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Mike Wheeler handpicking flowers in El's favorite colors, holding onto them throughout the entire flight, and handing them to her while wearing an outfit in those same favorite colors. This boy is head over heels in love with her and it is the most obvious thing in the universe.
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Conrad + Belly + Soulmate Things
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dreamerswhish · a day ago
I would like to say that I am still INCREDIBLY sad about what Grian is doing. He's breaking all our queer little hearts. And yes, I do love me some angst, it's incredibly painful to watch, and subsequently have to write about, because I just want happy platonic soulmates destert duo.
I mean come on!! We've seen them be unhappy before! Just give me this one good moment! Please!!!
Praying BigB rejects Grian and makes him see the error of his ways. I hope Grian can go back to Scar, please. Make it come true! I can't deal with divorced desert duo again...
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merthurisbrolintoo · a day ago
"There are always two people in every story"
Tumblr media
"We are two opposite poles of a magnet. We are attracted towards each other but we can never be together"
Tumblr media
"When two people fight each other - the third always benefits - said the world...When both of them fought, why did the third die?" - Nivi
Tumblr media
"The truth between two people always cuts two ways" - Diana Wynne Jones, Fire and Hemlock
Tumblr media
"Two minds with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one" - Jasper Fforde
Tumblr media
"Nothing is more true, more real, than the primeval magnetic disturbances that two souls may communicate to one another, through the tiny sparks of a moment's glance" - Victor Hugo
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Nothing Compares To You
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another mini comic !!
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clairedelune-13 · 2 days ago
Whenever I hear Misha tout the PR-ish lines about J2M being “like brothers”, it just rubs me the wrong way.
It sounds so fake, like he was given cue cards. Every god damn time.
I mean, Jared and Misha as brotherly, sure. I could buy that. (Not so much now, but still)
Although I really cant picture Misha hanging up the phone with Jared, saying. “Love you, bro.” I’m sorry, Mish, masculine dialogue does not suit you and you know it.
But no way on this cursed earth does Jensen and Misha’s relation to each other fall under the “brotherly” category.
Call it what you will, whether you perceive them or you don’t, but there is NOTHING about those two that suggests they’re anything like siblings.
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"Asteroid," poem assembled from quotations from Wikipedia articles
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Until Mike's monologue and his I love you to El!
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dreamerswhish · a day ago
Hello Trafficblr, let's play AITA (am I the asshole), DL!Desert Duo version...
Respond with:
GITA - Grian is the Asshole
GINTA - Grian is Not the Asshole
SITA - Scar is the Asshole
SINTA - Scar is Not the Asshole
NAH - No Assholes Here
BATA - Both are the Assholes
Let me set the scene for you...
You're playing a death game, and you find out that your life is tied to someone else's. You share health, hunger, and pain. You don't know who each other are. One person finds out early who their soulmate is - Grian. Grian's soulmate can't figure it out, even when it's been literally been told to them - Scar.
Then, Grian's soulmate continues only to care about his Jelly-pandas, and does not help at all with the necessary things like base building and resource gathering. Grian is now having to watch Scar like a child, order him to do even minimal labor (cutting down trees for their base), and essentially do everything himself that would have been a two person job.
Scar just takes damage, doesn't eat when their health gets low, and isn't productive. He does get a horse though, but it gets stolen. In retaliation, Scar burns down a house, which puts him and Grian at risk for another soulmate pair having a grudge against them when they go red.
Grian is tired of Scar, and wants a new soulmate. He doesn't actually tell Scar how frustrated and unhappy he is. Scar doesn't know what Grian is feeling, so can't do anything to fix his behavior. He doesn't relize that what he is doing is so harmful, especially in a death game. Scar just wants to be with the Jellies because they comforted him last session. They also held sentimental value because of his real cat. Scar is uncertain about what he should be doing to help Grian, because he is afraid of getting them killed.
So, WITA (who is the asshole)?
Leave your answer on the comments or reblogs! I wanna hear thoughts, because it will help me write my fic!
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feral-ballad · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Marie Howe, from Magdalene: Poems; “Walking Home”
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cheescheesy · 2 months ago
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the chosen ones
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sarenite · 9 days ago
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oh you’ve got to be kidding me
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euphorictruths · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"Spectrum Embrace", part of The Lucid Fate Exhibition- Wiley Wallace; 2021
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veronica-17-hood · 3 months ago
damian wayne x reader <3
- damian is aged up
- fluff
- enjoy
Tumblr media
“smile dami.” you rushed under your breath, barely glancing at the boy leaning against the wall with a grim look painted across his normally rather attractive appearance, his god like structure.
your arm came out to greet the many older couples coming into the mayor’s home, the place where bruce planned tonight’s gala, the gala that has put your boyfriend in a successfully bad mood.
you smiled as a man lightly grabbed your hand, brining it to his lips to press a soft kiss before shuffling off after his wife, though that did earn a soft look from your boyfriend who has only nodded in the directions of people walking into the overly large home.
he huffed, dragging his lips further down into a frown, so far that his dimples are hidden from sight and his head turned away from where you were standing, his gaze searching for his father to birth yet another complaint about being here and forcing you to do the same.
“damian.” you snap, your wrist reaching out to grab his crossed arms, finger tips brushing against his broad and muscular chest before snatching his watch covered wrist.
eyes stayed on him as you held onto him, beginning the drag toward the private hallway. his mouth began to open though shut immediately as he stared at your dominant side, a side that doesn’t come out often, though a side he loves more than anything on you.
you hand gripped tighter on his wrist, pulling him through the doorway and slinging him around so he was now in front of you, both of you now hidden from the complete mess of the party, all of the brothers going around and most likely complaining to their adoptive father much like your boyfriend was wishing to do.
your body spun around much to fast, your eyes blurring as you tried to settle on the tall, broad figure in front of you, still scowling “you need to stop.”
“care to enlighten me beloved?” he teased, leaning against the wall now, attempting to be nonchalant of the whole situation, his arms crossing across his chest again, frown faltering.
“try to be nice to people.” you spoke softly, annoyed at this point. “it’s all i’m asking for tonight, i know you don’t like it here, neither do it i but- what?”
the last word came out snappy, his blown from the darkness in the room both of your eyes settled on each other, watching him lightly smirk midway through your rant.
“nothing beloved.” he hummed, completely enamored by your dominant nature, a side you don’t show often though he wish you did more.
“don’t do that.” your tone was flat, eyes rolling as you looked back toward the opening, the sound of bruce calling both yours and damian’s name ringing in your ears.
“i’m not doing anything.” he spoke quite honestly, unfolding his arms from his chest to motion that he wasn’t doing such.
“your trying to get me to fold by calling me beloved.” you sighed in your words, hands placed flat across his two pecks as you started shoving him further back into the hallway, damn was his a brick wall.
damian obliged, taking small steps back in order to ease your workload, smiling down at your as you stuffed your head into his chest in attempt to move him faster. you both could hear bruce calling you know and truth be told neither of you wanted to be dragged back out there against your own free will.
“i’m not trying to get you to anything.” he spoke again rather honestly, he has been calling you beloved more than your own name the second you agreed to go on a date with the boy. he loved the way it sounded, his beloved. “though-“ he paused, dropping his hands to your waist halting your movements, “it seems you are trying to get me to do something.”
a sigh fell from your lips and now your head further buried into his broad chest, not even annoyed at this point rather a combination of over it and happy (because your boyfriend stopped acting like oscar the grouch) “oh beloved you don’t enjoy my teasing?”
your head titled upward to meet his emerald burning gaze, a smirk painted across his face. “you are so lucky i love you.”
you couldn’t help but smile at your words and at the way damian’s fingers tapped and gripped tighten around your waist when the words tumbled from your perfect lips. and the playful smirk was replaced by a genuine smile down at his beloved.
“why is that, hm?” he hummed, swaying you back and forth.
“because if i didn’t i would have kicked your ass when you didn’t acknowledge the old woman smiling at you.” you teased back at him, slowly removing yourself from his grasp.
a snort escaped his perfect face, “you can dream about kicking my ass all you want beloved, it won’t happen.”
your hand tangled to find one of his now empty ones, lightly tugging for him to follow, which of course he did. “cave, tomorrow.” you tested, which of course earned a throaty laugh and an agreement from your boyfriend as both of your shoes clicked in harmony down the marble floors.
“i’ll do whatever makes you happy beloved.” he finally spoke as the two of you reached the hallway, smiling as he fiddled with your fingers, the only form of PDA he ever partook in.
your stunning smile flashed back at him, your free hand coming to grasp his chin and swipe your thumb gently across his lips. “good, so be try to be in a good mood.”
his eyes blew at the sudden contact from your thumb on his sensitive pink skin of his lips, “or what?” he tested, though he had no intention of making you upset twice in one night, he didn’t like you upset and hated fighting with you.
“you won’t get your surprise tonight.” and with that you disconnected from him completely, sauntering off into the ballroom without a second glance.
and let’s just say dami was on his best behavior that night, even told jason he loved him, was really a sight to see.
Tumblr media
“what did you just say to me?” jason had to take a double take, what did his adoptive assassin brother just utter to him, and why did he think it was okay.
“i love you brother.” damian spoke rather loosely as if they used the term daily, loose smile on his face as he gazed upon you speaking to barbara.
“y/n!” jason couldn’t get his words out fast enough, in fact the skilled vigilante tripped over his own feet on his way to you, “i think your boyfriend is broken.”
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