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i was trying to find if i made a textpost about the moment when tatsumi gets really self-conscious about if he’s acting too different from before and yumeko goes “i like this tatsumi”

and then i realized how passive aggressive i was in literally all my sotf textposts

but also like,,, that scene >>>

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you know that feeling when you write a whole bunch of shit and you know you’re just gonna have to delete it? but like you can’t move forward without writing it first. yeah.

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  1. Aiko - ANY AND ALL GENRES ARE VALID. She can find joy in any type of music, really. Her theme songs tend to be pop though.
  2. Akane - Traditional Japanese music, especially anything involving the Shamisen, which she plays. Shamisen rock for party time. She has a secret fondness for rap, loves bad bitch anthems.
  3. Hanabi - vaporwave, chillhop, kpop, any meme song
  4. Kanna - exactly what you’d expect from an angsty 13 year old… indie shit, nu metal, billie eilish. Prefers female vocalists
  5. Keane - Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Metal
  6. Sakura - Sailorwave, Jpop, Showtunes, Vocaloid
  7. Kuu - Radio static, ghost box, dark ambient, tibetan throat singing
  8. Rosie - Classic rock, 90s-00s pop, drops of choir and classical
  9. Kuro - LOUNGE and s w i n g (richard cheese is his spirit animal)
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