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<div> —  The politician </div><span>Peach number two</span>
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Saw this on Pinterest and couldn’t not bring it over to my tumblr blog. If you created this, it is genius, and let me know so I can add credit.

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“Oh, ich glaube fest daran

Dass uns Pizza retten kann!

Jeder Revolutionär

Braucht nur Pizza und Gewehr!”

-Antilopen Gang

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That awkward moment when you are ranting on your phone and realise you weren’t on the call anymore, you feel me?

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Is it just me, or do people actually tend to ‘invent’ new cloth folding techniques just because they don’t want to use the table and fold the cloth like a fucking human.

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#Amen! 💜 #sotrue, yet #sohardtodo 💜 #Repost @womenoffaith via @download.ins

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