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#sorry not sorry

His cell rang with that familiar and much loved tune. He rolled over in bed, reaching for the cell on the nightstand. He barely saw the name pop up on the screen before answering.

“Mmhf, morning,” Timmy said, voice still groggy with sleep.

“Happy anniversary, Elio,” came Armie’s deep voice over the line.

Timmy bit his lower lip and made a little, pleased sound. Every year on this day he could expect this call. It was only one of many anniversaries they shared, but it never ceased to excite him to get the call. “Happy anniversary, Oliver,” he replied with a slight giggle, “Have you talked to Luca?”

“Nah, not yet. You know I always call you first.”

Timmy smiled brightly. He knew that, of course. Still, hearing it made him tingle all over. “Jeez, what time is it there?”

“It’s seven. You slept in again,” Armie said with amusement, “Are you naked?”

Timmy laughed in his nervous, breathless way. “No! It’s too cold for that. Now, if you were here…”



“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. In the meantime, why don’t you get naked and I’ll see about warming you up?”

Timmy took a shaky breath. “Mmmm… Yes, sir.”


My anniversary gift to the community 💕 💕 💕

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So last weekend I binged watched 9-1-1 Lone Star for the first time (i’m late to the party I know, just always a bit unsure about spinoffs) and I’d apologise about all the upcoming reblogs in my queue but i’m now obsessed with Tarlos and I regret nothing #sorrynotsorry

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you know the grammys are fraudulent af when they nominate d*ja when her album is not grammy material

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Dean Winchester Deserves Better

Me: absolutely has several assignments due, emails from students to reply and assignments to mark, as well as lectures to catch up on and an actual research paper due

Also me: MLA format, 20 page essay with a thesis and evidence about how dirty the writers did not only Dean, but also Jensen, dropping this weekend 💅✍🏻📚📑📜🖋

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What’s up with gif/edit makers looking down on fanfic writers? Seriously? I want to know.

I understand if you don’t want to read fanfiction and that’s totally okay, but to shame someone for creating another avenue of content is weird as hell. Blocking or filtering your searches is free, no need to shame.

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Fighting Shadar by moonlight~

Winning Dad by daylight

Always running from a real fight!

He is the one named Swainor Moon!

He will always turn his back on a friend

He is never there to defend

He is the one on whom we depend

He is the one named Sailor…

Swainor Venus!

Swainor Mercury!

Swainor Mars!

Swainor Jupiter!

With secret powers

All so new to him

He is the one named Swainor Moon

Fighting Shadar by moonlight

Winning Dad by daylight

With his Swainor Scouts to help fight

He is the one named Swainor Moon

He is the one named Swainor Moon

He is the one … Swainor Moon!

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