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El Amor Duele (Jake Lockley x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is it, besties. I've finally written a Jake intro fic. Jake has entered the chat. I enjoyed this immensely and want to write a million parts to it.
Summary: Marc and Steven suspect there is another alter looming about as you begin to notice small mannerisms/movements that don't belong to either of them. You try and lure the new guy out.
TW/CW: Smut smut smut. 18+ only, Minors DNI. Choking, spit kink, slapping, safe word, rough sex, pinning of wrists and face, angst, cliffhanger if you squint real hard
"It wasn't me, Marc. I've been trying to tell you this for months. I'm missing time, you're missing time - and neither of us remember?" Steven said with a hushed tone, failing to hide his worried words from your earshot as he scrambled eggs on the stove.
You weren't exactly eavesdropping as you sat quietly on the couch, but you did feel guilty when you heard bits of conversations only meant for Marc or Steven.
"Honey?" You called, trying to alert him to the fact that you could hear him.
"Yeah?" He called back nervously, almost dropping his spatula. "Er, breakfast is nearly ready, dove."
"I think we should talk," You said flatly, before hearing the stove knob click as Steven shut it off. Next came the pads of his bare feet as he quickly shuffled around the couch, sitting next to you eagerly. Your words made him feel sick.
"Oh, honey, not like that," you reassured him, gently splaying your hand across his cheek with a sweet smile.
He relaxed a bit, leaning his face into your palm as he kissed it.
"So I overheard you and Marc..." You said with timid eyes as Steven looked away from you.
"Listen, it's nothing to worry about-"
"And I think you're right. I think there is someone else." You said softly, cutting him off. Steven shifted uncomfortably on the couch as he held your hands in his lap.
"There have been times... Moments... Seconds where I'm not sure who I'm looking at. Didn't seem like you or Marc. Frankly, it would make sense if there was a third," you said calmly as Steven's eyes grew more worried.
You felt awful as you watched your boyfriend's composure falter. You could sense his unease, and you noted how familiar this state of Steven was. It reminded you of when you first met Marc.
"Hey," you whispered. "Look at me."
His eyes travelled up to meet yours, holding nothing but fear and apprehension. Life had just started to make sense to him again. He and Marc had a schedule, an understanding - they shared the body and they shared you.
Steven felt nauseous as his thoughts began to spiral.
Hey buddy.. let's stay calm, alright? Marc knew what was coming as he tried his best to support his alter.
You watched as Steven fiddled with the long-sleeves of his shirt, eyes flicking from one thing to another as his focus slipped away.
Without much thought, you pushed him onto his back before he could protest, laying your chest flush to his and evenly distributing all of your body weight over him.
He caught your eyes again and all you could see was panic.
"Steven..." you said gently, attempting to ground him with a mix of your voice and deep pressure. "You're okay. We're okay. It's going to be okay."
His breath was heavy, causing you to rise and fall with each inhale and exhale he took.
"Talk to me. One thought at a time," You prompted as you brushed his messy curls from his forehead, wanting nothing more than to help ease his stress.
Steven swallowed hard as his breath started to even out. "I already lose you for half my life, Y/N..." He said quietly. Your heart swelled as your eyes softened. "I can't bare to lose any more time with you."
"Oh, honey," you said as your voice wavered and your eyes glistened. You laid your head against his chest, squeezing him firmly as you listened to his heart rate slow beneath your ear.
An idea popped in your head suddenly as you sat up, squinting your eyes at Steven.
"What?" He asked, puzzled, suddenly distracted from his anxiety.
"I know you're in there." You said in a taunting tone as you searched Steven's eyes. "So come on, then. Show yourself."
Steven looked around awkwardly as you continued fussing at him.
"Don't be shy all of a sudden. You've made your point, we know you're sneaky or whatever. But the jig is up! Let's go, then." You fussed as you squinted at him.
"Love, I- why are you yelling at me?" Steven asked as he sunk into the couch cushions comically.
"I'm not yelling at you. I'm trying to get this mystery man to present himself since he wants to be known so badly," You said as you sat up, crossing your arms over your chest.
You thought back to the times you thought you'd seen him, and smiled to yourself when you realized there was a bit of a pattern. You weren't sure if it was a desire to help or to steal Marc and Steven's thunder, but the man loved to save the day.
You got up from the couch and pulled on your shoes as Steven watched you with confusion.
"Right. I'm gonna pop out for a bit, then. Do some shopping. Maybe go down to that abandoned part of town. You know, the bookstore across the street from those sketchy pubs?" You said as you pulled your hair into a ponytail.
Steven's eyes widened as he sat quietly, but nothing else was said or done.
You dropped your arms by your sides with a huff.
"Nothing?" You asked with exasperation as Steven shrugged. "What, do I need to go flirt with some creepy ex-avatar of Khonshu to get your attention, then?" You asked sarcastically as you placed your hands on your hips.
Steven spaced for a second, giving you a bit of hope that someone wasn't happy with your threat.
"Marc said you had better not," Steven says after a moment, to which you roll your eyes.
"Fine. Stay in there and hide. Coward." You say as you climb back on the couch next to Steven, curling up against his side.
He pulls you close and you decide to watch a movie together, snuggled up under a big fuzzy blanket.
You wake up a few hours later, yawning as you realize your movie marathon had turned into a proper nap. It was dark now.
You prop yourself up on your arm to see Steven through blurry eyes at the end of the couch, watching you lovingly as the dim glow of the tv casts light on his face.
You stiffen suddenly as your vision clears, and you realize you don't recognize the look on his face.
You conjure the courage to speak, feeling an odd tinge of fear in your belly.
"Steven?" You ask slowly, almost in a whisper.
He shakes his head slowly, eyes glued to yours as nervousness builds in your stomach.
"Marc?" You ask again as your eyes widen.
He shakes his head again, and you have to force yourself to breathe as he leans closer to you.
"You called?" He spoke, his voice rougher than Marc's, with a hint of a Spanish accent. His face was just inches from yours now.
You couldn't find the words as his breath ghosted against your face. His eyes watched you curiously as you felt scared and somewhat aroused in his presence, giving off a shy demeanor.
"Wh- who are you, then?" You asked as his lips brushed against your cheek, lingering close to your ear.
"Jake Lockley," he whispered, the name dripping over your skin like warm honey.
Your breath caught in your throat, feeling nervous and alive with adrenaline at the same time as his body pushed yours back into the couch cushions.
"Why didn't you show yourself earlier? When I called for you?" You asked timidly, faking confidence as your eyes searched his face.
He let out a deep chuckle, seeing right through you as his toothy smirk sent a new heat to your core.
"I'm not a perro, mi amor," he said as his thick accent crept through your veins, igniting your nerve endings.
This felt wrong. It felt nothing like your first encounter with Marc. But God, it felt good.
Jake's lips finally closed in on your body, capturing the sensitive skin beneath your jawline in a soft kiss that set your skin on fire.
You gasped unintentionally, regretting that you let the sound escape your throat.
He chuckled again, his large hand slowly rubbing up the side of your waist. You flinched slightly as his calloused fingers met your flesh beneath the hem of your shirt.
"What happened to your confidence, bonita?" Jake hummed as his hand squeezed your hip, his voice like a drug as it washed over your body.
"You wanted this, no?" He continued his teasing, his hand sliding further up your torso as his fingers grazed the skin just beneath your bra. Your chest was rising and falling quickly as he continued his ministrations.
"If I remember correctly, you called me- how you say- a coward?" He emphasized the word before sinking his teeth into the side of your neck, causing you to arch into his body aggressively as another moan fell from your mouth.
He pulled back to look at you thoughtfully, studying your eyes with intent and hunger.
"You say the word and I'll stop," he said with a heavy breath, almost daring you.
But you knew you couldn't. You needed him in a way you didn't understand.
The corners of his lips turned up into a smirk once again as he admired your brave silence.
"You don't want me to stop, hermosa?" he asked proudly, almost tauntingly against your lips as he was painfully close to you now. You whimpered as his plump bottom lip teased yours, brushing against it ever so gently. You were tingling with anticipation to taste him.
You pulled your head from the couch, chasing his lips as he pulled back quickly. He had reflexes like a cat. He cocked an eyebrow, his eyes turning darker by the second.
"Ah ah ah," he warned, squeezing your hip with a new, bruising grip. "Say it. We both know you've got quite the mouth on you," he said seductively.
You fell back into the couch with a huff as your cunt ached beneath the weight of his body.
"Don't stop," you said breathlessly as you tried to squeeze your thighs together. "Please, Jake," you begged, setting him on fire.
Hearing you say his name for the first time set him off in a way even he didn't expect as he groaned, grinding his hard erection into your thigh. Even through layers of clothing, you could feel the heat rolling off of him and ached for the touch of his skin.
You tried to lift his shirt when he grabbed your wrists swiftly, pinning them above your head.
"No," he said quickly, as his breath shook. He squeezed his eyes shut as he regained his composure, uncomfortable with how much control you had over him already.
"I do things differently," he says darkly, as your heart rate increases at the thought. You realize what he means without him having to explain, aroused by his desire to be unique from Marc and Steven.
"You ask," he demands simply, watching you pant beneath him as a confused look comes over your face. "Or you get nothing."
You swallow hard, your lips parting as you study his strong, clenched jaw. You knew he could ruin you if he wanted to.
"Kiss me," You say quickly, your eyes frantically searching his face and neck and chest as the familiar gold chain dangles between you two.
"Use me, Jake-" you add, as he lets out a sharp exhale at the sound of those words on your lips.
He growls as he crashes against your lips with a fervor you've never felt before. He releases one of your wrists in order to cradle your cheek in his hand, pulling you further into his kiss as his tongue eagerly pushes past your lips.
You gasp into him as he attacks your mouth, tongue lashing around yours urgently with a passion you can hardly comprehend.
He doesn't break the kiss as he shifts his weight to his knees and you hear his belt unbuckle, followed by the sound of his jeans being kicked off to the floor. When he rests his weight back on you, you moan at the feeling of his heavy cock, rock hard as it lays against your leg.
You anxiously start to undress beneath him as he lets you, stopping you when you're wearing just your underwear. He finally breaks the kiss as you pull your shirt the rest of the way off and he sits up, his eyes hungrily exploring your body as if it's the first time he's ever seen you like this.
His hands grope your covered breasts, squeezing roughly as he groans, studying every inch of your body.
You arch with need into his touch, revelling in his obvious desire for you. You whimper as he yanks the cups of your bra, popping the straps clean off as his hands capture the flesh of your bare breasts.
"Look at you... Desperate for me," Jake groans as one hand finds your panties, soaked through with your arousal as his thumb slides across your covered clit. You jolt against his touch as he chuckles.
You grind against his hand as he runs his digits up and down your folds, collecting your slickness on his fingers through your thong.
You whimper, wanting him to take them off. Rip them off, if he must. You just need him.
"Use those pretty words," Jake coos, watching you come apart beneath him.
"Take me. Use me," you moan, all care for how pathetic you might sound is gone. "I'm begging, Jake..." you add as your brows knit together, shooting him a look he can't resist.
"Oh, mi corazon," he says as he leans down, pushing your panties down past your knees with one quick movement as his fingers touch your bare pussy for the first time. You gasp into his mouth as he captures it in his, ending the kiss as he sucks your bottom lip into his mouth.
Your eyes roll back as he shoves two fingers into your entrance, only stopping as his knuckles rut against your folds and he curls them ever so slowly. You're blind with pleasure, arching into his hand as your pathetic moans fall from your lips.
He pulls them out, leaving you empty and aching as he flips you onto your stomach, pushing his throbbing cock against your ass as he leans down over your body, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear.
"Say it again," he says in a whisper, craving your filthy begging to resume as he grinds against the back of your thighs.
There's silence as you wrack your cloudy brain for what you've previously said. You're so drunk off of his ministrations that you can't remember. Jake sighs with impatience above you, slipping a hand around your throat as you yelp at the delicious pressure.
"You want papi to use you?" He asks with a deep groan against your ear as he squeezes your throat, the tip of his dick bumping at your entrance now, coating you in pre-cum.
"Y- yes, god, yes!" you whimper as he forces himself into you with a loud grunt, slowly stretching your pussy.
His breath is shaking as he buries himself to the hilt, you can feel him throbbing inside of you as he stills to let you adjust to his size.
It's deafeningly quiet when he leans down, his breath hot against the side of your face.
"This is the last nice thing I'll do," he whispers as the hair on the back of your neck stands up. He pulls out of you just a little.
"Your safe word is duele."
And with that, he thrusts back into you, pushing you into the couch with such force you swear the floor will cave in under you.
He leans up, pulling you up by your throat as his other arm wraps around your waist, securing your back to his chest. He fucks into you faster with each pump, forcing your breath out of you as he cuts the oxygen off to your brain.
Your pussy stings as it clenches around his cock, painful but amazing with every stroke he lays into you. You feel your orgasm already building as he hammers your cervix at an alarming rate.
"Gon- gonna-" you squeak out as he releases some pressure on your throat to let you speak.
"Hmm?" He moans as he thrusts into you harder, enjoying watching you struggle to form words in your fucked-dumb state. "What is it, pretty girl?"
His words send you over the edge as you come undone, crying out his name as your orgasm rips through your core. It only encourages Jake as you squeeze down on his cock, hearing him groan into your shoulder as you wrap your arm around the back of his neck to keep from falling forward.
As your legs begin to wobble, he wraps his arms around your torso, supporting you effortlessly as he pulls your hips down onto his repeatedly. You feel weightless as you come down from your high, immediately lifted onto another. You lose your fingers in his thick curls, pulling them harder with every thrust.
"Good girl," Jake groans against your jaw as he bites at your earlobe, pulling the flesh between his teeth.
You lay your head back against his shoulder with exhaustion as he slows his thrusts, letting out a pornographic moan as you feel every bump and ridge of his cock massaging your walls.
"So tight," he says as his cock pulsates inside of you. "So wet," he adds, his hand squeezing your left breast greedily. "All for papi."
Your pussy clenches around him at the sound of his accent, causing him to moan in appreciation.
"You like that, don't you?" He taunts, pushing the side of your face down into the couch, wrapping his arm under your waist to keep your ass in the air. He forces himself deeper inside of you, sending a blinding white wave of pleasure through you as he bottoms out.
He begins rocking into you from a new angle, his cock curving perfectly against your g-spot and causing you to whimper into the couch.
"I asked you a question," he warns as he rocks his hips back and forth.
"Oh God- I love it, Jake" you groan as your eyes roll back, hardly able to form any words.
He continues his teasing, slipping his forefingers down into your wetness to rub agonizing circles on your clit.
"Want to cum again for papi?" He asks, craving the sound of your voice as his dick twitches against your walls from seeing you such a mess beneath him.
"With you.. want to cum with you," you squeak out, arching your back as his cock rubs your sweet spot aggressively.
He pulls out suddenly as you gasp at the empty feeling, and flips you onto your back again.
He slides back into you with a raspy groan, hooking his forearms under your thighs as he pulls you against his hips to meet his quick thrusts.
"F-fuck! Jake!" You whine, grasping at his huge thighs for something to hold onto. He grunts as he plows you, his eyes never leaving your face as he watches you in awe.
His cock bruises your insides with a mix of pleasure and pain, and you think for a second about your safe word, and if you need to use it.
His hand finds your face, squeezing your cheeks together as your mouth parts for him. A new wave of arousal pools in your middle as he spits into your mouth, growling at your eagerness to collect it from your lips.
"My filthy girl," he groans as his brows furrow, fucking into you so hard that the feet of the couch squeak against the floor.
He releases your cheeks, now red from his grasp as he dips his thumb into your mouth, rubbing the hot flesh of your tongue as you close your lips and suck gently.
Jake loses his focus not to finish as his thrusts become erratic, imagining your pretty mouth wrapped around his cock and how good your tongue would feel lapping at his cum.
Jake pulls his thumb from your mouth and delivers a soft slap to your face as your eyes well with tears of pleasure. He sucks in a deep breath as he looks down at you.
"So fuckin' pretty," he says as he rams you into the cushions, sending wave after wave of pleasure through you as he showers you in beautiful Spanish praises.
Jake knows he's close, and turns his attention to making sure you finish first as he finds your clit again. He grazes it perfectly as his other hand holds your jaw, leaning forward so you're looking right into his eyes.
"Don't look away from me," he warns as he stares down at your blotchy, red face and swollen lips.
"Now cum, hermosa," he says with a softness that drives you over the edge, causing you to clench around him as you unravel. He braces himself on the arm of the couch as you pull his seed from him, his eyes only closing for a second as he finishes hard inside of you. You feel the warmth of his cum spilling out around his cock as he pulls out slowly, looking down to admire his mess.
He squeezes your thigh as he leaves to get you a towel, returning with a smile as you lay there thoroughly fucked and exhausted.
He pulls you into his chest as he sits back against the couch, brushing your hair from your face as you continue to catch your breath. Your head spinning with the events of what just happened and thinking of so many questions you don't have the energy to ask.
It would just have to wait for another time.
"How long are you staying?" You manage to ask breathlessly as you look up at his face. He seems timid now, less aggressive and he doesn't hold your gaze very long.
"I can't stay," he says as he starts to pull his clothes back on. You sit back with disappointment as you watch him stand and gather his things.
"So- what, you're just leaving? You fuck me like that and you're leaving?" You ask with a sass to your tone that alerts Jake to your sudden anger. He turns to look at you with a raised eyebrow, and you start to rethink your tone.
You realize you have tears in your eyes as he sits back down, placing his hands on your face.
"I'll be back, mi amor. I just... I don't stay like the others," he says calmly as your tears spill over.
You stifle back a sob as the realization hits you.
Despite the short amount of time you've been with Jake, you're already hopelessly attached to him.
"That's not fair," you whisper as your voice trembles, Jake wiping the tears away as they fall.
"They take good care of you, no?" He asks softly with kind eyes, not having to say Marc and Steven's names.
You nod quickly, knowing that they do. Of course they do.
"I'm always here. I see everything." He says as he kisses you tenderly, pulling back to stroke your cheek.
"So why can't they see you and what you do?" You ask as your curiosity gets the better of you. Jake lets out a small laugh, throwing his head back on the couch.
"Are you always this nosey?" He smirks.
"Yes, just ask Steven and Marc." You say flatly. He cocks an eyebrow as he pinches your chin between his thumb and forefinger.
"Nice try, bonita," he whispers as you roll your eyes.
"I am very good at staying hidden. Let's just put it that way," he says finally with a sigh.
"So then... They didn't just see.... This?" You ask slowly as you motion between you two.
He shakes his head, smiling. "For my eyes only," he says seductively.
You feel a heat rise in your chest as you realize you'll have a lot of explaining to do.
"But you know I have to tell them... Right?" You say as he brushes your cheek with the back of his knuckles. He nods.
"You have fun with that," he grins as he leans forward to take your lips in his once more.
He pulls away with a hint of sadness in his eyes, and you know it means he's leaving. He scoops you up and carries you to bed, tucking you in and kneeling down next to you. Running his fingers through your hair, he kisses all over your face with gentle pecks. You feel your exhaustion and soreness overcoming you as your eyes begin to close.
"Buenas noches, mi vida," he whispers as you drift off to sleep.
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End 🤍
Also, this is the song I relate to this fic so please give it a listen if you're into that sorta thing.
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𝒜𝓇𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓂 !🎧
𝓓𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓷 & ĺ𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓱𝓲𝓶 𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓵ı𝓼𝓮𝓼
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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الحزن والوجع الي في صوتها وهيا بتدافع عن المسجد الاقصي يخليك تبكي
حسبنا ال له ونعم_الوکیل
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Here’s the transcript of the fandom-related part of Reedus’s interview, for anyone interested. It’s worth listening to, however, just to hear his tone.
Norman: I will be doing a spin off, it’s a different spin off than I thought I was going to do because Melissa wants a break.
Alex: Which is totally understandable that she wants a break!
Norman: 12 straight years.
Alex: Yeah!
Norman: And I get it and she deserves it. In the meantime I’m gonna go on a thing, I’m gonna see what happens over here. I’m sure those characters will come back together. There might be a world where a lot of characters will come back together, I don’t know. Those decisions are made in rooms I’m not invited into. It all coincides into one big soup.
Alex: (Blah blah about the fan base, ownership, personal and private life) Melissa is not Carol. You’re not Daryl.
Norman: It’s a thing to deal with. Do you know how many girlfriends I’ve had that have been threatened? Because I’m not with Beth or Carol in real life? It makes zero sense. It’s fucking bananas. And the social media thing—I thought it would be over by now. Why are we still doing this? Is it really fun? Not really. Do you know why are we doing it? I thought it would be done. It’s nice to reach out and hear from different people, but yeah .
Alex: It’s a mindfuck!
Norman: Oh, you eat a pie. Whatever.
Alex: People feeling like they have a right to your private life, and you want to reach out to your fans and you want to share, but you have a right to say there are only certain things I’m going to share. And it’s a balance that seems hard for a lot of people. Like I’m glad that you’re obsessed with my show, I love that you’re that passionate about my character, but remember I’m a human being!
Norman: It’s literally been 12 years. Here I am with a knife (gagging noise) pouring it all out for you. Like you’re literally, like it’s all right here on the table and you’re going to dissect it? And you’re going to throw it in the microwave and turn it into something else? Like what are you doing? So there’s a balance and there’s a bunch of assholes on the Internet. Seems like the assholes are the loudest and they try the hardest to be the assholes. I will say I know a lot of cool people. Cool people never go on the Internet and tell you you’re not cool. They don’t need to do that, you know. Pretty people don’t go on and tell people you’re ugly. It doesn’t work like that. So you can kind of raise a big ass hole flag, you know what I mean?
Alex: And lot of it stems from their insecurities and their fears and it’s easy to be braggadocious (sp). And it’s easy to be big-balled when you’re behind a screen and it’s the way it works. When you hate another person because of their sexuality or the color of their skin it’s because of a fear.
Norman: We all know what you’re doing, you know? We don’t care. We don’t want to hear it.
Alex: How do you have that balance though? You’ve had this incredibly long career, not only Walking Dead, you had Boondock Saints. I also loved you in Blade 2. So where do you find that balance of sharing with the fans but also keeping your own self?
Norman: There’s a mute button on there. There’s a mute button, and an unfollow button, and a block button, and I hit those buttons all the time. And then sometimes I don’t look. I really thought it would be over by now, I thought it was a fad, that we would be onto something else now. But to be honest with you I’m kind of bored with it. It’s kind of boring. I’d just rather meet people.
Alex: Like can we be over with it by now?
Norman: And look at your profile picture. That’s not your picture. I know that person. That’s not you. 2 billion people think they’re Selena Gomez. No you’re not. Stop it.
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Tumblr media
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hey Dracula enjoyers I would like to inform you that this exists
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Composed and produced by Stan LePard in 1996 for the MSN "First Time User Experience" CD-ROM. This music played during the setup process.
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Tumblr media
“Ömür takviminden bir yaprak daha gitti. Gün batmaya ve geceye merhaba demeye başladı.”
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Ayo somebody recorded the days of fortune dragon theme on soundcloud.
It's still a bop.
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سورة الملك - هزاع البلوشي - SoundCloud
Listen to سورة الملك - هزاع البلوشي by شيمه on #SoundCloud
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Tumblr media
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this was the song used for the Internet Explorer Starter Kit in 1996, and repurposed (and most well known) as the Windows XP operating system installation theme in 2001 found at the filepath C:\Windows\system32\oobe\image­s\title.w­ma, which unfortunately never got heard most of the time as the audio drivers hadn’t been configured. the windows version was compressed at a lower bitrate, but this is the original master from 1996.
for years the origin of this song was disputed over who composed it. some say it was Brian Eno, who had composed the bootup jingle for Windows 95. others claimed it was ripped off from Savage Garden - A Thousand Words (1997) which sounds remarkably similar in its leads and chord progressions.
the only information we had for a long time was from someone who worked for the OOBE Microsoft Windows XP team who answered a question on Quora in 2011:
I was on the team that built the setup and deployment technologies for Windows XP. The OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) team was responsible for the first user experience on Windows - getting final configuration and legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way. As I recall it, the Group Program Manager over our team (and theirs) had that song "lying around" from an earlier project that it had been cut from (I think it may have been a version of IE or a Windows prototype) - he had had the song commissioned for Microsoft during the 1990's. Relatively late in the game it became part of the OOBE experience, and though some people didn't like it (there were a few on the team responsible for Windows' overall look and feel that I understand weren't elated by it being a change they hadn't approved), most Windows team members, senior management and testers really liked it, and it lived on through release, to become a bit of an FAQ.
it wasn’t until around two years ago on may 22, 2020 that the actual composer Stan LePard came forward and uploaded it to soundcloud. it predates Savage Garden’s song, and the fact that they sound so alike is purely coincidence as they would have been composed around the same time. sadly, Stan LePard unexpectedly passed away in february 2021.
there is also an alternate remixed version of the song he made, supposedly used in the Windows 98 Encarta Dictionary
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Tumblr media
Her şarkının sana çıktığı saatlerdeyim..🫶🏻
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Tumblr media
Hi, everyone! You all came just in time for a lovely picnic!
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