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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Happy St David’s day! 💜

I made welsh cakes and then ate too many :)

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The things I can’t say

I’m sorry I’m not a good friend
I’m sorry I’m not a good friend
I’m sorry I’m not a good friend
I’m sorry I’m not a good friend
I’m sorry I’m not a good friend

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🕷Annabelle Cane, the Web, and the rift at Hill Top Road🕷

Alternate title: Ms. Cane please have mercy 😳

Got a little carried away with the set dressing! I’ll probably take a break from painting to properly absorb the last 4 episodes (eek!) because I will inevitably be inspired by the finale 😅 I already want to paint something else from 196 but my tendons deserve a rest 😭

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Ah! Well! That’s a pretty loaded question, haha.

I think there are quite a few things to unpack within it, particularly around how this show handles race and violence more broadly, and I’m going to do my best to offer an answer to that for you here, but before I do that, I want to start with the fact that I’m not the best person to ask.

Honestly, it’s a conversation I struggle with because while I do read, listen and try to think proactively about media, criticism and the voices of BIPOC writers, audiences and critics, I’m also white and I’m Australian, so presenting myself as anything close to an authority on the subject of race and storytelling in America feels wildly irresponsible at best.

(When I say that too, please don’t get me wrong and think I’m excusing Australian media from similar conversations – Australia has a deeply racist past and present, but the context of that past and present is very different to the experience of BIPOC in America, and to equate the two would be diminishing to the nuance of both conservations).

My point is that if any other bloggers feel comfortable and want to speak to this, or to what I write below, please do! And please tag me so that I can see and reblog, because I know I’m not the best source for this conversation and because I’d love to learn more myself and amplify the voices of people with more informed points of view!

But! You asked me and I don’t want to dodge the question either or thrust responsibility onto others!


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Tbh the dude who conceived of the hunger games doing so while drunk af and then being like “no I didn’t mean we should actually DO that, that was just my brain, speaking of which I am never going to be sober again in my life” is super relatable.

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sometimes i feel like the only person in any fandom who doesn’t have a daddy kink

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there’s no moral outcome, it’s a symptom, not a cause. a symptom of misogyny. it can even be a response to misogyny, that is, not wanting to give birth to a kid in a country where you know they’d be miserable. 

it’s not comparable to “eugenic abortion” no, because the only reason existing as a woman is pain is the society, womanhood doesn’t in itself go with pain, health conditions, limitations, inability to function on one’s own and dependancy on others. franky I think it’s misogynistic to imply femaleness is comparable to severe disability in terms of how much of a negative living as a female is. that’s a sidenote tho, I suppose your “gotcha” was supposed to be “hey if eugenic abortion isn’t immoral, is selective abortion of girls morally neutral too?” and yes. abortion no matter the reason is a victimless crime.

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TW: Electrocution

Villain screamed in pain, gasping for air once the device was removed from their skin.

“Villain! I’m done, it’s over. Are you okay? Hey, say something.” Hero touched Villain’s shoulder gently and Villain viciously pulled their hand off of their shoulder with hands that still twitched from the electrical current.

“Don’t t-touch me.” Villain spat.

Hero pulled their hand back and moved away a bit.

“You b-better hope that you don’t get hurt. Because if y-you do, I’ll treat you the s-same way you just dealt with m-me.” Villain’s voice was practically dripping with venom and it sent chills down Hero’s spine.

“You were going to die.” Hero said, firmly, although quietly. “Sorry for saving your life. Would you rather I let you bleed out next time?”

“You can’t just c-cauterize a wound like that, you idiot! You can’t just-” Villain stopped short drawing in a shaky breath. “Get me o-out of here. Right now.”

Hero stood and pulled Villain up from the ground. Villain leaned heavily on them, unable to support themself.

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Originally posted by halloweentreat

“God’s dammit Aliie it’s not safe!" 

Allies gruff Garlean father growls as he slams his hand on the table causing the smaller woman to slightly jump. Though the reaction didn’t seem to phase her father at all.

"What part of this don’t you understand? The emperor is dead and there is fighting between loyalists in the streets! Even if we managed to slip past Eorzean forces there is naught we could do about the splintered legions fighting amongst themselves. If they see an Eorzean, how do you think they would react?”

He countinues as Jorand silently stands by unsure if he should break up yet another heated discussion.

“And not just any Eorzean but an Ala Mhigan, infamous for the carnage you left in your wake! They would kill your brother. I would become a traitor in their eyes, we would be imprisoned and you would be killed, in front of me as a message.” He finishes with a shake of his head

“We cannot go to Garlemald right now, I lost my brother to these lands. I am not about to lose my daughter to mine.” He states raising his voice and slamming his hand on the table one final time before walking up stairs and slamming the door behind him.


Allie had been silent through that entire rant. She knew she was pushing buttons and knew full well it would illicit a response, this was the third time they both had butted heads over leaving Eorzea. This time however she went too far and as her father slammed his bedroom door she let’s out a shaky sigh while looking down letting the silence permeate the space between herself and her brother.

“I know what you’re about to say…” she says as Jorand kicks off the wall and unfolds his arms with a shrug

“Do you?” He asks rhetorically exhaling “You can’t keep running from your past, or your fears.” He states plainly.


Her brother holds up a hand and smiles. “I know, there’s things i don’t understand. But I see the animosity you hold in your eyes while you sulk around kugane. So I ask you this, do you even understand why anymore?”

The question formed a frown on Allies lips. “Tess wouldn’t be dead if.-”

“If she wasn’t attacked by an unseen enemy who nearly succeeded in killing you?” Jorand retorts calmly before inhaling and strolling to Allie to wrap her in an embrace.

“I Have watched you struggle enough with your inner demons. Perhaps its time you listen to us, your family for once.” He finishes in a soft calming voice.

Allie wraps her arms around him for a moment before letting go and exhaling for a moment “So what do you suggest I do? Sit in the house and be wrapped in a protective bubble that you and dad form? She asks partly in sarcasm.

Jorand simply chuckles and shakes his head no. "I do believe you have that well under control yourself. What I do suggest is you keep that pride you have for one side.” He pauses motioning to her gunblade in a display case nearby

“And blossom that to love your other half again, go out, do things, volunteer to help people or just get a job.” He suggests “I think you owe yourself that much at least." 

The moody Ala Mhigan considers that for a moment and shrugs. "I haven’t been to a Gyr Abania gauntlet in some time..or had a nice tea at Miss Faye’s tea house…” she replies biting her bottom lip anxiously.

Smiling at the reply Jorand ho.ds up a hand and walks behind Allie to grab her day pack near the door she kept packed. Coming back he holds it out. “Go..i’ll tell dad you’ll be home for dinner." 

Allie looks at the pack and reluctantly grabs it before 4olling her hazel eyes "You both are mean sometimes.”

Jorand gasps in a mocking manner before winking. “Keep us on linkshell…”

Allie gently nods before heading for the display case to grab her weapon.

“Ah..” Jorand calls out from behind her. “You won’t need that this time." 

Allie let’s out an audible sigh before reversing directions for the door. Chuck,in at her reaction Jorand smiles, "This will be good for you. See you tonight." 

"Yea, sure.” Allie grunts out before closing the door.

Leaning against the homes entrance she suddenly got an overwhelming sice of dread, she hadn’t been back on the mainland since she had been the shroud, the very place she was about to go back to. Inhaling deeply she pushes off the houses and heads in the direction of the docks to Kugane uncertain of the next day or two..


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When I get home I’m gonna cut the sleeves off my new inner circle shirt I accidentally bought because I wasn’t paying attention, put on some sweatpants orshorts, get some water, and try to finish my masterlists. Or I’ll put on Law and Order and stare at whatever ADA is on my screen.

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I feel like the JJK interview doesn’t really bother me considering I signed up for a story in which the hero promises his grandpa to die surrounded by friends and so far we are definitely on course for that type of ending, so everything i saw said in the interview fit that too

Does that mean I 100% believe that’s how the story ends? No, but I’d say it’s the larger possibility, which means any bad thing you can think of that might happen is fair game really.

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One Piece chapter 1005 reaction and spoilers

I actually read the chapter hours ago but I keep thinking about it and I’ve read what some other people have had to say. Anyway…

I keep coming back to Sanji acquiescing and calling out to Robin, luring her into the trap, and then speeding away. It makes me miss part one!Sanji like I keep saying throughout part two, because there were other options if the end goal was Robin vs. that spider lady.

For example, Sanji does not lure Robin into a trap. He’s not going to strike spider lady but he’s also not going to betray Robin either. As some characters noted earlier, they know that Sanji is missing and given that Robin knows him well and has been scouting Wano for weeks now, she could have deduced his predicament on her own and come to rescue him without provocation. 

I mean Robin’s very capable and I know she’s got this, but it’s the how we got her there that’s bothering me. It also leaves me with a lot of questions especially because this follows Sanji’s stunt that started off Whole Cake Island. 

I mean it’s possible that Sanji’s weirdness throughout part two might be deliberate negative character development, but I dunno. 

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[Image: Watercolor illustration. David Bowie, wearing a bird skull with the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt, and holding a cigarette, and Freddie Mercury, wearing a tiger skull, and holding a glass of wine, both smiling and wearing purple clothes. They are surrounded by their own stylised shadows in profile, except Bowie’s shadow is holding a large knife, and Mercury’s shadow is holding a microphone and singing. Watermark: “please do not re-use. JohannesVIII, 2021.”]

Tattoo design for 0_Ruthless_0, who asked me to watermark it wherever I’d share it!

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((Here’s more screenshots of Chieko being in the game. Nothing much new here, I just took these and wanted to show them off. The big surprises are coming next!))

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((I’ve been hard at work making the Chieko Simulator mod. Here’s some shots of Chieko in some of her different outfits in the game so far, and with her favorite weapons! I fixed her hair texture to be more detailed. Aside from that, I have a lot of new surprises for this mod. So many that I can’t fit it all in one post! I’ll be making several posts with screenshots from everything that I’ve changed. The only thing changed in this set though, is Chieko’s hair. Still! More stuff is coming.))

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I’m on a high today and whenever I have these I made the best decisions, so…….

If I have you on discord I’mma start talking every day.

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