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euesworld · 10 months ago
"Give my soul the thunder of your passion and make me truly feel you, I want the uncensored version of you.."
Just be you.. that's what I want, be real with me - eUë
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keepthekidsdancing · 2 years ago
Juno - Soul Thunder (Vocal Mix).
Can you feel the beat? 1990 bass ‘n bleep classic from Juno on the short lived Bassic label.
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amynchan · a month ago
There was a line in a fanfic that read "Like my nephew would ever be afraid of lightning" and IT SHOOK MY SOUL!!!! >.<
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kdreamsound · a month ago
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thundergoodspeed · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
@nurturing-starlight​ asked:  "kill me right now then, i dare you."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Nah. That’d be too easy.” He took a step toward her, giving a light smirk. “Break him too quickly. I want to have fun with this.
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cheebuss · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
NK vc: OH Bra, You just pull in and smack the lip and whooopa, you drop down, sooowapaa, and after that you drop in, shred the barrel and get pitted.
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kindaorangey · 6 months ago
anime phase this kpop phase that. let's get to the real question. which of the osemanverse characters had an mlp phase
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trafalgarlawsdepression · 11 months ago
scalding hot take but shipping any meister/weapon pair is playing on easy mode
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donovangottablog · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · 8 months ago
Nah cuz the hero you made would ride Bakugo to the point his soul evaporates
Her name is Hyuna and her quirk is Megan knees.
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augment-techs · 4 months ago
sentence starters: All the Dirty Parts edition (part two)
"Get naked, I want you naked."
It's one thing to write love poems. Another, however, to deal with the deity of the river of blood.
“No, you just beckoned me over.”
“You’re kidding about that, right? Lord of Lust?”
They shut all the naked windows.
“To be honest I was masturbating.”
Hard to type “whoawhoawhoaohmygodwhat” so I type nothing.
ripping the wrapper open while they smile with their jeans off and socks on
“Officially together?”
We dance a little but everyone is wondering why we don’t just leave. We have a car. Lords of lust. We should be in it fucking.
They shoved me, a real shove, and then scraped at their eyes a little.
But their friends are me, and guys I wouldn’t ever talk to about anything, and besides they are not, not, not my fucking girl/boyfriend.
“I love your eyes when I do this.”
It feels like finger painting.
I lean into their belly, the smell so warm and strange.
“Just say beautiful.”
“Keep your panties on.”
Nothing’s dirty to them now, not in month four, is it, with [...].
We sit at the donut place all day after school.
I have an English paper I totally spaced and [...] is at their phone and drawing birds on napkins.
[...] wide lonely eyes actually turn my stomach one day in the hall.
Almost laughable how I will never tell any of them any of this.
“But I want--” “Don’t care what you want, keep moving, yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck, yes, yes.”
The Venn diagram of adorable and fuckable.
In the mirror with glasses on and nothing else.
“It’s cute. Like a little slug when it’s done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot when it’s big. But your little resting cock, so cute. Adorable godhead.”
Then they moved so they were on my mouth and just rubbed there.
We kiss hard in the vitamin aisle and then there’s an old man scowling at us.
We name the babies that have not happened.
“We can’t do it standing up if we’re not the same height. Not really.”
“Other fucks. Better fucks than me.”
“I don’t care if it hurts sometimes.”
Because I don’t feel safe with them I guess. It feels, not dangerous, but with no seatbelt, no helmet.
“Make me spaghetti.”
We are under a blanket with both our pants pushed down but not off.
[...] elbows themself up to look at me like a cheap broken something, not worth the money to fix.
“I really enjoy fucking.”
A girl’s bag is an abandoned warehouse. Stupid people in horror movies are the only ones to venture in.
Rise above the tampons.
“Show me the porn you look at.”
They can draw, and they can draw well, and they can make me come so hard with their mouth, but holy fuck they cannot sing.
I know enough what not to say, but the right thing I haven’t learned.
[...] went and got them a ring, clacky and blue.
“Coupled and laid. It’s a very big happiness. So, yes, we say things. To keep the happiness going.”
“Don’t miss me already when I’m right here.”
Rosy but not roses, some old wives’ remedy tonic, poured into a jar with a tight metal lid to carry with you.
We made up better endings.
They kick their flats off talking, bare feet getting dirty in the mess of leaves and weeds unmowed.
We fell deep truly asleep for an hour and woke up in magic dusky light when it was over.
Ravioli with butter, red wine with don’t tell your parents.
They pull their jeans down, underwear, but keeps them around their ankles, lifts their legs up so my head just fits.
“That wore me out. You can do it yourself and I’ll watch you.”
The waiter already hates us.
That was a very short game of Truth or Dare we just did.
“Would you do something with a guy? For me?”
“I was just hoping there was someone who, I could find someone you haven’t messed with.”
Lost and leashless. [...] won’t even tell me to fuck off.
I am embarrassed that I am grateful.
Well, I haven’t had an orgasm by these bleachers for a while.
“You came quick when I did that.”
“I mean it. Don’t ever. You’re pretty easy yourself, but I bet nobody says it, yes?”
Another true thing is, they are crying very hard over an orange they unpeeled and it turned out to be moldy.
Keep finding porn they would like, and can’t send it to them.
“Tonight, tonight. I want you to find someone at this party, and fuck them.”
Their eyes look like a demon in a poster.
“This is fucked up.”
A big wild painting of sinners and punishments with everyone looking like an animal. Monsters sometimes.
Upstairs was some little girl’s room. Cartoon sheets.
The kiss was fluttery and sweet, so wrong for what I was doing.
Their eyes were shiny and flat, though, glassy like in old museum tableaus.
A tight fuck quick.
[...] was very drunk, alone on a folding chair backed into a corner, almost passed out.
“You smell like them...” “Let’s go home.”
The street was filthy, after a storm.
“Next time it’s mine. The next turn, belongs to me.”
Such a terrible whisper.
“What rope can you lower to get me out of here?”
“I just didn’t like it.”
“You can’t. I don’t. Please don’t. Please won’t you--”
“I knew you weren’t safe.”
Mid-sentence in the overflowing kitchen.
Fling open one wrong door, the bathrrom, the closet, door after door, too stupid and too frantic.
Their face is bright, a little sweaty, a little shame.
I’m choking something up.
“I just thought it was fun.”
Churned up thinking about the details, disgusted and cold and erect.
“Make this quick. Can you get over this?”
“You were jacking them off.”
“I didn’t give you permission.” “Permission?”
“Are we good,” no we are fucking not.
“You know what slut is? It’s a punishing, it’s a fucked-up word for a girl, only, who likes sex. There’s no guy word for it.”
Heaving, sitting on the edge of the tub fully dressed.
You know it’s some art technique or whatever.
Never find that no matter how you search on your screens, you stupid broken fuck.
”I tried to show you the real person I am. I let that happen when it seemed like the coast was clear.”
I can only say it once, that I miss them so fucking much.
“Poor thing. Too late for you.”
A year later, and fine. Learned the lesson, my comeuppance.
“Whatever happened, you totally deserve it and it’s totally your fault. But I do pity you, if that helps.”
It’s a very tiny smile on their face.
Do it, trembling broken and so hard.
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euesworld · 8 months ago
"Thunder simply resides in my heart and with every, I love you, it tries to tear me apart.."
Cause I love you in a loud, thunderous sort of way that almost has me coming apart at the seams.. with reckless abandon and with such intensity that it can only be gauged by storms - eUë
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autistictenno · 4 months ago
Still thinking about someone’s garden, just how many flowers there were
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aesthetic-babyyy · a year ago
Tom Hiddleston in the new marvel/Disney series LOKI 2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All gifs are from google and or Pinterest
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arwcn · a year ago
wondering where jango’s cuisse and greaves went and i’ve come to the conclusion that boba has such amazingly thick thunder thighs that they just don’t fit and he hasn’t found an armorer who can adjust them yet
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ain · a year ago
i just wanna be the moon and stars visible in daylight
#personal#my aesthetic is stars and moonlight during the day djfhfj#also no one is ever going to want me by james corey is long but . shdjfhs its rly good if you have patience#im so tired but i need to finish this#i miss people and places i never met#i want to feel unity again#this essay is unfixable <3 lost#i think im going through my villain arc this is my origin story#just tell me i am loved. just tell me i am loved. just tell me i am loved.#do you ever forget to blink for like 2 minutes and then feel like youre losing your mind <3 yeah !#my cat is cute and i have to keep loving the world even if my heart sinks to the core of this beautiful godforsaken planet#would it please you to listen to thunder instead ?#some days it feels like ill grow horns and eyes and feathery wings all at the same time#warm and cold and tired and nothing and everything all at once#once someone doesnt remember their favourite song you know they will not return#i read somewhere that music is the last thing to go in human awareness#i dont doubt it#KICK ME OUT AND LET ME GO YOU DONT NEED ME IM AN ANGRU SOUL !#i think i want to kiss somebody on the lips .#persian culture is so pretty and i will never finish grieving for its suffering#theres a wind alive in the valley it will fill your lungs if youll have it#it is difficult to stay awake and lucid and alive but there is music and the meadow i live in and the river and a culture to keep and sweet#tangerines#so ill just live for now#ill just live for now
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foggytiredwombat · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
The elite; the Spartoi
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but-the-desserts-were-okay · 8 months ago
List of unsolved mysteries:
Who was DB Cooper
Dyatlov Pass Incident
If Bioware didn’t want us to fuck Javik why did they make him so Like That
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calicoskiesacoustic · 5 months ago
you own david soul? may I borrow him on thursday? I was planning to do a little soul-searching... <3
well, i don’t see why you’d want a strange wet little man like him but i’ll warn you now that he will be That Guy that breaks out the acoustic guitar at parties and will continuously say soup makes him feel all warm and sexy inside
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corvidexoskeleton · 6 months ago
Favorite thing about dark souls bosses is when I spend several hours trying to kill one with no luck, and then change 1 thing and kill it within 3 tries afterwards
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