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slushyseals · 10 months ago
This video is a completely different experience with audio.  Unmute for goblin sounds!
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sleepbreathestudy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
With many starting a new school year and returning to classrooms, I wanted to curate and assemble a part 2 to help you with studying, focusing, relaxing, or sleeping. My part 1 post can be found here. Like my first masterpost, everything’s been hyperlinked for your convenience and credited to the original creator. There’s also no talking or people like in traditional ASMR videos. Instead, they’re carefully layered sounds with accompanying audiovisuals. Please be sure to support the original creators by checking out their channels, subscribing, liking, commenting, becoming Patreons, etc! Let me know if this masterpost was useful for you and I’ll make a part 3 in the future, enjoy and happy listening ♡
Supernatural Bakery ASMR Ambience (POV: You just wanted a muffin but the bakery is haunted, lol) by: Miracle Forest
AUTUMN WITCH'S KITCHEN AMBIENCE: Heavy Rain Sounds, Fireplace Sounds and Bubbling Cauldron by: Autumn Cozy
Ghost Coffee Shop ASMR Ambience with Rain and Thunder Sounds by:  Adam Ecos Art 
Haunted House Halloween Ambience - 3 Hours of Relaxing Spooky Sounds and White Noise by: Calmed By Nature 
Cozy Camp in Eerie Forest - Campfire and Spooky Woods Sounds - Ambience - 1 Hr by: Nocturnal Network
Halloween 🎃 Café ☕ Ambience ASMR by: Slytherin Girl 
Dark Academia Aesthetic Ambience ◈ Rainy Window Edinburgh Street View ◈ Thunder & Soft Echoed Music by: ASMR Weekly
Classroom Ambience Sounds for Study, Focus by: Winter Whale 
Vampire School ASMR Ambience by: Miracle Forest
ASMR Rainy night School by: 1 Hour Ambience Therapy
Divination Classroom Ambience - Harry Potter Inspired ASMR - Magical tea room Fireplace 1 hour by: ASMR Rooms 
Central Perk Ambience - F.R.I.E.N.D.S Inspired Coffee Shop 3D soundscape 1 Hour by: ASMR Rooms
Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop Ambiance - 6 Hours of Rain, background chatter and Jazz Music by: Relax Sound 
[ASMR/Ambience]Lively afternoon cafe atmosphere / people's voice, cafe sound by: Sound Forest
Rainy Night Paris Cafe Ambience with Smooth Jazz and Rain Sounds for Relaxation, Focus, & Sleep by: Calmed By Nature
Brooklyn New York | Dumbo | Thunder & Rain Sounds To Help You Sleep | 8Hrs by: Ambient Renders
My quiet place in the city | Rain Sounds and Fireplace by: Cozy Rain 
Relaxing Rain on Window with Fireplace Sounds for Sleeping, Study, Relax | Rustic Cozy Nook Ambience by: New Bliss 
It's raining. I'll sleep in the car! - Car Camping by: Dreamy Sound
Rainstorm in Ponyo's House (Studio Ghibli ASMR Ambience) by: The Glorified Onion
My Hero Academia Ambience ASMR | UA Dorm Room by: Sinne
ASMR Other Mother The Beldam's Coraline Doll Making Ambience●Coraline Halloween Special by: ASMR Soupe
Bella Swans Room Twilight Ambience ASMR by: Slytherin Girl
Harry Potter Inspired Ambience - Ron Weasley's Bedroom - Relaxing Soundscape for Studying and Sleep by: ASMR Rooms
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psycho-mocha · 4 months ago
the faint dripping of a tap or a clock ticking : earpiercing, BAD
music blasting at full volume : ✨ t r a n q u i l i t y ✨
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peintre-stephane · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
monday song
translated from a @jtmportland photo
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Environmental Sounds in H/C
- Whumpee waking up to hear an old film playing quietly on the TV
- The sound of water being wrung out of a cloth just before it is placed on the whumpee’s forehead
- Ice cubes rattling in a glass of cool water Caretaker is carrying to the whumpee
- The sound of water boiling for tea
- Knitting needles clacking together as Caretaker passes the time until Whumpee wakes up
- The kind of sticky sound of an ACE bandage being unrolled before a limb is wrapped in it
- Wind howling between buildings or trees, indicating the harsh environment Whumpee was pulled out of
- The sound of nails on a hardwood floor from the family dog wandering around the house
- The soft, padded noise of the cat landing on its feet after jumping down from something
- The air conditioning or heat turning on suddenly and scaring the whumpee
- The metallic sound of Caretaker testing their grip with a pair of tweezers before pulling something out of Whumpee’s skin
- Soft jazz music playing softly from a speaker in an attempt to calm the whumpee’s nerves, as well as the caretaker’s own
- The sound of small children asking innocently-concerned questions about the whumpee to their parent (caretaker)
- Warm water swishing in the first bath Whumpee has had in months
- The unpeeling of small bandages from their wrappings
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medblrforlife · 7 months ago
Let’s play a game
What is a totally non-food-related thing that makes you think of food. Bonus points if medical/pathological.
Claudication makes me think of clotted cream. Because they sound similar.
My cardiovascular final is tomorrow and I’m desperately trying to deny how much studying I still need to do.
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kxllakxm · 21 days ago
the signs as sounds
Aries - fire alarm
Taurus - cow mooing
Gemini - children's laughter
Cancer - dripping faucet
Leo - paparazzi
Virgo - live orchestra
Libra - popcorn machine
Scorpio - smoke
Sagittarius - lighter flicking
Capricorn - pen clicking
Aquarius - beating the devil out of a paintbrush
Pisces - fish tank filter bubbling
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macrolit · 8 months ago
Melancholy were the sounds on a winter's night.
Jacob’s Room, Virginia Woolf
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beverlyhillsgang · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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postpunkindustrial · 3 months ago
The BBC Sound effect library.
Going through it is strangely addicting.
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soft-stims · a year ago
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cyberianpunks · a month ago
Each day wake up and ask, "How will I determine to see that society wants me to channel my resentment towards those who have the least power rather than those who have the most?"
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sleepyspacebb · 4 months ago
hi i had some time to myself last night and posted this to my onlyfans
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ganimals · a year ago
Tumblr media
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kraviolis · 11 months ago
this is just some of my fave voice lines from him
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macrolit · 6 months ago
It was a dark, hot August night. The radio in the dining-room was playing a mixture of many stations: a war voice crossed with the gabble of an advertiser, and underneath there was the sleazy music of a sweet band. The radio had stayed on all the summer long, so finally it was a sound that as a rule they did not notice.
The Member of the Wedding, Carson McCullers
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