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#sorting station
dequalized · a year ago
Tumblr media
An abandoned potato sorting station near Krasnosilka, Ukraine with a unusual, cantilevered design. The concrete block at the end forms the counterweight of the structure, creating the impression it floats over the fields.
Photographer unknown.
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aueua · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#⁖▐ 𝐚𝐫𝐭;#⁖ 𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞.𝐣𝐩𝐠#| 2021#hk#\\ happy saturday. subjects you#have I already talked about how I stand by the sanctum is in technicality a pivotal ''last stronghold for the people'' rather than just a#place of atrocities? I'm sure I've done it a few times but. really#you have a place sectioned in the low/poor society and there's chance that the scholars stationed there don't have as much bias as nobles#while it focused on pure focus (aha) prior; it doesn't really change the fact they at least still attempted to find an alt. means of a cure#so there's -> hospital ? | a cemetery when you can't bury your people anywhere else ?#I love religious damage control <3#I mean of course it doesn't change the fact that much like the abyss there's a Whole Lot of Bodies but#-> factor in the chance of the oldlight having influenced/sparked that sort of deviation in any of these bugs ++ hypothetically.#say that it did work. it didn't - and even then the amt of bodies can't be justified - but if it did? what then?#in one of the records they at least have enough heart to ''spare thought'' to everyone that contributed/volunteered#listen akdjhf you have the traitor lord's tribe where they potentially kept their minds up until [] occurred#* I will not get into that here >_>#at least you know. they still tried to save someone if even themselves. they're damn mortals bro ofc if they get a few sparks here and there#at least ONE of them is going to be like. Heyy besties. What if we. Aheem heem. Immortality. ? potentially bc radi/the voice gave them that#the springs is a whack situation; I feel like that's partly a -> only ghost/some vessel equivalent gets the actual soul benefit out of it#otherwise why else is the pleasure house still in tact? the sanctum already has all these machineries why wouldn't they just. YEEHAWWW#although then again it's a wonder why they hadn't explored crystal peak due to ''better focusing'' but maybe that's just an unrecorded matte#euaugh this is getting long listen I do mean it when I say I have thoughts on these bugs I'm ill </3#you can still hate them it's okay just. maybe. not default into the idea that it was all entirely due to them being selfish and arrogant?#like still remember the infection's at play and not every single scholar including the master is a willingly heading down corruption scene#love the path of good intentions is carved in the similarity of hell <333#I'll debate on keeping these tags ajtjhfgh maybe it's better I just briefly tap it into a post and never discuss it again#really sexy that the people that used to act for the society w/ good intentions has warped it slightly and still keeps the trust of the ppl#then get twisted and fucked up and the ppl still believe in them bc honestly who else can they believe in?
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filmnoirsbian · a month ago
When the person that loves them is preparing their bed because they don't know they won't ever be back to sleep in it. The woman runs her husband a bath, not knowing she is a widow. The father buys his daughter flowers, not knowing that she's drowned. The cell phone ringing from within a bloody evidence bag, asking when they'll be home for dinner. A voice-mail left hours after their heart stopped beating, asking them to pick up more milk.
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blaiddsumu · 4 months ago
thinking about undertale skeletons in space.
papyrus would try to set up a lemonade stand on the moon and then be confused and disappointed that no one is buying anything. sans would be off somewhere fortnite dancing also on the moon in hopes that someone would be looking thru a telescope.
can you imagine. you're a scientist looking thru your big fancy telescope and you decide to look at the moon only to see sans fortnite dancing. almost as if he sensed you looking he looks up and winks directly at the telescope. can you imagine.
there's a deep space probe that they're eagerly awaiting the first photographs of this one astroid to show up. the moment they get the data, the images slowly pan over from one side of the astroid to show: papyrus, frozen stock-still in a pose reminiscent of bigfoot, standing on the asteroid. As the scientists are trying to puzzle this out, the skeleton himself appears and apologizes profusely for ruining their incredibly important and scientific documentation. nobody understands what is going on
sans is selling trips to the moon for the small price of 5,000 g. someone coughs up the money and sans disappears, and then appears back a moment later and says "thanks for paying for my trip to the moon"
papyrus shows up on mars one day and dusts off the opportunity rover, maybe makes a couple small repairs and then waits for her to recharge. The moment she starts working, he smiles his big bright smile (right in view of opportunity's camera) and leaves. NASA riots as suddenly they start getting signals from the opportunity rover again. and then riots again as they see that one skeleton again--
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minijenn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Finished this beautiful thing but unfortunately I had to block out several elements of it due to... Keys spoilers. I’ll show off the full version once we reach a certain point in Keys, but for now, as a preview of what’s to come in Keys 2, I’m very pleased with how this turned out, its very pretty and was a lot of fun to work on! 
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sadieyuki · 24 days ago
“I can’t even look at you right now.”
"I can't even look at you right now."
"Eddie, please, just let me explain--"
"There's nothing you can say that'll fix this, Buck."
Buck's breath caught in his throat, abject terror choking him as Eddie stomped towards the door and left with a sharp bang as the door slammed closed. This was Abby all over again, this was the 118 believing so easily that Buck could ever do this when Buck had never in his life been unfaithful.
What was it about Buck that had people thinking the worst of him with no proof, with not a single second of time to spare to let Buck share his side?
send me a sentence and i'll write the next five :)
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louehvolution · 2 months ago
#mad. anon#it's frustrating. because these sorts of polls are essentially scams - the accounts get days or months of engagement. trending hashtags. etc#while the reward for Louis is minimal: radio stations playing one song from his album after promising a whole show / one spin late at night#for this. they didn't even promise the winner song will be played. did they?#and you are right that streams sometimes go down when fans are distracted voting - in this case: 612580 to 556025 daily streams#[thank you @LouisWTNews]#though it is temporary. and fans coming together to vote can be good for morale. sometimes. to some extent. if nothing else#but the situation as a whole is ridiculous - 4M votes in one poll!?#for a remote chance at something that would be nice and good. sure. but no gamechanger either?#also. that Louis has a sizeable and devoted fanbase has been proven again and again - and the relevant parties who should know#at this point. know it well#the problem is that most of the time. it's used for others to benefit. not Louis#in the end. this was a chance to make Louis happy - and that will always be worth it - but it shouldn't be like this#and fans should be aware that everyone WILL take advantage of his fans' love for him - and our desperation to give his music exposure#we will frequently end up giving them what they want. what else can we do#but there is a line - I just saw 965TDY is doing Artist of the Summer again. they gained followers and massive engagement last year#and then played BTY. WMYB. and WMI when he won#never even played him in their rotation of nominees - but played Niall and Harry x2#and LTHQ... what can be said that hasn't been said before?#Louis deserves better :|#and we do what we can. with the best intentions#but I do hope every fan knows there's only so much we can do. and that Louis needs and deserves professional support#that he is not getting. at all
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phexart · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
not happy with this but anyway
toying with the idea of playing the reboot as AU SR1/Younger Yuri
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foxsoulcourt · 2 months ago
Chapters: 5/5 Fandom: All For The Game - Nora Sakavic Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard Characters: Neil Josten, Andrew Minyard, Danielle "Dan" Wilds, Kevin Day, David Wymack, Matt Boyd, Allison Reynolds (All For The Game) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Radio, Yearning, clumsy flirting, Andrew Minyard Has Feelings, references to past abuse, TW: this is almost certainly not how independent radio stations operate, Trope: New guy! Summary:
A new guy starts working at the radio station.
He's fragile.
Better keep Andrew away from him.
Bookmarker's Notes:
This story starts out with some great humour + then gets real, but still felt fun + snarky...and then BOOM! We are in deeper water folks. Well, until the last 1.5 chapters where there is some more great humour which feels grounded because of all Andrew + Neil have gone through to get there. So often I felt my heart was opened while I was reading - for Andrew, certainly; for Neil, absolutely; and even for Wymack who, as in canon, is the stable-enough adult holding the center of the wheel together for the whole group of young adults.
The friendships between Kevin + Andrew and Kevin + Neil are so well done - full of sweetness, understanding, humour, appreciation. Kevin + Neil's banter is where we see Neil fully formed while others are still trying to figure him out. The story is primarily Andrew's and how he navigates his increasing attraction to this human who people have conveyed is fragile, but isn't. One of the many things I love is how Mandi/ @likearecordbb shows Andrew's attraction towards Neil is not solely sexual; he is drawn to this person who is whole, yet camouflaged + a little worse for the wear when they meet. Neil is wonderfully written: not clear how to navigate larger group settings, yet sure footed when he + Andrew interact.
There's this great part at the end that I cannot spoil for you because it's I loved this fic; read it all in one go + can feel it's going to stick with me for a while. ENJOY READER, ENJOY!
HaPpY very BeLaTeD birthday @willowbird! I’m so glad you’re part of this fandom, you + Mandi are friends + she wrote this story for you!
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mean-scarlet-deceiver · a month ago
For the two super original frens who suggested we start with The Three Railway Engines... here you go! [RWS #1]
Pilot episode pilot episode pilot episode—
Objectively the very worst book that RWA ever offered. He was an amateur and it Shows. (And condensing the first two stories is surely one of Britt Allcroft’s top 10 editorial moves.)
I still like it, though. Why?
1) The Sad Story of Henry. “It makes no damn sense!… compels me, though.” And it gets worse every time Awdry tried to open his mouth and rationalize it! It wasn’t meant to be rationalized, and yet it’s so much fun to try and do so.
2) It’s also fun to try to get into the mindset of some rando in 1945, experiencing this universe for the first time. (You’d certainly never expect it to one day get as deep as it did! That’s for damn sure!)
3) Any fanfic writer has to get a confidence boost from this. Yup, this is the standard bar. Yeah, that thing. The one that’s on the floor. Here are your binoculars. C’mon. We can write at least as well as Rev. Awdry did when he was published, guys. We’ve got this!
4) Reading this in conjunction with Duke the Lost Engine is just mind-blowingly cool. They form a beautiful set of “bookends” to the series. (What about Tramway Engines, Jobes? Well, I like to compare/contrast that one with Thomas the Tank Engine, soooo… two sets of bookends. Rev. Awdry’s mind is a neat place to explore!)
Per Moon’s request, I’ll do Main Line Engines next, but I’ll put Duke in the queue after that so anyone who wants to can see for themselves. <3
purple text = just things i wanted to draw attention to, mostly details not in the TVS adaptation that have made me rethink various headcanons
strikethrough = i couldn't resist making editorial jokes
Also, pics only of the first page of each story. The illustrations are all available elsewhere.
Tumblr media
ONCE upon a time there was a little engine called Edward. He lived in a Shed with five other engines. They were all bigger than Edward and boasted about it. “The Driver won’t choose you again,” they said. “He wants big, strong engines like us.” Edward had not been out for a long time; he began to feel sad.
Just then the Driver and Fireman came along to start work.
The Driver looked at Edward. “Why are you sad?” he asked. “Would you like to come out today?”
“Yes, please,” said Edward. So the Fireman lit the fire and made a nice lot of steam.
Then the Driver pulled the lever, and Edward puffed away.
“Peep, peep,” he whistled. “Look at me now.”
The others were very cross at being left behind.
Away went Edward to get some coaches. Because we weren't imagining it, guys — kinda looks to me like the No-Where Railway really did have a one engine in steam situation during this time. At least, it did at this depot. WTH. Locomotive crisis, indeed!
“Be careful, Edward,” said the coaches, “don’t bump and bang us like the other coaches do.” So Edward came up to the coaches, very, very gently, and the shunter fastened the coupling.
“Thank you, Edward,” said the coaches. “That was kind, we are glad you are taking us today.”
Then fortunately Rev. Awdry ran out of morals that he wanted to stuff into tonight's story, so they went to the station where the people were waiting.
“Peep, peep,” whistled Edward — “get in quickly, please.”
So the people got in quickly and Edward waited happily for the Guard to blow his whistle, and wave his green flag.
He waited and waited — there was no whistle, no green flag. “Peep, peep, peep, peep — where is that Guard?” Edward was getting anxious.
The Driver and Fireman asked the Stationmaster, “Have you seen the Guard?” “No,” he said. They asked the Porter, “Have you seen the Guard?” “Yes — last night,” said the Porter. I ship it.
Edward began to get cross. “Are we ever going to start?” he said.
“Just go! lmao,” shouted a boxy tank engine, several sidings over.
Just then a little boy shouted, “Here he comes!” and there the Guard was, running down the hill with his flags in one hand and a sandwich in the other.
He ran onto the platform, blew his whistle, and jumped into his van.
And that's it. That's all the suspense you are going to get during this story.
Edward puffed off. He did have a happy day. All the children ran to wave as he went past and he met old friends at all the stations. He worked so hard that the Driver promised to take him out again next day.
“I’m going out again tomorrow,” he told the other engines that night in the Shed, because, good Lord, this pre-Thomas version of Edward sure seems okay with stirring things up. “What do you think of that?”
But he didn’t hear what they thought, for he was so tired and happy that he fell asleep at once.
Power Move Rating: A+ 💯
Tumblr media
ONE of the engines in Edward’s Shed yeah that’s right punks. it’s now Edward’s Shed now and the rest of you just live there was called Gordon. He was very big and very proud.
“You watch me this afternoon, little Edward,” he boasted, “as I rush through with the Express; that will be a splendid sight for you.”
Just then his Driver pulled the lever. “Goodbye, little Edward,” said Gordon, as he puffed away, “look out for me this afternoon!”
It’s an eternal mystery to me whether he’s trying to bully or flirt but either way he’s really rather bad at it.
Edward went off, too, to do some shunting.
Edward liked shunting. It was fun playing with trucks. He would come up quietly and give them a pull.
“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” screamed the trucks. “Whatever is happening?”
Then he would stop and the silly trucks would go bump into each other. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” they cried again.
Edward pushed them until they were running nicely, and when they weren’t expecting it he would stop; one of them would be sure to run on to another line. Edward played till there were no more trucks; then he stopped to rest.
Presently he heard a whistle. Gordon came puffing along, very slowly, and very crossly. Instead of nice shining coaches, he was pulling a lot of very dirty coal trucks.
“A goods train! a goods train! a goods train!” he grumbled. “The shame of it, the shame of it, the shame of it.”
He went slowly through, with the trucks clattering and banging behind him.
Edward laughed, and went to find some more trucks.
Soon afterwards a Porter came and spoke to his Driver. “Gordon can’t get up the hill. Will you take Edward and push him, please?”
They found Gordon halfway up the hill and very cross. His Driver and Fireman were talking to him severely. “You are not trying!” they told him. And if you think the only mechanical trick engine-men on this railway have is scolding their engines, oh you just wait until next story!
“I can’t do it,” said Gordon. “The noisy trucks hold an engine back so. If they were coaches now — clean sensible things that come quietly — that would be different.”
Edward’s Driver came up. “We’ve come to push,” he said. “No use at all,” said Gordon. “You wait and see,” said Edward’s Driver.
They brought the train back to the bottom of the hill. Edward came up behind the brake van ready to push.
“Peep, peep, I’m ready,” said Edward.
“Poop, poop, no good,” grumbled Gordon.
The Guard blew his whistle and they pulled and pushed as hard as they could.
“I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it,” puffed Gordon.
“I will do it, I will do it, I will do it,” puffed Edward.
“I can’t do it, I will do it, I can’t do it, I will do it, I can’t do it, I will do it,” they puffed together.
Edward pushed and puffed and puffed and pushed, as hard as ever he could, and almost before he realised it, Gordon found himself at the top of the hill.
“I’ve done it! I’ve done it! I’ve done it!” he said proudly, and forgot all about Edward pushing behind. He didn’t wait to say “Thank you”, but ran on so fast that he passed two stations before his Driver could make him stop.
Edward had pushed so hard that when he got to the top he was out of breath.
Gordon ran on so fast that Edward was left behind.
The Guard waved and waved, but Edward couldn’t catch up.
He ran on to the next station, and there the Driver and Fireman said they were very pleased with him. The Fireman gave him a nice long drink of water, and the Driver said, “I’ll get out my paint tomorrow, and give you a beautiful new coat of blue with red stripes, then you’ll be the smartest engine in the Shed.” Because that's the normal purview of an engine driver. I guess.
Tumblr media
ONCE, an engine attached to a train
Was afraid of a few drops of rain —
— It went into a tunnel,
And squeaked through its funnel
And never came out again.
The engine’s name was Henry. His Driver and Fireman argued with him, but he would not move. “The rain will spoil my lovely green paint and red stripes,” he said.
The Guard blew his whistle till he had no more breath, and waved his flags till his arms ached; but Henry still stayed in the tunnel, and blew steam at him.
“I am not going to spoil my lovely green paint and red stripes for you,” he said rudely.
The passengers came and argued too, but Henry would not move.
A Fat Director who was on the train told the Guard to get a rope. “We will pull you out,” he said. But Henry only blew steam at him and made him wet. Y'know, he sure has a lot of steam to spare for an engine that most of us headcanon as having just plain run out of steam this day.
They hooked the rope on and all pulled — except The Fat Director. “My doctor has forbidden me to pull,” he said.
They pulled and pulled and pulled, but still Henry stayed in the tunnel.
At last another train came. The Guard waved his red flag and stopped it. The two Engine Drivers, the two Firemen, and the two Guards went and argued with Henry.
“Look, it has stopped raining,” they said. “Yes, but it will begin again soon,” said Henry. “And what would become of my green paint with red stripes then?”
So they brought the other engine up, and it pushed and puffed and pushed as hard as ever it could. But still Henry stayed in the tunnel.
So they gave it up. They told Henry, “We shall leave you there for always and always and always.”
Tumblr media
They took up the old rails, built a wall in front of him, and cut a new tunnel.
Because these No-Where people are insane and have absolutely no sense of priorities, that's why. *shrug* Hope this doesn't turn into an ongoing island stereotype!
Now Henry can’t get out, and he watches the trains rushing through the new tunnel. He is very sad because no one will ever see his lovely green paint with red stripes again.
But I think he deserved it, don’t you?
Tumblr media
EDWARD and Gordon often went through the tunnel where Henry was shut up.
Edward would say, “Peep, peep — hullo!” and Gordon would say, “Poop, poop, poop! Serves you right!”
Poor Henry had no steam to answer, his fire had gone out; soot and dirt from the tunnel roof had spoilt his lovely green paint and red stripes. He was cold and unhappy, and wanted to come out and pull trains too.
Gordon always pulled the Express. He was proud of being the only engine strong enough to do it.
There were many heavy coaches, full of important people like The Fat Director who had punished Henry.
Gordon was seeing how fast he could go. “Hurry! hurry! hurry!” he panted.
“Trickety-trock, trickety-trock, trickety-trock,” said the coaches. They had not yet learned Sass.
Gordon could see Henry’s tunnel in front.
“In a minute,” he thought, “I’ll poop, poop, poop at Henry, and rush through and out into the open again.”
Today, you see, Gordon was to learn about the Unspoken Plan Guarantee.
Closer and closer he came — he was almost there, when crack: “Wheee ——— eeshshsh,” he was in a cloud of steam, and going slower and slower.
His Driver stopped the train.
“What has happened to me?” asked Gordon, “I feel so weak.” “You’ve burst your safety valve,” said the Driver. “You can’t pull the train any more.” “Oh, dear,” said Gordon. “We were going so nicely, too… Look at Henry laughing at me.” Gordon made a face at Henry, and blew smoke at him. Siblings, all right. I don't need to cite The Lore. This is the most sibling dynamic ever.
Everybody got out, and came to see Gordon. “Humph!” said The Fat Director. “I never liked these big engines — always going wrong; send for another engine at once.”
While the Guard went to find one, they uncoupled Gordon, and ran him on a siding out of the way.
The only engine left in the Shed was Edward.
“I’ll come and try,” he said.
Gordon saw him coming. “That’s no use,” he said, “Edward can’t pull the train.”
Edward puffed and pulled, and pulled and puffed, but he couldn’t move the heavy coaches.
“I told you so,” said Gordon rudely. “Why not let Henry try?” he added sarcastically.
“Yes,” said The Fat Director, “I will.”
Gordon: shocked pikachu face
“Will you help pull this train, Henry?” he asked. “Yes,” said Henry at once. “Yes, yes, oh please yes thinly-disguised God figure I'm literally disintegrating in here with nothing but the spiders and rust for company what are you nutters I'll do a n y t h i n g."
So Gordon’s Driver and Fireman lit his fire; some platelayers broke down the wall and put back the rails; and when he had steam up Henry puffed out.
Seriously. What is going on here. How fast did they raise Henry's steam? Couldn't they have sent Edward on with the first-class coaches at least? Couldn't everyone have walked to Vicarstown by this point? Are all the passengers having a cookout? Was this the You Had To Be There social event of the '20s?
He was dirty, his boiler was black, and he was covered with cobwebs. “Ooh! I’m so stiff! Ooh! I’m so stiff!” he groaned.
“You’d better have a run to ease your joints, and find a turntable,” said The Fat Director kindly.
Tumblr media
Too little too late.
Henry came back feeling better, and they put him in front.
“Peep, peep,” said Edward, “I’m ready.”
“Peep, peep, peep,” said Henry, “so am I.”
“Pull hard; pull hard; pull hard,” puffed Edward.
“We’ll do it; we’ll do it; we’ll do it,” puffed Henry.
“Pull hard we’ll do it. Pull hard we’ll do it. Pull hard we’ll do it,” they puffed together. The heavy coaches jerked and began to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster. This scene works so much better in extended written form, wth, somehow it really does make me feel more like I'm beside a starting train than the TVS version.
“We’ve done it together! We’ve done it together! We’ve done it together!” said Edward and Henry.
“You’ve done it, hurray! You’ve done it, hurray! You’ve done it, hurray!” sang the coaches. This part is still lame tho.
All the passengers were excited mostly because after hours and hours of delay they were finally moving again good God the Nowhereland-people sure have some bad Stockholm syndrome. The Fat Director leaned out of the window to wave to Edward and Henry; but the train was going so fast that his hat blew off into a field where a goat ate it for his tea.
They never stopped till they came to the big station at the end of the line.
The passengers all got out and said, “Thank you,” and a few unprintable things pro’lly, and The Fat Director promised Henry a new coat of paint.
“Would you like blue and red?”
“Yes, please,” said Henry, “then I’ll be like Edward.”
The Togetherness™ is strong in this one.
Edward and Henry went home quietly or at least as quietly as two steam engines can wend, and on their way home they helped Gordon back to the Shed.
All three engines are now great friends. No, seriously. Great friends. Besties. Stop laughing!
Wasn’t Henry pleased when he had his new coat? He is very proud of it, as all good engines are — but he doesn’t mind the rain now, because it sure beats the extended tunnel nightmare because he knows that the best way to keep his paint nice is not to run into tunnels, but to ask his Driver to rub him down when the day’s work is over.
A concept that apparently no one thought to explain to him during all the arguments back on page 42.
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Me, about to take a train by myself for the first time at a train station I've never been to before this moment, seeing someone looking lost: oh hey, what train are you looking for? Maybe I can help?
Person: oh thank you I'm looking for __ train do you know where it is??
Me: *fuck fuck fuck I didn't think this through oh god* *looks up* *sees the sign for the train they're looking for over their shoulder* Yeah I'm pretty sure it's right there!
Person: Thank you!!!
Me: *I am a fraud. A very lucky fraud* *hustles to my train*
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azraeldigabriel · 4 months ago
Finding out that Demi Lovato is an enby and that my local news station is actually using their correct pronouns was not what I expected today, but nice nonetheless
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captain-hollis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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lewisconfused · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone’s favourite childhood character, The Ukrainian Potato Sorting Station Troll
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kyber-heart · 6 months ago
Actually I *really* like the idea of small apartments on Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock. Aside from just being neat to have a stronghold at the Fleet, I think it makes sense for a number of characters who wouldn’t have the bigger, more elaborate estates like Tatooine, Yavin or Alderaan for reasons of cost, necessity or other. Or for characters that spend more time at The Fleet waiting for reassignment like say, a trooper, a knight or an agent. 
I’m also struck by the sadness of like ... say a character had this small fleet apartment and their crew or LI is ensuring the upkeep during the carbonite nap. 
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rendherring · a year ago
IF I HEAR 😱😱🔫🔫💥💥EVEN TWENTY SECONDS 😖😖☠☠⚔⚔OF JON AND MARTIN 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️🔪🔪👻👻 TALKING TO AND INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER AS APOCALYPSE BOYFRIENDS WHO ARE TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️💣💣🚓🚓  i don’t know. i really don’t know. but I’m going to Feel It, Bitch. All The Emotions. 🧈🧈👍👍🩸🩸
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