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#sounds about right

NZ news can do a whole story on a car crash in America but not on America dropping bombs on Syria ok

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i ain’t exactly given up, but i ain’t exactly trying either

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Sometimes your life is just phenomenally improved by going “you know what fuck it, I don’t care if the lighting is technically wrong for this time of day it’s pretty and I wanna draw sunbeams”

This is about Breath of the Wild because apparently I’m taking a break from LOP by drawing LoZ

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he just joined and is already yelling

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Who’s your Pokemon?



Well, would you look at that! It seems an Audino wants to be your partner! Audino, also called the Healing Pokémon, has incredible hearing and uses the feelers on its ears to tell how people are feeling or when eggs might hatch. Like most normal Pokémon, Audino are drawn to people who are sociable and passive, though they are also known to also be exceptionally generous and kind-hearted Pokémon. They make the perfect partner for trainers who are altruistic and considerate, though tend to be so self-sacrificing they forget to take care of themselves too. My friend, this marks the beginning of your and Audino’s journey together. Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

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Rules: Take this quiz for one of your OCs.

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Matthew Rook

you swallow pain & fold around it

you have always hurt. you hold it carefully, and twisted in such a way that other people don’t have to see it. you don’t choke on it. you don’t drown. you just have it, the way some people have freckles, this is a thing that lives in your bones. you fold instead of fighting because you know how to make yourself small, tuck away the places where they have clawed at, swallow the bruises so you seem clean. nobody needs to see it. you will live through this on your own. you know what you need, and relief isn’t it. this doesn’t mean you cannot reach out - it means it is not in your nature to do so. you should. hiding does not mean you won’t be seen.

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let me psychoanalyze you based off of my bad mental health

you have gifted kid burnout, and you don’t know how to handle that.

you were constantly academically praised as a kid, just because you could spell a little bit better than the others. now, you feed off of praise and never developed healthy study habits because you feel as if you’re failing your child self if you need to work at something. you’re still smart, and sometimes academics do come with ease, but the molehills turn into mountains when you fuck up a paper or a math quiz because no one ever taught you how to learn, not even as a student, but as a person.

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your washington capitals: half the shots and five times the hits of the opposing team

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The always-interesting @portiaadams tagged me to share 7 of my comfort films. Thanks - this was the perfect distraction! Here they are in no particular order, with links to my fave scenes.

1. Batman Begins: 

While I loved Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman *phew* and the surreal Burton-verse, Nolan’s realistic take on Batman, with his ensemble cast, just was the high watermark of superhero films. And also Batman Year One, which this movie is based on, is my favourite Batman comic/graphic novel. 


2. Rocky:

This film dude. This fucking film. Stallone wrote himself the perfect part in an epic EPIC screenplay. I love real honest underdog stories about the human spirit - and throw in some boxing and it just can’t be beat. ICONIC.


3. You’ve Got Mail:

I love their incredible chemistry. They’re just perfect together - so lovably quirky and ridiculously likeable - plus it’s all about bookstores and set in NYC. Nora Ephron made an art out of pitch-perfect romcoms (while paving the way for more women in writing & directing). The supporting cast is hysterically kooky.


4. Black Panther:

This film. It blew every other film in the MCU and DCEU out of the fucking water. The messages of black power, anti-racism and anti-colonialism, wrapped up in an excellent superhero blockbuster set in an afro-futuristic country were just *chef’s kiss*. The whole cast, but esp Jordan and Gurira, were exceptional. And Martin Freeman as the token white man from the underdeveloped outside world asdfghjkl. RIP Boseman. You will be remembered for this.


5. Singing In The Rain:

The amount of talent in this one movie is just ridiculous. Imagine learning to dance only 3 months before having to dance with Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner in this song - idk how Debbie Reynolds did it. Also Jean Hagen as the silent movie star with the terrible voice is screamingly funny. 


6. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:

A school friend of mine was a big Shah Rukh Khan fan and I totally became one too! I haven’t watched too many of his recent films but I absolutely adore him. And DDLJ is so much fun - I love the songs and their chemistry!


7. Chicago:

Considering it was such a hard film to make, it was just impeccable. Every single person in the main cast was perfect. Catherine Zeta Jones’ fierce talent just blew me away. But Amos C Reilly’s acting and Richard Gere’s tap dancing were the unsung heroes.


I’m tagging @of-stars-and-moon​ @mareofthesky @d4clanlynch@nonbinaryadam @hellaobsessedphan @anoiseofgloriousdisdain @ursagetalife (if you feel like it) and anyone else who wants to do this!

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(Pretends to be shocked)

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Am I going insane? I am going insane. Off the shits. G’day sanity

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Guajira by Santana blasting while writing Javi smut is a different kind of vibe. It’s a small thot prompt from last weeks thotty thursday, but I’m definitely still taking any manner of thots you have today.

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which lover are you

the painter

Love is everywhere to you. It’s in the shadows under people’s eyes and the ghost of their laughter. You profess your love quietly and slowly, it trickles out of you in colourful streams. To you, love is a powerful, monumental thing that runs deep through every creature on earth. It is a force to be

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me: *accidentally comes up with a dark headcanon*

@novelconcepts:  Jess. Affectionately. What the fuck. Why would you put THAT in my brain

me: lol whoops

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