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#sorry this is awful lol

“Look, Kris, I know you’re really into these Supernatural books and everything, but I'm not an actress, okay?”

Kristen pulls Siobhan’s fingers away from her inorganic chem notes and entwines them with her own. “Please? You don’t have to try out if you don’t want to, I just need someone to sing with!”

Siobhan sighs. Though she totally rocks it once the lights are on and the part is hers, Kristen gets really anxious at tryouts. Last semester Kristen had called her at four in the morning freaking out about whether or not she should try out for Sylvia, despite the fact that it was all she’d talked about the month before.

“You know I’ll go with you, I’ll just cheer you on really loud from the audience.”

“That’ll just make me more nervous! Please sing with me, you have a beautiful voice!" 

Siobhan tries hard not to blush, Kristen making it harder because she’s making that face and she’s got those cute bobby pins in her bangs that Siobhan got her last Christmas. "I don’t-”

“We can sing ‘Take Me or Leave Me,’” Kristen interrupts with a grin.

“…Now you’re just playing dirty.”

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I just realized that the reason i was always so shitty at writing poetry/lyrics is bc being able to share my feelings and emotions is just not something im able to do. I was always such a great writer but struggled writing anything personal and never understood why

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The only place rumors and gossip spread faster than in a graveyard is in the hallways of a teenager’s school. Honestly, it’s that bad. You try existing as a ghost for all eternity without getting very, very bored. Bored to a second death, some might say.

So it’s of no surprise to Nobody Owens that he visits his mum and dad and is inundated with so much news that he can hardly keep it all straight.

So and so is new to the grave, laid to rest as ashes but still here and isn’t that lovely? Someone new in this old place! Oh, and the ghouls came through again this year and made such a ruckus that the lady on the grey had to come give them a right licking for all the trouble.

Oh, and did you hear about the lad that went to sleep forever and woke up with a start? Oh yes, word is the worst of us are being awful pests to the poor lamb. It’s just appalling how our kind has no sense of propriety about these things. We all have some unfinished business, but that doesn’t mean we can just launch ourselves at the first living person who can see us. Especially one who hasn’t any experience in it.

Well you know dear, you are terribly lucky to have been raised by your father and I…

It doesn’t surprise Bod that his mum won’t stop talking about this new medium. Like any mother her real intent is poorly hidden. She just wants him to have friends. Honestly, it’s embarrassing but at least she isn’t saying it bluntly.

So when it’s asked how Nobody Owens knew to be lurking in the back alley of some hidden gem of a theater… ghost gossip is to blame entirely.


“Hello,” he’s been pressed against the grimy brick wall for a while now, and as habit he has been faded into it making himself unnoticed by anyone who should be knocking about the alley themselves. Well, until the door opens and.. ah, there he is, the new lad. Bod pushes off the wall and raises a hand in a friendly sort of way. “That was a pretty good performance you gave.”


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My life is a sidequest

#the barter system at work, #connor talks, #you think you want to know me irl? this is what it’s like, #they asked for vertebrae and teeth and you know when that exchange goes down I’m gonna be like deer teeth! for you kid!, #anyways I need some chainmail so I’m making a trade lol, #yeah I was traumatized by the deer body yeah I’m gonna go back and find it, #what of it, #I have this thing where if I know something traumatizing is out there I’ll seek it out before it can sneak up on me, #I mean it’s more common with people because bodies don’t tend to move but like I am going back there eventually, #you’d think I’d get used to this by now considering how many various animals I’ve seen slaughtered, #nope always scarring anyways deer bones that’s a thing that’s happening, #bones are easy though I can do bones that’s fine, #and dead deer are easier than cats at least personally, #and I didn’t see the process of it dying which is a huge plus, #god wow I really do have an awful track record don’t I, #hello I’m Connor and I watched my childhood cat get murdered in front of my face! the more you know anyway, #god I have problems anyway I’m doing it because I have something to prove I guess, #this is a bad idea but that’s not going to stop me, #sorry to be mental illness on main but if I don’t get closure with this thing I’m going to go nuts, #I’ve seen too many creatures not peacefully laid to rest I’m going to take a few little things and bury then the poor thing, #if I get arrested it’s bc someone saw me take a shovel into the woods an assumed I was a murderer, #ain’t that just the way. anyways I’m going to go do something else now, #animal death tw
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Request: I freaking love ur HCs 🥺 Can you do one about diluc and Kaeya being jealous? :D

Here is your part 2 to your request. I think it’s fixed just so long as it’s not on queue? There goes my daily upload schedule now lol. 

  • He doesn’t usually experience jealously to be honest. He might get a bit annoyed if you’re paying something or someone else more attention but he knows you’re busy. He’s the Calvary Captain too so he’s busy with his assignments also so it’d be a bit hypocritical of him.
  • This doesn’t mean he won’t whine that you’re slowly drifting apart and teasing you. He enjoys getting you flustered and the more time you’re in that state the more he gets to coddle you. 
  • He’s more likely to make playful remarks hinting at his jealously then telling it directly to you unless it concerns your safety. But if it ever hit that point and he couldn’t personally deal with it, its less jealously and more trying to keep you safe. The Abyss order isn’t something he wants you to worry about. 
  • Kaeya isn’t shy of showing his affections for you. He isn’t entirely broadcasting your relationship to the world but he doesn’t mind holding hands and showing that he loves you but it’s a bit more subtle. Kaeya is an easy going person but likewise, he isn’t super close with anyone but he’ll makes small gestures when you’re beside him, even though most of them are unconscious. 
  • He might lace your hands together when you happen to be beside each other or his smile starts to feel a little more soft. He does this casually all the time so you never notice when he slips his hand into yours, but the person he’s smiling at that’s making him jealous certainly does. 
  • If he notices someone seems to be spending a bit too much time with you he might slide in between you two. If they happen to be a knight he might use his authority and send them on a little assignment or to guard the gate on the other side of Mondstadt . You’d have to scold him over his abuse of power but he’ll laugh and pat your back trying to lead you to a different topic. 
  • If they are a random traveler, because everyone in Mondstadt  should be aware of your relationship to the Captain, he might suddenly appear behind you both and wrap an arm around your waist and pull you to his side. If you have to talk longer with this random traveler it’s fine with him. Business is business but the longer you talk the more handsy he gets until you’re red and have to excuse yourself and Kaeya. 
  • He feels a bit bad so he’ll treat you to a night out.  He won’t deny he was jealous but he’ll somehow turn the tables onto you if you question his motives.
  • He values your time together and he want’s to spend as much of it as he can before something comes up, is what he says which puts you in a rough spot. On the one hand, it’s sweet and some parts of that are truthful but now you can never show your face to that person again without making it awkward. 
  • If it happens that Diluc made him jealous he won’t treat it that seriously. Even though they don’t have that close of a relationship as brothers, he trusts that Diluc doesn’t have any ulterior motives. He might make a small comment on it if you’re all together which Diluc will pick up, send his brother an unimpressed stare, then excuse himself that he has to go back to the tavern. Look’s like it’s just you and Kaeya now. 
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got told yesterday by my violent offenders professor that if the stuff we cover in class makes me uncomfortable, i don’t belong in the field i want to go into. i, however, think the second this stuff stops bothering me, i should get out of the field. feeling things isn’t a weakness!!!! we cover awful topics, it’s weird to not be bothered!!! am i crazy???? if we’re looking at the worst of the worst of humanity, i shouldn’t have no reaction to that. right??

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wip game

Saw this on Kat’s blog and thought it might be fun while I’m at home working on some projects!

rules: i post the names of all the files in my wip  folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. then you send  me an ask with the title that most intrigues/interests you (or multiple) and i’ll post  a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

By band and then member if someone is missing it means I don’t have anything for them;

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the maraness of this gif… unparalleled

#if you catch my script having a shot like this yes you will <3 we love an Homage, #mara doesn't have self-esteem issues exactly, #she's confident in her looks, #her insecurity stems from intimately knowing how... awful she is, #if she gets rejected or broken up with or god forbid GHOSTED 85% of the time she's thinking ''they know how shitty i am'', #but like... DEEP deep down, #bc the thing about mara is that she truly doesn't believe she's doing anything wrong!, #AGAIN mara has this complex that's like... ''well that happened to me so why shouldn't it happen to someone else'', #she'll see a guy feeling up a clearly drunk unenthusiastic girl and not think twice about it, #she doesn't think to stop it or intervene at all SHE BARELY REGISTERS IT AS FUCKED UP, #unless she's like really close to someone she'll never be like ''oh i'm sorry that happened to you'', #she doesn't ENJOY hearing about a distant friend being assaulted or drugged or smth she just doesn't Think About It, #i forgot what i was ranting about here how did i get here, #OH when mara's tripping or super drunk or smth (both often!) she's like...... lol yeah i'm so fucked up my parents wouldn't be proud of me, #she isn't entirely wrong arthur and donna wouldn't be over the moon with her but they would love her just as much regardless, #then again! if they were still alive she wouldn't be Like This, #she'd still have some trauma and mental illnesses and she's a natural troublemaker so she'd def be close!, #but overall better w arthur and donna around
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genuinely convinced my old ac island was cursed bc the luck ive had with the new one has been absolutely mind boggling in comparison. im obviously time traveling so i can get to where i was before w progress/terraforming (dont have it back yet but i have both shops so shrug im getting there) but like. 

i named the island wonderland, my villagers have been giving me mostly red furniture when they give me some which fits so well bc ?? queen of hearts stuff?? a lot of furniture ive found has been red too, or otherwise stuff i wanted rly bad. in Nice colors! ive been so wildly lucky w mystery island tours. i found so many dogs/wolves & i havent rly taken em cause i wanna go w more cats/mice/rabbits for wonderland theme but ?? im shocked i found so many when i went like 10+ hrs not even seeing One single wolf or dog before. a koala moved onto a lot named Ozzie???????? & last night i found Two mice in a row & ended up w a lazy mouse which is perfect for the dormouse??? im just. wow. 

it’s just wild to have sm shit work out bc before my luck was so crap it was making me genuinely hate ac as a whole. i barely played at all & when i did it just fueled more disdain. now im like. Actually excited to play & Actually look forward to doing stuff in it. wild!

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Uh so I was imagining some kinda school au??? Basically I just picture them just chilling at a skatepark or in random deserted places.

and this is as close to a headcanon as I can think of so here’s what mode of transport I think they’d use????😂

Aph England: would ride a bike (probably some hand me down from his brothers but depending on the au I wouldn’t put it past him to have nicked some 12yos pink bike.) I picture him riding around with no hands blaring music out some old speaker.

Aph Prussia: okay at first I thought skateboard for him but I think a scooter is equally plausible. He just kicked around doing random tricks on a skateboard or a scooter yknow?

Aph France: idk why but I vibe he’d be good with rollerskates, the ones with the four wheels. He’d look sleek riding around too, like the cool videos you see (idk how to articulate this 😂😂)

Aph Spain: he’s a connumdrium. I think he’d kick around in anything tbh but I also imagine he’s the type to just hitch a ride on the back of someone’s bike. So I guess bike is what I see him using.

(I am sorry, idk what this is, I have forgotten how to write good headcanons 😂😂😂)

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tagged by @its-sixxers​ thank you !!

head’s kinda empty atm so if you wanna do this you are welcome to say that i tagged you <3

Rules: Bold the themes that appear in your WIP (& italicize those that are loosely covered).

doin’ It Takes One To Know Me (which i promise i haven’t abandoned i’m just not in a place where i can write long stuff atm lol)

addiction | beauty | betrayal | change vs. tradition | chaos vs. order | circle of life | coming of age | communication | convention vs. rebellion | corruption | courage | crime and law | dangers of ignorance | darkness and light | death | desire to escape | dreams | displacement | empowerment | facing darkness | facing reality | faith vs. doubt | fall from grace | fame and fortune | family | fate | fear | fear of failure | free will | friendship | fulfillment | good vs. bad | government | greed | guilt and forgiveness | hard work | heroism | hierarchy | honesty | hope | identity crisis | immortality | independence | individual vs. society | inner vs. outer strength | innocence | injustice | isolation | knowledge vs. ignorance | life | loneliness | lost love | love | man vs. nature | manipulation | materialism | motherhood | nature | nature vs. nurture | oppression | optimism | peer pressure | poverty | power | power of words | prejudice | pride | progress | quest | racism | rebirth | relationships | religion | responsibility | revenge | sacrifice | secrets | self-awareness | self-preservation | self-reliance | sexuality | social class structure | survival | technology | temptation and destruction | time | totalitarianism | weakness | vanity | war | wealth | wisdom of experience | youth
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