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He is my favourite reaction channel right now and I just found out that he did a great SOTT cover.

It sounds like Tyler from TØP is singing this song.

So there are 3 great things in 1 video. Blake McLain sounding like Tyler Joseph singing a Harry Styles song. Beautiful.

Please watch this. This dude is seriously underrated. And his reactions are very long, detailed and informative, because they focus on the music and production.

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Do people ever talk about Sign of the Times being a Larry song? Because all I hear is closeted relationship. And a nod to Louis’ “far away” tattoo and tie ins with the We Made It trilogy of videos with one of the actors’ comments, “you have to get as far away as possible.” I always enjoy your thoughts. Stay safe and healthy!

Hi anon,

It’s been a long time since I delved into the meanings of SotT, but I’m sure Harry and Louis’ relationship/closeting are part of it.  (The lyrics are far from straightforward, so I believe multiple interpretations can be valid.)  I like your idea about “far away” in relation to “we gotta get away…”  I agree H&L have many common themes in their music - almost like they were a couple, or something!  ;)

The song doesn’t have a typical verse-chorus structure, but the falsetto, “We never learn we’ve been here before…” could be considered a chorus.  “Always stuck and running from the bullets” gives way to “your bullets” in the third falsetto chorus.  Using the word “your” gives the lyric a much more specific, personal bite.  I believe “your” is a reference to Simon Cowell.  Also, the type of falsetto used gives the impression of young, innocent children being pursued by a mature malevolence.  Given the age at which the 1D lads began to be exploited and manipulated by Cowell and the industry - I think the innocence angle works very well.

You stay safe and healthy too anon.  

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I still remember the first time I heard sott at 4 am, crying my eyes out and my best friend with me on the phone. What an experience.

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not to be weird or anything but listening to harry styles’s sign of the times makes me feel like i’m in the middle of a slow motion car crash and mid air in the passenger’s seat from the impact

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