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“I’ve been in love with someone that didn’t love me back, and I’ve been loved by someone that I didn’t love back. And I don’t know which is worse: to be broken or to break another soul.”
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Pick a Card : Who’s The First To Say “I Love You”?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Choose a photo from the musical Funny Girl to find out who will confess their love first 🤍 Remember that time is fluid🤍Take a deep breath before choosing your pile, choose a photo with your intuition (the one you can’t look away from)🤍
Hi 🤍 This is a general reading!! If something doesn’t resonate, that’s okay!! It’s a message for another viewer 🤍 Nothing resonated? Feel free to choose another reading 🤍
🤍 These readings are not to be seen as legal, professional or medical advice 🤍 You are responsible for your actions 🤍
Please do not plagiarize my work, or post it elsewhere 🤍 I do not give personal readings
There’s a tumblr glitch that will either duplicate or delete text. If somethings not adding up message me and let me know thank you and enjoy your reading.🤍
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Feedback is appreciated
Feedback is appreciated
Pile 1
Tumblr media
⚠️ emotional and mental abuse
“Stole My Heart” by One direction burst through my speaker as soon as I laid your cards down lol. I feel like something serious happened. There’s a decision to be made. I heard “what are we doing?”
Are you guys having an affair? Is this relationship secret or very low key? I heard “I just want silence”
I feel like this love is unspoken and it leaves you wondering where you stand with each other. You guys are affectionate but “do you love me?” Is still very much a question for you. You can’t tell how the other person feels however, the way you interact is very romantic. It feels like a movie. You two go on adventures together, they tell you their dreams while you caress them. You gaze into each other’s eyes. Your heart feels warm. I heard “we’re all thinking it”
Idk I’m getting some kind of blockage here. There’s something about your relationship that feels odd. I think this person may not always treat you the way you deserve. Sometimes they’re hypocritical and cold. You have a long history with this person and you grew to love them.
I finally heard them saying they love you but it feels more like they love your grace, your usefulness. They love that you’re there. They love your comfort but I don’t think they see you. The real you, all of you. I think this person is blinded by what you can offer them. And when they don’t have their way, they become emotionally and mentally abusive.
I’m even sensing that they’re aware that you love them and they can see that you wear your heart on your sleeve.
For some of you this person is cold until you warm their heart and show them it’s safe to love. For others this person is manipulative and they’re aware of their power over you. They have an obsessive personality, more controlling than anything. They even drag you sometimes to make you feel like you can’t do better than them. And they’re… I heard “hateful.” You can get out of this situation pile 1. It’s not the end don’t believe them.
You think it’s because of their inner child that they manipulate people into sticking around. They haven’t had much growing up or they were lacking something. You protect and defend this person when you get negative feedback from friends and family. This person is a mess but you love them. I heard “my mess”
Channeled Love Messages
“It’s hard to change”
“All I do is WORK”
“It’s me or them”
“Better luck next time”
“I keep a healthy mind”
“I promise I’ll be the best you’ve ever had”
“You’re a prize”
“You treat me like royalty”
Again, I’m getting manipulative vibes here. I think you feel it too pile 1. I advise you to choose better for yourself. But I think you’re feeling trapped by this person.
Advice Cards
repeat “i am safe”
eat better (i see this as you needing to allow positive energy to grow within you)
love yourself unconditionally
you are exactly where you need to be
nothing is out of reach
repeat “i deserve to be happy”
open your heart
heal your sacral chakra
text or call the domestic violence hotline
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Hi 🤍 This is a general reading!! If something doesn’t resonate, that’s okay!! It’s a message for another viewer🤍 Nothing resonated? Feel free to choose another reading 🤍
Pile 2
Tumblr media
I’m suddenly filled with so much fear and anxiety! I feel like crying and I’m getting that stress burn in my brain. What’s going on pile 2? You good?
You don’t know what to do. You’re focused on an outcome. Rejection? You’re afraid of rejection but hiding your confession is eating you alive.
You don’t feel safe with this person emotionally. It’s nothing they’ve done wrong. You’re unlearning certain behaviors and trying to trust love. It looks like you try to think your way out of your own happiness.
This person you’re with is transparent, creative, courageous, happy, and soothing. You feel at peace with them but you’re afraid to trust that it’s real. I’m seeing that you’d jump into sex before telling this person that you love them.
You want to show them with your body. And for you that’s a confession? Maybe you don’t sleep with people often or you treat this person differently. You may give them special attention or comfort them in their time of need. You may even drop anything you’re doing to be with them. I heard “it’s okay baby” and someone getting fingers ran through their hair.
You’re hoping they know intuitively that you love them lol. I think you play it cool when it comes to love. That’s why your person is oblivious to how you feel. You have to be honest pile 2, or they won’t know. I heard “I have to tell you the truth.” After a while you’ll succumb to your emotions and confess how you feel. You feel it’s all or nothing, you can’t have one foot in anymore. You’re ready to risk it all. This person will be surprised by your confession. I heard “I had no idea you felt that way.”
For some reason I’m seeing that this person will need time to think and for others this person will find comfort in your confession.
Channeled Love Messages
“Thank you for helping me”
“Get out of my head” (for those who practice magic please be careful i feel like this is a warning not to abuse your magic. for others you need to protect yourself from psychic attacks or from others using magic on you) I also heard “Brujeria”
“They make fun of me”
“I don’t think clearly when im overwhelmed”
“I want this connection to work out”
“I’m so tense around you, I have no idea why”
“I’m nervous but i have so much faith in this connection”
“Living my dream”
“Daydreaming about you”
“You’ve been through a lot. I admire your strength. im so proud of you.”
“We’re like-minded”
“I love the way you move”
“Wait you love that too? what!?”
“I get lost in your eyes”
“You show me more of who I am”
Advice Cards
tap into your power
give it time
talk it out
release codependent habits
explore other options
eat better
share your story, inspire others
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Hi 🤍 This is a general reading!! If something doesn’t resonate, that’s okay!! It’s a message for another viewer🤍 Nothing resonated? Feel free to choose another reading 🤍
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Y’all might’ve met at a club, party, or through friends. Suddenly my hands feel clammy. You may be nervous or when you hold this person’s hand you’re self conscious about sweaty palms.
I sense you guys have a lot of fun together, but there’s something I have to figure out. Idk I feel like you guys are really good friends. You guys hang all the time, go out to eat, go bowling, going to the bars in town. There’s natural love here. I’m getting you love each other as friends first. This could actually be platonic love. I feel like you two have already said “I love you” but not as a romantic confession.
It’s something that comes out naturally like with a friend or family member. I’m even getting the vibe like someone here has a best friend who is the opposite sex but they’re gay or lesbian (lgbt) and you love each other like brother and sister. For some you may be in love with your gay (lgbt) best friend and you’re becoming nervous around them. Some could even live with this person.
For others you guys could just be friends and you’re starting to feel something. The “I love you” is starting to have a different meaning and it makes you wonder if you two can take the relationship to the next level. You may even be dating other people and bc this is your bestie you tell them everything and wait for their reaction. You’re definitely crushing on this person. And I’m seeing that this person thinks you’re so cute and they admire you.
Whew, this is a BEST FRIEND. Like wow. I’m getting soulmate energy, romantic or not. You seriously love each other.
If you don’t have the gay/opposite bestie story then I’ll let you know right now this friend has feelings for you as well. Once in a while you’ll stare at each other’s lips or you’ll see the warmth in their eyes when you’re talking to them. They make you feel protected and you sooth them. You guys may even kiss at some point. I see those movie kisses when they’re all up in each others grills and someone decides to go for the kiss. Lol then they both act surprised.
Channeled Love Messages
“Daddy issues”
“Don’t kick me when I’m down”
“I want this connection to work”
“Everyday is the same”
“If not me then who?”
“I don’t think you’d last a mile in my shoes”
“One of the best moments of my life”
“I respect myself”
“I wanna give you love notes and the whole shabang!”
“Come closer, I don’t bite”
“I promise I’ll be the best you’ve ever had”
“I wanna evolve with you. We’ll only get stronger together”
Advice cards
Something about you is stubborn. I feel like you need to let loose.
Embrace all of who you are, the good, the bad, and the ugly
Be kind to yourself
Do what you love
It’s never too late
Laugh more
Heal your chakras
You are exactly where you need to be
You’re already blessed
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Hi 🤍 This is a general reading!! If something doesn’t resonate, that’s okay!! It’s a message for another viewer🤍 Nothing resonated? Feel free to choose another reading 🤍
Pile 4
Tumblr media
Just saw angel number 1243 if that means anything!
So I’m seeing that someone you dated in the past did not feel as deeply as you did while in the relationship. I wouldn’t even say relationship? Maybe that’s how this past person thought. You we’re emotionally invested but they weren’t or they simply didn’t have any changing feelings about you.
You left that person in the past but now you’re afraid to tell your new partner that you love them. You feel you can’t risk the rejection or you’re bitter about your ex not taking you seriously.
It could be that you’re dating a few people or you have options but the one you want is not available to you somehow. Yeah definitely. You’re not over your ex. When you’re with others, you’re wondering what your ex is up to. Maybe you’re blocked on social media after an argument or this person has moved on and you’re watching them mind their business. I heard “it’s not over” with a tinge of sadness.
You were the first to say “I love you” but it left you heartbroken. You really thought you and your ex would last forever.
There’s actually someone who’s really good for you. It could be someone you’re dating. But you’re living in this past energy. It could be that your self esteem is damaged after your previous relationship and you feel you don’t deserve love. It’s not true pile 4. You have love, it’s right in front of you. But you’re afraid to move forward.
Okay… so I see that after being single and discovering more about yourself, you may get back with your ex. This is for some of you! For others you’ll level up and someone close to you will seduce you. They want your love but you have to be open to giving and receiving.
Advice cards
Stop guilt tripping yourself
Anything can be learned
Forgive your mistakes
Evolution is normal
Accept divine timing
Meditation is key
Love yourself unconditionally
Do it
Meet new people
Be kind to yourself
Save your money
Wear your stones
Go to sleep
Channeled Love Messages
“I feel spiritually connected to you” (you’re rejecting this hard)
“You make me a better person”
“We’ve come along so far. Every moment was worth what we have now”
“Go do your thing”
“What’re you smiling at?” (hint of bitterness here if you’ve been watching your ex)
“I thought I was daydreaming, then I woke up next to you.”
“I’m taking you off the shelf”
“I want to make more of us”
“Thank you for bringing light into my world” (this card is kinda rare)
“You’re stunning omg”
“I don’t know how to release this pain”
“I don’t respect myself”
“Why can’t I be like the rest of them?” (Someone here is having a hard time finding love and commitment)
“All I do is WORK”
“I can’t even look”
“I broke down emotionally”
“I was waaaaay out of pocket”
“I don’t have a lot of experience”
Channeled songs
“No Strings Attached” by *NSYNC (highly recommended this masterpiece)
cashapp: $itsdeelovely (tips are appreciated✨💛thanks love!)
Hi 🤍 This is a general reading!! If something doesn’t resonate, that’s okay!! It’s a message for another viewer🤍 Nothing resonated? Feel free to choose another reading 🤍
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thethingsthatmakemegrow · 9 months ago
I was always taught that my soul mate was the person that I would marry one day. As I get older, I’ve learnt that I have many soul mates in many different forms. These people will always have a peace of my heart. They have seen my soul in ways that not many have. I have formed these deep bonds with only a hand full of people. At different times they have came and gone in my life. Some have hurt me in the end but they have shown me different parts of the world and myself. I have grown from there presence and for that I am thankful.
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qualityphilosopherpeach · 2 months ago
Right now i need a hug from you. I need the affection you gave me and only me.I need a hug, that made my soul warm and comforted me inside by body. The hug that brought me down from my mental madness of anxiety, depression and loneiness. I need your arms around me and mine around you hold you tight one last time feel your energy let it flow through my body and mine into yours. Our souls and energy dancing together, forming a single entity and grounding us down. knowing that everything will be fine one day but now that is all gone. i hope one day to have that hug again where my soul finds the one to dance with and feels its void again.
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connectingwithsoul · 2 months ago
I told him that I loved him after 2 years of hoping he feels the same way
I always promised to myself, I always knew that if I ever met someone who I truly loved, I would tell them. I wouldn't do this stupid shit people do in movies where they love each other but are scared to share their feelings and so they keep silent and pretend to be friends or go separate ways. I always knew I would never do that. And so I have no regrets over telling someone I loved him 2 years after he broke up with me. No, we were never in a relationship. Saying broke up is just simpler and quicker than explaining what we were.
Anyway, I loved him for real and it was the first time I ever truly loved someone. The first time I loved someone at all. So I know I did the right thing by telling him how I feel. Even if it was cringe, and hard, and scary, and embarassing, and very late. It doesn't matter. Time didn't matter. What's important is the lesson and experience. I WAS ABLE to say that I loved him and be vulnerable and be totally honest. I WAS ABLE to drop my guard and my pride that I carried my whole life and be 100 percent real despite the intense fear of doing so. It was the scariest thing I've ever done. But my finger pressed send and the truth was out in the world. And I respect myself for that. And I admire myself for that. I absolutely have no regrets about anything. Actually, that was one of the defining moments of me moving on. Right after the message was out, I felt free and relieved and like a baggage of truth and unspoken feelings and thoughts was off my shoulders. I was free. And also, I knew that I have done EVERYTHING I could to make it work. Everything. With my persistent and hopeful personality, I had to go through a process to know for myself that I tried hard enough and I didn't give up easily or too early on this person. But there came a time, or more of an experience I guess, that showed to me intuitively that it was enough. There was nothing to be done anymore. There was nothing to try to control anymore. And so I surrendered. And oh my god was it easier to live like that. In a surrendered state. There was lightness to my being, there was ease and there was acceptance. I felt more like a soul and less like an ego trying to control the situation. I felt bigger and wiser and like I had a higher perspective, which I did. And I could see immediately and very clearly that the way I had been acting most of the time was very small. It came from fear. The confession came from love. But the acts around it came from fear. And that fear I wasn't feeling anymore. I was free from it.
...To be continued
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willofhounds · 6 months ago
"I won't," promised the green haired boy, "And you better not either. I heard your sidekicks talk about how overworked you tend to make yourself."
Tsunagu snorted before he turned to leave only to stumble and fall. Izuku felt horror as he realized the man wasn't wearing gloves. He had direct contact and in turn Izuku had stole some of his luck. Izuku turned so that he could watch Tsunagu leave. Relief flooded him when he realized it wasn't enough to kill him. He would have to be more careful. Touches had to come when they were wearing gloves. If at all.
It was the sad truth that he should simply avoid being touched. Period end of story. There was too much of a chance of him hurting or even killing someone.
As if sensing his horror Ni... Mirai said, "Is there something wrong, Izuku?"
"N... no," he stumbled over his words, "Everything is fine."
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kylaahh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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alexander-slander · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The picture for my Miraculous Ladybug Soulmate au. My name on Archive is Shadowhunter24.
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thedeepestduality · 7 months ago
My heart feels like it’s out of my chest & a million miles away when I’m missing you.
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tolove-and-beloved · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I love you angels thank you, I love you. I love you twin flame, make love to me my love, I love you. This abundance, it flows through my entire being, I dance and relish within the divine love of the cosmos. Cheers beloved
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lunavadash-creates · a year ago
Soulmate AU
Little, 2 chapter story about Arno and his soulmate :D  Chapter: 1/2 Pairing: Arno Dorian x OC Warnings: some angst Next chapter Read on my AO3!  "Elise, wait!" Arno shouted and soon laughed, as he saw red-haired girl jumping over the vegetable cart. She was fast and agile, precise and confident, so she was always the one winning all their races. She only shot him a quick smirk but never slowed down to wait for him.Arno tried his best, but he always focused on his surroundings too much as he was too afraid of risk. He wanted to keep Elise safe, even if there was no safer place for them than Versailles. It was a city they grew up together, through the good and the bad, always side by side, supporting each other and sharing all those secret kisses. Arno loved Elise, and he couldn't wait to be with her officially.His soulmate tattoo was still a black outline of a single cornflower just above his wrist. It was small, subtle and it fitted Elise just right. He still remembered that the very first flower he gave to her was precisely this one - a single cornflower in a beautiful, deep shade of blue.
 On that day Elise told him that is was her favourite flower, but sadly, Arno’s tattoo remained empty.Arno shook off those memories and focused on his race with Elise. He really wanted to win this time, so he decided to risk more than usual. He jumped on barrels standing next to the tavern and soon stood on a roof of a building. He saw Elise running in the distance, and he dashed himself, ready to catch her.He never expected that the slick roof tiles wouldn't support his weight enough, so he fell off the rooftop suddenly, landing on his back on the hard, dirty ground. The impact took away all the air from his lungs, making him stunned for a few seconds. Above he saw only the blue, cloudless sky. A second later pain pierced his left arm. It wasn’t broken but definitely bruised."Are you alright?"A silent voice made Arno shiver. He tried to stand up as fast as possible and looked at the lady in front of him. He was dumbfounded. The woman, or maybe a young lady, in front of him, was beautiful. Her brown hair in a shade of milk chocolate was combed in a single brain and she was wearing a black dress. She looked at him with concern in her big, green eyes and in the same moment, Arno felt a wave of warmness spreading through his body, accumulating in his wrist. He looked down at his left hand and saw that his tattoo was full now. The cornflower had an elegant, green stem in the colour of the lady’s eyes, and the flower turned blue. But not some average blue. It was the most beautiful shade of deep blue, almost purple, Arno had ever seen. He raised his gaze toward the woman, who was also looking at her hand. On her left wrist, there was a tattoo of a carnation flower. It was white as snow, and the frame of each petal was in a dark, pink colour. Arno recognized this flower immediately. It was the same flower his father put on the grave of his mother."I'm-""No." Arno interrupted immediately. He was angry. And when he looked in her eyes and felt his heart turning into a tight knot, he got even more upset. It wasn't supposed to be like this!She couldn't be his soulmate. He refused to believe it! He had Elise - his beautiful, lovely Elise that was winning their race. He couldn't be with some random, meaningless girl."No. It can't be you! You can't be MY soulmate!" He screamed. The girl took a step away from him, stunned and shocked. Hurt and disbelief visible in her green eyes that were now shining. She was holding back tears."I will never accept you. I will never love you. You will never be part of MY life. I don't care who you are. We will never be together!" He growled and saw the tears run down her cheek.But he didn't care for her.He didn't care for a stupid tattoo.He couldn't.Arno woke up from a nightmare suddenly, sitting in his bed. His shirt was wet from sweat, his breath sharp and shallow. He felt the pain in his chest, one he knew so well. And then he looked at his left hand. The cornflower was still there, reminding him of his greatest failure. The blue of the flower became a bit weathered, contours not as sharp as they used to be. And the worst part? His soulmate, the woman he was supposed to spend his life with. The woman who hurt him the most was sleeping a few rooms away from him. And she wanted neither to talk to him nor to see him. She wanted him to disappear from her life."I will make sure you will keep your promise, Monsieur Dorian and will never be a part of MY life," She growled at him when he saw her for the first time after all those years. It was the first thing she had ever told him. And the last as she denied speaking to him at all.Arno couldn't sleep anymore, but fortunately, it was already early morning. So, he decided to clean himself before putting on his robes. But as he washed his face, another deep sigh escaped his lips as he saw his tattoo even more weathered than before. The flower looked like a waned picture - grey and blurred. If Arno didn't know it was, once a beautiful, cornflower he wouldn't be able to tell it now. It looked like a picture from a little child - a flower but one that can't be found in the real world.He ran his fingers gently over the tattoo, thinking about Vivienne. She was so close and yet so far away from him. In return, he soon felt a pinch in the wrist and winced. She always did that. She could feel when he was touching the tattoo and thinking about her, so every time, she made sure it would only bring Arno pain. Whenever he caressed his tattoo, she pinched it back.His heart was aching, and he could only blame himself, his stupidity and arrogance. Everything that was happening between them was his fault.Soon he left his room. He needed a distraction, and the best thing he could do was to devote himself to the cause. He was going on a lot of missions lately, accepting every task. But yet, his thoughts were always going back to Viv. To his soulmate.It was late evening when he came back to the Café Théâtre, he was bruised and tired, but still had been holding a flower in his hand. It was single cornflower he found on his way back and thought it was some kind of a sign as he had never before seen that flower in Paris. So, he took it and decided to give it to Vivienne. Or at least try to. So far, she had never accepted a gift from him. Even when he was leaving them directly in her room, she had always been throwing them all away. He found so many bouquets of flowers in the garbage can. The jewellery on necks and hands of workers of Café Théâtre and children eating all bonbons, all those were presents from him. He tried to say sorry, but she never stopped to listen to him. He tried to write letters, but he always found them in his room again, unopened. But he didn't want to give up on her. He already did this once, and now he had to face the consequences."Arno!" he heard the voice of Dimitri. He, Gerard and Philip were his friends. His best friends - the people who had been there for him whenever he needed. Because of them, Arno was not only an assassin, but also found a sense in his life. Without them, he would never be able to pull himself together after what had happened to Elise."Where are you going?" asked Philip."You look you terrible. Where you again running away from dogs?" asked Gerard, mocking him with a wide smile. Demetri was first to notice the flower in man's hand and frowned."You definitely shouldn't do this. Vivienne said she doesn't want you. Stop trying, or she will kill you eventually."The other Assassins looked at Arno surprised, noticing the flower in his hand.When Arno joined the assassins, Gerard was the first to find out that Arno had a soulmate. But at first, Arno didn't want to talk about it. He was still in love with Elise even though his feeling were fading away, changing. Arno felt like he finally understood that they weren't meant for each other, but it was hard to accept. Because he still remembered that pretty girl in a blue dress, looking at him with tears in her eyes.He told them accidentally when after Elise’s death, they found him drunk. He pointed at his tattoo, that already was going grey. And then he lost it and told them about the girl who he had hurt so much. About tears, he saw. About words he said. And then he told them about the worse part. He told them that the assassin who just came back to Paris, Vivienne, was the one who was meant to be with him.Demetri knew Vivienne the best. They often worked together, and they were good friends. He knew that she had a soulmate, one that she hated the most in the world. So, he tried to do the only thing to help he could; keep Arno and Vivienne far away from each other, which was hard as they served in the same Brotherhood. In the end, Demetri knew the reason why Viv didn't want to be with Arno. But he promised her not to tell anyone."Arno. You are our friend, but I'm afraid you have to finally accept that Viv will not accept you.""I know I hurt her but...""There are no buts. Go to Viv if you must but leave her alone if she will tell you no again." Demetri moved away, letting Arno through.He knew how this would end because both, Arno and Vivienne, were too stubborn to listen.Arno found Viv in a training room but didn't dare to interrupt her training. He just watched her moves. She looked like she was dancing the dance of death and destruction, the sword was cutting through the air with a whistle, steel shining in the last rays of the sun slipping through the windows. Her moves were fast and precise, but as soon as she saw him, she stopped and looked at him displeased. Arno saw drops of sweat shining on her forehead, few strands of chocolate hair sticking to her face. But she looked beautiful. If only those green eyes looked at him with something else than hatred..."I'm sorry to interrupt you," Arno said, taking a few steps to close the distance between them but Vivienne raised her sword before he got too close. She never let him near and so it was this time."What do you want again?" She asked anger in her voice made Arno's heart sink in his chest. But he couldn't give up. He showed her the flower. A single, blue cornflower, one that should be uniting them.Viv lowered her sword and came closer to Arno reaching for the flower.For a few seconds, Arno felt happiness blowing inside his body as he thought that maybe, maybe they can make peace with each other. He looked at her with a smile and hope in his brown eyes. He wanted to show her that his feelings were genuine. He wanted to be with her. To love her.But Viv took the flower and torn it to shreds, dropping remains on the floor under Arno's feet."Are you stupid?! What is so hard to understand when I say I don't want you! Stay the fuck away from me, I hate you! I don't want your stupid flowers, your presents and pathetic letters. You will never be a part of my life, so give up already. I wish I never met you!"With that final note, she left the room, leaving behind her one torn flower and one broken heart.Arno dropped on his knees, taking in his hands remains of the flower. He didn't know why his vision was blurry until one single tear fell on his tattoo. His fragile heart shattered into millions in tiny, sharp pieces digging into every organ and every tissue of his body. He bled. He knew he did when he took all the pieces and close them in his hand.Demetri appeared next to him soon, kneeling next to him and putting his hand on Arno's shoulder. Neither he nor Philip and Gerard wanted to see him broken again."I think you should know why she did that."
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htvpgenny · 22 days ago
The worst pain is still being in love with someone but not being with them. Having to love them from a distance. Having to close the chapter you never wanted to end.
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arestomomentum-reborn · a year ago
Tumblr media
Aesthetic about Licht and Lumiere of Black Clover. They are OTP and i love them so much. Why is there nothing on them? I've been thinking about that and then I created it lol This work shows their story, past and present. I love the fact that they saved and improve each other all the time and here we are. Hope you like it. Alex <3
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thoughtssinthedark · 3 years ago
I still remember you.
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Im not sure how i even start this since its taking all of me to hold back the tears and write this. I remember you Justin, i remember meeting you, loving you, and leaving you. i remember all the longs nights of staying up and talking listening to your favorite songs and you watching me endlessly re-blog stupid posts from tumblr. I remember the first time i saw you and how heart skipped a beat and i knew i had to know who you were and what your name was. Do you know how special that night was that you first came over and helped me decorate the Christmas tree? i do. I still think about all those crazy adventures we went on and sneaking into grave yards just to find the hidden tunnels and broken down houses. i remember every tear and heartache you felt when you would tell me your war stories. i remember you telling me about the small children you watched die in front of you and you couldn't do anything to stop it. I was there, i was there for every tear and lash of anger because of what you went through. You just wanted to be loved and understood, You wanted to feel safe and protected. You had purpose and you had a life ahead of you and sometimes im still mad at you for leaving. I remember the officers coming to the door and telling me you were gone, running to my car and slamming my hands on the steering wheel before driving off. You were my soulmate and you left me. I was young and dumb and i left you because i just wanted you to try harder for yourself, i wanted you to figure out who you were before we could find out who we were. “if not forever lets start with 80 years” do you remember that? Do you remember telling me you would never leave? I just don’t understand why, ill never understood what you were trying to escape so bad that it was worth leaving me here to pick up all the pieces. Justin i remember you, your smile, your laugh, every freckle, every imperfection that was like a drug to me. It hasn’t been the same since you’ve been gone, something inside of me still feels empty. I just want you to know ill be there, ill be there on the other side one day where you’ve been waiting. Justin dont forget that i still love you everyday, just because your gone doesn't mean ill ever give up that piece of my heart that you filled. Remember all the things we wanted, remember all the promises we made. I keep telling myself that one day ill move on and ill let you go but i can’t, i can’t just forget someone who impacted my life like you did. I know what people say, i know they say the story of us ended a long time ago but the are wrong. The story of us still goes on because i carry you with me everywhere i go. The bracelet, the ring, your name written on a piece of scrap rope i still have them all. Late at night i think of you and pray that you are at peace with yourself and can be at rest. I know your in a better place and i know your looking over all of us down here. You have given me signs over the years letting me know your still here. Justin Thomas Cordaro i will never forget you and i will never let the happiness you carried inside of you go. I love you forever and ill see you again so please wait for me. Until my 80 years is over we will start our forever.
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qualityphilosopherpeach · a month ago
I just want your soul laying next to me again.
Make me feel whole again.
Both our souls dancing while we sleep.
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noyeir · 20 days ago
Entre Latidos e regar uma vez na semana - Spirit Fanfics
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Sinopse: Em um mundo onde cada ser humano tinha algo para cuidar que o ligasse a sua alma gêmea, Donghae não ficou nada empolgado quando recebeu um cacto. Talvez ele só precisasse conhecer Eunhyuk com suas duas cachorras, que o ligavam a sua alma gêmea, para ter a empolgação que sempre sonhou em sua vida.
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willofhounds · 7 months ago
She blinked at Gordon before replying, "Any friend of Izuku's is a friend of ours. Izuku, I wanted to warn you but it seems you have already noticed. The car belongs to a man I would like you to meet."
Izuku's nose wrinkled in disgust as he asked, "Not my sperm donor?"
Mitsuki yelled making Izuku and Gordon wince, "Hell no! I would not have contacted him if he was the last person on the planet. No, it's not that particular bastard. Inko probably never told you but she had an older brother."
"A brother?"
There were many things he had been prepared for. An uncle previously unknown to him was not one of them. Who was this man? Why had he never heard about him before now? Surely his mother had a good reason for not allowing them to meet.
Mitsuki must have seen the doubts on his face, "It's not my story to tell but I can assure you that he is a good man. It was more hurt feelings and pride that kept your mother from reconciling with him."
Izuku glanced back at the house biting his lip uncertainly. He could deal with the darkness of war. Giving orders came to him easily during the war. Izuku wasn't sure if he could deal with this easily.
Gordon whispered kindly, "Little brother you don't have to talk to this man. It's up to you however."
Izuku took a breath and considered his options. There wasn't much of a choice for him. This was the only family he had left. So he glanced back to look at the door again.
Then he said, "I'll meet with him."
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chaos-of-the-wilds · 2 months ago
so many soulmate au fics would be so much shorter if the characters just acted like normal people. Like if I was in the world where stuff you write on your body shows up on your soulmates body the first thing I would do upon learning that is asked their name and contact info, no one ever does it in prompts or fics and takes me right out of the experience.
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twinflamesinfinity · 4 months ago
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From my perspective and work I am very privileged to have quite an incredible birds eye view perspective and insight into the dynamics of Divine Partnership pairs, through my own life experience, through my clients and through reading the collective field. Having said that I always say with every bit of information take what helps, what resonates with you at the time AND leave the rest, it might come back and make more sense at later date.⁠ ⁠ Recently states of consciousness, levels of awareness and perspective keep coming to my own attention. I truly believe and we go through our stages of our own Ascension journey we transcend different states of beliefs and perspectives around situations. This message came through during a session and I felt really compelled to write and share.⁠ ⁠ This process of Twin Flame Journey or what I prefer to call Divine Partnership is one of many Ascension pathways. So what does that mean? My understanding is that Ascension is being able to go through a massive transformation of higher embodiment of integrating our higher self and higher dimensional aspects within the physical body ultimately becoming our own self-master. This is no small feat, it requires a whole lot of growth, healing, forgiveness, recognition and deeper levels of understanding of yourself and the other.⁠ ⁠ In actual fact the Ascension process is when we graduate for our 3D experience, so in saying that, no doubt it would be at the time which you encounter a twin is the last lifetime in a 3D experience. You have decided to assist one another to go through the graduation process together. Who better to go through this process then the person who knows you best, on a soul level, who knows your strengths, weaknesses, the great love you hold, your triggers and the areas when you can go through the most growth and expansion. From the soul perspective it’s really quite clear, straight forwards and makes perfect sense.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ 🔮• Contact today for FREE guidance, clarity and faster reunion. Avaliable for Call/Dm/Text or WhatsApp 1-310-409-8013 @psychictwinflamehealer 💖 🔮⁠ .⁠ .⁠ 🖼 Photo by : Unknown ( dm us to update credits ) — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/4TPtFso
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thedeepestduality · 5 months ago
My past life soulmate came back & I’m horny.
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