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arianagrandre · 2 days ago
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I have so much respect for what the label has to say. I appreciate it, the team and those people. But at the same time, I really value what my fans have to say. That’s way more important I think.
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I wonder how personal experiences shape one's point of view on the soulmate trope
That post going around about it being an horror story essentially, is very valid
But I look at the same trope from the point of view of someone who was so deeply rejected their whole lives by everyone around them, someone who honest to god fights people who say they like me/love me because I am outright disgusted by these lies, because nothing was as hilarious to my bullies as the ridiculous idea that I would ever be loved, because I never had reliable comfort of genuine affection and
And I find myself desperate for a sign higher than God that I am inherently lovable, that someone out there will want me like I want them, and that their affections will hold no mockery, only truth and warmth
Soulmate tropes for me are "you are not alone", but as comfort rather than an inescapable threat
This is not me fighting that post, just contemplating things
When the idea of your affections is a dagger of humiliation to be held by everyone against the throat of the one you cherish, you just kinda wish there would be someone so unbothered by the idea of your love, it has never been a weapon against their pride
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baylishh · 2 days ago
I’ve believed in soulmates since before I could remember.
I was a very lonely kid. I never really had anyone; so, the idea of there being someone out there who was just for me shone in my mind like the first rays of sunlight after a week long storm.
I’ve been wrapped up in the idea since. Searching for my soulmate in every person I meet. In every band whose music speaks to me, every actor who shares similar qualities with me, every writer whose words sound like my own thoughts. Searching, searching, searching…
I was young when my “spiritual gifts” first appeared - and, yes, I do know how that sounds - but it all started with the feeling that my soulmate would be a man, or at least have masculine energy. From there it was snippets of a personality, a laugh here, the sound of a unique voice echoing in the back of my mind like a long forgotten memory. I always chocked it up to me being a lonely romantic… but I never lost hope that maybe, just maybe, it was my soulmate tapping into my head if only for a second. A lingering reminder that I was never truly alone.
I’m 22 now, and I feel every day that my life is reaching it’s inevitable end. I’m terrified. I’ve never loved or been loved the way my romantic, lonely heart yearns to. My heart isn’t a cup that runneth over, but an ocean in a tsunami. Love pours from deep within my soul recklessly with abandon and it’s so hard to contain it all. So, I don’t. Instead, I take all my love that I wish I could be sharing with someone and I put it towards everything.
I’m a non-binary, pansexual who finds beauty in everything, so I pour my never ending font of love towards animals and art and music and friends, and it helps alleviate some of the ache… yet there’s still this tidal wave of love contained within a glass case labeled “for him.”
Every time I think I’ve finally gotten passed the searching, someone comes into my life, even for a brief moment, and it returns. I imagine this is how twins feel when they’re separated for the first time. This yearning that I’m not supposed to be alone, yet I am, and the void that left with him grows every day he’s not by my side.
I long for the day when my great big bleeding heart finds it’s twin. It’s mate. Another heart so big and overflowing with love that mine never feels alone again. So I continue searching, pulling at tangled threads in the hopes he’ll be at the end of one…
To my beautiful lover, wherever you may be, know there’s never a day I’m not thinking of you, and I don’t even know who you may be.
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thenightingalesings · 2 days ago
eyes are the most beautiful creation of god,
the universe,
because if it weren't for god to create my eyes,
i wouldn't have met and got lost in your beautiful ones.
eyes - Eva.
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juansendizon · a month ago
One day I’ll buy you all the paperback books you wanna have, and I’ll read them with you, or you can read them alone, or I can read them first and tell you how they made me feel. I’ll go to a bookstore every Tuesday and ask for any poetry book about hope and love, for that’s what you always make me feel like I am being loved by a poet who can show me how wonderful existence can be when it is expressed with the right words. I’m going to write about you when no book can explain how precious you are to my heart and when I pass away I’ll give you all my books then I’ll always be a part of you, and when I’m always a part of you, then I’ll never get to say goodbye for every time you read a book there was a time when it was my whole universe. You are my library, my every page, and my entire heart.
Juansen Ryne Dizon, Paperback Books
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buck-nialled · 9 months ago
we’ve all heard of the NSFW alphabet, but what about a SOULMATE AU ALPHABET??
a...ging stops at 18 until you find your soulmate so the two of you can grow old together.
b...ody art (doodles that a person draws on themselves appear on their soulmate’s skin).
c...olors (aka the standard soulmate au where the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate and see colors).
d...amage done to a person also translates into their soulmate’s body (cuts, bruises and all).
e...sp (soulmates can sense one another’s presence and feel each other’s exact emotions even when miles away).
f...irst words/thoughts your soulmate says/thinks when seeing you are written on your skin.
g...uardian (it is said that the person who saves you from a near-death experience is your soulmate—drowning, car crash, etc.)
h...eartbeats (the soulmates share the same heartbeat—when one feels panicked, shocked, etc, the other can feel it too).
i...dentifier (a word or symbol which is imputed to your soulmate is somewhere on your body).
j...uxtaposition (your soulmate is the exact opposite of you, yet you find yourselves complementing one another).
k...eys and locks are randomly dispersed to soulmates on chains when they are born. when in proximity, the lock and key will act as magnets and bring the two soulmates closer together until the key is placed in the lock and a gratifying click is heard, unlocking the chain.
l...ast words your soulmate says are written on your skin, so you do not know it is them until they are gone.
m...arks or stains of the color black are somewhere on your body (palm of your hand, knuckles, knee) until you and your soulmate finally make physical contact. once the mark is touched, it fades to be consistent with the person’s skin color.
n...urse (the touch of a soulmate can heal you from affliction and vice versa).
o...pportune outfit (soulmates will eternally color coordinate, even if they have not met one another yet, and often times have similar patterns in their clothing).
p...assionflower (a type of flower soulmates have planted somewhere beneath their skin. Upon meeting their soulmate it will sprout through the skinand fully blossom as they reach the furthest point of their relationship. when a soulmate passes, the flower blooming from the other person does also).
q...uizzes revolving around one’s personal aspects, skills and ambitions are given to every person once they turn 18, and the results read who your soulmate is based off of your collective answers.
r...ed string bonds two soulmates together for a lifetime and all come in varying lengths—imagine the trouble of only being able to walk certain distances or having to sleep on the edge of your bed.
s...ongbird (any songs a person sings will get stuck in their soulmate’s head for the duration they decide to sing it).
t...imers are set on the wrist of every person once they are a certain age, slowly counting down until the day they meet their soulmate.
u...ndying (you and your soulmate must meet in order to end life—die—together. as long as you have not met them, you will continue aging yet remain immortal).
v...eiled (you and your soulmate must walk through life blind until running into one another by fate and finally gaining sight—those with no soulmate act as guides and help those in search of theirs).
w...riter’s choice (author can pick any au from the list to write).
x...FREE SPACE, the person who sent the prompt has the choice to make up an au or choose one from the list!
y...ellow fellow (colors of your vision changes depending on your soulmates mood. yellow is optimistic, green is envious, blue is upset, etc. and natural colors become present once the soulmates meet).
z...zz (in which soulmates first meet each other and share memories in their dreams before meeting each other in person—sometimes difficult to accomplish as dreams are hard to remember).
any writers on tumblr feel free to reblog so followers can send a certain letter to your inbox :) or just for ideas!
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o0-snowdrop-0o · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
" You will have to be one and whole, for many have so much to enjoy and to be, and to do "
Finally I've finished it! 😊
I had to take a break due to my loss...I'd like to thank you for your patience and for all the kind, supportive words ❤
( in memory of my beloved little one )
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sk-lumen · 3 months ago
I hope you find someone who makes you feel completely and utterly seen in the most soul-healing way, someone who instantly vibes with you and makes you feel so loved that you'll wonder how you could have ever settled for less, how you could have ever doubted deserving the best kind of love. Someone who makes you laugh so hard your stomach aches with pure joy, and your heart feels luminous and weightless at the thought of them. I hope you find someone who makes you feel like you are magic, like fire surges through your blood when your fingers touch, like you don't want the hours in a day to end, like eternity seems too short to spend a lifetime with them. Someone whose mere presence brings deep comfort much like breathing again after holding your breath for too long, whose voice makes your heart go "!!" even on the cloudiest days, because it's them, and when you lie in their arms at night you need no other lullabye than the sound of their steady heartbeat because there's no safer place in the whole wide world. I hope you find someone who looks at you like you're the light at the end of a dark tunnel. You deserve that kind of love.
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newhanfu · 2 months ago
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Soulmate | Hanfu Robe | Travel
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juansendizon · 5 months ago
Somewhere, someone is falling in love with a person who loves them back after a whole winter of being alone and broken. It is the earth’s magic to make people trust in the warmth of love again.
Juansen Dizon
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maryberry · 4 months ago
One of my favorite things about ya/na fantasy is probably that the maturity levels of a several hundred year old man is finally enough to match that of a 16-20 something year old woman and I honestly think that's the most realistic thing in these books.
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