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#sorry to keep adding but I love this!!
mihotose · 6 months ago
when ben said "its like- everyone else knows hes gay, its like, if somebody is nervous about coming out and they realise when they come out that their parents, or their peer group, or their friends went 'its fine! its absolutely fine! we all knew! its fine! you just had to be brave,' and so i think with the captain at some stage he just has to be really brave, maybe thats his journey."
and when mat said "initially, i think he was going to be a naysayer about- not about the idea of a gay wedding, but just the organisation of it. [...] and then i think it was while we were drafting it that we sort of found ourselves leaning into and finding more fun the idea that he becomes a de facto wedding planner, and the more we wrote his enthusiasm, the more we thought, what's beautiful about this is that this is a safe place for him to express himself without having to say anything or be explicit or even admit to himself why he feels comfortable in the company of these people and on this occasion. [...] i thought what was lovely is that he just gets to be himself in a kind of profound way that he doesn't necessarily even put his finger on."
and when jim said "we wanted it to seem like a completely natural thing, and allow the ghosts to react- the right ghosts to react, and that would be lady b really. i don't think we wanted a kind of baying number of ghosts; i think it just needed one ghost to have a negative reaction."
and when mat said "i think the key for us was that the couple themselves should not be defined by their sexuality. so, thats not what their story is about, at all. [...] often its the defining thing about the story is someone having to encounter homophobia or struggle with coming out and we have our own character in the captain, who that is a big part of his identity and his story, but it was nice to write this couple for whom it is not an issue and that the only person who has a story that has anything to do with sexuality is lady button, because shes got a problem. its her problem, not theirs."
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damnedturnip · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
just some guys being dudes. some gals being pals. some bros being hoes. kit n ace during the san fran days.
happy 2.0 release to @larkin-if !! if you haven't read it yet and you like vampires and cowboys, i highly reccommend checking the demo out!!
(art based on this post!)
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this is a continuation of another post i submitted [which should be linked (pun intended), idk im not a tumblr expert] since people seemed to enjoy that one and i did say the list was ongoing, didn't i?
12- do not rough-house near the edge of a cliff either!
13- bombs are to be used to attack enemies from a safe distance and NOT to launch yourself into the air.
14- sparring is fine, but do not actually fight each other. i don't care what stupid prank he pulled, it's not worth a broken arm nor an arrow to the knee and it was probably hilarious anyway.
15- speaking of pranks, keep them to harmless fun. do not use bombs in your pranks. stabbing people is not a prank.
16- stay away from thorny bushes. one hour spent pulling thorns from four's arms, torso, and hair after wind thought it would be "funny" to trip him into some bramble is one hour too many, and rule 14 had to be enforced afterwards.
17- for the love of hylia don't eat things if you don't know what they are.
18- the windwaker and paraglider are NOT to be used together.
18 1/2- the song of storms is also not to be used with the paraglider, and most certainly not at the same time as the windwaker. i expected better from you, time.
19- do not test if a substance is poisonous and or harmful by licking it, sticking your hand in it, etc.
20- medical complications of any kind do not make you a burden, broken, lazy, or anything of the sort, and everyone in the group will try their best to accommodate everyone's needs.
20 1/2- mental health is just as important as physical health, and will be taken just as seriously and accommodated just as much as physical needs. you are not insane, weak, or shameful, and are loved no matter what.
21- wild please stop eating rocks i don't care if they're "cronchy" its seriously not healthy
21 1/2- stop eating dirt too
23- time has given me permission to wack people over the head next time someone tries to function while majorly sleep deprived. this is not a drill legend i will literally knock you out if you keep avoiding sleeping.
24- that being said please stop sleeping on weak tree branches, if you've found an adequately stable spot in a tree i completely understand the need to sit yourself down and snooze, but do not do this if you think the branch may be in danger of snapping. if you fit, by all means you may sit, but if you do not fit you are probably going to get a concussion and while an option, that's not the ideal way to get rest.
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donestiel · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
                                      a little late to the party as usual, but here I am. after almost 4 years away from the spn fandom - the place i’d thought of as a home for so long - I never imagined that if I came back i’d be welcomed by so many of my old friends and mutuals from when I used to be donestiel, but also that a whole bunch of new and incredible people would make the last few months actually bearable with everything going on in the world right now. firstly, I wanna say a big thanks to my #1 in the world sarah, without whom I probably wouldn’t have crawled back into the wonderful supernatural world. next, a big thanks to the growing gang of mutuals I hope i’ll get to continue or even just start bugging all through 2021 (if I left anyone off i’m sorry and it’s 3:30am as I’m making this so forgive me i’m sure i’ll add more): @valleydean @deansplushy @acklesy @rambleoncas @mishha @woefulcas @antifacas @ccstiel @cursed-or-not @heller-jensen @jackttwist @klinejack @celestialcastiel @casblackfeathers @wanderingcas @dstiel @goldenboydean @starchildean @shelikestv @bolkoncky @trans-dean @casgospel @pretty-blue-sky @janblue @credentiast and finally some of my favourite blogs of all time that I may not be mutuals with but that I have such a great respect for (and some of whom i’ve only recently followed because i’m a scared little baby) (this is not alphabetic because i’m dumb and tired): @inacatastrophicmind @some-people-call-it-tragic @starlightcastiel @bend-me-shape-me @bisexualrowena @adampvrrish @cath-avery @joharvele @casthewise @dreamnovak @freckledean @kingjackless @tearsofgrace @stardustcas @thelordsoftherings @thursdaysangel @winchester-reload @forthiswholeworld @girlmadeof-stars @castyel @ultravioletcas @s-ammy @hallowedbecastiel @bluefirecas @mrsfitzgerald @princesscas @honeybee-cas @leftistdean thank you for everything you all do for the fandom. and thank you as well to the influx of followers i’ve had since I returned. i am grateful for each and every one of you. much love and I hope we all have a very happy 2021!
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intelligent-space-gay · a month ago
the Swedish I’ve learnt from watching young royals;
jag = I
Nej = no
Snalla = please
Kommer = Come (in different variations)
Combien = let’s go/come on
Tak = thank you / thanks
Ta bort = delete (my brain thought ‘abort’ the first time I saw it lol)
I apologize for shit spelling / lack of accents I can only speak English n a teensy bit of French lol
Edit: I just realized I meant to write ‘jag’ the first time but autocorrect changed it n I didn’t notice :((
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wiitzend · 4 months ago
okay but the reason why inej ghafa makes such a good YA character despite not being the protagonist is because she’s so intensely relatable in many different aspects, but one aspect i want to focus on specifically is her religion because it truly is the source of her being. she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t gamble, she doesn’t even swear as much as the rest of the crows and is known to outwardly recite suli proverbs. every YA book protagonist has something about them that makes them different from everyone else, (in most cases when it comes to fantasy, it’s usually a special power/prophecy) but in this case, the thing that separates inej from the crows is her religious beliefs (matthias is religious as well, but you get the point). and it’s not written in a way that makes her morally superior than everyone else. we see inej grapple with the weight of her actions when she makes her first kill, and when she says that kaz will cut open the stomach of van eck’s pregnant wife and hang the baby from a balcony at the exchange, inej wonders if her saints would ever forgive her for saying something so horrible when she’s burning with rage for a man who intended to torture her. and all of that is just so!! relatable!! because holding fast to your religion when faced with violence and death and cruelty is not an easy thing to do, and it would’ve been so easy for inej to gradually abandon her beliefs the more ketterdam began to change her. and the fact that she simply refuses to do that, even when she feels hopeless, even when she suffers, even when her prayers might go unanswered and the boy she loves mocks her for it, exemplifies not only the depth of her faith, but the strength of her will. there’s something so important about having a book targeted to young adults that features a character who holds her own religion to such importance, and it’s never played for laughs nor is it seen as a hindrance. personally speaking, i took great comfort in that when i read this book in high school and it’s especially comforting now since it’s unfortunately common and considered funny nowadays to mock and degrade religion. inej ghafa is clearly main protagonist material, and i for one give leigh bardugo props for writing her so well.
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mythvoiced · 25 days ago
-. -shaking as I go absolutely insane for no reason other than my brain deciding to- IF I COULD FIND A WAY to effectively morph Hunter Pa.rrish and C.ilian M.urphy’s (In.ception-esque, or simply young) faces together in a way that would not look like complete butt and THEN give this discount Frankenstein’s monster the range of facial expressions W.ood has in T.VD I’d finally be able to give you the closest option yet as to what Patrick looks like ALAS this person doesn’t exist and I’m Losing it
#;ooc#in the middle of transcribing this interview my brain decides NO keep watching that inception video thesis#okay back to work#i'm sorry that you have to bear witness to my shitposts again DKGLFHJLGGFJLH I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR STICKING AROUND#EDIT: ONE THING YOU NEED to understand is how BRUTALLY P r e t t y Patrick is OKAY? BECAUSE?? idk because I said so? no that makes no sense#Patrick is precisely the level of pretty Cilian Murphy is in Inception just to put things into perspective#with an added layer of maturity to it because while pretty he isn't Boyish if that even makes sense he's got this sort of IDK okay#it's not even anything particular or overly traditional his lips aren't ridiculously full his eyes are weirdly large#he's got this non-arrogant casual elegance about the way he stands the way he moves HE'S? subtly pretty BUT overtly so IT'S#it's non-intrusive but it's THERE and why do i want you guys to know this? BECAUSE it makes things difficult for me in terms of faceclaim#because i have such an odd specific image of the energy i would like his features to convey COMBINED with??? i'm in pain okay#as a fun fact also you can call him pretty... at your own risk lmao AS IN HE'LL TAKE IT so long as you mean well and/or he sort of likes you#FOR EXAMPLE Dex whom I saw liking this post - I LOVE YOU ♥ - Aziz could absolutely get away with it#NATHANIEL?? Not a chance There Will Be Consequences#HIS EYES ***AREN'T WEIRDLY LARGE KFLDHJHKLGHF me loses my point with a single typo
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laprincesaelena · 3 months ago
Do you have any EoA LGBTQ+ headcanons?
why yes, yes i do! :)
my personal headcanons for the amigos are a bit less common than what you’d usually see around here lol, but that’s alright! everyone’s headcanons for the sexuality, gender identity, etc of their favorite characters are totally valid!! anyways, on to the headcanons!
elena - not to uh, self project or anything, but i headcanon elena as bi! i feel like she doesn’t realize it right away, but one day it just hits her like, “hey, i like girls too!” and the rest was history. of course, her family and friends are super supportive, and i’m sure the kingdom would be too.
naomi - i’ve seen naomi most commonly headcanoned as bi, and elena as lesbian, but this is what i mean by saying my headcanons are less common, bc i think the opposite! i’ve headcanoned naomi as lesbian since even before all the gabeomi scenes in s3, so we’ll just ignore canon at the moment lol. but yeah, i say that naomi finds herself a beautiful girlfriend at the port, and they sail away together to live the life of their dreams. but of course, they always come back, naomi’s got work to do as the chancellor! (also speaking of naomi..look at my gf and i’s matching pride icons! aren’t they cute? :) )
mateo - does this picture not answer your question
Tumblr media
no straight man would ever sit like that, just saying. mateo stans don’t attack me but i headcanon mateo as gay lol! but we love that for him and he has the most supportive friend group and mamí who will always be there to support him!!
gabe - introducing the token straight! lmaoo idk if my man is like *totally* straight in this friend group, but he identifies as such. and of course, he’s their biggest ally (especially elena’s :) ) and loves his friends so much :)
other headcanons - i headcanon chloe as pan, i feel like ixlan gives me non binary vibes? antonia, marisa and rebecca..i don’t have sexualities down for them yet but they aren’t straight lol, wlw definitely though!
so yeah, those are about all i’ve got for now! i’m constantly thinking about/adding to my lil elena universe so, you could ask me this next month and get even more answers lol. thanks so much for asking, i was excited to talk more about this!! :)
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fluffypotatey · 8 months ago
how do you feel about morgwen's falling-out? haven't seen any talk about that
Ooooh yes good question anon😌
Short answer: their falling out gives me pain, but I also think it had potential to be even angstier.
Long answer:
Ok so season 1 & 2 we have our morgwen happy as can be. They are the best of friends despite status and we have been shown that they will do anything for the other.
Season 3 happens, and we see our lovely morgwen start to fall apart and oh the pain.
Personally, I feel upset about Morgana and Gwen’s falling out because of how close they are to each other in the previous seasons, but then in season 3, suddenly it’s not as important anymore until the season finale. 
Also, I feel like Morgana quickly framing Gwen as a sorcerer just to get her out of the picture was a little ooc. This is just me of course, but after seeing how much they care and how far Morgana was willing to go to protect and care for Gwen (for example hiring an assassin to kill Uther after he killed Gwen’s dad and begging Uther to save Gwen in s2 when bandits kidnapped her instead of Morgana)....Morgana being okay to have Gwen be accused of sorcery just because she saw a vision of her on the throne with Arthur feels off. And then she expects Gwen to still be loyal to her once it is found out that it was Morgana who was the one that almost had her executed.
What I’m saying is that based on their dynamic and relationship, Morgana would not be as determined to kill Gwen as she was in Queen of Hearts (ep 3x10). Personally, I feel like Morgana would try and sway Gwen to her side rather than kill her (like she did in the season 3 finale but it just felt empty after what happened to Gwen only two episodes before). Gwen already has a vendetta against Uther. He killed her father solely because he housed a sorcerer without his knowledge. I highly doubt that Gwen ever forgave him for that. Also, Gwen has already been accused of sorcery in s1, so Morgana could use that to sway Gwen in a way.
I know that by s3 Morgana didn’t care about Uther or Arthur or Merlin, but she still cared about Gwen. Gwen was a constant in her life. Her only friend for a long time, so I doubt she would be so quick to frame Gwen of using magic.
Anyway, I do think the falling out of morgwen had potential, but I feel like it needed some work. I always get really upset about friendships falling out just because these are people who have been so close to each other for who knows how long, but soon their dynamic changes and they can’t seem to click anymore. It’s angsty, it’s tragic, but it’s a really good relationship arc to see.
In s4’s finale, we can hear the anguish in Gwen’s voice when she asks what she has done to make Morgana hate her. And Morgana only says it’s what Gwen will do that makes her hate her once dear friend.
By s5, Morgana and Gwen are no longer friends. They are far from it, and I doubt that anything from their relationship would ever mend. Morgana tortured Gwen until she was a pawn for Morgana’s plans. Looking from there to where they started is just tragic.
Personally again, I think if we saw more of their relationship drifting apart in season 3 it wouldn’t feel as quickly and unnatural as it felt in the show. For example, Morgana starts noticing how close Gwen is getting with Arthur. This is something that confuses her because Arthur, to her, is enemy by association. Uther is his father and is anti-magic and Arthur has shown not enough proof that he is any different to her. She starts to asks her friend questions. They are subtle at first but as the season goes on they get a little more nosy.
Morgana doesn’t understand. How can Gwen even begin to like someone who’s father is the reason why her own is dead. Arthur stood by and did nothing. It was Morgana who fought for her. It was always Morgana who spoke against such atrocities. Never Arthur.
Gwen is upset with Morgana’s questioning. She doesn’t understand why this has bothered her so much. Doesn’t she know that the faults of someone’s father does not mean that they too are at the same fault. They start having mini arguments that soon become heated and loud, and eventually, the room is always stifled whenever they’re together. Gwen stops answering her questions.
Morgana sees the vision of Gwen on the throne (this time a little earlier than the queen of hearts episode). It’s not terrible. She looks happy. It’s been a long time since Morgana has been privy to one of her bright smiles. Then dream Gwen looks to her right and Morgana sees Arthur on the throne next to Gwen’s. She wakes up screaming.
From then on, Morgana does everything in her power to stop the two of them from being together. She tells Morgause that it’s because the throne should be hers and hers alone. She doesn’t tell her sister the second reason.
She begins by seeding doubt in Arthur. He always was insecure about many things. It had always frustrated Morgana before. How one little word from his father causes him to shut down. She had always wanted to scream and shake his shoulders to make him understand how wrong Uther was. Before, she would try her best to tell him, to show him that he can be someone worthy of great feats without his father’s approval. Now, she’s glad the cracks are still there, and she prodes into him like she always does, but this time it’s not to help him.
This time she plants more doubt instead of that passionate reassurance and self-righteous will. She tells him about whether he’s truly sure he can love Gwen. Could he really put away his responsibilities of Camelot for a serving girl? That’s not fair to Gwen is it. To string her around while Arthur is still a prince only to drop her once he’s king. It’s not honorable and in no way noble. She plants those seeds the best way she can and waits for them to fester and grow. However, she forgot one thing in her plan for making Arthur doubt. He isn’t alone anymore.
She tries the same for Gwen, but her maid is too confident, too strong willed to let doubt enter her mind now. Morgana always admired that about her but now it’s just frustrating. Not even a threat from Uther to the both of them seems to deter their relationship. They are just more secretive now.
Gwen doesn’t talk to Morgana like she usually did. Their relationship is a professional one and Morgana can feel her rage festering. (She doesn’t know that Gwen feels the same pain she does, but Gwen just can’t be close to her like before. Morgana has changed, and Gwen fears it’s too late to stop it.)
Morgana begins to hate Arthur more. No longer just by association. He took Gwen from her. He took her closest friend. How dare he. Gwen is hers. Forever her bright sun, forever loyal. What he has done is unforgivable.
When she and Morgause take over Camelot, Morgana tries again. She tries to show Gwen that what she’s doing isn’t bad. Who’s bad is Uther. Uther Pendragon is the cause, and she’s only bringing justice. Gwen fears Morgana has already lost that goal, but she stays silent and let’s Morgana believe Gwen is still loyal until she and Leon flee to where Arthur is and take back the kingdom.
So yeah....uh, that’s how I personally feel like what would make their falling out a little better since it definitely had the potential but not everything was there, in my opinion.
I do get really upset about their falling out only because of how close the show had them be. So, if they really want us to believe that Morgana would want to hurt Gwen, maybe they could have drawn out them drifting apart.
And those are me thoughts. I do apologize anon that I sort of went off on a tangent there soooo😅. I just wanted to show how I would have done their falling out in s3. I also apologize if it’s a little incoherent and rambly.
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potterology · 12 months ago
fave dylb scenes bc I can't get over and I’m already rewatching and noticing little things heheee 
- first meeting outside the restaurant. ohh how I love how awkward yet endearing they both were when they finally introduced themselves to one another. rewatching it made me realize that JY was already smitten by SA since the start. (like literally since the start y'all!!! he didn't even know her yet and wanted to stop the car to get SA an umbrella and this was in the first ep!!)
- when JY switched coffee cups with SA bc she spilt her cup and he started drinking it so she can’t refuse even though he doesn’t like coffee. Like he just did it bc he was compelled to do so?? like dude what if she already drank from it??? This scene was so funny to me and I love it cuz I dont think SA is used to being the one taken care of like that so it was just v cute
- when the noona was trying to get them to talk banmal but SA was like oh noooo he’s a superstar. This was cute bc you can actually see that JY was disappointed. Also they keep sneaking peeks at each other lol cute fools 
- waiting for taxi scene- this was so freaking adorable. shows how considerate they both are for each other and it’s so freaking awkward when they both realized they were standing there waiting for each other to get a taxi- but like in the cutest way
- when they were both outside that restaurant and SA asked if JY enjoyed his performance at granny’s house and I think this was the first time someone asked our boy if he likes what he does for a living and you can just tell his heart went soft for her(same dude same)
- spontaneous non-date date. ohh I love the first time they ate together at that beer place. they really started to get to know each other there. the mood and how that scene was filmed was just chef’s kiss~~
- rehearsal room we should be friends scene. when homeboy transitioned from moonlight sonata to happy birthday, y'all knew it was over for SA- god damn I would have swoon over too
- by the river “I wanted to see you” scene- high key JY sucks at communicating but I love how he is just so taken by SA that he just flat out says he misses her and as soon as he says it he was almost shocked himself. so pure
- the midnight call. I MEAN. guys. guys. he wanted to just talk to her and ask her out but tried to be nonchalant about it. ahhh they literally portrayed the first stages of dating so well I'm goo for it !!!!!!
- first walk together in the walkway. this was just so adorable. the almost hand holding. the chemistry!! the shy smiles :’’’) 
- SA’s birthday when she thanked JY for just being there for her. I love how she quietly acknowledges him and it was such an intimate interaction between them. I replay that scene a lot in my head
- when he ran to SA to give her his signed CD. He was so worried about her he forgot about JK lmaooo. Also the fact the he validated her as a violinist when SA was at a very low point... I mean... boyfriend material ugh
- the scene when SA told JY every little thing he does concerns her and that she didn’t want to feel that way about him anymore. As soon as SA said that homeboy PANICKED!!! I don’t even think he knew how much he liked SA until she said that :’)
- the lunchroom scenes 1) when they were teasing each other and 2) when JY announced that they were dating lolol I love how stoic he normally is but for SA he becomes a softie hehe
-ice cream day date; lol when SA won’t let JY tie her shoelaces bc she didn’t want to fall for him lol ok girl
-night ice cream/ stairs date. y'all know already. shit was just adorable. SA going for the kiss. I melted with the ice cream
- when JY asked SA for her handkerchief!!! it’s such a small gesture but they both knew it had a special meaning and I love how it put SA over the moon. (Also let’s include all the other times we see JY actually use that handkerchief- especially after they broke up. like homeboy was holding on to it for his dear life bc it was the only thing he had of SA~~ my fragile heart!!) ps did we ever see SA get a handkerchief from him???? No??? Sbs give me that pls
- when MS was telling JY in the car that SA has only openly confessed liking two things in her life and one them was JY. He was so flustered and couldn’t hide his smile and dimples... bruhhhhh he was full on swoon. Also when JY heard SA say that she really likes JY like he was so proud of himself lmao he’s like “yeah my gf LIKES ME” lolol
- when the lovebirds fought who was gonna clean up the broken glass at JY apartment. I love loveee this one bc SA has been beaten down so much by everyone calling her talentless that she didn’t even consider how important her hands is to her as a musician. And JY being like honey ur a violist and a musician too- UR HANDS ARE PRECIOUS. This was just v touching. Again showing how JY has always considered SA as an equal despite all the shit people say about his gf. luv him :’)
-all the moments JY just stood by SA’s side and held her hand when she needed comfort. I love how he’s just there for her. His silent support was just enough. (One thing that would have been nice is if we saw SA do the same thing, I felt like the writers were almost there but just didn't go all the way which is a shame tbh)
- Their lil day trip to JY’s hometown. I like how JY was so open to SA here. When he proclaimed that he never felt “this way before”  I screamed!! It was at that moment you clearly knew as a viewer that JY never really loved JK. He might have he loved the idea of her, yes. But he never truly loved her the way he loves SA. And his realization of this in that particular episode just made me so so so happy
- Handholding in the bus scene. That shit was so freaking tender bc you can tell how content JY was. He was beyond smitten- homeboy was IN LOVE AT THIS POINT
- when JY dropped SA home. I mean everything about this scene really makes ur heart soft right?? How both of them were beaming? How SA feet probably hurt bc homegirl was wearing heels the whole day and walked another 30 min just so she can spend more time with JY? How she literally ran back to him and JY just had this impression watching her like “my gf is cute af”?? How SA said something along the lines of JY having somewhere to belong to now and you can tell this had a double meaning for him bc at this point he prob considered SA as his home..I was literally mush oh my god. 
-break up scene. I know, v painful- but this was a rare one in kdramaland where I actually thought it was necessary for them to split (still wish it was done earlier but alas I'll take it) It was a graceful and needed breakup. Also when JY pulled out that umbrella for her.... bish it was over for me
- SA’s recital. I MEAN HOW IN SYNC COULD THEY BE. I normally skip the musical performances whenever I watch dramas that are music related- but this show makes it so magical I simply could not. PEAAAKKK ROMANCE
- JY’s recital- when he played that last song I was a big mess cuz we all knew it was dedicated for SA :’’) (I listen to this piece all the time now and im so emo when I hear it bc like god WHEN)
- First I love you scene. JY just going for it and chasing his happiness without caring if SA might reject him. We love to see it
-Second I love you scene. YALL. YALLLLL the way JY just releases his breathe when SA said she can't be friends bc she loves him more than a friend will forever slay me. Kim min jae’s acting here was real good. I love how JY said I love you four times and just went for it. top kissing scene in a krdrama for me hehee 
- dubokki date. lmao at JY with the spicy level. just plain cute
-the quick side by side peek to JY new album in the last episode. the way it showed how their relationship evolved. how he signed it as “for my love song ah” BISH I WANNA DATE A MUSICIAN TOO NOW
- that lil scene where JY wrote SA’s name as the planner bc he knows she works just as hard as the musicians and deserves the recognition. get u a boy who will vandalize a program notice for u :)
- basically all the scenes at the end of ep 16. I wish all of them were longer. I wanted to see more of them dating and happy!!! But I just love how they are both so INTO each other and you can see how happy JY is bc he finally has that person back that understood him since the beginning and it makes you feel so warm knowing they’re each other’s support system ahhhh I love their love !!
- also just all the scenes that JY looks at SA lovingly ~~ which literally happened since ep 1 I mean they are literally heart eyes emoji for each other every time :’)) 
- oh oh OH special shout out to ep 11 when JY just can’t stop holding SA’s hands !! the way he does it is so freaking INTIMATE like if I can only describe how I feel whenever I see compilation gifs of that episode where JY just reaches out and holds SA’s hands so steadily and’s literally the most heartwarming thing.. idek how to explain what I’m trying to convey but I just vibe with it so much?? it’s so intimate and romantic.. Kim min jae I will die 4 u my love
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platinumweekend · 9 months ago
Favorite Platinum song or maybe favorite line from a platinum song? :)
vic: i'm in love with a LiiiIIIIIIiAAAAAAArrrrRRRrrrrr............. set my heart on FIIIIIIIrrrRrRrEEE................... why do i love u all u do is LIE
jade: movin in time ⏰on the dance floor 🕺💃💯🤩🤑u got me sweatin 💦for it 😏🤑😵😳😩😈😛😼💯💯💯💯🙌 🙌 🙌 ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ 
pj: NO MORE DOUBT NO MORE PAIN NO MORE REWRITING HISTORY IN VAIN my days will be brighter and i will fly higher AND I’M GONNA LOVE WHO I’LL *quick breath* BEeeeEeEEEEEEEE!!!!
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infinitelysordinary · a month ago
👓 and ✂? - @crastlefolke
(under a cut 'cause it's pretty long!)
i was gonna post a detail from my next chapter of the joel fic, but i just realised that i haven't finished it yet and i don't want to spoil it!! so here's a little bit from the first chapter of my heart won't start ('cause it's missing some parts)
( [...]“Tango,” says Joel, out of some morbid curiosity, “who do you think will die first?”
“Hm … Scar, I’d guess.”
Joel shrugs. “To be fair, Jimmy’s on this server too—that’s Jimmy Solidarity, by the way.”
“Oh!” Tango says. “Well, in that case….”
“It’s got to be Jimmy or Scar, right?”
“Yeah. I’d guess so.”)
i just really like this conversation. joel starts the conversation, curious but already making up his own conclusions. tango awkwardly joins in because he isn't sure what else to do. joel keeps pushing, while tango feels mildly uncomfortable ("Yeah. I'd guess so.").
'i guess' can be such an uncomfortable phrase, but 'i'd guess so'? it's even more so, especially here. it shows how joel's mindset is different from the the others, even from the beginning.
anyway, here's a snippet from the next joel chapter, which covers his second episode of 3rd life! i'm almost done with the 3rd draft of this chapter, so it should be coming out relatively soon (a week or two):
Kindness has always been death, has always been mercy to him. Quick deaths rather than prolonged ones, a bandaid ripped off rather than a tortuous ending. Kindness was the smile that Lizzie had when she let them all burn in lava, kindness was the Jack’s execution, kindness was Joel’s suicide afterwards, was the fire that consumed him for the final time and let him go free.
Why didn’t they let me die?
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