting person and he seemed equally interested in me, which made me happy. We spent a good part of the night chatting together while Sheitan and Amaya (Leiftan's companion) were snuggled up to me.
- "It's surprising." he said indicating Amaya, "Usually, she only accepts my presence."
- "Yes I heard that she was a little difficult." I answered laughing, "I have the feeling that companions appreciate my presence."
The blond looked a little sorry, knowing full well all the damage his companion had done in HQ. As we were chatting, a noise coming from the bushes cut us right in the middle. Leiftan stood up and stood on his guard as the two companions raised their heads, attentive to the noise.
There was only silence but from the disinterested reaction of the two companions, I knew that it wasn't anything dangerous. Leiftan approached the bush and pushed them aside to see what was there, when suddenly, a baby fenrisulfr came out at full speed to find refuge in my arms.
I was a little surprised, but when I felt that it was shaking, I stroked it gently while whispering to calm it down and soon it fell asleep. Leiftan came back and sat down with me.
- "Something seems to have scared it." he said, "Is it hurt?"
Worried, I observed the little one from every angle but did not spot anything abnormal. I had studied companions a bit, so I thought that my diagnosis was correct, at least I hoped so. I noticed that it was a female.
- "I don't think so... More fear than harm." I smile.
- "So much the better. Fenrisulfr are not easy companions to tame, they are not easily approachable and are very picky when it comes to finding a master. They are the ones who decide if you are right for them or not, and apparently this one has chosen you."
- "Does that mean I can keep it ?" I asked with stars in my eyes.
- "Sure."
I smiled from ear to ear. I was really happy to finally have a companion, and I vowed to take care of her as best as possible. I had barely found her, but I already loved her with all my heart. I have always had a soft spot for animals, and seeing that they liked me back made me very happy.
Finally we decided to go to bed, just to be in good shape for the next day. I went to my tent and the three companions followed me, although Leiftan was a little upset that Amaya abandoned him to come with me. I quickly changed into my pajamas before bed, as the companions snuggled up against me again.
I felt so well surrounded that I fell asleep almost immediately.
I came out of my tent when I was certain that Noelyne was asleep and went further into the forest where I knew my partner was waiting for me. When I found him, he berated me for not hurrying, which made me roll my eyes.
- "She repeated everything to the Light guard. We can forget to gain a new ally, she is too close to the vampire for it to work and if we insisted, we would just take the risk that she pretends to be our ally to fool us. She's just a human anyway, she wouldn't do us any good." I said finally.
Ashkore seemed to really think about the question, as if he doubted something. However, he didn't let me know, so I decided to ask about it.
- "What's the matter ? A problem with her ?"
- "Hmm... No, nothing." he replied. "Forget about it."
I didn't insist. I assumed if there was really something important he would have told me. He finally regained his composure and looked at me.
- "She's alone with you, isn't she ? Why not get rid of her now? You could pass it off as an accident."
- "Absolutely not." I answered immediately, "First, she is protected by three companions including mine and in addition, if she did not return from this mission, I am sure that the vampire wouldn't leave me alone about it. Moreover, the guard fully trusts me, if i'm not able to protect a human on such an easy mission, they'll ask questions. No, killing her now would be taking too many risks for nothing. She doesn't represent a threat and her fragility can make her a perfect hostage in case things get out of hand."
- "Alright, as you wish Leiftan. I hope you won't regret not taking this opportunity."
Maybe he was right, but deep down I didn't want to make any new unnecessary victims. She doesn't endanger my secret, doesn't try to stop me, doesn't know Ashkore's true identity...
Killing her would be far too unfair.
And even I am not ready to do that.
The next day, when I woke up, the companions were still asleep around me. I sat up and stretched slowly, my back aching a bit from sleeping on the floor without it being too unpleasant either, even though I still missed Nevra's bed.
I got out of the tent after getting dressed, trying not to wake the companions too much, but the three of them followed me out of the tent when I left it. Leiftan, who was already up, greeted me and I did the same before sitting down.
I ate while chatting quietly with the blond before feeding the companions. However, he urged me by telling me that the sooner we would be done with the negotiations, the faster we could return to HQ. And I could only agree with his desire to come home. I hesitated to ask Sheitan to stay guarding the camp, but it's not like we had anything that can be stolen.
And I admit, I liked having her by my side.
On the way to the village, Leiftan asked me what name I had chosen for my companion and I thought about it for a moment before smiling.
- "I'll call her Misty, that's the name of the dog my parents had."
The blond nodded, smiling as we finally arrived in the village. The two negotiators were waiting for us in the middle of the square and one of them looked me up and down before whistling at me rudely.
- "If i knew that they would send us a girl like that I would have called them bef-"
He was cut in his sentence by Sheitan who growled loudly at him and I had to catch Amaya so that she didn't jump on his face. Misty just stared at him fiercely.
The man took a few steps back because of the sudden aggressiveness of the companions. I personally found him very rude and unpleasant, but I could ignore it, although this attitude completely baffled me.
- "I'm going to ask you to show a little more respect to this lady, if you do not want the negotiations to cut short." threatened Leiftan, obviously not appreciating the behavior of the two men.
It's true that the other was not better. He hadn't taken his eyes off my chest since our arrival and it was starting to make me really uncomfortable. The negotiators ended up leading us to the town hall, not without bitching about how "we can't have fun anymore". In the end, i was happy that it wasn't Nevra who came with me because I believe that he wouldn't have been able to show such great calm as Leiftan.
- "The animals stay outside." said the guard who controlled the entries and exits.
I glared at him before placing Amaya and Misty on the floor. They tried to climb back into my arms, and I had a hard time convincing them to wait for me outside. When I finally got in, I saw the three companions settle behind the window, which reassured me, as I didn't like the idea of ​​leaving them alone even though I knew how self-sufficient they were. Well especially Misty. She was still very young, I didn't want anything bad happening to her.
And then the negotiations started when everyone was seated, and... How to say that? They were boring as hell, and it was an understatement to put it that way. The two negotiators were longtime friends and spent their time rehashing the past, although we tried to bring them back to the topic that we were here for.
After several hours of unnecessary discussions, I rested my head on Leiftan's shoulder, sighing, tired of listening to them talk about their last family meal. And I felt that the blond was also reaching his limit. Several more minutes passed before he abruptly banged his fist on the table, startling both men as silence descended on the room. I was not surprised, I expected it and I admit that I hoped he would do that.
- "Enough." began Leiftan in a cold voice, "We are not here for that. If the topic deviates once more, I will declare that no agreement could be reached and the guard will deal with dividing the lands as it sees fit. And believe me, you won't like it."
- "Oh come one ! The guard is always the same, we ask you nothing complicated and you are not even able to do it ! Here darling, make yourself useful and bring me that file over there." one of the men said to me.
Leiftan certainly wanted to tell him to fuck off or tell him to go get it himself, but I stopped him. It was high time to teach these gentlemen a lesson. I got up and went to retrieve the file before slamming it on the table right in front of him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his hand come dangerously close to my butt and, there, it was too much.
- "I wouldn't do that if i were you," Leiftan said simply.
I grabbed the man's wrist and twisted his arm hard enough to make him scream in pain but not enough to break a bone, before smashing his head on the table, on his damn file. It couldn't be seen too much on my face, but I was fuming. His friend wanted to get up to help him but a single glare from Leiftan was enough to dissuade him.
- "Listen to me, you pig, try to touch me again and I'll chope off your arms. Now you're going to sign that damn piece of paper, because if it's not done in ten minutes, I will personally take care of dividing your miserable lands. Understood ?"
He nodded and I released him before I sat back down in my seat with my arms crossed. The man straightened up, holding his shoulder, and the silence continued as they looked at Leiftan, as if seeking support from another man, which repelled me. Fortunately, the blond was not like them.
- "You heard her." he said, "You only have ten minutes, I would hurry if i was you."
- "There's no way that I obey this stupid whore !" spat the friend of the man who was still holding his shoulder, "It is unacceptable that this bitch even dares to speak to us, women are there only to serve us and nothing else !"
- "Very well." said Leiftan, standing up, "Negotiations are over. No agreement could be found and the alliances between your peoples and the guard of Eel will be broken upon our return. We will also ensure that your peoples are made aware of your actions and Noelyne here will take care of delimiting the limits of your lands."
I stood up too while the two negotiators protested, but Leiftan's decision was final : he completely refused to give them another chance. When we left the room I could hear them arguing behind us and blaming each other, making me understand why they needed mediators in the first place. The "best friends" weren't able to cease being selfish and each wanted all the land for themselves, hence the wars that had opposed them in the past.
What a bunch of hypocrites...
As we left the town hall, Misty jumped onto my shoulder, since she was still small enough to fit, while Amaya jumped in my arms, not without hissing one last time at the guard who had prevented them from entering. As for Sheitan, she completely snobbed him and walked obediently next to me.
I found it hard to calm my anger, although I was happy because they would only get what they deserved. However, I couldn't help but be worried.
- "Won't it be a problem to break alliances...?" I asked.
- "No, don't worry. They were just a burden and kept asking for our help with stupid or unnecessary things. Getting rid of them will be a relief, even if they truly pissed me off."
Indeed, the blond's features were distorted with an anger he seemed to be trying to contain. It surprised me a little because he always seemed so calm... Well, we all have our limits, I am not the type to get upset like that either, that's partly why Miiko had chosen for this mission after all.
- "Anyway." he resumed, his face softening when he laid his eyes on me, "You defended yourself very well, they only got what they deserved, even though I think I wouldn't have been able to control myself as well as you did."
I gave a slightly bitter laugh as we reached the camp.
- "This is my first mission, I was afraid that it would turn against me if I truly hurt him."
- "I understand, but don't worry about it, if they send us a complaint, they will be received as they should. I take full responsibility for it, so don't worry."
- "Thank you very much Leiftan."
- "Don't thank me." he sighed as he sat down, "It's the least I can do. I'm sorry you had to go through this... I knew they weren't very nice, but I didn't think they would be so obnoxious to you. I don't think anyone in the guard knew that, because before you I don't think we ever sent young women here, and if we did, no one complained about that sort of thing. You can imagine that the guard would never have tolerated keeping alliances with this kind of people. You'll see it when we get home."
I nodded and we ate together as the night fell. The blond told me that we would be leaving early tomorrow morning, and the atmosphere gradually relaxed. However, I couldn't get rid of a bad feeling, but I did not share it with Leiftan, not wanting to push him to leave sooner, even if I would've prefered so.
I went to bed shortly after, and as if she had sensed my fear, Sheitan remained in front of the tent to be on guard while Amaya and Misty stayed by my side. I had trouble falling asleep, and it was very short-lived because very quickly, I was awakened by Sheitan's growls and barks.
I left the tent without bothering to get dressed, alerted by the reaction of Nevra's companion. I was shocked when I saw Leiftan face a crowd of armed people. I would never have thought that the peoples would want revenge on us, and together we could do nothing against them. I was just a simple human, and they were faeries with a whole lot of power and, even though I could fight, I was nothing against them.
- "Give us the girl, and we won't have any problems." said one of the negotiators from earlier, who obviously hadn't seen me.
I was petrified. I didn't know what to do and looked at Leiftan's back, who was trying to stay as diplomatic as possible. Amaya jumped out of my arms and joined her master before hissing at the angry locals. The blond whispered something to his companion that I didn't hear and Amaya came back to me before nibbling my leg to get me to move.
I suddenly came to my senses, understanding what Leiftan had said to her. He certainly wanted me to run away before the locals saw me. Without further ado, I started running away.
This situation looked terribly familiar to me, but luckily I didn't hear anyone chasing me. I couldn't hold back a few tears from the memories flowing back but I didn't stop running. Sheitan ran a little bit ahead of me and guided me through the forest. I was not sure where she was taking me, but seeing that Amaya was not protesting, I understood that it was in accordance with what Leiftan had asked her.
I was scared,
but I was going to be okay again, I was sure of it.
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dyke-crossing2 · 14 hours ago
giv me song recs. Now. Or ill like... Idk just give me songs u listen to u look like u have good music taste
ok ok song recs here we go: (sorry this took me so long to get to)
i hate the weekend by tacocat
breakdown by days n daze
(p much any song by days n daze actually. but be warned their music is... for lack of a better word. bad.)
small red boy by ajj
cheer up london by slaves
song against sex by neutral milk hotel
i wanna die by harley poe
coffee god and cigarettes by mischief brew
thanks bastards! by mischief brew
gimme coffee or death by mischief brew
literally any song by pat the bunny. but since that’s... a lot of music. here’s some of my faves:
more about alcoholism by pat the bunny/ramshackle glory
your heart is a muscle the size of your fist by pat the bunny/ramshackle glory
from here to utopia by pat the bunny/ramshackle glory
take me by the hand and lead me through this disaster by pat the bunny
i’m not a good person by pat the bunny
i’m going home by pat the bunny
the politics of holy shit i just cut my hand on a broken bottle by pat the bunny
all of the “album love songs for the apocalypse” by johnny hobo and the freight trains/pat the bunny
and all of the album “burn the earth! leave it behind!” by wingnut dishwashers union/pat the bunny
there are so many others but hopefully these are good!
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kitea · 2 years ago
Imagine if Reverser reversed the love square
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tfw u get ur miraculous taken bc u were too busy thirsting over ur hot partner
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jensensitive · 2 years ago
I’d seen most of the video from vancon of Jensen talking about putting Misha in the compression pants, but I hadn’t seen the beginning until today, and it’s Good.
I’m gonna transcribe the dialogue and then a gif of their faces during the dialogue
(1) Fan: So, at Misha’s Q&A yesterday--
Tumblr media
(2) Fan: --he mentioned some video that you have of him, Jensen?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(3) (audience screams and laughs)
Fan: So we’re just wondering-- I think I kinda speak for everyone-- 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(4) Fan: --when are you gonna be releasing it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(5) Audience: About the Space Pants Fan: About the Space Pants Jensen: I was gonna say. I have many videos of Misha.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what Jensen’s many videos of Misha actually are.
@dimples-of-discontent @casthegrumpy
eta: a better quality video i just found
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glowbat · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
this is a commission for the lovely @nicosdisangelic who asked for barry gettin’ some surprise smooches from taako and lup!
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shima-draws · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did somebody say #Give Varian a boyfriend 2k18??? Oh wait that was me lmao
Well, here he is :’D The basics anyway I might tweak some things but. I still haven’t decided on a name, I want it to be sun/moon/celestial related so I’m thinking of going with either Elio or Altair! You guys can vote on which one you like better I guess haha
Anyway little backstory, he’s the son of a really rich family in the kingdom so he’s practically nobility but!! He haaaates his life, he hates being trapped in rules and society’s expetations, so he relates a lot to Rapunzel and they talk about how much they just want to be free and do things their own way. He’s kinda snarky and sarcastic but overall he’s really sweet! He doesn’t think before he acts and rushes on headfirst into danger, he loves trying new things and his motto is practically “YOLO” so yeah lol. He doesn’t know anything about science so whenever Varian does something with alchemy he IMMEDIATELY gets starry-eyed and is in awe of what Varian can do, and because of this he’s usually the one to give Varian a boost in self-confidence c: Varian’s his favorite obviously and he just. Hangs off of him all the time, he’s always casually holding on to him or dragging him around places haha.
This got pretty long so the rest is under the cut to save some space c:
He actually does end up joining the others but he. Runs away from home lol but they don’t find that out ‘til way later cause he’s like “Oh yeah I totally got permission to leave!” but he was actually denied so he just snuck out and tagged along with the group. Unfortunately his family thought he’d been kidnapped by Rapunzel and co. so they send men after them and once they catch up he’s like “Oh shit what have I done” so he has to tell them he actually ran away without getting permission and they’re like “BRO WTF”
Despite the fact that he grew up in a pretty sheltered home he always has good advice to give to Varian whenever he’s feeling confused, and he constantly worries about Varian especially concerning his moon powers (also his mental state cause. Yeah) I considered maybe having one or both of his parents not be around anymore that way he could relate to Varian further and show him a person that’s been hurt but still keeps moving forward and not letting anger and guilt consume him, to sort of inspire Var and make him see how bad his actions were, but I’m not sure yet :’)
Anyway, Cass really likes this kid because even though he’s a rich boy he actually learned how to fight as a child (he asked to get lessons in self-defense on his own). So she’ll usually spar with him whenever they’re free, and they teach each other new tricks coming from two different sides of the Kingdom! And surprisingly enough he trusts her the most with his secrets so he comes to her for help whenever he’s unsure about his feelings for Varian and vice versa (while Varian usually goes to Rapunzel for advice).
As for Eugene, they both get along really well and have the same outlook on a lot of things! Eugene’s really fond of him since he reminds him of a younger him except more refined and less prone to thieving lol. Eugene calls him “squirt” (he also calls Varian “kiddo”) and he calls Eugene “Ace” or “Boss”
And based off my original post for this idea, yes, yes, Varian DEFINITELY calls him “M'lord” or “muh lord”, and he jokingly calls Varian “love” and “sugar plum” sometimes, but most other times he calls him goofball/goof, mr. alchemist, alchemy boy, stripes (for the stripe in his hair lol), and Var (this is what he uses most of the time)
I’m still kinda considering whether or not I wanna put him into Moon Visions which is why there’s like? A mix of both canon and MV up there haha but we’ll see~
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thotantics · 2 years ago
Yuta’s Plaything
⚤   pairing — reader + Nakamoto Yuta (nct)
✎ word count — ??
✦ genre — smut, absolute garbage dont read this
✗ warnings  — graphic description of sex, breeding kink, dom/sub roles, daddy kink, dirty talk, degradation ("slut, whore, bitch” the fun stuff), spanking
[A/N] yee fucking haw Requested — since u mentioned that in nct, yuta most likely has a breeding kink,,, i haven’t been able to get t out of my head,,,, yuta breeding kink smut please + “mine” 😭😭😭     
Tumblr media
Yuta had you laid out naked in bed while he stood over you, fully clothed. He instructed you to touch yourself for him while he undressed, and under his watchful gaze, your face burning, you let your hand trail lightly over your hip and then dip between your thighs. The heat in your body already was intense, fiery in your chest and in your belly as you tried to put aside the creeping sensation of shame and embarrassment. Part of you relished in the feelings, even as you attempted to push them aside, because you knew he liked you like this - flushed, nervous...excited.
“Don’t you think that your pussy feels too empty?” Yuta asks you, tugging his shirt over his head and tossing it to the floor. He’s methodical about undressing, taking his time, stalking around the bed frame and watching you from every conceivable angle.
You pick up on his cue and press your fingers lower on your womanhood, pressing first one inside and then another when he lets out a scoff.
“You can’t possibly fill your pussy as well as I can.” He tells you, and you shiver because you know it’s true. His fingers are longer, thicker, and can reach almost as deep inside as his cock can.
“Tell me,” He starts, palming his cock through his boxers as he steps out of his jeans and kicks them out of his way, standing at the foot of the bed with his head tilted as he looks down at you. “What do you want the most right now?”
You hesitate, unsure exactly what it is he wants to hear but then his eyebrow quirks at you and you lick your dry lips before you tell him, “I-I want your mouth, and your hands...I want you to kiss me and touch me.”
He smiles, a smile that oozes charm and sweetness that makes your heart flutter. Yuta has an abundance of charm and sweetness to him, but you find it particularly helps in his favor during these moments. So when he tells you, his voice lilting and just barely containing an amused chuckle, “I know you want more than that.” you’re unable to hide the smile curving the corner of your lips despite everything, despite the fear, the shame, the risks...
“I want you to use me.” You tell him and the burning of your cheeks is red hot but you keep fingering yourself, because his eyes cast down between your legs to check and god, you don’t want to disappoint him. “I want you to use my body, my pussy...” His eyes flash at your words, his smile fading and his hand reach into his boxers, gripping his cock tight and stroking it in one long, slow motion.
“I want you to fuck me, I want you to cum in me.” You continue, emboldened by your desire and arching your back, parting your legs to give him a good look at what you were doing to yourself. You need him to not only hear that you want it, but to see first hand just how badly you want it.
Yuta pulls his boxers down, his long cock bobbing briefly while he flexes forward, gripping it again and standing so close to the foot of the bed that his hips are leaning over it, knees against the mattress.
“Slut.” The word is harsh and you bite your lip, nodding your head at him in agreement. He laughs, “Yeah, you are. I know what a whore you are. I know how you like to beg for cum.”
He pauses, focusing on his hand pumping steadily now over his dick. He strokes himself fully, working his palm around the tip and then back down with an expert twist of his wrist. You’re hypnotized and matching the rhythm he’s stroking himself with your fingers buried in your cunt, your feet planted firmly into the mattress. He stops, spits in the palm of his hand, and continues. You bite your lip to stifle a moan.
“Do you know what I did for you, my love?” He asks you, his eyes focusing on yours again and waiting for you to give him your attention before he continues, “I haven’t cum in days. I’ve been saving it all for you.”
You grin widely, a laugh bubbling out of your chest and he smiles so fondly down at you that you’d think he had just given your Christmas present to you early.
“I know what you want,” He tells you, “I always take good care of you, don’t I, baby?”
You nod your head, “Yes, thank you.”
“Suck your fingers clean and keep your legs spread.” He tells you, and when you move to do as he instructs, Yuta climbs onto the bed and sits on his knees between your legs, staring down at your glistening sex. He strokes himself again, and you’re surprised at the vigorous movements he’s using, as if he means to finish himself off but he can’t. He wouldn’t.
Yuta stares you down, his cock just inches away from your throbbing heat as he jerks himself off. He’s so close to where you want him to be, that you can feel the movement of his hand just about grazing you, and you try to shuffle downwards to get closer. He reaches up with one hand and pins your hips to the mattress, effectively stopping you in your tracks.
“Lie still, bitch.” He tells you under his breath. “Don’t you want your present?”
“Y-yes,” You pull your fingers out of your mouth, reaching for him in an attempt to stop his hand from working over his cock so fast and so tight. “But I-I want you to cum inside.” You remind him gently, “Yuta, please...”
“Aw, poor baby.” He tsks, “You don’t want me to let you have it all on your belly instead?”
“No.” You frown.
Yuta doesn’t let up, even reaching down and cupping his heavy balls, massaging them lightly as he surges his hips forward, fucking his fist. “What if I want to cum all over your perfect tits?”
You sit up, grasping his forearm, trying to make him stop, but he shoves you back, glaring at you.
“Do you think you’re in charge here?” He snaps at you. “Get on your belly, roll over, now.” You do as you’re told, but not before you notice that his hand has stopped it’s relentless pumping over his cock and though he’s leaking precum and impossibly hard, he didn’t cum yet.
He makes you lay flat and he slaps his hand down harshly on your thigh, just under the curve of your ass cheek. It’s a much more tender area than your cheeks and the pain stings a lot more, but you hold still, trying not to make a sound other than to hiss or groan softly as he continues. One, two, three hard slaps on that tender spot and then one, two, three hard slaps on the opposite thigh.
“You were being such a good whore for me.” He tells you quietly, “What makes you think I was going to just finish? You know I like to tease you.” You don’t reply, and he slaps you hard again out of the blue, and you cry out, caught off guard and unable to conceal the sound. “Answer me.” Yuta tells you.
“I-I was just afraid you’d waste it. I want it, I want it inside me.” You tell him, looking over your shoulder to see him looming just behind you, hands kneading the flesh of your ass tenderly.
“Did you earn it?” Yuta asks you. “Or are you just owed my cum? Are you that much of a selfish, spoiled little bitch that you think you have some right to it?”
“No, I’m sorry, I’m just...I’m greedy. I should earn it, if you want me to, I’ll do whatever you say.” You tell him quickly.
“What do you say?” He asks you, leaning over and murmuring into your ear, “Be extra nice if you want it.” He reminds you quietly, and you shiver as he lays flush against your back.
“I’m sorry, Daddy.” You say.
“Good girl.” He hums, and his hand smooths up between your thighs, running over your slit before he positions himself and he thrusts into you hard from the back, the angle deep where you’re still laying flat on your tummy under him. He thrusts slowly in and out against your ass a few times, squeezing your cheeks together.
“You need to have more trust in me.” Yuta tells you, “Isn’t that what all this is about? Trust?”
“Yes, Daddy.” You murmur, face pressed into the mattress and your eyes squeezing shut as he fucks you from behind.
“Don’t I always take good care of you?” He asks, speeding up his thrusts and moving so one of his hands grips the back of your neck and pushes you further into the mattress. “You’re just an ungrateful bitch, aren’t you?”
“No, Daddy!” You gasp, trying to keep your mouth away from the sheets so you can be heard more clearly, “You’re so good to me, I’m not ungrateful, I’m sorry if I seem- ah!” You’re cut off by a pleasured cry, and Yuta laughs from behind you.
“Turn over for me, sweetie, let me see your pretty face while I fuck you.” His hands are gentle as he helps you over onto your back and then spreads your legs to glide right back inside of you. “God, you’re wet.” He groans, “You love this, don’t you?”
“I love this, I love you.” You mutter, head spinning from the pleasure as he moves one hand to expertly apply pressure to your clit.
“I know~” Yuta buries himself balls deep inside and stays there, pulsing his hips every so slightly forward but never withdrawing. “You love me so much, that you want me to use your body. You want me to fuck you full of cum and leave you pregnant, right?”
You couldn’t help the gasp you let out at his words, and you locked your legs around his lower back, holding him tight against you, “Yes!”
“Do you want me to fucking breed you, like the little bitch you are?” He practically snarls, leaning down and biting into the spot where your neck meets your shoulder.
“Yes, yes, please.” You moan, your nails digging into his shoulders as he begins moving his hips, languid and so deep that it aches. There’s still an underlying fear, no matter how many times you indulge in this fantasy. Neither of you are ready to be parents, and at first the fantasy had been strictly dirty talk but it had grown into something much, much more the last few months. You knew when were your most fertile days and the days just after your period were relatively safe. The risk was still there, as well as the emotion and the raw, animalistic passion.  It quickly become something much bigger than either of you anticipated - evident in the fact that you were so carefully tracking your cycles.
“Such a good little whore. And you’re all mine.” Yuta grunts, pulling back up onto his knees and staring down at where you were joined, where he was pummeling into you. “Don’t cum yet, baby. Me first.”
You nod your head, pushing his hand away from your clit and lacing your fingers through his. Yuta laughs, but doesn’t stop fucking in to you deep and hard, picking up speed.
“Everyone’s gonna watch you bigger,” He grunts to you, “Your belly, your tits...everyone will be able to see that I fucked you full of my cum. And they’ll know how much you liked it.“
It’s becoming increasingly hard to hold back your orgasm, especially after his words but you know Yuta’s close by the way he’s speaking to you through gritted teeth, and the way his hips are beginning to plunge his cock into you more sloppy, off rhythm. So you give him the extra push he needs to get over the edge, and you lock your legs around his waist, pleading unashamedly. “Please cum in me, Daddy. You’re in so deep...make me yours, cum in me please, as deep as you can go, fill me all the way up, Daddy.”
Yuta’s hips slammed forward, and you would have been knocked up the mattress if it weren’t for your legs tight around his lower back and his grip on your waist holding you into him. He came in thick, heavy spurts of warmth that painted your insides, coating the farthest depths inside that he could reach. He was shaking as he came, the intensity of his orgasm taking over his body. His head lolled back and he let out a groan that sounded near enough to your name, then he snapped his head back forward and stared down at his cock, still throbbing as he gently pulled it out. He watched the load he’d just given to you ooze out just a little and he buried himself hard back inside, rubbing your clit once more, his eyes flashing as he made contact with yours.
“Take all of it, baby. I wanna feel you milk the rest out of me. Greedy slut...take it all right back into your womb.” He leans down and kisses you, and it’s just as sloppy as his movement on your clit but every nerve ending in your body is on fire and you’re right there. Against your mouth, he tells you, “Such a good little cum slut...Daddy’s favorite little bitch.” but he whispers the words like he’s calling you the sweest, nicest terms of endearment and his lips are so nice and his tongue sweeps along the length of your own and you cum, shaking and clinging and crying out for him.
Yuta doesn’t clean you up immediately after. He wants you to lay there with it inside while he pumps in and out until either he’s ready to fuck you again or his dick goes limp and slips right out. Then he wants to watch you drip. The towel he’d thoughtfully placed under your hips didn’t really do it’s job - he had cum so much that it went right through and stained the sheets, and he sheepishly laughed at you, cheeks flushed and smile bright.
“Sorry, love. I’ll get that cleaned up for you.”
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