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You know what I’m a ho for?


BUT not just any soulmate (au). A ho for reincarnation soulmates and trying to find the right one and thinking you did but you didnt so you end up heartbroken but as you heal from the pain you find people from you past life including your true lover and BITCH I WOULD BE SUCKEDD INTO THAT BOOK/FILM.

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”You, my dear, are with a karmic soulmate and are in love with the attachment. You see, he made you feel great, once…now though, he is not exhibiting great behaviour. As a matter of fact, he’s being downright selfish. But because you have high empathy and a kind heart, I can see that when you love someone or something, you do so with all your heart — unconditionally. You know the bad things he does but you see the good in him too along with his positive potential, therefore you find it hard to break free. You’ve tried, I can sure see that. But your heart won’t let you, at least not right now. So, we need to fix this.”

- Helena Roman

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I have no idea what I’m doing. I have literally never written a fic before, this just kinda came to mind, partly inspired by the song Fire in Cairo by The Cure. There’s been no editing or re writing, so if it seems a little choppy….sorry? 

It was someone’s birthday….or maybe it was someone’s bon voyage party. Dragged here against your will “For your own good!”, she promised, and you knew only a handful of the….Jesus, how many people were actually here? Bodies wove and wandered across the sand and near the lake’s edge and your eyes lost count in the creeping dusk.  There was food and drink and the ongoing construction of what would be a mighty bonfire.  A cup was pressed into your hands and a trailing voice implored you to enjoy, when you looked up your friend’s pleading smile flashed brightly before disappearing around the far side of the pyre.  The drink was pale and thin and stung your nose as you gulped it down, desperate to take the edge off.  You sought out another., swallowing it down before it could burn your throat. You reached for one more, for walking around. In for a penny, in for a pound.  

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What if Clarke and Bellamy really just don’t end up together romantically? The story has become romantic. They are certainly filmed romantic and after last season I feel like there’s no going back. They are head over heels for each other. BUT, what if it doesn’t happen?! I hate that I care so much! 😔

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I‘m attracted to people who are different and revolutionary and confident and unphased by society and emotionally intellectual and intense!

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I haven’t contributed in a while and this one ended up getting longer and longer as my muses made up for lost time. This will probably get a part 2 at some point so I can fulfill one part of the story I haven’t had the chance to get to in over 4k words. If you enjoy it let us know and I’ll get that 2nd part out as fast as I can. -Scarlet 📕

Language of the Soul (Part 1)

If you had asked Eddie Diaz if he was anxious the night before his 18th birthday he’d have laughed at you. The truth was he’d never admit it, like most people he knew, but he was. 18 was literally life-changing in so many ways. You were not only legally an adult, but it was also when you got your first soulmate hint. You learned their native tongue. For many people, their lives didn’t change. Their soulmate spoke the same language they do. Some would wake up either the day of their birthday or in the near future, being able to understand and even speak an entirely new language. Some people even learned multiple languages overnight.

Eddie woke up and immediately took stock in what he knew. He knew he was 18. He knew Spanish. He knew English. He even knew some Swedish, but he never really considered himself fluent with that one. Nothing new. He couldn’t miraculously speak Italian or Portuguese. Nope, nothing new. He was kind of disappointed. Part of him had been hoping for some exciting change, but it was just life as usual. So Eddie moved on with his life. The idea of finding his soulmate tucked into the back of his mind as his life changed. The military and becoming a father eventually burying the importance of soulmates all together.

No one asked Evan “Buck” Buckley if he was anxious about his 18th birthday. His friends already knew that he was excited. 18 meant freedom. He could leave the home that hadn’t felt much like home since his sister left. He could leave and go anywhere he wanted. He could finally start a life worth living. The added benefit of learning something about his soulmate was just icing on the cake.

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AU, gdzie pierwsze słowa twojej bratniej duszy zostają wytatuowane na twoim nadgarstku, gdy się spotkacie.

Co jest do bani, bo teraz na przedramieniu Jungkooka do końca życia będzie widniało zdanie: “Hej kochanie, gdybyś był boogerem, wyrwałbym cię pierwszy”.

Co do kurwy nędzy wszechświecie?

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Taehyung, sitting in bed at 4 a.m.: If I worked at a chicken farm and my job was to care for chickens, I’d be a chicken tender…

Jimin, slowly getting up from bed: *stares off into the distance*

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SummaryLetting go was the hardest thing. But it didn’t kill him.This did.

Characters: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Toothless

He was lying to everyone, and especially to himself.

He doesn’t just want Toothless with him.

There was some part of him that truly needed his reptilian friend. His other half.

Hiccup thought he’d been blessed by the gods, to share this bond with Toothless.

But after everything…

It just felt like he’d been cursed with the burden of having a soulmate you could never be with.

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