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#sorry not sorry
loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
All I’m saying is my boy Christopher better call up Buck and interrupt whatever is going on with his girlfriend. I just wanna see Buck jump off and prioritize Christopher and Eddie over her 🤷🏼‍♀️
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lilyplujambah · 7 hours ago
So... Jake’s leaving the Nine Nine. Let’s talk about that.
For a short moment I was incredibly confronted by the idea of Jake leaving. Like, what!? But, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.
Not only is he leaving for Amy, but he’s also leaving because everything (and nearly everyone) that being a detective had come to mean has moved away. 
First, his childhood friend moved away. Which, was okay. He was (sorta) able to deal with it. And, Ames was promoted from detective which, is okay in and of itself but, did mean that he got to spend less time with Ames working cases and that they no longer sat across from each other and bantered like old times. (Something he’d certainly come to associate with his cherished memories of being a detective.)
Next, Rosa left. It was understandable and who wouldn’t support her decision, but it still would’ve left a mark. Rosa’s the one he trained with, the one who he became a detective with, the one who he even has a special trust pact with. Her leaving meant that he had to emotionally move on from the early days as a detective or those childhood dreams of being one. 
Then, Holt and Amy decided to transfer to a different department. And, as much as this was stated as the main reason he decided to leave, let’s unpack it more. When Amy was given Sergeant, it meant that she had to move downstairs. With the position of Chief, she has to move to a different precinct somewhere else in Brooklyn. This means that Jake would have to call her or text her any time he had a story to share or something to say and all he wouldn’t  have any of the usual teasing banter they have whilst working together or against each other from the same precinct. And Holt... should I even begin to explain why Holt is such a big part of what Jake’s come to love about being a detective. He grew so much because of Holt - his vision of being a detective has changed so much because of Holt, but also relies on Holt being there and supporting him like the father figure he is. 
So much of his grown appreciation and fondness of being a detective is directly related to his love of the Nine Nine and the people there. With everyone leaving or moving away (with the exception of Charles and Terry), he’s faced with a conundrum:
 - He could redefine what being a detective means to him and build a new rapport with a new set of detectives. 
 - He could spend more time with Mac and raise him and let Amy work hard at changing the nypd and move on with the memories he has. And, he still gets to meet with all of them every year for a good ol’ Halloween Heist. Plus, he’ll get to spend more time with Nikolaj and maybe learn to pronounce his name correctly.
He was faced with a pretty simple decision. It wasn’t a hard choice. And, the things I’ve listed here are hardly half of it. We all know he did this for Amy. He’d do literally anything for Amy, he’s said and shown it so many times. But, nevertheless, it makes sense why he left and I’m looking forward to the thousands of fics and ficlets depicting his future adventures with Mac!! (Surely they plan a couple of pranks on Amy while she’s at work and surprise her when she gets home, right?)
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imjustwritingg · 6 hours ago
Still spiraling because Hailey and Jay are gonna get interrupted in the opening of 9x01 and at the end of the episode, Jay gets down on one knee and Hailey goes, “What are you doing?” and he says, “Isn’t it obvious?” and then he asks her to marry him. That is the moment I scream until my throat bleeds. 🙃🙃
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midnightmayhem · a day ago
The real struggle of watching Shang Chi is trying to decide who you find more attractive, Shang Chi or his Dad
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nikkilunalace · 2 days ago
Is it a turn on knowing your pics turn others on?
I mean… 😜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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azztattoo · a day ago
Tumblr media
tattoo porn lol
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lonelyvomit · 2 days ago
3 Blonds and Johnny sounds like a bad p*rn title ngl
I think it sounds more like a shitty american romcom, a porn title would be something like "Magic Fingers Johnny And The Horny Blonds Of Santa Cruz" u know
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yharnamsnewslug · 17 days ago
Actually, amab non binary people are super cool and hot and they can do whatever the fuck they want.
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aneacc · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I like big bugs and I cannot lie :P
Just something cute for this spring, The idea is to turn them into stickers, because of reasons.
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itwasntasingle · 3 months ago
When I open my askbox and see a sweet ask :
Tumblr media
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penpanoply · a month ago
Tumblr media
I meeeeaaannn— @rainbowrowell
(Thank you to @tea-brigade for magicking up a clean cover to do some lettering on Olga forgive us)
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