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Be carefull princess聽 馃尭
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drew this for my good friend @miadeardn they did not want it but its what they got
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thenatsdorf 7 months ago
Bird watching. (via)
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motherthemountain聽on ig
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radioheadgf 9 days ago
spotify playlists i made that i love:
for instantly inducing sadness and depression
for losing sight of what love means to you
for feeling present in the current moment
for deep-rooted loneliness
for the pure excitement of having a crush
for sleeping
for the person who left and would ruin you if they ever came back
for a love that rages like a fire
for your pride & prejudice hand flex moment
for feeling dreamy
for your radiohead fix
for crying while still bopping along
for drinking warm spiced milk on a rainy day
for feeling like you're an indie coming of age film
for the nostalgic emo phase
for feeling wretched
for when you're walking the streets of a new city by yourself
for daydreaming about moving to new york city with your best friends
for bangerz only
for wearing bold lipstick
for your bollywood fix
for allowing yourself to change
for feeling like you're floating on your back in a swimming pool at night in an indie movie
for your gracie abrams fix
for when you don't recognize yourself
for my desi diaspora kids
for my desi diaspora kids pt 2
for traveling and being present
for feeling like a smashed vase, or for smashing vases
for the jungle
for your james blake fix
for managing the aux cord
for feeling like the color orange, or perhaps the fruit. either one
for late night car rides surrounded by the open sky
for seeing the end of the world but smiling ridiculously
for your ridiculous bestie
for dying of love
for gradually falling into sleep
for your joji fix
for watching bright orange sunsets while hating yourself
for feeling the first warmth of summer hit you
for feeling like the weird kid in class again
for learning to live without the heartache it gives you
for playing breath of the wild
for realizing that romantic love will not be the thing that heals you
for whispering secrets to your best friend
for the kids who grew up on the internet
for love, or the lack thereof
for when you want to move to a new city but something is keeping you where you are
for your morning walk
for sitting in a field of marigolds
for beat drops that make you go feral
for traveling to see your best friends
for not allowing yourself to feel ridiculous anymore
for feeling like a perpetually open wound
for risk-taking
for your coke studio pakistan fix
for waiting for better days
for haunting
for being afraid that this is all there is
for texting them to get home safe
for falling in love in the summertime
for your hallmark movie main character moment
for your slowcore fix
for studying
for eating heartshaped jam cookies
for an espresso shot of joy
for feeling like an empty well that has nothing left to give
for love-filled days
for your ariana grande fix
for web-weaving
for your commute
for losing grip of your dreams
for setting this whole year on fire
for feeling like a pakistani uncle drinking chai on the porch
for isolation
for kicking anxiety in the face
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chaptertwo-thepacnw 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Ernst Chladni
Discoveries in the Theory of Sound
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suppermariobroth 29 days ago
The Fire Flower and Ice Flower themes in Super Mario Galaxy appear to be simply different instrumentations of the same song when listened to in isolation. However, they actually have a slightly different pitch from each other, which becomes apparent when they are both played simultaneously.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thenatsdorf a year ago
Enya, as intended. (via聽lilmissshitpaws)
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I am in tears
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cosmicvaleria聽on ig
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Sunday morning on Oak Creek. Sedona, Az.
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Beep Beep!
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- Knuckles鈥 gliding sound, Sonic Adventure [1] (SEGA, Sonic Team)
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