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#sort of

Okay so.

I have replied to everyone (except the newest fic) that left comments on my stuff on AO3.

I have also gone through every. single. non-prompt ask. And replied to all of them. One reply took an hour and a half, and another reply took three hours, but they are DONE. Now all that’s left in my inbox are prompts.

I also got a couple @ ask game things replied to. May have missed a couple but I got the ones I found.

It’s gonna roll out throughout the following few days, all nicely scheduled. Sorry in advance if cuts don’t work on your viewing device.

… and now I really have no good reasons to keep procrastinating on writing.

(I could organize all my vacation photos from earlier this year…)

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I fell off the wagon, and I probably will return to laziness again tomorrow, but I’m happy with what I accomplished today.

(It’s the 25th? Seriously? Where has November gone?!)

Dad had a pre-operation doctor appointment. He had to walk all over the hospital to draw blood, get x-rays, get his eyes looked at (cataract surgery), and a few other things. He was in there for three hours. I drive him to eye-related appointments in case they dilate his eyes, which they did today.

After a nap, I washed the dishes and made dinner. Once both sides of the kitchen sink were clear, I started hand washing some clothes. The apartment building’s only washing machine has been broken all week. I went to the laundromat last week, but their washers’ tubs are tiny, and they charge more for just washing than my landlord charges for one wash and one dry. So now I have some undies, bras, cloth masks, bandanas, pajama pants, socks, and a blouse on hangers, hanging from the rod over the center of the bathtub. (I use one rod for the shower curtain, and a second rod parallels it over the center of the tub so anything dripping goes down the drain instead of on the floor.) Everything will drip overnight, and then I can chuck all that laundry into our apartment building’s dryer in the morning.

I scalded my hands a bit – I wasn’t too happy about washing socks in the sink, so I scrubbed them despite the hot water – but it was worth it. The landlord is good about getting stuff done quickly, so I know he’s working on getting us a new dryer soon.

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To the anon who replied to the ask game. I’m really not up for replying to anyone on anon today after the bad day I’ve had. If you’d like them answered please come off anon and ask me directly. I promise I don’t bite, not even after a bad day. I just can’t deal with anon stuff after today. It’s not even funny.

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people talking about how the bermuda triangle hasn’t had any major disappearances since like the 90s and that there’s not really more issues there than anywhere else in the ocean…like….bruh be nice to the bermuda triangle she’s doing her best

so she hasn’t gotten any big catches in a little while? she’s tired! the ocean is vast! it’d be like a body builder focused exclusively on training his left calf for like twenty years-yeah it’ll get bulky, but it’s gonna need one hell of a rest. the whole ocean is scary as hell but that doesn’t eliminate the power or mysterious impressiveness of each of the specific parts 

i will accept no bermuda triangle slander on this blog

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maple - is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

Hmm. One that I wanted to try but never did. I feel like I tried a LOT of them. I maybe would have wanted to try dance but even at 5 I *knew* I was bigger than the other girls and that was a bad thing, so I was only in little kid ballet for 4 months or something. The teacher applauded my parents for recognizing that it would just be too hard for me, not even sort of recognizing that she was 100% a part of the problem…Now it’s pretty late for any formal training on that front because my joints would be dislocating left and right. I’ll stick to chair dancing and the occasional bop around my room. ;)

cobweb - (if you’ve graduated) do you miss high school?

I do not. That was forever ago and I was a very different person. I did get to meet up with some of my theater/drama friends on zoom the other night and that was great, but while high school actually wasn’t that bad for me, I’m good as an adult. 

maize - share the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger on the street.

In 11th grade, a trans woman that I would see around town, profusely complimented me in a black flow-y dress with flowers all over it, even though she rarely talked to anyone who crossed her path, and I was so shocked at getting complimented that I almost hugged her (wish I had), but I kept walking, and then had to go back and find her to thank her and let her know she made my day/week. 

I still love black flow-y dresses with flowers on them. 

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to the anon who asked about irl relationship dynamics, i’m defs down to converse but would prefer to do it over messaging! your question has a bunch of different angles that are too nuanced for me to get into in a one-off reply without having more context.  & i don’t want to accidentally give harmful advice!  i won’t bite and u don’t need to be a mutual of mine

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