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Dazai: Chuuya and I are actually friends now!

Dazai: We’re so close we even finish each other-

Chuuya: Off.

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Chapter 8, page 17

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Atsushi got his page of ass-kicking, now it’s Chuuya’s time!

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As much as I love how peaceful WAN is, I miss seeing the fight scenes in BSD. Episode 2 was cuuuuuttteeee. ❤

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I have abundance of time and shortage of money so I just wanted to remind everyone commissions are open! Above you can see some priced examples and here are the details:

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If you want your OC, just send me a reference.

What I do:

  • everything SFW
  • cartoon and anime characters are welcome
  • OCs are welcome
  • some blood and gore is alright
  • fursonas.

What I won’t do:

  • explicit sexual situations
  • mecha [not that I don’t want to, I don’t trust my skills]

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I just want to read my ranpoe and soukoku fics in peace… please have some mercy

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If anybody ever stumbles upon this, could you please be a dear and give me any soft and fluffy soukoku/shin soukoku/zenki soukoku/ranpoe fics? I just finished BSD Beast, and I’m positively sure I lost all my serotonin. It was not a good idea to read it after watching BSD Wan!’s second episode.

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Dazai: Dropped Chuuya home after arguing and when he got out I was patiently waiting for the car door to SLAM. The slam never came, he just left the door wide open, I had to get out and close it myself like a taxi man

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fuck yeah I’m almost done writing out part 1 one of my “overanalyzing every single soukoku scene” posts

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So I was reading the bsd wan cause episode 2 came out and I can’t watch it till I get home (muffled crying in the background) and I came across the flower viewing scene and the part where Dazai says that Chuuya has a poor alcohol tolerance, and Dazai having helped Chuuya with a hangover before anyone? Or like taking care of him while he was drunk, knowing that he wouldn’t remember? Cause I would be so in for that 

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I did something for an up coming fanfic.

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Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this moment the entire time I’ve been in the BSD fandom.

Okay so!

As I said, Dazai in any relationship would be unhealthy and toxic. As we all know, Dazai is manipulative, irresponsible, and downright abusive (even if that was in the past.) A relationship with him could potentially be mentally scarring to a normal person.

Let’s start with the easiest ships, Dazaku and Dazatsu. Keep in mind that I don’t dislike you or hate you if you ship these ships nor am I telling you that you shouldn’t. These are just my opinions.

Dazaku would most likely be a toxic relationship even if Dazai weren’t to abuse Aku physically. Aku is desperate for validation from Dazai to the extent that he would do anything for Dazai just for a few words of encouragement. Knowing Dazai, he could abuse this fact and use Aku for his own agenda. I don’t really see how their relationship could work out in any way nor do I see why Dazai would even like Aku romantically (no offense to Aku, it’s just that Dazai is piece of shit.)

Now Dazatsu isn’t toxic to that extent, but in a similar way, Dazai could use the fact that Atsushi trusts and looks up to him for his own agendas. I mean he already kind of does that in the anime, wouldn’t it be worse in a relationship? Also, Dazai probably wouldn’t be able to give Atsushi the emotional support he needs and deserves because Dazai and emotions don’t go very well together.

Now we can move on to Kunikidazai. This one’s not that bad but Dazai is absolutely terrible to him. His goal in life is literally to upset Kunikida’s schedule every day, no exceptions. And he knows how much it pisses Kunikida off. All Dazai does is give that man more work to do and manipulate him into doing his own work. Kunikida just needs a goddamn break.

On to the harder to explain ships: Soukoku and Odazai. And I know I ship both of these ships, the irony is not lost on me, but I still think Dazai, realistically, wouldn’t do well with either of them

Let’s begin with Soukoku. Dazai has shown a lot of hints of attraction to Chuuya. And even if it is just overthinking, it definitely seems like they feel something other than hatred for each other. They hold a lot of trust in each other and I could definitely see Dazai abusing that trust. We know Dazai is manipulative, he would do anything for his agenda. I could see Dazai forcing Chuuya to help the ADA with his ability or even worse, Corruption. I mean Dazai knows the risks and how harmful it can be, yet he abandoned Chuuya, vulnerable and exhausted, after basically giving Chuuya no choice in whether to use Corruption or not. I don’t think that sounds very healthy.

Okay, I’ll be honest. Personally, I think Odazai is one of the least toxic ships on this list. Dazai definitely cares for Oda more than anyone. Even at a point where Dazai had no idea what he was existing for and saw no worth in his life or anyone’s, he begged for Oda to find a reason to live. And though Dazai could have forced Oda into a situation where he would need to kill someone for Dazai’s own benefit, he never did. Oda is, in my opinion, the only person Dazai’s never manipulated. But even so, Dazai and Oda would most likely still have an unhealthy relationship. Dazai cannot, for the love of God, understand why Oda refuses to kill anyone. But when Oda goes to attack Gide, Dazai doesn’t handle it very well and kind of…well, demonizes Oda for resorting to this after his Oda’s orphans had died. And to add, Dazai cannot give Oda the emotional support he needs either.

There are other ships I could probably talk about (Fyozai, Ranpo x Dazai, etc.) but the ones I said are probably the most shipped ones so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks again for asking a question! I love answering them and I would love to answer more.

I would like to add on that I don’t care what you ship. Do whatever you want and I won’t judge you for it. These are just my opinions and what I feel personally. As long as you’re not shipping anything that’s morally wrong, you’re fine. I won’t judge you based on what you ship as long as you don’t bother me for my opinions.

And finally, thank you to anyone who read this mess of a post!

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Dazai really lives in Chuuya’s head rent free huh

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soukoku ✩ bsd wan! episode 2

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