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forthegothicheroine · 2 days ago
Before He Cheats is a dumb song despite unfortunately kind of rocking, but I think it would be great as a final girl song. A low-key southern bar is attacked by, I don’t know, the vampire family from Near Dark or something, and the waitress has to grab the nearest heavy object and start fighting while the jukebox is still playing Carrie Underwood singing about smashing her ex’s car.
“Maybe next time he’ll think-”
[Pool cue through a vampire’s heart]
“-before he CHEATS!”
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licieoic · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Divine" - Digital Oil Painting
The vessel emerging from the divine.
Please see the pinned post at the top of my Tumblr for my links if you'd like to help support me in saving for a safe place to live!
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cesays · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lily finds James on patrol, and apparently, that's all it takes to make him lose his marbles entirely.
Notes: I don't really know what this is, guys. It just sort of came to me ~in a dream~ (aka when I was trying to do other things).
Read on AO3 -- FFN.
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can we have a feyre-lucien brotp fic?
Maybe modern au, or anything you like
I'd really really love to see these two together, but they don't have many fics here if I'm not wrong
(but if there are fics of them, would you mind recommending them?)
Tumblr media
CW: language
AN: Sorry this took so long! I was bouncing ideas for this off @thebonecarver earlier but that ended up spiraling into something way bigger 😁 so this is what I came up with for you. And you are totally right, there aren’t a lot of good Feyre-Lucien brotp fics. I would recommend Go Fish by @heiressofthenightcourt. And if anyone who sees this has any more suggestions, that would be much appreciated!
Fluff//1034 words
Feyre leaned back, the picture of serenity. Her hair in a loose ponytail, her clothing perfect for relaxation, her posture comfortable and her eyes closed… she looked extremely peaceful.
She felt extremely bored.
“Remind me again how you convinced me to do this?” Feyre opened her eyes to watch Lucien respond.
He frowned. “Because when I said it would be fun, you trusted me,” came his reluctant response.
“And was that a reasonable response on my part?” Feyre asked.
Lucien toed a loose nail on the floor. “No.”
Feyre nodded. “I’m glad you can admit that.”
Lucien shot her a glare, but he couldn’t argue.
“And when I said, ‘Lucien, can we go back now?’ what should have happened?”
Lucien still couldn’t maintain eye contact. “I should have rowed us back to shore.”
Feyre nodded. “And what did you do instead?”
“I tripped and dropped the oars in the lake,” he muttered.
Feyre nodded, looking out across the water. The lake that lacked a single bit of wind, meaning their boat was not moving anywhere. Not an inch.
And yes, they were on a boat. A fucking fishing boat. Because Lucien had wanted to spend time with Feyre. And had insisted they do something “fun” instead of watching a movie or eating takeout. And instead of fishing the whole time, they had both started crying when a fish they’d finally caught was flapping on the bottom of the boat and had freed it from the hook and thrown it back overboard to swim away and live a happy fish life. Subsequently, the pair of them had sworn eternal vegetarianism. Which left them not only stranded on a fishing boat, but unable to fish.
Which was really fucking lame.
A few minutes passed. Feyre was nearing sleep when Lucien’s voice roused her.
“So are we going to try to get to shore, or are we just going to stay here and uselessly pray for some wind?”
Feyre shot him a glower. “Try to get to shore how? It’s way too cold to swim. We don’t have anything to row with. What exactly do you propose?”
Lucien winced. “I don’t know. I just meant we could start thinking of something instead of giving up.”
Feyre hesitated. “I guess I don’t totally want to die out here. Then I won’t get to see Rhys ever again.”
Lucien made a face, and Feyre sighed. She didn’t know what Lucien’s problem with her boyfriend was, as he would never tell her when she asked, but it had long since been established that the two didn’t get along.
“What do you think will work?” Feyre asked, less aggressively this time.
Lucien sighed and looked around.
His gaze landed on the fishing rods.
An hour later, Feyre Archeron decided her name was going to be in all the headlines. Local Idiot Starves to Death on Lake with Fishing Partner. Or maybe freezes to death. It was chilly.
She and Lucien had not progressed. There had been a failed attempt with tying the fishing rods together and throwing them at the shore while holding the wire attached. Like tossing an anchor. Simple.
Needless to say, they were down two fishing rods and a spool of fishing wire.
“Ugh!” Feyre yelled, past calm, past fatigue. Past her breaking point. “Why the hell did you bring me here? Why would you think I would like this?” she screamed at Lucien.
To her immense surprise, he didn’t sigh or wince or apologize. He stood up. And shouted right back at her.
“Because I haven’t seen you in three months!”
Feyre scoffed. “Yes you—”
“Five minute conversations over the phone every couple of days do not count!” Lucien yelled. “I haven’t seen you! You’re my best friend and I haven’t seen you in forever because you’re too busy with your new boyfriend, who is apparently more important than me. Is it so wrong that I wanted to have one fucking day with you?” The boat rocked violently as he shouted.
Feyre gaped. “I—I hadn’t realized you…”
“No, you wouldn’t, would you,” Lucien murmured, seemingly drained. “You’ve been busy.”
Feyre blinked, suddenly holding back tears. “Lu…”
He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. Just drop it.”
“I won’t drop it, I—”
Just then, Lucien lost his balance and fell to the side. Their conversation screeched to a roaring halt as the boat flipped over.
Feyre was stilling trying to process what was happening as she flailed in the water. “Fuck!” she screamed.
Lucien emerged from the water beside her, gasping. “Oh gods.”
The water was cold. So damn cold. Feyre could already feel it in her bones.
“Swim,” she gasped to Lucien.
They swam. By some sort of superhuman feat, Feyre and Lucien ended up on the mud, panting and shivering.
Lucien sighed. “I’m sorry, Fey. This is all my fault.”
Feyre bit her lip. “I’m sorry, too.”
“For what?”
“For everything you were yelling at me for, dumbass. You’re right. I haven’t spent enough time with you.”
Lucien shook his head. “I was being childish. You’re allowed to hang out with your boyfriend.”
“No. Besties before testes.”
Lucien blinked. “Tell me you did not just say that.”
“I did.” Feyre smiled slightly.
Lucien opened his mouth, then closed it. A moment later he said, “Never say that again.”
“Why not? I thought it was more creative than bros before hoes.”
Lucien took a breath, then his lips twitched. Then he burst into laughter. “You’re just trying to make me laugh.”
“Maybe. Or maybe I think besties before testes should be our new motto. We can make a sign—”
“I am begging you to stop speaking,” Lucien pleaded, still laughing.
Feyre started laughing too. “I’ll update Rhys on our new—”
“Stop it!”
The pair of them giggled, probably more out of delirium from the freezing temperatures and lack of food than anything. And when they finally stopped and stood up, shivering and ready to walk back to civilization, Feyre felt for the first time in a long time that things with Lucien were really okay.
But she had one last thing to clarify.
“Next time we just get Chinese, deal?”
Lucien grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”
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draceempressa · 2 days ago
The van Zieks are antithesis of the Gavins (MASSIVE spoiler for TGAA2, also long read this essay have 2,5k+ words)
People keep talking about how Barok is Edgeworth expy, when in fact Kazuma is the one with more Edgeworth elements, that even wrightworth parallel asouryuu in several ways, people have already done analysis about that,(so I wouldn't bother with that, as ppl already pointed that out) as well Kazuma also have elements of Godot, Mia, Blackquill , Apollo, and even few elements of Kristoph, as 2-4 come, Barok makes it clear he is Klavier's antithesis instead, which come in set that Klint is Kristoph's as well.
First, let us look look at their design. Both sets of brothers are clear examples of the sibling yin yang trope. Klavier is red-black,
Tumblr media
Kristoph is blue-white,
Tumblr media
(therefore, in terms of the red oni blue oni trope, Klavier, the younger brother, is the more sociable red oni, Kristoph is the calculating blue one), when in the case of the van Zieks, Barok is the younger, he's the one with blue-black color theme,
Tumblr media
the more reserved , introverted , as well even shy when younger, and Klimt is the older, yet he is the one with red-white theme,
Tumblr media
and he is highly implied to the himbo the extrovert to barok's introvert, as he is designed to be the yang to barok's yin. Basically, the van Zieks color theme is kinda like Apollo-Trucy too.
Then there is their physical design. Both set of brothers have blue eyes, but the Gavins have long blonde hair with tan skin, overall more down to earth design but they actually have screwed up relationship between them, as well feel less human (at least for me) that Klavier is depicted as pure cinnamon roll and Kristoph is depicted as pure evil. Meanwhile, the van Zieks have short gray hair (with purple highlight) with pale skin, their design give off ethereal/vampiric, aristocratic, out of touch,, and yet they are the ones who are more human inside, that they loved each other dearly, more actually down to earth, as well they are more human as they are more morally grey, with their own flaw as much good point-Klint is open minded and he's the one who initiates the transfer student program, but still he's a serial killer. Meanwhile, Barok didn't give in to his despair, but yes, he is racist.
Then again, the plot does punish him for being a racist but not for being a brocon because this is not drakengard. Even the way Klavier and Barok clearly have tiddies as strong point are part of their contrast, Klavier does it by tiddy window, when Barok does it with very tight jacket that even looks painted on.
This closeness (or lack of it) is even reflected in their names. At first sight, it looks like both Gavin's initials are K.G. But what similarity there is in Kristoph and Klavier? Meanwhile, for the van Zieks, Barok is named of a genre of art, baroque, when a version of Klint's name, Klimt, is based o Gustav Klimt, another big name artist, reflecting a theme in their names.
How the older raised the younger. Both sets of brothers have wide age gap, Kristoph is older by 8 years when Klimt is older by 10 years, and it's implied the older raised the younger. However, the manga makes it clear Kristoph abused Klavier, both physical and emotonal, gaslighting him, when TGAA imply that Barok is coddled by Klint. Albert refer to Barok as "little darling of the van Zieks family" as well the image of Klint teaching Barok the Legjection. This of course affect how the younger brother becomes, in the ironic way. Klavier becomes nice to everyone because he desperately wanted to have someone else in his life that is not Kristoph, hiding his pain. When Barok is sour because he is busy mourning Klint (Nuri confirmed he tried to draw Barok to look like someone who have loads of pain inside) , openly showing his pain , desperately cling to the idea that Klint never left him. Klavier, despite his smile, never shown actual sign of getting better , when Barok slowly is getting better, from accepting Klimts flaw as well accepting more ppl to his life. You know those fanworks where Klavier did try to distinguish himself further from Kristoph, sometimes by cutting his hair off, haunted by shadows of Kristoph? Barok canonically emulate Klint, and accepted the rumor of Klint haunted him to console himself that yes, Klint never left him. What is nightmare for Klavier, is the sweetest dream for Barok.
The more Kristoph abused Klavier to control him, the more Klavier slips from his hand. The more Klimt coddle Barok to show the world is still full of hope and kindness, to widen his horizon , the more Barok wanted to retreat back to his bubble. Basically both older brothers screwed up and not getting what they want for their younger ones. This also result in the character growth of the younger brothers. Klavier starts out scared shitless on Kristoph, later grow to be able to stand against him and ditch him. Barok was later revealed to put Klint on pedestal, and later accept that Klint has his own flaw, a lesson Kazuma and Maria also learn in the same game , but still loved him, still cling to him and goes around with his badge, even if he changes from be like "please don't leave me" to "please watch me from afar"about Klint, accepting he is dead, but not cutting him off his life.
Furthermore, Klavier didn't only ditch Kristoph but also Daryan, when Barok didn't only still loved Klimt but also still have Albert and stay keep in touch with him. Daryan have long been by Klavier's side, part of the law enforcement as well, but turns out to be actual criminal, the one trying to frame another (Machi). When Albert's relationship with Barok is long -distanced, but it lasts, as well he is innocent and the one who is framed (by Enoch) . This also applies to the meta level contrast that, there are loads of fanworks depicting Klavier has PTSD when Apollo reminded him of Kristoph in DD. Meawhile, in TGAA canon, Barok says it to Ryuunosuke's face that he regains hope and interested in him because Ryuunosuke reminded him of Klint.
Both older brothers are taller than the younger,foreshadowing how they overshadow the younger. However, while Klavier wants to escape it, Barok is proud of it. That's why Klavier is a prosecutor, he didn't completely follow Kristoph's footsteps as defense, but he didn't completely take different path that he is still part of law world much like Kristoph is either . Meanwhile, Barok has that gigantic painting in his office, interior design that pretty much forces you to look at it the moment you entered his office, clearly deliberate.
Tumblr media
Ryuunosuke even note how "this painting's presence dominate the room" , as well Barok is a prosecutor just like Klint is, hell, his badge was even Klint's and he can even empathize with Ryuunosuke with how Ryuunosuke wanted to be a lawyer for Kazuma and carry the armband as momento.
Klavier legit didn't know it was Kristoph, not until he met Vera. When Barok does get all the clue Klint is the Professor, he did think about it ONCE, but shrugs it off because of his bias that "no way Lord Brother did anything wrong" . Again, Ryuunosuke note that "no way prosecutor as brilliant as Lord van Zieks didn't notice it" . Smaller details, but Klavier is a rockstar, therefore, audio art, and he actually did make some money from it. when Barok makes miniature, visual art, and his tendency to make miniatures is not monetized but it's part of the investigation. in JP version, Klavier used the most slang honorific for older brother (aniki) to refer to Kristoph, when Barok used the most formal as well archaic one (aniue) to refer to Klint. Klavier is simped adored for being a rockstar, Barok is loathed for being the Reaper of Old Bailey. Their physical similarity to their older brothers are also noted in universe, both by a young girl, but while Vera is understandably traumatized by Klavier's similarity to Kristoph, as he is her extorter, Iris is , even if sarcastically, in awe with how good looking Klint and Barok are, mistaking the gigantic painting as Barok. And then turns out they are her biological father and uncle respectively.
Kristoph's animal motif is so subtle- it's dragon, his japan family name means "dragon fang" , and he is meant to be that kind of JRPG final boss dragon, and neither did he share it with Klavier. Meanwhile, the animal motif of the van Zieks are so on the face, helps that both brothers own pet of their spirit animal, as well sharing the motif- Barok also have the dog element that he still is loyal to Klint as well justice itself, while Klint's bat element is that he is like a mother bat trying to nudge her pup to fly on its own (the pup in question is Barok, who is the one with most bat motif)
This animal motif further show the contrast of the elder brothers. Kristoph is a dragon, animal that often depicted as top of the food chain, even above lions or even humans, supreme being that surpasses many other in many fiction in so many ways , that many other served them instead, and he is the mastermind , the one controlling another. When Klint is a dog, and a dog is often used as metaphor for low status or someone that serve another, Kazuma even explicitly say that Klint is Mael's attack dog. (cue those fanarts of Klint wearing the Baskerville collar. Even saying he is pet play fetish bait is spoiler. Man. ) Related to this, dragon and wolf are, in the many cultures of this world, are animals believed to have cause eclipse by devouring the sun, symbolizing how both single-handedly caused a dark era, the Dark Age of Law by Kristoph and the Professor Killings by Klint. Kristoph not only is overarching villain, he is also still alive by the end of AA4, when Klint is long dead and he is the one getting extorted by another, as well only mentioned at final case (Twisted Karma and the Last Bow and Resolve of Ryuunosuke Naruhodou are pretty much the same case)
Speaking about dogs, both elder brothers have dogs. but while Vongole speak for tiny shred of humanity Kristoph still arguably have, Balmung speaks for Klint's utter monstrosity. The names of the dogs too, Vongole literally means "clam" in Italian.Yes, it sounds silly, and maybe I was thinking it too far, but what if it's reference of Katekyo Hitman Reborn , where the MC's mafia FAMILY's name is "vongola" ? Meanwhile, Balmung is other name to the sword Gramr, which Gramr means "wrath" in old norse, when Klint used Balmung to kill the corrupt nobles out of his wrath and exasperation. Speaking about monstrosity, Kristoph embraced his monstrosity, Klint asked Genshin to take him down like he's rabid dog (heh) before he complete monster.
Their surnames are both puns, that are status of the elder brothers thinks they are. The Gavin is actually pun of "gewinner" that means winner in German, that Kristoph thought he already won when Phoenix is disbarred, when "van Zieks" is pun from "banjikkusu" that means "it's all over" in Japanese, that Klint thought he already far gone and lost to Mael. However, both status turns out to be temporary, and by the end of their respective games, Kristoph lost everything even beyond bars, Klavier and Apollo slips from his hand, his status, his wealth, as well Phoenix' name got cleared, when even beyond grave, Klint got everything he wanted, Iris is raised full of love, Barok become an excellent prosecutor , as well Mael's fall.
Both elder brothers are depicted as having influence (with Kristoph being part of Lawyer Association, when Klint is the Chief of Prosecution) as well initially depicted as more trustworthy, with lighter color themes, but later turns out to be serial killers. Kristoph is depicted as pure evil, that he is indeed petty bitch who deserved everything coming to him with petty motivation, and to symbolize this, he has black waistcoat hidden by his blue blazer, hiding how rotten he actually is , that he evil to the core. Meanwhile, Klint is depicted as tragic fallen hero, that he could have accomplish his noble goal with better methods, and to symbolize this, his red coat have black cuff with gold buttons , that he admits he is a monster and wished another to NOT follow after his METHOD but while trying for that noble goal, wishing the better for another. Also, Kristoph himself fabricated evidence, when Klint is (or rather, his dead body) used to fabricate evidence. In contrast, both younger brothers are depicted as sus, with darker color themes, but later gets close with their lawyers of their game.
Both older brothers are cause why a girl become fatherless, but while Kristoph, well, is the one who killed Zak , as well Trucy is still old enough to remember Zak, when Klint is Iris' very own biological father that chose suicide, and Iris knows nothing about her real heritage.Note that other than Klint's red-white theme contrast Kristoph's blue-white, it also paralells Zak's red-white. (Barok do know at the end tho. Yea, this parallel how Thalassa know Apollo is her other kid but Apollo himself doesn't know it, bonus Barok have blue-black theme just like Thalassa. Klint's color theme parallels Zak and Apollo, Barok 's color theme parallels Thalassa and Trucy, see a pattern here? Yes, AA4 parallel TGAA a lot have you seen how much Apollo in Ryuunosuke,should I make another essay on how AA4 parallell DGS? ... anyway-)
Kristoph isn't exactly friends with Phoenix, they are more like two people playing 4D chess against each other with loads of passive aggressive remarks. Meanwhile, Klint and Genshin are truly partners , even in crime, they are very literally partner in crime in international scandal why does TGAA throw the word partner like candy, Kazuma and Ryuunosuke are partners, Sherlock is also partners with Yuujin is there anymore partners I have to know
Klavier didn't assign himself to go against Phoenix, he doesn't even know Phoenix before his first trial. Meanwhile, Barok signed up to prosecute Genshin as he's out for blood to avenge Klint, and it's also implied he already know Genshin for years, way before the Professor incident.
Kristoph rejects change, and is taken down by jury system. Klint initiates change , and truth about him comes out in trial without jury.
Both set of brothers are based on a major arcana tarot card. The Gavins are based on Kristoph's moniker the Devil, when the van Zieks are Death, as represented by Barok's title "Reaper of the Old Bailey."
The Devil design depict a pair of naked human couple chained to the baphomet. Klavier wears plenty of chain accessories .
Tumblr media
The Death is depicted as Death wearing an armor while riding a horse, giving knightly feel, and the van Zieks brothers looks more like they are part of the military than the law world (bonus that Nuri did design them based on guards as well they go around with sword) .
Tumblr media
Quoting labyrinthos./co , the upright meanings for the devil are oppression, addiction, obsession, dependency, excess, powerlessness, limitations , when the reverse meaning are independence, freedom, revelation, release, reclaiming power, reclaiming control. According to A.E. Waite's book, the meaning of the Devil is .—Ravage, violence, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, force, fatality; that which is predestined but is not for this reason evil. Reversed: Evil fatality, weakness, pettiness, blindness. The card represents: Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures; lust for and an obsession with money and power. Also: Living in fear, domination and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury; discretion should be used in personal and business matters.
Kristoph unarguably oppress not only Klavier, but also Vera, as well having obsession with Phoenix. He also quite the hedonist, indulging himself in luxury even in prison. Other than luxury, he certainly has a thing to be in power/for someone else to depend on him. He is not above going physical when abusing Klavier either. He also have petty motive behind his actions. When Klavier, he initially is scared shitless of Kristoph, later got the revelation he really is a serial killer, and finally reclaiming control over himself. To add to the devil motif ,the previously mentioned dragon motif match, as dragon are often depicted as demonic in western mythology with the horn and all. Perhaps the hair drill is indeed, supposedly a devil/dragon horn?
As for the death, also quoting labyrinthos./co, the upright meanings for death is transformation, endings, change, transition, letting go, release , when the reverse is fear of change, repeating negative patterns, resisting change, stagnancy, decay . According to A.E Waite, the meaning of Death is, End, mortality, destruction, corruption; also, for a man, the loss of a benefactor; for a woman, many contrarieties; for a maid, failure of marriage projects. Reversed: Inertia, sleep, lethargy, petrifaction, somnambulism; hope destroyed.
Klint, being the other half of the reaper, is the one who initiates the student transfer program to broaden British Empire's horizon. On the other hand, he got corrupted by is despair and starts committing murder, His death meaning loss of Barok's benefactor/mentor/guardian, as well of Barok's own hope, ergo, death of his innocent self and birth of the cynical one. Barok being racist meaning he is resisting the change Klint himself tried to bring, something Barok himself is aware, and by prosecuting Genshin, Kazuma come after, him, repeating the cycle of revenge. At the end of Resolve, only then Barok finally letting go of Klint, finally accepting he is dead even if still wished he stlll watch him from afar.
Tying back the Death motif with dog animal motif, Klint is the Grim, a mythical black dog that inspires the Baskerville as well the black dog in Harry Potter, that it's believed that if you see the Grim, you will die soon. However it's not the dog that picks the death's soul, it's the reaper. So basically the Grim Reaper is combination of two different word/thing, the Grim, the scary thing that heralds the coming of death, (especially a black dog), and the reaper,who actually does the soul picking job. However, perhaps in intentional irony, it's Klint, who is the Grim, but is actually the one doing the job, when Barok , the reaper, is the one who heralds the coming of the actual soul-picker.
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sleepyfacetoughguy · 23 hours ago
Gallacrafts (theme 3) 💀🎃🦇
Such an awesome @gallacrafts this month. It came with quizzes! Thank you organisers so much for all the work you put in. I got 2 themes cos I couldn't decide on my answers - "Spooky Boys" and "Gallacats."
Here's fondant Witch Mickey and Vampire Ian in cat form sat atop chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing.
Mickey is a (grumpy) nature witch. I was inspired by A Witch in Wicker Park - recommend x 100 if you haven't read.
Vampire Ian is crawling out of his grave and is clearly very excited. The vampire cupcakes also ooze blood (jam) so watch out!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I tell you what, fondant is much harder to work details on than modeling clay. But this was super fun (& delicious)!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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byzantine-rogue · 2 days ago
(T) What even happened to you?
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the-mother-of-lions · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for @snapshotmaestro​ (4/26)
1500 years ago, the young Emperor of Constantinople took a fatal blow meant for King Arthur, his beloved. Reincarnated in the 21st Century, Arthur still holds onto his grief and guilt, afraid of finding an Elyan who won’t love him anymore. But Elyan isn’t willing to let him go that easily... 
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siyvaruli · 4 hours ago
Okay, this would be adorable for Hotch/Morgan.
The others absolutely do not know that Hotch and Morgan are dating, but Hotch is a big guy and Morgan was the designated driver and probably the only one capable of manhandling Hotch home. Hell, Morgan isn't sure they're dating, just that Hotch shows up some evenings for a drink and some mornings for a run or a day with Jack at the park, and sometimes he shows up in the middle of the night for something else. And maybe Morgan's started showing up at Hotch's, too, maybe he's growing fond of Jack's exuberant scream and Hotch's soft smile every time he knocks on the door.
None of this means that he has any clarity on what's going on, and he's run on the assumption that the quickest way to run Hotch off is to ask.
So he pours Hotch into the passenger seat, listens to him ramble about the history of street lights on the way home, and successfully lures him out of the car with promises of ice cream.
It's when he tries to help Hotch disrobe that he runs into trouble. It's dark in the bedroom, and Hotch's eyes might be closed to ward off the spinning, and Morgan slides his hands over Hotch's chest to get his jacket off only to be pushed back.
For a moment he thinks Hotch must be having a flashback, and they've dealt with those, they -
Then: "I'm sorry, I think you've got the wrong idea," Hotch murmurs. "I'm already seeing someone."
"Excuse me?" Morgan replies, baffled. "You're ... seeing someone?" Is Hotch dating someone else?
Hotch nods firmly, then winces. "For almost a year now," he adds, and that's months before Morgan knew Hotch even wanted him around, that's - that's the night he stayed late at work and Hotch brought him take out, startled Morgan by staying to share dessert. Hotch is seeing him. "He's amazing."
Morgan spends another 30 minutes listening to Hotch talk up his boyfriend, sitting with the realization that he is the boyfriend, that Hotch thinks all of these things about him. Hotch finally topples off to sleep and Morgan takes the opportunity to untie the man's shoes and put him to bed.
The next morning Hotch wakes up to a hangover. It doesn't magically vanish when Morgan comes into the room with painkillers and a smile, when he leans in and kisses Hotch's temple with a murmured hello. Hotch still feels like shit, but Morgan's there and he's smiling and he seems settled in the space beside Hotch, and that's enough to make Hotch smile in return. That's all right.
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barachiki · an hour ago
Tumblr media
After binge watching some South Korean horror-dramas, Sherlock and John take a selfie in their 2021 Halloween costume.
Tumblr media
As a shadowy figure himself, Mycroft gets into the spirit of things.
Tumblr media
Lestrade... he doesn't have Netflix.
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musubiki · 2 days ago
okay im literally so excited for itto's backstory cuz his namecard says something like "only real men can put their sorrow and anger behind their smile!!!!!!" and i'm like wait a sec bro what's going down in your backstory (did you read thoma's?? i was hoping he'd fall into the 100% sunshine rainbow backstory category like yanfei/yoimiya/xiangling but he's got that trickle of angst there anyways)
and yes i did.,..uhfhgn i love thoma (im also glad hes half inazuman cuz i thought he was pure mondstadt blood this whole time !!)
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myownbetterhalf · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Red for spooky szn 👻🎃🔪🦇🕸🖤
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sparklingdust4612 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Random snippets from Ghost!Peeta fic: (thank you @softlikethesunset12 @mega-aulover and @jhsgf82 for encouraging me to write this instead of getting the hint that I am asking you to write it!! 🤣🤣)
She opened the door to his old bedroom and sat on the bed, clearly waiting for him to do the same. He tried but fell through and then got up and positioned himself in a way that made him look as if he was sitting on the bed.
“How are you now?” he asked, and she smiled faintly.
“What a Peeta thing to ask when you’re the one who woke up from...a coma,” she said with a chuckle, and Peeta smiled, enjoying the sound of her laughter.
Feeling awkward, he got up and went to the kitchen to make her the hot cocoa but got frustrated fast when he couldn’t grab a hold of the cabinet handle.
“Peeta. I am not the one who's dead. You are. you died two hours after you were brought to the hospital. You went into a coma with two of the bullets landing in the back of your head. They kept you on life support because I wasn’t ready to let you go, not when I had just realized that you cared for me to some degree,” she whispered with sadness and longing in her tone. Peeta felt like he had been hit with a ton of bricks.
“I… am dead?” he asked, and she nodded, her eyes damp with unshed tears.
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darter-blue · 2 days ago
Can I ask about Definitely call me?
For you, Caroline literally anything 😍😍😍
So Definitely Call Me is a little fluffy piece I'm a bit in love with...
Stuck in traffic and late for a big meeting with a new client - Steve gets taking to the guy in the car next to him - very cute guy with ridiculously good hair and hot pink sunglasses, who throws his number into the car at Steve before traffic finally moves on.
Cue Steve running into work to a fuming Tony and very late for the client meeting - which luckily the client is also very late for - and cue the client walking in with ridiculously good hair and hot pink sunglasses…
The rest is basically Steve struggling between flirting and being professional, Tony being mad that Steve is going to compromise this deal, Bucky being flushed and clumsy and adorable and maybe some secret dating shenanigans… a little bit co-workers with benefits to catching feelings...
a snip for you
‘You know that Tony would kill me if he found out I’d done anything to compromise this deal, right?’ They’re hiding in the bathroom of Steve’s office. Steve with his back to the door and Bucky looking him up and down with a raised eyebrow and his arms crossed over his chest.
‘Who Stark? He’s not so scary,’ Bucky says, lifting his chin and smiling that crooked smile that Steve wants to sink his teeth into.
‘He’s not scary, but he’s annoying,’ Steve complains, ‘and he pays my salary.’
Not that he’s afraid Tony would fire him, he wouldn’t. He just… doesn’t like the idea of letting anyone down.
‘Well,’ Bucky says, and now his lip is caught between his teeth and it’s like he’s trying to drive Steve crazy on purpose. Which… he might be… ‘I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble.’
And Steve feels the disappointment like a punch to the gut.
‘So… that’s it?’ he asks, feeling the frown in his forehead. He doesn’t want that to be the answer.
He doesn’t want to sit across from this man at their meetings and know that they mean nothing more to each other than this.
But Bucky’s grin is wider now, and he’s uncrossed his arms, puts a hand to his chin. ‘I mean, unless you think,’ and Bucky takes a step closer, drops his voice to a whisper, puts his lips to Steve’s ear like a kiss, ‘we could see each other and just not tell anybody…’
Steve closes his eyes to the touch of Bucky’s skin. He swallows loudly, loosens his fists and dares to reach out his fingers, rest them on Bucky’s hips.
‘By see each other, you mean... touch each other?’ Steve asks, ‘I get to touch you?’
He can feel Bucky smile against his ear.
‘You get to do whatever you want, honey. What did you have in mind?’
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charlesoberonn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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