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You know how I wrote that song that turned into E1M1? Now all my songs keep turning into BWV 871. Seriously, I’ve had this specific problem with two or three WIPs so far. I mean, it’s not deliberate, but it’s like the melody I’m trying to write just leads into it somehow. I think it sounds good, but I want to not do that, mostly because I’m not sure how far I can take it before I need to credit Bach as a co-composer. Even though Bach’s entire catalogue is public domain, I’m pretty sure that would effect my potential royalties.

As an aside, I tend to think of my genre as electro-classical, but I think this fits the bill much better. Mostly because it’s a synthwave remix of actual classical music.

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I never thought that it would feel this way

You never taught me how to heal the pain

I wish you caught me on a different day

When it was easier to be happy.

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Çok güzel diziydi

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